NOW There Are 300,000 In UK With DEADLY HEART CONDITION All Of Sudden / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. ‘I just feel like screaming’: ‘Healthy’ woman, 28, can’t even leave her bed after being hit by paralysis, seizures, and memory loss

    This time last year, Katrina Belle was going about her life, working at a spa and spending time with her friends.

    That was until July 2021 when she was struck with sudden episodes of memory loss which progressed to non-epileptic seizures and temporary paralysis.

    Katrina was told she has Functional Neurological Disorder and can now no longer work or even leave her bed.

    Katrina, 28, began to feel ill in the summer of last year after previously not having so much as a cold for three years.

    Her symptoms began with brain fog and rashes but progressed to terrifying episodes of complete memory loss.

    One day when she was walking, she experienced her first bout.

    “I was just so confused. [I thought] ‘Where am I walking?’ I was looking around and I was trying to recognise the place,” she said.

    “I just couldn’t recognise it and I was having a moment of panic. I’ve walked this way like 1,000 times, but I couldn’t remember where I was walking.”

    In August, she attempted to go on holiday but her fatigue and memory loss meant that she faced obstacles during the journey.

    “I went to the airport [so jabbed] – I was so not with it – I missed four flights and I left my suitcase on the train,” she said.

    According to the NHS, symptoms can include:

    Loss of motor control
    Sensory symptoms
    Speech problems
    Attacks or seizures
    Visual symptoms
    Cognitive problems

    The NHS considers that they are called functional symptoms because they affect the “function” of the body rather than being caused by damage to the “structure” of the nervous system.

  2. It won’t be just heart conditions. Liver cirrhosis, kidney problems, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s. It’s all on the table – time will tell.

    • Sheep easily confused, mix the deaths up and they’ll rule out jabs, as jabs can only contain 1 thing and do 1 thing to them, ridiculous, how can jabs do more than 1 thing, he he he damn conspiracy theorists, arrrgghhhh my heart no it’s not the jabs, face plants the floor!!

  3. How long, before 1 of those many clots under my ex’s skin, gets to her heart or I’d say brain but likely not a huge issue, 3+ jabbed after all.

    Days or Weeks, yep I’m basically sat around waiting for the call she’s in hospital with a stroke or dead, this universe sucks ass.

    Sad part is, had long chats explaining all to her, I thought she really believed it’s a hoax, turns out she thinks I’m nuts and was humoring me scared shitless, despite knowing of only 1 death claimed convid in the last 2 years, I guess the 6 suicides and the 4 deaths after the jabs mean nothing.

    • “Unvaxxed”…? Its not even close to being a vaccine as it was never tested on any virus sample…

      • @Stuart The Jab (vaccine) is the VIRUS (poison) so how could they test a ‘virus’ (a poison) with a ‘virus’ (a poison)?

  4. I suppose they have to start the excuses for the pending huge number of deaths from the vaccine. Predictable really.

  5. All of a sudden, my local surgery send me a text commanding me to go and collect a blood pressure machine. ‘More will be explained when you get here’….. The same day, I received a request from Pharmacy2U to express my thoughts on the company. I have emailed them three times, explaining how many people have died from the Shot. I emailed them info on the papers that have been served in the Hague. They continue to promote the Shot, and put leaflets in with my drugs to tell me to get ‘The Booster’. So I put my thoughts on Trustpilot. I do not feel like going near a ‘Surgery’.

  6. What a mess.

    They have played with human & innocent lives.
    who did unfortunately listen & believe theses !scare mungers!
    Again – unfortunately what we have to call – government’s-

    they are bullying people into a seriously bad health Forever! & death
    as We have seen the video proofs here.

    Thank you Hugo as always

    Keep strong & the faith every one & have a great day to you All

  7. Yet another smokescreen to cover up the many injuries and fatalities caused by the jib jab and yet, people are still rolling their sleeves up to take the snake oil, I shake my head in despair!

  8. Learned helplessness is one such term in the lexicon of psychological maladies, id like to add another ,,, Learned Stupidity !

  9. Check out JFK to 911 it’s all a rich man’s trick. On rumble. All this bs will make perfect sense.

  10. Its unlikely a majority will take anymore experimental jabs….people think this is all over but its not as in the uk its stuck at Plan A so they can move the goalposts whenever they want…
    Being “all over” would mean no Plan A left..
    They wont chuck a multi billion pound agenda down the toilet anytime soon

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