TRUDEAU Runs From 100,0000 Trucker Convoy #CANADA / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. People peacefully demonstrating is Democracy.
    A government calling them terrorists is tyranny..

    • If this doesn’t out them… nothing will!
      Surely this will have them crapping themselves!
      Truckers and free spirited Canadians we salute you!

      • There was one report suggesting the convoy was 70km long… just WOW 😀

        If a road convoy is organised in Spain I’ll def be a part of it.

  2. I’m so proud of those truckers they give me hope well done and thank you 👍

  3. WOW, amazing. Massive well done to the Canadian people and Canadian truck drivers.

  4. I hate politicians, especially WEF funded ones. “A small fringe minority” (like saying it makes it true and people will believe him) “with unacceptable views” – what the actual FUCK – so you are not allowed to have an opinion different to the great trudeau? 1.5 million pissed of people who disagree with him, vs 1 cock spanner called Trudeau – and the slimey turd thinks they should all shut up and do what he says because 1 person outweighs 1.5 million?

    Just shows you what they think of themselves, and what they think of us. Cnut.

  5. Funny , I can just Imagine this happening all around the M25 Here.
    We can only live in Hope .😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Trudeau is a COWARD !! FACT !!

    • I can remember when Portsmouth was gridlocked for a day. There was ONE road accident, well outside the city, yet everything was brought to a halt. There is probably more traffic on the road since then.

  6. I am so so so happy to see this demonstration of unity and Truth. Well done all of you that participated!!!! I can’t for the love of me understand why nobody has taken these tyrants out yet!!

  7. Great! Well done all the truck drivers in Canada standing up against Trudeau with a peaceful convoy. 👍 Of course he is hiding away, can’t face seeing what people in the country think about his policies.
    Good luck to all the truckers. 😀

  8. When you get there guys, track Trudeau down and drag him out onto the streets just like they did with Nicolae Ceaușescu and hang him from the nearest lamp-post. This will send a message to the world that the time left for these murderous pieces of shit has run out. Get rid of the leaders first, then begin the trials for all the health officials, judges and media bastards that have allowed TREASON to take place.

  9. At long last the truth is coming out and we get our freedom back keep going truckers save your children and further generations you will go down in history

  10. I hate the cunt, get him out and hang the bastard.
    Where are the European truckers ?
    Europe and the UK are pussyfied.

    • The UK have had restrictions lifted today. Massive demonstrations last weekend throughout the UK

      • Lifted to put Boris back in favour, nothing they cannot immediately return to, like a puppy and ball, mass public owned, controlled and nearly fully trained. We seem to have lost our ‘backbone’ sadly. People on the whole do not have a clue what’s on the near horizon. God be with us ❤️

      • It`s just to break our stride.. We are now in the eye of the storm, and now, is the time to strike hard.. VERY, VERY HARD!!

  11. Thank you Canada: Well done. Show them they are exposed with no clothes, just like the emperor! Love from the United States and God Bless all of you!

    • Watching, exactly!
      They are making history.

      At the moment it’s not getting as much coverage as it should due to the censorship from the owned media.

      Hopefully people will look back and see it as the turning point.

  12. good for the truckers. trudeau is such a pussy. not a leader who the hell put him in?!

    • The Elite, like Biden, demented and Boris, stuttering buffoon, Jacinda the head of teeth, Dan the overgrown schoolkid bullied at school. They are all visually ‘disturbing!’

    • Like minded pussies!
      TURDeau is exactly that. It’s possible to polish a turd, but no matter how much effort you apply, it will always remain to be a TURD !

  13. Brilliant couldn’t post Facebook I banned messenger banned 4 life lol

  14. And Trudeau’s message is just going to encourage more people to support the convoy. These world leaders have no respect for normal people and are hell bent on following their great reset instructions. They are about to receive a massive shock.

  15. Wonderful although the MSM stated that it was a protest for safer roads! LOL!
    Wuss Trudeau – bit too scary for you, all those truckers. Even the police (a fair few) were cheering them on.

  16. Most of these people ruling over the masses, worldwide, have been placed into these positions through the NGO WEF “Future Leaders School !”

    Boris, Hancock, Trudeau, Macron and vastly many more we’re all enlisted in that elitist organisation.

    The ‘coup d’etat’ that’s overthrown the governments around the world and the evil that’s infiltrated the narrative is coming directly from these so called WEF schooled leaders!

    The media has also been infiltrated by the same mob, which should explain all the aligned government & media BS.

    After 2 years of insanity and madness, time has come for people to now fight back,,, before they kill everyone!

    • Even Vladimir is one of those WEF “Young Global Leaders” graduates. These people are placed throughout governments in both “elected” and appointed positions (In the US, for starters: Gavin Newsom, Pete Buttigieg, and Dan Crenshaw… many more I’m sure but I haven’t done a full search yet).

  17. Don’t know if it’s true or not yet but apparently 26.000 American Truckers have started making there way up from USA. It wouldn’t matter if it was only 100,, have you ever seen one of those overnight lorry parks,, those things take up a massive amount or acreage and most have air horns that sound like trains. I wish I could get a plane to Ottawa to night,, best thing that’s happened in my lifetime!

    • It is true, the convey just passed my city today on it’s way to Ottawa.

  18. This is fantastic to see. The UK truckers and people in their private cars, vans etc could join them in solidarity and blockade all major cities in England. Why?.. because it is the Queen that has control over Canada. So why not join them and bring London to a standstill.
    In my opinion, this is not a time to lift our foot off the pressure just because the UK has relaxed rules. We havnt won yet. This is a time now, where we can firmly exert our collective power over these puppet tyrants, and send them a fundamental message “NEVER TO FUCK WITH US LIKE THIS EVER AGAIN”, because if you try another stunt, WE WILL GRIND THIS COUNTRY TO A COMPLETE STAND-STILL.
    This is what we SHOULD BE DOING.
    Who agrees??? Hit the like button if you do. 👍🏻👌🏻

    • I mean this seriously.. Stage one: (The beginning) We should all buy a £50 car, drive all 500,000 (2 Miliilion?) of them into the streets of central London.. Then get out, lock them, and go home.. Let`s see MSM ignore that one..

  19. I saw this on Czech news only a few seconds coverage but I knew about it beforehand. They only said Canadien truckers are protesting against vaccination :)))
    Go truckers!!!q

  20. This convoy is real and the numbers are real, Canada has FINALLY woke up, the convoy passed my city today.

    • This is WONDERFUL …With you all the way Canadian Trucker!!! Best wishes from. UK…

  21. He ain’t worrieed. He’s just another small pawn.

    • The fact that he is just a small pawn should make him extremely worried as he will be thrown under the bus, literally I hope, in order to protect the big fish.

      • he deserves to be Gaddafi’d. Unlike Gaddafi.

  22. this megalomaniac’s days a as Canadian prime puppet are over .. they should lynch the evil cunt

  23. GO FOR IT CANADA !!!!!

    Great – to see such big amount’s of people saying..
    …NO!!!!!! Together

    It’s heartwarming & positive.

  24. “Small minority with uncceptable fews” sounds a desperate thing to say

  25. 11 separate convoys …
    One is 70 km long
    Estimated 500,000 tons ..of steel rolling on rubber
    Plus all the rv/campers and local vehicles joining up

    Growing daily as they converge tomorrow !

    • We all should, and must support our brothers and sisters in Australia.. Austria too.. These great countries are being used as `test subjects`.. if they succeed here, they will try to steamroller the rest of the World.. It stops.. RIGHT HERE!! Fauci, Gates and Co… Be afraid, because 3.5 Billion very pissed off people are coming for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Well you have to laugh at the desperation. They must have been so frustrated. Then again traffic road reporting – road all clear here folks. Oh good let’s go for a drive and whoa where did this traffic jam come from – nothing on the traffic news! A few more awakened to propaganda I hope. LOLOLOL!

  26. Ottaway to go!
    Actually the only way to go.
    Justin time for others to do the same, world wide. apart from Trudeaus example which is try to make the feeble believe in a nasty puppet leader.
    Let us hope the tyrants worldwide get rubber ducked.

  27. Brilliant truckers of Canada go and get that psychopath Trudeau!

  28. Find where he lives and drag him out so as to face a common law court – by force if necessary. And not just this WEF-trained traitor-leader of Canada, but in the UK, NZ, Australia and everywhere that these psychopathic Gates, Schwab, and Rockefeller owned puppets try to hide. Enough is enough now. Time to end the insanity and start discussing how we are to rebuild the sort of world WE want to live in.

    • I think they should be hunted down, dragged into the streets and made to face the `Law of the Decent People`.. We have all been feeling the fear, not of the so called `Virus` but of the future for the past two years. We have been, and still are being terrorised.. All day, every day.. and it`s time that all of the Tyrants felt terror, true terror..

      • 👏 well done Canada we stand with you.
        This is what we all need to do and stop paying taxes ❤

    • @Chris That He is! OUR ANCESTORS FORGOT WHO WE ARE!!!!!!!

      Jews are from Judah and his first woman – Bathshuah the Adullamite Canaanite which makes Jews Canaanites, not Judahites or Israelites. Jews claim their lineage on the female side thereby voiding any descent from Judah.

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      These are Jacob/Israel’s Twelve Sons who were or became The Twelve Patriarchs and progenitors of twelve clans that became 12 modern western nations.

      Joseph, whom Jacob loved, represented by Joseph’s two sons Ephraim and Manasseh – the Birthright Inheritors,

      Benjamin the youngest son,


      Levi – The Priesthood,

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  29. Should be slow crawling like this on the M25 instead of going on protests inside London, if everyone who attended the protests used their vehicles instead and slowed down at a designated time it would grind the capital to a halt within minutes. On a different note, has anyone else noticed advertisements on buses etc… for home HIV testing kits this week? When the fuck did that become a thing????

  30. It is a psy op run by a gay jew lgbtq activist, when they have support from Joe Rogan, Elon Musk and Jordan Peterson you can bet it is

    Look up Owen Benjamin on Bitchute, he tells it how it is

    I came across this on youtube. It’s beautiful. The song is awesome and ICONIC. It’s like it was written for the revolution. People are uniting across the world. This video gives me shivers and it absolutely rocks. Please help make it go viral.

  32. Trudeau is a globalist bacha bazi boy prince dictator. He comes from the same Satanic pedo farm as Macron. This stated as in orderto have the vaccine mandates lifted for truckers, save the shelves become bare. It is now about having Trudeau arrested and executed for treason

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