NOW There Are 300,000 In UK With DEADLY HEART CONDITION All Of Sudden / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. This narrative arose when I recently went on a first aid course run by Cycling UK and the trainer was claiming that the reasons footballers were dropping like flies was because their condition (dead) was caused by Covid, and lesions were found on their heart, which didn’t show up on pre Covid tests. Unbelievable. When challenged on why they hadn’t dropped dead prior to vaccination the trainer claimed that it was because there were no matches. I pointed out that they would have been training regardless of matches and that there were no excessive deaths prior to the introduction of the jab. The trainer then decided he didn’t wish to discuss it further.

    • I also attended first aid training in November 21. The trainer talked another Ericsson who had a heart attack on the pitch. She claimed his was genetic. She also stated that the vaccines had been developed 30 years ago and they tweaked them for covid! What rubbish- yet most of the other participants believed her

    • It’s hard not to get personal and call the trainer a ‘hopeless twat’, but they are the definition of a true coward. These people have been cushioned all their life from any kind of adversity. I truly believe they have never developed a basic survival instinct because of their ultimate trust and belief that the society they live in will always keep them safe, so long as they follow the rules.I read that they cannot face believing that the society could be run by people with malevolent intentions and if that was the case, then everything is already lost so there is no point trying to alter it. This is what I mean about being a coward. It’s easy to be ‘brave’ when all that is expected of you is to do what you’re told.
      I also read, there are two types of people.
      One will do whatever they are told, whether it is right.
      The other will do what is right, whatever they are told.

      • Perfectly pitched l would say…..this episode is classic…

      • Covid cowards i call the brainwashed….
        There not brave or have any spine…
        If they was on the front line in a war they would run away…

    • They can’t face the truth that they’ve been fooled and also they hate it because YOU haven’t been fooled! Stay Sane, Stay Strong everyone 💪

      • True. Like “crabs in a bucket”. They see one escaping and free and want to drag it back down to the same fate as them! Even when they’ve cottoned-on they’ve been duped into harmful jabs they turn nasty to you ‘cos you haven’t been.

      • GinaW A very descriptive analogy and it took me straight back to my childhood when we would go the butchers for some bacon bones, tie some string around them and then go crabbing. LOL

  2. BBC reported something similar before Christmas, predictive programming

  3. Fools they should of done there research ..just Fucking SHEEP ..

    • Kevin…l read in our local paper all 12>15 year olds were ‘invited’ for their jab…it did state if a parent refused to sign the ‘consent form’ the young person would have the final say!…what coersive behaviour is that!…what 12 to 15 year old want to be isolated by their peers???…shameful attitude of the Governing bodies…

  4. Pure evil! I didn’t know if there was a God before but now I know for sure that there is because I can see the devil in all of this.

  5. I saw in America that mortuaries are overflowing with people dying of covid jabs

  6. They was blaming heart conditon or inflamation on that “virus” with a dodgy swab…
    Society needs 2 tiers..
    The dickhead paranoid folk and the normal free thinkers…
    I know what side i would stand on

  7. Very sad to hear this Hugo though it’s far from a surprise. Anyone – particularly the media – still denying the bleedin’ obvious is either lying, extremely miss-informed, or just plain stupid.

    Every single MSM news editor and most MSM journalists should be looking at automatic custodial sentences when all this is over; the damage they’ve done is just awful.

  8. There’s also been a huge increase in cancer ward admissions among those in their 30s & 40s. As Hugo says and we all know, we’re going to need to be there for our sheepy friends & families; many may end up in need of counselling when the truth reaches them.

    • You’re correct, I know personally 2 people who developed terminal cancer not long after being jabbed and several others who had heart conditions. These people are no longer with us. The sad part is their family and friends cannot connect the dots. Loads of the jabbed will die over the next few years, which is all part of the evil control freaks’ plans.

      • Hello,
        Of the two people you knew who developed terminal cancer, please tell me if either of them had kidney (renal) cancer. My daughter died of renal cancer which had metastasised killing her in 4 months 1 week after her second jab. She was astounded when the oncologist told her that she was in 4th stage kidney cancer. Two people, her son who lived with her, and her friend who she had known for 35 years told me that my daughter would talk about whatever was on her mind. So if she had known she had cancer before she got the jabs (May 3, 2021 and June 1, 2021) she would have spoken about it. Please log onto my site, and use the Email address that is for PayPal to contact me as my domain Email address doesn’t work anymore.
        God bless,
        Arlene Johnson
        To access my work, which is top secret history that’s internationally acclaimed, and free to the world, click on the icon that says Magazine.
        To access 46 posts exposing coronavirus, log onto

    • Unjabbedandfree…..l too am in the same situation…all around…family friends..neughbours..horrible Christmas…so so many much food not cooked…anyway…lm seriously worried for my Daughter…MRI Radiographer..son in the services…HAD to be jabbed or walk…listening to this expose…just worried….funny old thing though…MP’s in the House of Commons..were NOT mandated to take the ‘jab’!!…l heard it from the Speaker of the House….tried to find it to share….taken down….

    • Hugo, your overtaking things! There’s no chance cell instructing meds that have never been trialled before could get in your bloodstream and instruct the wrong cells in other areas, like say the heart, to synthesise the spike protein, cause inflation as your immune system attacks these, resulting in major inflammatory issues like myocarditis or Myopericarditis that results in dead heart cells never recovering! I’m mean, it goes into your shoulder, there’s no veins there is there?🤔HOLD ON A MINUTE 💡
      Also, as you and others have implied, increased cancer cases from delayed diagnoses from lockdown yes, but, I’m mean, surely an experimental drug, untrialed, that instructs your cells at RNA level couldn’t cause cancer cases to rise also!? And surely theres no potential from 3,4 or 5 shots in a year causing any immune suppression thay say could effect NK immune cells early suppression of malignant cells! Your overthinking things pal🤔HOLD ON AGAIN!💡💉☠
      Sorry for the sarcasm! Great videos my friend! I’m convinced there’s a big shift occuring and people like you will be pivotal in making sure those accountable are not forgotten! They must pay for every Lockdown suicide, every minute of kids lost education, every lie hiding true facts in media, the utter devastation to the economy both so far and in future, every vax death and servere reaction in people 99.8% likely to of survived natural infection with minimal discomfort, and every vax given to any healthy kid. We must not forget what they did! They knew it wasn’t deadly cus they were having party’s in the early pandemic days! The goverment and all complicit must pay for this.

    • I’ve just sat and watched it and I can only see so you have believe it but it needs spreading out in society much more I’ve been doing it all afternoon and it has two go very far and reach the public because we we are stronger than no kick out Bill gates and Amazon on delete everything I will have Amazon again.

  9. It’s easy to say “sheep” and call them stupid. We are no better than the mainstream and liars
    Compassion and care will help your journey
    Those of us who are awake were once asleep and the spell they cast is powerful
    Be the best you.
    Lead by example and be loving and kind.
    But never conform or give the system what it wants….your anger and fear.
    Thank you man 🙇‍♂️

      • @XTC You just have to bring some humour into all this crap, if only to keep sane, and you also have to commend them for the effort in sourcing those excellent costumes. LOL

    • LOL! I need one of those outfits so I don’t hurt myself when I trip over things. I would blend in with the crowd when shopping! But then I won’t keel over as fast as the rest! Call me mutton!

      • @Kelly, Yes one of those outfits would be very appropriate for my next trip to Sainsburys, now that they have Mask Stasi back on their entrances.

      • I’ve seen quite a few “mandatory to wear” notices outside shops. I just stormed in and found a few others – not once have I been stopped (probably jinxed it now) and outside other shops there are no signs at all. Then they can’t challenge you. They can call the police, but I carry my Ventolin to wave in their faces (which I only use if necessary) and then I’d promptly have breathing issues if forced to put a nappy on and flop on the floor causing a bigger scene, so they can’t force you. As it says, if it causes you harm then you don’t wear one. So nobody should be wearing them! LOL! No official “permission” either so the cops can’t enforce something that doesn’t exist. Rock on peeps! LOL! xxx

      • @Kelly, Oh don’t worry I know how to handle them. I just tell ’em I am exempt and if they challenge me further (which they have never done before) I’ll challenge and rebut their assumed or presumed jurisdiction. Then there’s always the self-harm issue of wearing a mask. I think, if they think you know where you stand under THE LAW they will always back off.

      • I think they expect people to back down but when you stand firm they can’t handle it and they back off. A bit of power on our side is good. xxx

      • @Kelly The Truth be known, we have ALL the power, and they know it, this is why their behaviour is so sly, devious and underhanded.

  10. All coincidence? Not a bit of it. But the sheeple will just accept what their media tells them.

  11. Well done pal – these nitwits talking official narrative drivel & talking nonsense need calling out on it. Covid lesions 🤥

  12. Well done Hugo!

    Please note that the Plandemic also exposes narcissists who love to play the drama queens on the family or workplace level but because of COVID it’s more serious stuff than let’s say immigration issues or Brexit before COnVID so the arguing at family table is much worse causing the division especially if the narcissist picked the wrong side.
    But don’t think they cannot change sides easily.
    For them it’s only to win the argument so I reckon a lot more narcissists are currently on the wrong side because they have a backing of the totalitarian rulers and media so they become like “officials” of the official narrative and you just have to comply.
    I think this exposure of narcissists on the family level is actually a very good thing as you can address it at the same time while you deal with narcissists and psychopaths in power. Ideally cut the ties. You don’t want to hang about with people who are just to suck out your good energy.

    • I think this 300000 is going to be 3000000.
      How do they know? 40000 or 300000?
      It’s like predicting the final death-toll of a world war when it’s not even halfway.
      Depending if it’s Goyim dying or not they will make the numbers bigger or smaller.

  13. Class! Talking shite!😂😂😂 wonder when the new cancer studies come out! They did say heart,cancers,auto imune diseases would rise

  14. If i had one special with granted to me, i would wish to see the future. 4,5 years from now and then 10 and 15 years from now. Just to see in advance the catastrophic outcomes that these evil toxic gene therapies will have on the populations around the world. It is not a world i want to live in, with the planned social credit score and total harvesting of human data, collected from all the things we say and do on the social media platforms.
    We ARE the carbon they want to tax.
    Restrictions on our energy consumption.
    And it is all planned and controlled by these megalomaniacs behind the big tech companies and the monetary banking systems.
    I just wonder when they will flick the switch to plunge us into this NEW form of digital currencies. And yet i want to be engaged and take advantage of my own personal weath creation. Theres no point even trying to survive and exist in a world where i can’t even afford the basics, let alone afford the expensive EV’s.
    I hear that maybe this UK will have to push back the time limit of 2030 regarding phasing out petrol/deisel vehicles because they havnt got the infrastructure in place to cope. I hope this is true.

    • Hey man….try to think of an alternative way of life…we have almost been programed to think of a happy life is owning a lot of things(materialistic things) I am also struggling with losing things…things I worked so hard for ! But these things are not really important man…Im actually looking forward to living again, living free !! ……from the suffocating, controlling system….please be strong …:) don’t give up dude 💪

      • No Hobbit, I see your point but I am not going to live an alternative life. We must fight for a reyturn to how things were 2 years ago.

      • Hey rumple
        Sorry man…of course you are right ! ….I just can’t see that WE have a way out of this…all things considered… Unfortunately its been planned for 2 long…
        I’m just thinking worse case scenario
        I wonder 🤔
        20 million pure bloods
        But how many people are REALLY willing to go all out and do literally anything to survive??
        Hmmm 🤔

      • @Rumple (((They’re))) never going to allow that, and that’s why Yashua Messiah (Jesus Christ) MUST return to set up His Kingdom and wipe the criminals from the face of this earth.

  15. It’s pure evil. You’re right we need to support people who going to need us. more than ever now.

  16. Let’s all not remember the urgent appeal for an AI to run the Yellow Card Adverse Reactions Report system as they expected so many adverse reactions the existing system would not be able to cope…
    That was in 2020 March

  17. None of this is surprising to any of us, happening all the time now. We never used to hear of young healthy people having heart problems. Just how long will it take for these people who keep getting jabbed to realise that is what is causing this.
    Of course the MSM just say people have died after a short illness.
    I am worried for all these young children who are being jabbed who do not know what is happening and their parents think this is the right thing to do. 😩
    Also I have noticed how people who have been jabbed seem tired all the time and have other problems with eyes, legs, heart , cant’ fight off colds etc.etc. But they still don’t link it to the obvious cause.

    • holy balls, this is happening my 2x jabbed wife…eyes ‘sore’ and keeps getting a cold that has her almost off work…been going to be about 3 hours earlier than usual for weeks because she’s tired..

      • I’ve just been out with an ex-nurse who’s had multiple vaxtermination jabs……and is currently on her NINTH cold in 13 months! Me, Vaccine Free…. Not a sniffle 😁👍🏿😁👍🏿😁

      • videoman1959 Thereby proving to you that colds and flu (viruses) are NOT contagious, as doctors Tom Cowan and Andy Kaufman have been stating re their research on the 1918 flu outbreak.

      • Dear Videoman59, Do you know if Andy Kaufman says as Tom Cowan says that the virus is made in the body to ward off the radiation poisoning? I know that Andy Kaufman states categorically that nobody has died of COVID, adding that it is a hoax. But whether he says what Tom Cowan says is something that I don’t know.

      • @Arlene Johnson. No viruses are made by the body. The body makes exosomes which are erroneously identified as viruses by quack know-nothing pseudo-scientists. A virus is a poison and can only be administered via injections or put in your lunch or your cup of tea.

      • Dr. Tom Cowan repeated what Dr. Rudolph Steiner said so many decades ago which is that the body creates a virus to ward off radiation poisoning. So don’t tell me that the body doesn’t create a virus to ward off the radiation poisoning that 5G distributes.

      • @Arlene Johnson I am telling you straight – a ‘virus’ is Latin for ‘poison’ and no one can catch a poison. POISONS or VIRUSES MUST BE ADMINISTERED through jabs or taken orally. Exosomes are created by our bodies to deal with toxic insults.

      • I have never ever said that anyone can catch a virus. I was referring to Dr. Tom Cowan who says that viruses are created in the body to ward off radiation poisoning. You must be a Wall Streeter, because it’s in this Wall Street Journal article that it says this about virus is a Latin word for poison. To wit,
        Excerpt from: “The English word ‘virus’ is based on a Latin word for ‘poisonous secretion,’ and early on it often kept to its original meaning of ‘venom,’ either the literal or figurative kind.”
        Now, secretions come from the body so Dr. Tom Cowan is right.

      • @Arlene Johnson And secretions are NOT viruses. The word ‘virus’ is used by the criminals in order to portray diseases as infectious, when that whole concept is a fundamental LIE and a FRAUD! Here, read this and learn, for even this brave woman from our history had more sense that most of the numbskulls and morons of today:

        “Diseases are not individuals arranged in classes, like cats and dogs, but conditions growing out of one another.

        Is it not living in a continual mistake to look upon diseases as we do now, as separate entities, which must exist, like cats and dogs, instead of looking upon them as conditions, like a dirty and a clean condition, and just as much under our control; or rather as the reactions of kindly nature, against the conditions in which we have placed ourselves?

        I was brought up to believe that smallpox, for instance, was a thing of which there was once a first specimen in the world, which went on propagating itself, in a perpetual chain of descent, just as there was a first dog, (or a first pair of dogs) and that smallpox would not begin itself, any more than a new dog would begin without there having been a parent dog.

        Since then I have seen with my own eyes and smelled with my own nose smallpox growing up in first specimens, either in closed rooms or in overcrowded wards, where it could not by any possibility have been ‘caught’, but must have begun.

        I have seen diseases begin, grow up, and pass into one another. Now, dogs do not pass into cats.

        I have seen, for instance, with a little overcrowding, continued fever grow up; and with a little more, typhoid fever; and with a little more, typhus, and all in the same ward or hut.

        Would it not be far better, truer, and more practical, if we looked upon disease in this light (for diseases, as all experience shows, are adjectives, not noun-substantives):

        True nursing ignores infection, except to prevent it. Cleanliness and fresh air from open windows, with unremitting attention to the patient, are the only defence a true nurse either asks or needs.

        Wise and humane management of the patient is the best safeguard against infection. The greater part of nursing consists of preserving cleanliness.

        “The specific disease doctrine is the grand refuge of weak, uncultured, unstable minds, such as now rule in the medical profession. There are no specific diseases; there are specific disease conditions.”

        — Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, 1820-1910.

      • I never said what you are accusing me of. So, let me repeat what I quoted:
        Excerpt from: “The English word ‘virus’ is based on a Latin word for ‘poisonous secretion,’ and early on it often kept to its original meaning of ‘venom,’ either the literal or figurative kind.” which is from the Wall Street Journal, because you stated unequivocally that virus means poison in Latin. So on now, admit it. Why do you keep replying to an old comment instead of on the latest comment? Could it be that you don’t want people to see that you’re just trying to cover up what your replier wrote?

        I’m not going to take my precious time to reply to you anymore, because you impress me as a shill.

      • You were the one who said that virus means poison in Latin, not me. So I searched virus means poison in Latin and got the WSJ as a hit. Meanwhile people think that COVID-19 is a disease when COVID-19 is an acronym that means Certification of Vaccination Identification Artificial Intelligence (A=1 and I=9) instead of what is really causing the chaos in the world, 5G.
        My work is internationally acclaimed, and free to the whole world on my site, and you have the audacity to call me a shill?
        I have risked my life to provide decent people with the truth both on my site and on my blogs, the original one of which is
        Just today I gave that blog address to a man in South Africa who was very grateful to me. But you keep twisting the issue when it was you who started it to begin with.

    • The children are killing me. I cry and pray everyday for the children. If my brainwashed grand daughter gets my great grand injected when they drop it to 3 year olds I am going to snap. SNAP. And she is pregnant again. I am so worried.

  18. Unfortunately the brainwashed will never put two and two together and even if shown genuine proof, they would still deny it’s their beloved jib jabs. At this stage , if you told them they had a hole in their arse, they would deny it!

    • Quite right Peter…..this BS story was in the Evening Standard in mid December…..and guess what? They’re using the same number, 300,000! 😁😁😁👍🏿. Well spotted my like-minded friend. The sheep will never see sense. Stay Sane, Stay Strong everyone 💪

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  20. Boy dies at school leaving students and teachers ‘in shock’

    Teachers at Kaimes School in the Liberton area rang 999 yesterday afternoon.

    Paramedics raced to the area but the student, 17, was pronounced dead shortly after midday.

    The school – which is designed for those with complex needs on the autism spectrum – remains closed today and is not expected to reopen this week.

    Students and staff have been left ‘shocked’ by the devastating turn of events.

    There were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the boy’s death, but officers are following several lines of enquiry.

    Amanda Hatton, executive director of education and children’s services at the City of Edinburgh Council, said: ‘I am absolutely saddened to hear this tragic news and my immediate thoughts are with the family.

    ‘My heartfelt sympathies go out to the school community and everyone who has been affected. Support is being offered to any pupils or staff who may require it.’

    A Police Scotland spokesperson said: ‘Around 11:30am on Tuesday, January 25, 2022, police responded to a concern for a person call at a school on Lasswade Road, Edinburgh.

    ‘Medical assistance was provided by paramedics to a 17-year-old boy, however, he died at the scene.

    ‘There are no suspicious circumstances surrounding his death and a report will be submitted to the Procurator Fiscal.’

    • I live in Edinburgh. Was this definitely the vaccine? I want to be sure of the facts before I declare this to locals.

      • This particular case may not be jab related, wait for more info

      • No, the article didn’t mention whether he has the vax or not. But he is of an age where he would have been ‘offered’ the vax. Besides he was attending a ‘special needs’ school so maybe further up the ‘priority list’ as well as any ‘consent’ being needed non-existent. So, it is a reasonable assumption that he had had the vax.

  21. when you grow you look to your parents for guidance, as experienced parents you try not to let your children makes the same mistakes you made and to educate them better and guide them forward “How did all the jabbed people think the government was their parents and had there best interests at heart ( yes pun included ) i feel sorry that they have been involved in the biggest scam on this planet ever we did say when they realise it will be too late

  22. Brilliant thank you Hugo it was the jab they have done what they set out to do kill or serious harm u cut your life down

  23. The govt had a contract on the website in the beginning of last year for an order of 36 billion anticoagulants. I am not a doctor but that is suspicious as they knew what was coming.

  24. It seems the deaths are likely to occur just about the same time the new ‘temporary body storage’ facilities contracted by the Govt in Westminster, Devon and the midlands will be completed.

    • Hmmmm…l noted that too….just the way lm ‘wired up’.theses days…l will ALWAYS ask questions…lost friends l think too…

  25. Unfortunately, you have to get this information from the web because in the Netherlands this is not shared by the mainstream media. They are all silent when it comes to this, and they should still bring the news. But here it is also, whose bread one eats whose word one speaks.

    • The British are so gullible , they will believed it and no question raised

      • I’m British and yes you’re dead right I hate to admit.

      • @Manuel The Jewish brainwashing and con-trick has been 373 years in the making – that’s a very long time, and makes the psychosis very deep seated in British minds.

  26. it wouldn’t be the jabs would it!! once you start testing etc, it never ends once you start, people will start to look like robocop by 2030, if people keep complying, it never ends once you start, we know where this is going, they will blame covid or what ever they call it, then the unvaccinated, so it will go on and on. they want to keep this going as long as possible. question is are people going to wake up in time? I’m waiting…. real freedoms around the corner for us all, that old normal was no good anyway, bring the 70s and 80s 90s back, time to mandate freedom.

  27. While I am certain the jabs are causing heart problems, many more heart problems than are being admitted to by government and the vaccine makers, I’m not sure that up to 300,000 over 55s in the UK with aortic stenosis can be blamed on the jabs. If it was 300,000 young people suddenly getting this condition that would be an obvious red flag.

    However, I did find this:

    So the jabs could be causing some of this at least. And they certainly won’t be doing anything to improve the situation.

    We do tend to get heart conditions as we grow older though; I have one – atrial fibrillation – and I am asymptomatic. It is quite a common condition;I found out about in 2016 when I was 59. No idea how long I had it before it was diagnosed but it could have been years. So nothing to do with Covid or the Covid jabs, or any vaccine I should think, as the last vaccine I had was when I was 13.

    • 50 push-ups every morning = no heart problems whatever your age

  28. Makes me puke the jabbed think they havr helped restrictions in the uk being eased…
    I said to one yesterday “your no hero but just a paranoid mug that has helped drag this out for the last 2 years and you make me sick you lot”…
    He didnt know what to say😷

  29. Great philosophical comment Alan. Love the summing up in just 2 sentences.

  30. I’ve. seen that bhfoundation advert. Very coincidentally timed?
    Have you seen the blood testing postal service? Predictive medicine?

    • Miss information, no but I have seen an ad for a ring that tells you if you are ill.
      More crap for the believers!

    • Stroke Association ads have young kids in now too, and bus banners saying, “Children can have strokes too”.

    • I’ve seen it and did a double take. I won’t be seems daft to give such information to this entity.

    • Just had a second look at that sinister British Heart Foundation propaganda advert; anyone else noticed the 3 robotic arms descending from the ceiling above the patient which look to be holding 3 needles?…More sinister than I thought!

      • Unfortunately saw the advert whilst OH was watching one of his stupid programmes. Didn’t notice as I only saw part and continued with my jigsaw puzzle. However my comment of what a disgraceful advert was received badly – he said he thought it was a good advert! Well the booster shooter man would say that. Him with a heart condition anyway. He reckons he has 30 more years to live. In his dreams!

      • My old school friend had a heart attack 2 yrs ago…. So I presume he’s on worforin or similar to thin his blood…… On 2nd Jan he had a stroke, clots on his brain and still in hospital and only just able to speak. Stay Sane, Stay Strong everyone 💪

      • Yes, OH has soluble asprin every evening, thankfully not warfarin. So a bucket load of other drugs. His heart attack happened at work almost 5 years ago. He drove home and we went to the docs because they had an ecg machine at the surgery. OH wasn’t sure if it was his back. So bloke in charge (can’t call him a doctor, useless pile of poop) didn’t want me in the room, but OH did. So he made him do exercises before putting him on the ecg machine – apparently he was the “expert” and we were lucky he was there to read it. Was shoved out the room for that. Don’t know why. OH came back in the waiting room while dr dickhead was looking at the results. He said there was an anomaly but it was likely his back giving him issues. He said we could go to A&E but we’d have to wait in the queue and he didn’t see the point of calling an ambulance because they’d take 2 hours. Liar. Dr DH graciously gave us the ecg results, told us he’d tried to ring the hospital but nobody answered. So we went home, went to the loo, got some water and some reading material and took a leisurely drive to the hospital. There he was taken in, but was in triage for a long time with a monitor. This was some 6 hours after the initial attack as the blood pressure had been stable. Wasn’t until 10.30 ( 11 hours after the attack) that the night duty senior doc came on, looked at the ecg and phoned the surgeon (that department had gone home) who rallied his team and they set up the theatre for an angiogram. Senior duty doc apologised and said Dr DH had made a grave error and the reading was text book heart attack. We knew something was wrong because a nurse came in with a portable defibrillator and we were told that when the theatre was ready we had to run to the other side of the building! He aimed that at me, being somewhat hefty, but fit and could jolly well run and keep up with the trolley pfft. So he had a stent inserted and I guess just in time. So even then our local docs were crap. Dr Dickhead years before said I had a hiatus hernia by guessing. Some months later, I took on Oompa Loompa colouring and my own doc sent me for a scan as he said gallstones. Gallstones it was. We refused to see Dr DH when asking for appointments probably why we were able to make an appointment for the heart thing. I have heard that my doc has been dismissed for misdiagnosing a patient with back pains and he said painkillers and sent her away. She is now disabled, unable to walk for the rest of her life. She is suing the surgery and my doctor. Oooeee! I won’t hold my breath for that result.

      • A sad story, indeed…..and now this scamDemic to contend with. Stay Sane, Stay Strong everyone 💪

      • In it to the bitter end Viddy. Hopefully we won’t have the bitter part! xx

      • Hopefully we will see a REAL return to REAL normal, not just a ‘relaxation’ of convid rules….. which wonderfully, most of we Free Thinkers, we Vaccine Free folk have stuck 2 fingers up to since the start of this scamdemic.

  31. wait until they switch on blanket 5g, that graphene is in the jab, for a very good reason.

  32. The end of Hugo’s video has resonated strongly with me as well as many of you out there I’m guessing, friends of many years had no trouble in attacking us stating our kids would be orphans if we didn’t take the injectables, haven’t seen or spoken in 6 months.
    Take care all

    • Billy, it’s a crap situation and I hear where you’re coming from.
      The only way to fight it is not giving in to the division tactics.

      They have been tricked / brainwashed so you have to be careful not to spark things with certain individuals.
      Some will listen to the other side but still find it hard as it means believing you highlights that they have been lied to.

      I suppose to keep it friendly… You have to respect their decision… Knowing all the things that have come about since the jabs and be true to yourself that you have made the right decision based on facts that are not overlooked by the mainstream media.

      Things are changing, you only have to look at restrictions being lifted and the covert backtracking hiding behind the looming conflict bollox.

      By the summer I’m hoping that most countries will stop the PCR nonsense and just get on with things… Apart from Canada, Australia and New Zealand of course

      • UNvaxxed….you are right…’the wheels are coming off’…the powers that be..(SAGE) have got enough data…certainly about human behaviour…stats 1st 52,151’643
        2nd 48,019,671
        Boo1 31,621,069

        Cost per ‘Pop’..£15.00 per pop!!..

    • Indeed, I for one firmly believed I was more likely to orphan my kids if I DID take the injectables! I wonder if any of the covid zealots who have ghosted lifelong friends and family over them not being jabbed will get back in touch to say, “I’m sorry I tried to bully you into getting jabbed and judged you, turns out you were right…” or words to that effect? It will take a lot of humility. That’s if they can get their head around the fact they were duped at all.

    • As always Hugo you resonate with me, I would like to reach out to my family who have dissed me because they think I am a conspiracy theorist, the irony is all I said has come true! Unless I reach out to them I doubt they will come to me first as they are totally brainwashed by the MSM. Hey ho! I am done with this crap!

  33. The Msm report doesn’t mention the reason why there is , apparently, so many with this aortic problem…. What has changed since we didn’t have 300,000 with this problem? What has caused the problem? We ALL know what could be the reason, but MSM haven’t given ANY reason. Never mind, eh? We Purebloods have little to fear. Unlike SIX of my friends, all fully paid-up members of the Vaxtermination Club, all been tested ( obviously! 🙄) And got Convid! 😂😂😂😂😷😂😂😂😂

    • The MSM are the evil scumbags that are responsible for why so many of the population have fallen for this shite. All the editors should be strung up along with the rest of the genocidal maniacs behind this atrocity.

      • Agreed…. I still SMH in despair at the ,so called, intelligent folk, who STILL believe the BS! In sure that if next week Doris Johnson said you’d got to strap a pork pie to your head to keep the new scariant at bay ..and save the NHS, obviously ( 🙄), millions would! 😔😷😂

  34. It’s going to be very interesting at my firm when the employees go for their medicals and the ECG machine is wired up. I’m predicting they will find an increased number of heart Irregularities which could actually be job ending. And worse still the company owners were encouraging everyone to get jabbed even threatening to take away Covid sick pay for the Vax free individuals. How that could come back to bite them in the arse.

    • I am a retired doctor/consultant in UK of 43 years medical experience. Aortic stenosis is a normal developmental abnormality of human embryology. The incidence does not alter significantly as it’s genetic. Any increase in incidence is due to mutagenic drugs or to be more precise, a misinterpretation of the condition i.e. suits the fake stream media to account for mulltiple cardiac deaths in the younger age groups from this condition. If there is no genetic sudden rate change (inpossible) then obviously what did it (sudden death in young adults) was the VACCINE using a misdiagnosis of structural abnormalities of the heart which cannot change. So sudden death is myocarditic or something similar NOT structural abnormality as claimed not sudden death AS .

    • ..’Law Suits’..piling up as we speak!…Nuremburg looming….

      • Oh! I do hope so. We keep getting promise’s and a crime number, but little else from solicitors acting on the public’s behalf.

      • videoman1959 Solicitors are, first and foremost, “Officers of The Court” so you therefore know where their priority allegiances reside = not with you or the public.

  35. This could equally be due purely due to Wi-Fi, EMF’s, cell towers and 5G. It is well documented and is also what has caused the massive decline in bees, insects, and birds, which will be blamed on climate change once it is eventually brought to public attention. Evidence for all of it is in the book ‘The Invisible Rainbow’ by Arthur Firstenberg.

  36. Jesus 🙁

    Ex Wife triple ( 4?? ) jabbed, mother of my 2 kids, not seen all month, saw today, riddled in what we think are blood clots, lumps 20+ of them easy, could be autoimmune disease, she’s practically dead isn’t she 🙁

    Still scared of covid, saying it’s the jabs is madness, doesn’t think / want the measures to stop, very happy LTFing my 13year old every day for school 🙁

    The Brain Washing and she can be easily hypnotised is strong isn’t it!!

    • I spoke to an NHS staff member today. She’s been tested, obviously, and is positive 🙄… SMH. She feels guilty cos she’s at home and feels ok, just cold symptoms really, she said. Thankfully the jab helped, she said! I did ask her how she comes to that conclusion when so many ( pre- vaccine days ) were asymptomatic when they tested positive and were oblivious! I did not get an reply message. I just hope she THINKS about her beliefs! There’s no hope for them. 😔

      • They are all zombies. You can show them the facts . They do not want to see it. Two years of this nonsense. 95% of people in Supermarket, this evening wearing face nappy. Not a government requirement anymore. I’ve given up . I’m looking after myself , first . This is going to get really, really bad.

    • One more message while I’m still coherent…..
      Get fuked sheeple x
      You are all so lost !!!!! Lol

    • Best wishes to you and your children….you must be the ‘guardian’ for your youngsters….

      • Likely the mother is the guardian of their children. But given that she has had the jab(s) the dad will become the guardian of them. So advice to the dad: Never have the jab as it is intended to kill as that is the agenda. For more, see where there are 46 posts exposing coronavirus, the 2nd through 4th of them are hopefully antidotes.

  37. The 100s are all pilots that are going to take errr 399 others in the plane and on the ground LOL

  38. 170K that’s 10x’s the actual Convid deaths, LOL wish I’d of had the jabs!!

  39. Hugo it’s all just a coincidence. There has been 2 years of coincidences. People died in hospital with covid the underlying morbidity was a coincidence. People died suddenly after the jab was just a coincidence. Loads of heart conditions after the jab was just a coincidence, they already had undiagnosed heart problems.
    Or am I just a coincidence theorist.

  40. What i want to know is where are these ‘studies’ being one. I guarantee you you could talk to most of your country and ask them ‘has anyone talked to you about XYZ and are you in the study?’ that everyone will say no. They are ‘studying’ nothing these stories are made up to fit a narrative because they know is going to happen they create these BS ‘studies’ so they can claim ‘oh look during lockdown we are finding people haven’t been looking after themselves and their hearts are now going bad we know this by studying our patients’

    Absolute crap the GPs and doctors dont have enough time for you to give you a prescription anymore much less listen to you or care and they are certainly not doing any thing extra they dont even do the basics 95% of them, they are all part of this crap.

    • Maverick….l would agree…these are ‘ultrasound’ done….not sure privately or generally…l HAD seen adverts…’get yourself’ checked out”……what does ring alarm bells for me is the ‘blurred line’s’ between jabbed young athletes and ‘injury’ associated with myocarditis and pericarditis which is specifically linked with the ‘contents’ of the so called ‘va#lnE’…specialists ARE talking about it openly…not sure of articles about Graphine Oxide?…nobody can answer yet…

    • They are now sending out letters to nurses telling them they have till Feb 3rd to have the first jab, will they back down now? I doubt it, they are more interested in culling then saving the NHS.

      • And by some remarkable coincidence this is announced today:

        ‘Universal Credit: Jobseekers told to widen job search faster or face cut

        Jobseekers on Universal Credit will have to look for jobs outside their chosen field more quickly or face sanctions under new government plans.

        From Thursday, people will have to look outside their sectors after just four weeks, rather than three months.

        If they fail to make “reasonable efforts” to get a job, or turn down employment, they could see their benefit payment reduced.

        Ministers want 500,000 jobseekers in work by the end of June.

        As part of the jobs push – called “Way to Work” – claimants will have to widen their job search outside their previous occupation or sector.’

        In a previous version of this article there was mention of Rushi Sunak writing off £billions in Covid fraud such as ‘bounce-back loans’. It appears that the BBC have adopted a new tactic of deleting and republishing articles to hide the editing. This article has ‘one hour ago’ when it first appeared at 09:48.

  41. I have also worked in medicine for the greater part of my life at this stage.
    for the last 20 years I have been growing somewhat suspicious of the medical establishment,, the average Dr follows procedure, they do not create it.

  42. Hospital is the last place I’d go now, someone I know, given the third dose about a month ago, taken into Hospital last week due to kidney failure, was supposed to be coming back out this week, but had a stroke & fell out of bed on Sunday night, wasn’t found by nurses till the morning rounds on Monday, looks likely they’ll be only coming out in a pine box.

      • Hi thetruthnotdoctrine, how could I contact you in private? Thank you.

      • I visited your website several times now, so much truth in there. You are a real Atalaia. Will check out your blog, thank you.

      • Apologies, ‘atalaia’ (term used in some romance languages) means ‘watchman’, one who observes the signs like a sentinel, a guard.

      • It was all about Power and taking over the World. Starvation was common, as disease was too. My Grandfather’s platoon was stopped at one of the so called gas chamber. He was a Paramedic and on his way to take over France as they were ordered. When I ask him if he seen the dead Bodies there. He said,” No.” He seen shoes, gold rings including gold teeth etc.. and clothing. He was captured by Russians. He said, “ That most Germans were happy when they captured them because they were fed by the Russians.”He also stated, that he was 168 going into the war. He weighed around 90 lb when he was captured. He was part of Hitler’s starving Army.

        He was never allowed to carry a weapon. He would watch young People on TV talking about Auschwitz and called them liars. He served 5 Years in Russian prison camp, but also claimed that Russia treated them better than the German gov. I have so many stories about my Grandfather in WWII. My Grandfather believed in God, but not Churches.

        On the way into France, they were stopped at the concentration camp before France, they ask him to assist in giving disease shots to Priest, Ministers and other Church leaders that were at this concentration camp. It was for syphilis. My Grandfather said, that he believed they were having a way with small Children and Women, but wasn’t sure.

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