Neil Young & Joe Rogan / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Nooooo! I absolutely love Neil Young tell me it’s not bad 😳

    • Neil’s only human and vulnerable to the enemy war transmissions.
      I hope he wakes up about the scamdemic and turns around.
      He and his son have had a lot of contact with doctors so maybe he has some bias.

  2. Young hated the Bush administration and said he lied to lead the country into War and has written many songs against the political Arena 🙂

    • @Shane Gilbert Thereby giving validity to the ‘Divide and Rule’ criminal political system. “Democrats (Neo-liberals) are Stalinists and Republicans (Neo-Cons) are Trotskyists”

      — Eustace Mullins

    • Maybe he was just acting a part or maybe he wasn’t fully fledged back then?

  3. Don’t forget most of these Jewish backed 60s pop idols like Young were Woodstock and Laurel Canyon, LSD and weed smoking Communists, plus over here we had The Beatles and The Rolling Stones leading the Commie parade.

  4. neil young is a friend of pearl jam. the same band who was part of the vaccination concert and the deep states mandates. fuck those sold out pieces of shit

  5. Neil Young was a friend and great admirer of Charles Manson. He wrote the song Mansion On The Hill as a tribute to Charlie.

  6. I’m stunned it’s taken so long for people to cotton on. I’d recognised Brand was shill 20yrs a go.
    Never gelled with either of the other two. Just seemed to be egotistic bullshitters.
    If you consider all narratives come from the same head. Then everyone that is allowed air time is either in the club. Or they are repeating the a story they want told. So they are left alone being parrots.

    • How about a campaign to report their videos to YouTube enmass? Might be worth a giggle at least!

    • What about Hugo, he is allowed air time. Only some videos of his are taken down. Rogan also had videos removed. Soooo…?

      • There is a space for doubt about Hugo in my book as I shared with HT in an email. Does he exist beyond the voice? Location? Photo? How does he manage HT? Team behind HT? Con-opp will tell you what you want to hear. I do like some observations made here so thankful for that & I am still around.

      • @Paul, The Game is called ‘Half-Truth Telling’ – and videos with lots of Truth in them get taken down, so that just leaves the videos with disso garbage or irrelevant trivia to lead people away from The Truth. This is the role arseholes like Rogan and a host of others play.

  7. Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, David Icke and his son, and many more are shills. 99% of Alternative media is controlled.

  8. Nice one Hugo! So many are fooled by Rogan. I was listening to his interviews many years back and happily worked him out to be a traitor then. This McCullough and Malone are controlled-opp but people in our arena (as will be here on this forum) are hailing them as hero’s!

  9. Of course people see through these Intelligence spooks like Rogan.
    Intelligence is heavy on Joe Rogan Show, Bret Weinstein, InfoWars has also fallen to them.
    Rogan is an atheistic Shabbos Goy.

  10. People can change their minds Hugo. Actually, a lot of people need to change their minds. And celebs are just people – at least most of them are. They can get brainwashed, misled, and scared just like anyone else.
    Neil Young released his latest album last month btw. It’s called “Barn”.

  11. Like Farage, there allowed to have a counter opinion, because when it all blows up, they’ll be the people running the show, obviously, they’ll turn into the same old same old and turn against us pretty quickly.

  12. We will all end up believing no one soon even the person in the mirror. They want to divide. Society has us to perceive enemies out of allies. Everyone in conflict, everyone’s a shill. It’s easy to label. Use your intuition. Bring back faith and trust in life and trust your inner guidance.

    • @One Utter nonsense and defeatist garbage. Until you realise that any so called ‘truth’ guru who leaves the Jews unscathed and/or never names the Jews as being THE satanic dark force behind all the evil going on in our nation, is either a disso or a shill for the Jews. It ain’t rocket science, it’s just a matter of paying attention.

  13. Malone was touted as the inventor of mRNA when he did his first podcast in March/April 2021, and people said it must be true, his name is on wikipedia.

    2 days after that podcast his name was gone from wiki, so people said it must be true, he’s being cancelled.

    But if you look at the wayback machine / internet archive at that wikipedia page for mRNA vaccines, you find that his name did appear on there on the day of the first podcast, and did indeed vanish afterwards, never to re-appear.

    However, if you look BEFORE that podcast – his name didn’t appear then either. It appeared one time and one time only – the day of his first podcast.

    Never before or after – after the podcast the wiki page reverted back to before his podcast.

    So he was deliberately inserted into it on that one occassion, the day of his podcast, to, it appears, give him credibility.

    Why? Who knows – but he does now have some videos out there where he is promoting a covid shot that he has worked on that is non mRNA – so you could perhaps be forgiven for imagining that he is bad mouthing the competition with fake credentials to give his own magic potion a leg up.

    Things are not ever what they seem in the modern world.

  14. Acording to the  book “Weird Scenes Inside The Canyon” by Dave McGowan 
    Witchcraft, murder, arson, violence and drugs were all a ‘potent’ mix of the canyon ‘party’ scene. The myths about freedom and love in the 60’s are in fact just that … ‘myths.’ The scene that ‘birthed’ acts like the Doors, the Byrds, the Rolling Stones, the Turtles, Mamas & Papas, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Neil Young, Frank Zappa, Buffalo Springfield, Captain Beefheart, Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, the Monkees, Poco, Steppenwolf, Canned Heat, Love, the Beach Boys, Three Dog Night, America, Eagles and many more was a carefully crafted military psy-op! It was designed to subvert the anti war movement, introduce ‘drug’ culture and subversive ideologies to the youth of America and control them for the purpose of ‘social engineering.

  15. Monkeys looks like given 1 of the helpers small pox, small pox and marburg both lined up, see which 1 fits the jab symptoms best I bet.

    Can’t make this madness up!!

  16. Neil Young had an album out last month and has a forthcoming 2022 tour. Bit of publicity is never a bad thing, eh.

  17. Just as bill gates has his thumbs in every mainstream media jab pie in existence (guilty by association) aka Epstein’s Island
    Alex jones and David icke & mr rogan also have connecting tentacles that span much of the alternative media aka controlled opposition they share platforms venues friends periodicals and who knows what else
    Joe Rogan> Alex Jones > David Icke > The light newspaper > Dr V Coleman > UK column > Brian Gerrish > John Harris (rip)

    Interestingly Dr Vernon Coleman was also David & Gareth’s GP but this is just a coincidence

  18. Just as bill gates has his thumbs in every mainstream media jab pie in existence
    Alex jones and David icke & mr rogan also have connecting tentacles that span much of the alternative media aka controlled opposition they share platforms venues friends periodicals and who knows what else
    Joe Rogan> Alex Jones > David Icke > The light newspaper > Dr V Coleman > UK column > Brian Gerrish > John Harris (rip)

    Interestingly Dr Vernon Coleman was also David & Gareth Ickes GP but this is just a coincidence

      • I find it interesting when the alternative media act like best pals & travel the country like a performing group of low level comedians or some kind of
        drama group of the performing arts
        selling their merchandise & spreading truths in the spare upstairs rooms of pubs up & down the country

        john Harris was a FMOTL he had a website TPUC around 10-15 years ago
        john killed himself although others think he was Jill dandoed aka murdered because he knew too much

        john would travel all around the “circuit” with his pals from the alternative media one of which was our very own Brian Gerrish before UK column was born
        they would spread FMOTL truths and sell T-shirts and MUGS

        john was a common man a carpenter no less he appealed to the straight talking common man

        john posted a sad letter on his TPUC site explaining he had became depressed because he felt like a fraud and apparently had admitted to close friends he was sick of being controlled opposition
        he started off with good intentions to spread the truth as he saw it but ended up on the payroll so he apparently killed himself
        Brain continued to babble about common purpose to this very day and formed UK column

      • @Bob Yes I was active in that ‘circle’ about 14 years ago and I knew John and spoke with him a couple of times by phone.

        FMOTL was created by ‘Veronica’ Chapman the tranny and she/he penned the book: ‘Freedom Is More Than Just A Seven-Letter Word’.

        John’s TPUC was a different set up, along with Richy Landry of ‘Lawful Rebellion’.

        Michael O’Bernicea, otherwise known as ‘Zeitgeist’ to us who knew him, was also very active at this time, as he still is today.

        Unfortunately, John delved into the spiritual side of things, but was not a born of God Christian, and when people go spiritual, not Holy Spiritual, that is, without God’s protection, they move towards very dangerous territory and they lose their way, and that’s what I believe happened to John.

        Was he suicided? That’s also possible, but I have no further info on that.

        As for Gerrish I believe he’s 100% controlled. There’s a touch of the Manchurian Candidate about him. Even his title UK Column could easily be interpreted UK FIFTH Column – (((they))) love to take the piss.

  19. I think u right they just screwing around our heads up thank you Hugo u keep me grounded thank u

  20. I here Rogan has 11 million unique downloads on all platforms each week. No one in opposition to the narrative would be able to get away with that unless they are part of the narrative.

  21. Man this site is paranoid! David icke an Russel brand are killing it just now. How can they be shills ffs. Asking all the right question Russel is.. David is opening the world to the great awakening! Ffs you all mad!

    • Notice though that Russell Brand asks the right questions a lot but doesn’t try to answer them. He skirts around the main points that bring down not just the covid narrative but many many other things we are being lied to about. Like the PCR tests that can’t diagnose anything; the truth about what viruses actually are and that they are not contagious; that ALL vaccines harm people, etc. He and others like Dr Vernon Coleman, Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, Dr Robert Malone, Dr Mike Yeadon (unfortunately) and others will not touch these subjects beyond the PCR tests (if that).

      Remember that real whistleblowers and people exposing the big secrets will not be on Spotify, will not even be mentioned in the mainstream even to debunk them. They do not want anyone even glancing in their direction.

      For example notice that Dr Judy Wood is deleted from Wikipedia within minutes, but A&E911Truth have a huge Wikipedia page. These are all clues leading to who is saying what they really really don’t want anyone talking about.

      Keep people arguing about where the hijackers were from and what made the towers “collapse”. Keep people arguing about whether the virus escaped from a lab by accident or on purpose. Keep people arguing about whether we have the right to choose to inject ourselves with vaccines or not. They are all misdirections – there were no hijackers; the towers did not “collapse”; we cannot catch viruses from each other (look up Dr Stefan Lanka to start) therefore there is no virus pandemic; vaccines don’t protect anyone from anything but they do worsen our health.

      Look out for misdirections, you can spot them if you know what you’re looking for. The misdirectors may just be mistaken rather than deliberately controlled, but be aware that if we find ourselves steered towards these misdirections we still can’t win this.

      • ‘the truth about what viruses actually are and that they are not contagious’ Anyone who calls anything the ‘truth’ is immediately suspicious and calls their motives into question. And that statement is complete bunkum. The reason no one with any credibility mentions these crackpot theories is that as soon as they do their credibility is shot to pieces and they look like an utter fruit-loop. They will be aware of them and also they will realise that they are put out there to bait them into the trap, and they are not stupid enough to fall for it.

      • @Senga the shabbos goy scum bag. Well let’s face it, nothing that comes from you, via your keyboard, could ever be constituted as truth.

    • Max@ Brand is a satanist/freemason. Plenty of pointers here on this video;
      One scene where he is covertly carrying a baphomet icon in his hand at some ceremony. Watch and decide.

    • Max.

      You`re absolutely right. We`ve now got people second guessing their own second guesses.. I don`t feel it`s the site or Hugo particularly, just some of the people that have become confused, mostly due to the pressure that this situation creates. Myself I just have a couple of days off here and there to allow what I`ve seen and heard to `sink in` without my mind getting too cluttered.
      I can only imagine what it`s like when you`re on this non stop, and here`s my point ok..
      Apart from the odd and very obvious Troll, and we know they`re already dead anyway, so let them go about their sad and sick business. WE know that we are in a genuine fight to the death here, and we need to stick with the irrefutable facts, in fact only one..
      THEY ARE DESPERATE AND CRUMBLING, It`s glaringly evident everywhere you look.. Their last defence is to confuse and seperate us all.. SO STAY STRONG, AND LOVE EVERYONE, THE UNJABBED AND THE JABBED ALIKE..
      We have all seen more and more exposure of the partial facts on the mainstream, and there is no doubt that those poor souls are now realising that have been lured into the trap are beginning to see the truth.. And let me tell you, those good well meaning people are going to be MIGHTILY pissed off as the facts and truths continue to be told..
      As I do, we all know some, friends and family maybe.. Whatever happens.. just continue to love them through it and this can be over very soon..

      • @Steve+Kemp If you’re into David Icke, (((Russell Brand))), Alex Jones, Max Igan, Joe Rogan etc. etc. then you wouldn’t know The Truth if it were a piece of 4×2 whacking you across the forehead. LOL

  22. Before yesterday, I hadn’t heard of either of them🤔 as for you tube, I use the three little dots next to the suggestions ALOT, to tell YouTube I don’t want something on my suggestion list and that I don’t like the video, I’ve done it to every russell brand video👌🏼

    • I dont like Russel brand never found him funny or interesting but if hes speaking out against what’s going on that can only be a good thing. He has a big following it can only help to wake ppl up or make them question. Rogan dont know a lot about him seen a few interviews that he has done. Hes not on u tube anymore most ppl get yetted from there which he did owing to his content. Just like how hugo had to mess around with diff channels on u tube because of their censorship.

      Not sure why everyone has to be controlled opp or a shill. I was asleep for a long time inc when this crap all started but I did wake up and my views, opions have changed, so does that mean I’m labelled a shill or whatever. That labelling is so decisive, which plays into globalists hands. Folk do change there mind doesnt mean there up anything to suspect! Rogan also has massive following so again if people listen to his interviews , it helps them think a bit more or see things differently that can only be a good thing.

    • @M. Finch You need to understand that YouTube, real name JewTube, is a ‘censored to death’ corpse, and you need to expand your web search horizons as a matter of urgency.

  23. The funny thing about Neil Young is he doesn’t own the copyright to his songs, anything apart from what he’s put out in the last couple of years isn’t his & he can’t demand it be removed from anywhere, so he’s just pissing in the wind to advertise his upcoming album.

  24. The fact they never get kicked off or censored on any mainstream platforms, usually a big red flag for me.

  25. Well I get your videos on youtube everytime you upload them. Joe Rogan’s videos on the other hand, rarely get suggested to me although I am subscribed to both of you. What should I make of that?

  26. They are all cut off from the same cloth speak that which their master the devil orders them to say. Each celebrity has a specific goal

    • Yes mate, glad you said that, Rogan has some interesting connections to say the least…

  27. If you think everyone is being controlled by the opposition it means that you are being controlled by the opposition.

    • The trick is to hold onto your sanity whilst all those around you are losing theirs 😉

      • Indeed! It is like the whole world has gone mad and we are the only sane ones left.

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine All my comment proves in this context is that I have a sense of humour

  28. At the end of the day, you take what people discuss because you have invited these people into your senses through the Internet, much like we are doing now.
    Then you filter what has been discussed and find what you agree with.
    That is how it works.
    For me personally I do not want to be part of an experiment, that has sent the world into debt, ruined my children’s education and allowed politics and science to embezzle billions of tax payers cash because they can.
    I would listen to Boris Jonestown, if he went against this narrative.
    My perspective will never change the world because it cannot.
    However if someone steps up and channels the mass perception at the moment.
    I would vote for them and then they would own my narrative politically and just like controllers throughout history, I would be their cash cow and all those like me would be another farmer’s cattle.
    People go mad , when they are the man vs the machine.
    Just accept the world is controlled by computer now and is fucked, just live for yourself, without getting frustrated.
    When you have a circle of real friends, live like a tribe, for the tribe and basically ignore anyone not in it.
    You can form alliances with other tribes, why not?
    Just remember the bigger a tribe gets , the power always goes to those that do not give a fuck about us at the bottom.
    The times, especially celebrities, actually discuss fans and how to manipulate them for money are to numerous to mention .
    Most people do not even notice it is the same as politics and about them.
    Those fans are you, no human is above manipulation.
    Anyone who thinks they are more intelligent than the rest, is only deluding themselves and easily led, that turn into zealots and succumb to control.
    Now the computer is here, humanity and morals have lost.
    For those more religious than I, humans control your message and why does God speak to them more than you ?
    God is within us all and doesn’t need a human leader.
    The greedy and selfish, wish to live forever, I accept I will not.
    After all I do not want my children, all my family and friends to die before me.
    What a lonely existence and perhaps that is purgatory ?
    I do not know.
    Wow that was a bit long, apologies.
    I do not care if I get shot down and please do.
    As vanity has no aim when you accept your place at the bottom.

  29. Hugo, as much as I appreciate your work please check your info. before you speak as it makes it all more credible. You used the ‘one eye’ image of Neil Young from a recent issue of MOJO music magazine. Neil is still releasing new albums – a lot of them. It’s such a shame he has taken this stance. Thanks for all you do. With love

  30. Hugo, as much as I appreciate your work please check your info. before you speak as it makes it all more credible. You used the ‘one eye’ image of Neil Young from ta recent issue of MOJO music magazine. Neil is still releasing new albums – a lot of them. It’s such a shame he has taken this stance. Thanks for all you do. With love

  31. I can’t believe no one has mentioned, Neil Young is wearing the All-Seeing eye in the thumbnail

  32. Well done Hugo, Rogan is 100% controlled opp, and it’s good that you help a wider audience see this.

    It’s the same with most of the “truth” scientists who are leading the opposition.

    Keep up the good work 🙏

  33. Wouldn’t trust that toad lick8ng satanic kiss arse rogan as far as I could throw him.

    • The American banks are taking on 1000s of extra staff, Ursula Von Der Leyen is launching the European digital identity, Barclay Card offer kids exclusive live gig tickets (what do they get in return), all the while we talk about Boris’s party or Neil Young. The controlled opposition is us.

  34. No such thing as “controlled opposition”. You are living in a fantasy would if you are. Some get censored, some don’t, it’s more or less the luck of the draw. If they sensor everyone then it becomes even more obvious.

  35. yet another musician i liked that i will now boycott for being a complete arsehole.. i will now illegally share all the music of his i can to piss him off in some small way …what a stupid old prick they say ..theres no fool like an old fool..and theres no cunt like a stupid cunt ..drop dead soon you old twat

  36. I checked Spotify today and Neil Young is still there 🤣😂

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