NHS Tells Woman JABS Will SOON Be STOPPED As Dangerous / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. I am surprised there are many people still Unaware of what’s going on. There are many V injuries out there already. I suggest doing your own research as things are getting increasingly bad, regarding injuries. I hope people don’t wake up too late!

  2. I’m calling fake!
    For the simple reason this goes against everything NHS staf are being told to do!
    If it was the case, then why are they still pushing the jab onto NHS workers?
    It doesn’t make sense.
    If this person was reported for giving out this advice, the least she could expect would be a disciplinary, more than likely dismissal in this case.

    • Perhaps she’s one of the ‘vaccine free’ NHS workers who will be having to be sacked at end of March, so she decided to ‘ do the right thing’ , as they keep telling us to do?

      • The jabs will continue on NHS workers because the underlying plan is to destroy the health service completely, convince the vaccinated that it is the unvaccinated that are causing their illnesses (without any doctors to say different), and they will hunt down the unvaxxed until all resistance is destroyed.
        If anybody knows how to make evil bastards spontaneously combust, this is the time!

      • Looks like they have managed to destroy the Health system altogether already. If we stop for a second and think – what happens now with the all contaminated blood supply of all the vaccinated people and we know by now that the spike goes into the blood. Where does that leave healthcare? Also Looks like Dr Reiner Fuellmich is doing a great job re the Corona Committee and taking this entire crime to the Tribunal. I believe in him! And I believe that this crime against humanity has to be punished sooner or later.

      • A very interesting comment by Dr Andy Kaufman after 70,000 healthcare workers were sacked in New York for not taking it. He said that health care service workers are purposefully being ‘culled’ (gotten rid of) as health care systems are being radically transformed – it will leave only those who are obedient, easily brain-washed, weak, coercible etc.

        Of course, some people are trapped because of mortgages and families to support, decades of investment in their careers. This is part of the wickedness of the coercion, threats and blackmail the government is using.

        ‘Health’ will now be mostly about online diagnosis and monitoring, through apps. 2017 Matt Hancock was taken to task by promoting a company he is heavily involved in called ‘Babylon’ – a health care app – even the NHS said it was discriminatory against the elderly and the disabled, and he should not be promoting it.

        I use the word ‘health care’ as a joke. It’s nothing to do with health… or care.

    • Phone numbers can easily be faked on smartphones. It is not something that an NHS worker would ever do. Fake.

  3. From my intuition as well as my hearing and interpretation as another human being it sounds valid. Especially when she said she has a friend or sister is going the next day to get it this is not no please. People are starting to put aside a moral dissonance dissonance and the rest we starting to take actions in small ways that possibly will help some not all bus because they still have to be human and have a job or anything else that they are worried about I believe it these are the kind of events that are going to continue to happen until they grow so big that no one can put this to rest is just being some hoax hoax. I can always be wrong I say this every day I’m a spiritual being in the human body interpreting spiritual message with the human brain that has at the forefront of it ego so because that is present I must always remind myself that I can be wrong and that is over there is. He keeps me humble

    • I have known from the outset that there was something wrong with this whole Covid thing. I feel it is my intuition, and it always been with me with regards to my own health. It can be wrong, yes, but it usually means that ego it getting in the way with what I ‘want’ not so much as with ‘what is truth, what is so’. I feel then the need to stay neutral, and give up my mental opinions.. Then there’s a sort of knowing. I am a Zen practitioner and have meditated for the past 40 years or so. I feel now that those of us who are here right now, are here to go through this, because one thing I am sure about – it is awakening many people to what has been a long time in its planning. And it needs to be stopped.

  4. I was sent a facebook link to this story from a friend who knows the woman, so she, at least, is real.
    Faking something like this seems unlikely to me. Can’t help but wonder how many more medical staff are giving this advice over the phone ostensibly “off the record.”

    • Nothing is ‘off the record’. ALL calls are recorded an monitored.

  5. The vaxxes need to be outlawed not stopped. That needs to come from someone in authority not some random nurse.

  6. I’m afraid that this is just going to get the nice lady on the phone in trouble. She’s giving what she thinks is good advice. It’s obviously also against current government policy. We all know that there are serious problems with the current injections, and given the evidence that’s coming out about negative efficacy, she could be right that the policy might be changing in the near future.

  7. Sorry my gut instincts tells me, this is either a disgruntled health care worker or a scam artist, something like that would never be discussed over the phone, also she sounds that English is not her first language,too much hesitantancy when asked a question..
    Too good to be true comes to mind in this case .

    • It is St Richard’s hospital number, I checked. I used to live in the area so recognised the area codes but the rest of the number is correct. Is it possible to fake a number, make it look like a call? I wouldn’t have thought so, and wonder what would be to gain from it? I don’t know, one thing this whole fiasco has taught me is question everything!

  8. Uganda President, said they have a actual virus as a backup plan, with a 30% death rate.

    Maybe they’ll release that ??

    Maybe the Convid Jabs, actually ( ohhh fuck ) protect against that, therefore killing us off and these death camps are for the unjabbed in there that are taking too long to die!!

    • No if that hapens any body that has taken the jab are in extreme danger as it seems if a person that has that jab got there amune system is fuckèd and the more boosters the more fucked

    • Sit down and have a cup of tea and pull yourself together man (a queue forms behind me as I administer a few slaps to bring you to your senses)

  9. Thank you Hugo

    Guess as saying goes..
    Time will tell.

    We will be sceptical won’t we
    I feel personally
    after what We all around world
    are going through.

    Take care Every one

    • The number is that of St Richards Hospital Sussex 01243831500

    • My gut says it sounds genuine, but who knows? I gotta say I feel for that woman on the phone, she sounded exhausted, like mentally as well as physically.

      You take care too Janie 🙏❤️

      • I agree with you….she sounded totally aware of what’s been going on and she was exhausted of the anguish of recommending these vaxtermination jabs for a year, knowing full well that they are dangerous. The caller just dropped her sister into the conversation at the end and the lady couldn’t have been more emphatic with her response.

      • Hey Jimmy

        Yes i had to make a call to NHS last week
        i ended up counselling the woman i got spoke with
        bless her heart
        its sad because theses people are flesh n blood
        as us
        its Disgusting our NHS staff being put through such dictatorship.

        cheers Jimmy have a good day

  10. Why would anyone bother to set up, fake it and ‘act out’ a phone call like that? What’s in it for them??
    Although I do appreciate that we’re in an era when we don’t know who …(or what) …to trust anymore🙁

  11. This is ridiculous. The NHS are just starting to make the booster available to all children. They wouldn’t be doing that if they were planning on scrapping it.

    • What MSM are not disclosing (as yet) is that there is a criminal investigation being undertaken by the Met Police wrt v injuries, v deaths and no jab, no job coercion. Full page article in Rotherham Advertiser dated Thur 13 Jan 22. MSM strangely quiet on this. Crime number is 6029679/21
      See also http://www.save us now.org
      The truth is out!

      • Conspiracy-laden criminal complaints have recently been filed with police in the UK and also the International Criminal Court, alleging “genocide” and “depopulation” via vaccinations.https://www.bbc.com/news/59870550. The BBC is still trying to make the vaccinated feel unclean and they will keep doing what the Gov asks of them. One more point, When you see items published by RT, it has a warning it is sponsored by the Russian Gov. Question, Why is it not the same for the BBC, Think about it.

      • The BBC is still trying to make the vaccinated feel unclean . OOPS, Should have read UN VACCINATED

      • The BBC are unrelenting!! Despite this whole charade being dumbed down for a while they are still pushing the BS! I never watch their version of ‘ the news’ but mum in law likes to watch it 🙄. Last night they showed some headmaster who obviously loves the TV camera and his supposed authority as he was asking pupils if they had a mask to wear as they went OUTSIDE into the playground. He was handing out the masks! He said he thought that the rules should stay in place for longer! Obviously, the Bias Bullshit Corporation didn’t have a headmaster on camera who said the masks should be banned ! 🤬😷🤬

    • We can’t becouse all the flip flopping not even what to believe.
      There are two forces battle eachother.
      Good and Evil.

    • Me thinks they have to been seen as ploughing along with this nonsense like normal, as the second they stop all hell will be let loose…..and they know that

      • Some guy called mark
        left a number on my comment have look there
        he seems to be in the know

    • But it doesn’t mean all NHS staff agree with all this. I was in hospital over night just after Xmas 2020 and the young gay male nurse had to wear a mask so tight it looked like it was cutting into his face. We got chatting and he could tell I wasn’t going along with the convid crap. He told me then that the Nurses were told it was there choice a jab or lose your job he was almost in tears . He asked me what I would do , I told him don’t have it if u feel this way. Hang it out as long as possible. You could see he loved his job and was a very kind caring young man. That was just after Xmas 2020 so the NHS have been under this threat all this time. Do you actually think they don’t no what’s going down. Do people actually think they don’t see now what these jabs are doing to people. I think it’s disgusting the way they are under threat like this. They have worked through it I really can’t see what difference a fvcking jabs or booster is gonna do for them. There probably immune to it what ever it is lol. Unbelievable. X

      • Yep, these frontline NHS staff do this job because they care about people deeply, so if the penny is dropping all over our health service there is gonna be a hell of alot of broken spirits, broken hearts, then comes the anger. If the mainstream does a 180 on this and there’s an en mass wake-up. There will be an unstoppable worldwide wave of anger. I think that scares me more than anything right now. How the fuck did we get here ?!?!?!

      • Great comment

        heart felt, that nearly made me cry you saying about
        tears in his eyes

      • Yes, this is happening a lot. A friend works for NHS, 20 years in his career, one year off retirement on full pension – has had all three injections though he didn’t even want one and knows it’s like playing russian roulette. He feels totally blackmailed. He said most of his colleagues don’t want the injection either, but have had them.

        A small number are bullying and insulting staff who question or resist, and I’ve heard other reports about the hospital that bullying amongst staff is now the major problem there.

        He said that they are watched and monitored all the time for compliance with convid rules and injections.

  12. Hugo must be confident of his loyal following to push the “narrative failing” story this hard.


    • Most people engage with what’s presented to them exactly as it’s spoon fed. That’s why we’re in this situation.

    • Do us all a favour and either tone it down or piss off. Attacking the intelligence of people who have the smarts to question the official narrative is pretty rich coming from someone who hasn’t learned to operate a shift key when typing,

      • yours was funny to with MrSHOUTYPANTS

        now that made me laugh a lot before bed time lol


    • Yes yes, I think we can all understand English thank you. Now simmer down and get back under your rock Mr SHOUTYPANTS.

      • I want to know if this is the case as to the videos and call… where does it leave carers being dismissed. I have been told by the company that I work for that I can only keep my job if jabbed…. not only is this blackmail but also illegal…. so if they are going to stop it then we don’t need to loose our jobs…

  15. I went into Canterbury City centre yesterday and came across a new jib-jab pop-up shop! Team of people outside in their fluorescent jackets trying to pull the shoppers in! Disgraceful. Coming to a town near you soon …. There is a large vaccination centre in the city stabbing 2,500 people a week, according to their website! No sign of the vax going away anytime soon ….

    • Yet coercion is ment to be illegal for any medicine /treatment / vaccine / immunisation etc 🤷‍♀️

  16. There are a number of legal challenges that are being backed up by the UK’s official data, so perhaps, as they say, “The jig is up”. However, I doubt the cabal, with all its power, will not have foreseen legal challenges. In Italy and other countries they are simply quashing all legal challenges and throwing them out. I find it interesting that Boris is now being groomed to go like Hancock was/did. How do they only find these videos 6-12 months after the fact? has someone had access and just thought, “I’ll wait until this series on Netflix is finished and then I’ll go through all the security vids”. But I guess its stressful lying through your teeth every minute and knowing you’re sanctioning the murder of thousands. They’ve served their purpose, they can go off and enjoy their payola in some faraway land – Bohemia Grove perhaps. My other guess is they will force a general election and Labour will win and then the UK is in real trouble, as the US are now with Biden. Everyone assumes that the left are more liberal, and it always proves they’re the biggest killers around. Starmer has a heart of stone and will carry out his orders with gusto. With luck it’ll be over by then……

    • Perhaps you’re unaware, Starmer was the legal rep throwing out all the pedo crap directed at all these elites. He also has to go!

  17. I haven’t read all the comments yet. I just want to say what my first impressions are.

    Firstly, the nurse (or whoever she is) sounds genuinely concerned.

    Secondly, she sounds Chinese to me. I make no judgement nor comment on that as I believe that the hidden hand works all of the marionettes…but we are not all marionettes.

    Thirdly, it’s a strange video…all nails and fuzzy collar…and I couldn’t make out what was said at the beginning.

  18. This change of policy (to be seen everywhere it seems) has coincided very conveniently with the announcement and details of the coming trials in the Hague of BJ, Hancock, Whitty, Vallance and many many others who have been complicit in this inhuman crime.
    For those of you in the UK, if you have not heard, here are the important notes relevent to the these impending trials. to my knowledge, these will be tried under the Nurenberg code, and are subect to being found gulty, the penalty of death applies.. In my opinion, anyone involved knowingly in Global Genocide deserves no less.

    Metropolitan Police Crime Number 6029679/21

    International Criminal Court (The Hague)

    Case Number: OTP-CR-473/21
    If you have information to assist the police enquiry please contact Lois Bayliss of Broad Yorkshire Law : loisbayliss@broadyorkshirelaw.co.uk

    An overview of the Nurenberg code of 1947, to assure that the atrocities that the Nazis commited in WW2 could never happen again :


    On a personal note, any person that has contributed to the overthrow of this.. the most evil act ever perpetrated on mankind.. no matter the size or effort involved, be sure of this.. YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE!! X

  19. It looks like the woman started recording half way through for everyone that’s asking why she was filming, I hope it’s true and that the doctor from this post is not sacked as the hospital she works at is now obvious.
    And anyone who has rang 101 will know they usually call back from a local hospital but the number is usually withheld so not sure about this one???

  20. I no its all scare mongering the whole fucking lot. At this point I actually don’t give a monkeys toss. 🤷

  21. It is felt that they are already talking about the disease less, almost forgetting to even mention it, these talking heads in zombie boxes just start dictating the rules without being embarrassed by anything. supposedly in plans, soon to say that they were mistaken, that the vaccine was dangerous, the measures were superfluous, etc. for what?! to raise panic, chaos. and give all these little fish from the media and government to be eaten by angry people…..maybe…..

    • I could eat some media people, so here hoping.

      Natural ( with the help of nukes ) disasters and modified weather to scare us supposed to be the next distraction, if Russia would hurry up, get there tanks un stuck in the mud and get rolling into Ukraine to scare everyone into WW3 and getting nuked, that’d help to, China same with Taiwan.

      Ufo invasion and Asteroid strike, also options.

      • You’d rather see us all dead with a nuke than only yourself with a jab? Will never happen; whats the point on protecting the planet from fake global warming if they are going to destroy it with a nuke or whatever…

      • DC,

        If they wanted to nuke us, they’d just nuke us, i said the FEAR of WW3 and being Nuked, will distract from the fear of getting the sniffles, then dying while you have the sniffles of something completely unrelated, you really want to feel your best for the big day after all 🙂

      • So where would you start on Kate Burley?

    • Let’s hope so. The MSM have a lot to answer to. Fucking liers .

  22. If she had a problem with her head as she says, she could have phoned 111 and a doctor called her back. That could be why the number doesn’t take incoming calls.

  23. Yeah, why record this call.
    More bullshit being given oxygen on HT.

    • I thought that, put some people record everything these days, so they can play it back incase they forget, strange times so doesn’t prove it’s fake, but suspicious.

      Or get our hopes up, we tell sheep, it doesn’t happen and we look crazy, we’ll see!!

      • Looks like they decided to start recording mid-way in the conversation, possibly at the point the NHS worker started saying jabs are stopping soon.

      • You can record the call via the handset. You do not need to film the call on another handset.

      • There the crazy ones lol. Iv been called a conspiracy theorist and much worse . When you actually think of it. Its the people that just went along with there own conspiracy thinking they were smart and wanted to go on holidays aboard. I’d sooner stay away from these people. I could think of nothing worse then being stuck for 2 weeks with a load of smug jabbed up stupid people aboard.

      • @cazcurwen Try and memorise one of these quotes when next time you’re accused of being a conspiracy theorist:

        “‘Conspiracy Theorist’ – a derogatory put-down term dreamt up by the CIA to discredit those who questioned the official narrative of the JFK assassination.”

        — Kevin S. Shipp – former CIA agent.

        “‘Conspiracy Theorist’ someone who questions the statements of known liars.”

        — Unknown

        “‘Coincidence Theorist’ – someone who believes the statements of known liars and votes for them.”

        — Brother Charles

        “‘Conspiracy theorist’: a person that researches a subject and then uses logic and critical thinking skills to form an educated opinion instead of just blindly believing whatever they saw on TV.”

        — TimMer1981

    • David Beattie
      Go take your dirty little
      troll self, crawl back in your disgusting little hole and stay there .. No decent person gives a shit what you think.

  24. There is an open investigation with hammer smith cid regarding the vaccines they are shutting down all jab centres … stand strong the truth is finally coming out

    • Because it’s 2022 and people literally record themselves having a shit mate.

  25. Mark Sextons has a crime number thanks to Hannah’s petition to the I.C.C.
    Hammersmith CID

  26. If they stop the jab , aren’t they worried we will all die.🤮🤮🤮

    • What from ? Normal illness have suddenly made a come back have they ? Ffs they never went away

  27. Everyone seen the White House, looks like gun fire flashes 9mm, left side and sweeping right, too fast for a single shooter, room clearing as corridor is other side of the windows.

    Here is hoping, they got Biden 🙂

  28. I am assuming than when you go for your vaccine you are signing a piece of paper agreeing to take part in an experiment etc?? If so then you have no legal comeback if damaged by the vaccine?

    • People I know signed nothing. Not even told which jab they were about to be given (Pfizer mRNA or AZ viral vector…) or shown ingredients, or asked about allergies. And NONE were informed about how to report side effects to the MHRA Yellow Card scheme.

      • Your spot on. When the jabs 1st hit the shelfs lol. I did some research and all these so called vulnerable people should never of even had them, I was shocked when they were jabbing people,e up willy nilly. The as to why you SHOULDN’T have these poisons were as long as your arm. No gps docs nurses , no 1 said a fucking word. Unbelievable and there’s no come back on anyone . I have a heart problem , no way was I gonna have any of it. It was on the government web site last year when they started rolling there poison out. Unreal people just didn’t do there home work first. It’s not exactly hard is it. Stupidity doesn’t come into it. That 4 jabs in 1 year if you count the so called flu jab.

    • A few months ago in our local papers in a school north of where I live……….12>15 year olds were called up for their ‘jabs’…………..if there were any parent who would not sign the ‘CONSENT’ form…the young person had the last say………….what 12>15 year old want to rejected by their peers???………THAT was a very very coersive tactic……………shocking indeed……………

      • You would be surpised the amount of young people that haven’t had this poison. Trust me it’s not all doom Nd gloom . Young people don’t get enough credit for common sense these days. X

  29. I’ve watched a lot the various cases pending to stop the jab and all restrictions but whether this is real or not I’m not sure because I don’t see anybody within the NHS opening admitting that this jab is dangerous

    • Could be real, just a good doctor with worries, or info she shouldn’t be sharing and wasn’t aware it was being recorded.

      MSM are spinning, can’t keep jabbing, immune system damage, we know that’s already happened, but they’ve got to setup and get people used to this, then omg it’s to late your all screwed, we was trying to save you from convids aweful 0.03% death rate LOL

      • It doesn’t matter if it’s true or Fake. The agenda is to implement the mark of the beast and a reduction in the population. They don’t care how they do it. It’ll be some sort of cyber attack to bring us into complete poverty in order to bring in social credit and basic income. It’s the end of the world. The Lord God Jesus Christ is our saviour, ask for forgiveness before it’s too late

  30. I think what’s happening is it’s becoming obvious to all that the vaccines have failed, and rather than keep pushing the narrative in the face of increasing pushback, they now plan to use omicron as a way to phase out the vaccines. That way they can say that the virus became less lethal, “we now have to learn to live with covid”, and we can relax on the vaccine rollout.
    That way most people will believe the pandemic died out, rather than the vaccines were stopped because the harm they were doing was too obvious, and too many people were beginning to wake up.

    • If that happens then we have win. However. that scenario is highly unlikely since Agenda/21 and Agenda/30 are solely reliant on this hoax to push through with the NWO. If for some reason all this shit does disappear, you can be sure it’ll be back by 2025 or before, under the guise of SPARS (new virus), which was disclosed in a leaked document from about 18 months ago, I think from the WHO.

  31. They’re already taking bookings for the 4th dose starting in March in my part of the country, it’s not stopping.

    • But as the lady said, it won’t be talked about or mentioned on the tv for a while’ they are probably looking to make sure they really finish off the 1st, 2nd, booster + the new 4th shot just to make sure they get a good cull from the sheeple.

  32. Sounds really hopeful…
    Nice to get some possible good news. Maybe the governments will just claim ignorance to the jab dangers saying as they were brought out in an emergency situation they didn’t have the luxury of time for long term jab tests ?? ….
    let’s hope its not just one nice ladies personal opinion and she actually has a heads up on these jabs getting stopped!! :):) yay

    • I’ve said from the beginning they’ll say Whitty is the head scientist, we followed his science, it’s his fault. It’s probably why Van Tam is bailing out, and probably why they still employ Ferguson – everyone knows he’s useless, so when the govt blame him as well people will agree and be angry at him. Instead of them.

      • Both partiess are culpable. The scientist provided the info that the Gov’t wanted!

    • It would be great news and let’s hope for once it is. All this crap people have had to deal with since March 2020. So glad I followed my instinct on all of this. Even if it’s not a heads up. I will never ever have a jab . Haven’t had 1 so far and have no plans to have 1not even a flu jab. I was just thinking . People are saying about a 4th jab but haven’t most stupid people had 4 jabs if you include the flu jab that makes a hell of a lot of people that have all ready had 4 jabs last year. I would of normal had a flu jab before all of this. The last 1 I had was in 2020 and I have no plans on having it ever again. Who nos what’s in that now. Its just another experiential jab like the rest . I mean what the difference in the flu and covid ? Nothing that’s what. There’s a big difference in the jabs there dishing out like smarties. So yes let’s hope this is a bit of good news for a change. After all something has to give at some point and I think it will be this year.

  33. Hahahaha.. what the sheep gonna do now..??? Lets face it there all under the psychosis of a flock mentality.. let them play russian roulette with there lives….

    • Not everone who’s had 1 maybe 2 jabs will be wanting anymore now surely. Lol.

      • I know a fair few people who have had all 3 available doses with no bad side effects who are just chomping at the bit to go get the next dose. Yes they are that stupid.

      • My daughter had two, despite all our pleading. Someone talked her into it. She is not having any more. She has been ill.

    • Gloating doesn’t help anybody – people are prone to making mistakes. Many can be flustered into making ‘panic’ mistakes that may indeed cost lives.
      I figure, your Gloating actually says More about You than you imagine.

      • Gloating is not a redeeming feature of anybody, but! We Free Thinkers have had so many insults and suffered so badly for calling this BS out for two yrs now. Broken families, broken friendships and some have been ruined financially. The anger inside me is palpable! I don’t think I’ll be able to stop myself from gloating, IF the end ever comes.

  34. My gut feel atm, is that it’s legit. But I remind myself of the “if it sounds too good to be true…” mantra.

    Though that doesn’t always apply in the upside down. If this is true and the truth outs, it will only serve the bigger agenda: the truth about the jabs + your governments have failed you and can no longer be trusted = the U.N. ‘saviors’ and a new One World Government that you can trust. Yeah right!

    • Maybe there will be more coercions for a little while, last ditch efforts to get as many people jabbed as possible…mandates and threats and such like….but im starting to think they ARE just relying on fear tactics !
      Too many people are realising these jabs are not doing shit, so many people getting heart attacks or other jab related issues !!
      So I’m hopeful the game is up on the jabs….
      Might just be 16 odd million over 12’s jab free people left?? ….
      dont mean to be pessimistic but whats planned next ?? Mass blackouts ???
      Anyway you never know it could be over….
      I’m so chuffed their jab BS could be ending 🤩 YES

  35. It sounds real but only time will tell as they have put so much into the vaccine programme. It will be interesting to see that happen.

  36. The jabs are only given under the emergency regs and they finish at the end of March (unless renewed again by parliament). If the emergency powers act is repealed they must stop jabbing on that day as the jab is still unlicensed.

    • Thank you 😊 at last someone who speaks some sense. It’s all a money making scare mongering lot of bollocks. All of it.

    • Unfortunately this could be the reason why the woman in this call thought they would be coming to an end. It could be confusion with the ’emergency’ regs coming to an end. But of course a way will be found round this – there always is. The best way to challenge this all would be to require proof that there was an ’emergency’ to start with, esp when the tech (the gene therapy injection) was rolled out.

      A bit like people getting excited when the WHO said the PCR tests would stop being used… when really, they were just saying they had some new kinds of PCR tests.

      However, with all the injection-related death we’ll just see more play with statistics and labelling to say there IS an emergency. Which is what has been done from the start. And it was obvious that the injection deaths would be used to create more fake fear about conviruses of all kinds and ‘heart attacks in young people’ which have coincidentally started to rise due to … um…. reasons.

      • @AMR, Daily Telegraph headline to my e-mail inbox today: “What the 1890s tells us about how Covid might end.” – read into that what you will.

  37. Never had the shit but many have had enough of that shit in a tube and probably pay for it health wise later down the line with no longterm safety data behind any of them….
    I seen clinical trials and there readying more to come out like the 4th dose…

    • Well they can stick there experimental drugs where the sun don’t shine. Never had 1 never will.

    • As I read your comment there was yet another bast*rd advert on the radio to ‘ get boosted’. Apparently, over time, the so-called vaccine (?) loses its efficiency! 😂😂😂😂…. Line up here, roll yer sleeve up….another few bob for Big Pharma! Stay Sane, Stay Strong everyone 💪

      • I no its crazy. Yesterday I had the radio on some football player or sports person .Has heart problems or is dead . Didn’t really catch all off what was said but I did catch how they put it down to covid being the reason why this person had/has heart problems. You can assume they had been injected with the poison. X

      • Yes, it was probably about Christian Ericsson who was the first high profile, fit and healthy athlete to collapse on the football pitch in the Euros competition, and it was watched by millions! But the bullshitters said it was nothing to do with the jabs! ….and now, over 30,000 deaths worldwide and untold numbers suffering with heart probs and clots…. obviously it’s nothing to do with the jabs!! It would be laughable if it was not do serious. 🙄

  38. If “They” stop this nightmare it’ll be disguised for some reason or another. Imagine 50 odd million lawsuits or multiple class actions.

    • EXACTLY……………..May 2023 when the ‘TRIALS’ are over…………………..

      • Pfizer want to stick jabs in new borns i read come around 2027…
        Thats the idea…
        From a bitchute article

      • There is a radio advert on Forth 2 radio where there is a supposedly pregnant mum who says the now is the right time to have your ( vaxtermination ) jab. Truly sickening! 😟🤬😟https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-campaign-launched-urging-pregnant-women-to-get-boosted-now

    • It just wouldn’t happen. There is no come back. Thought everone knew that by now. Its an experimental drug . Big phrma are not going to be held responsible for any come backs. Ffs

    • Yes, I called the same hospital just now. I mentioned the video and she was very quick to mention “it has been dealt with, and that’s all I can say. I have no further comment” and hanged up on me!

      • So, the answer that you got does give the video some credence, as if it WAS real…and they are dealing with whoever the staff member was. Or are they putting out a statement that it was all fake…😉. This Con-or-a-virus scam has made me a bit doubtful of everything these days!

  39. You, who calls so much out as being fake, why do you believe this isn’t fake?

    • Hugo said, “It seems real, it’s interesting, but *I don’t know*”

    • That’s what I’m expecting aswell, they’ll fake execute them and they’ll disapear to a nice island and live good lives mind.

      There cleaning house at the moment, distancing themselves, setting up the scapegoats,before the BIG Deaths really start.

    • Very interesting. I think Fr Bugnolo is spot on. Have you noticed how certain voices are being let through. He mentioned Robert Malone. GB news (Youtube) had a short interview with him. He wasn’t given the time to go into anything about how dangerous the synthetic mRNA is, he just was able to talk about the concept of Mass Formation psychosis.

      People in the comments seemed to be believing that GB are are a voice speaking up for the truth and how it heartened them. However, I had two comments deleted almost as soon as I posted them: I was pointing out that opposition is controlled by being allowed only up to a point and that YouTube are well aware of people waking up and also mentioned the dislike button being disabled. I put this in the mildest terms possible. My experience with GB news demonstrates otherwise: that they are ‘Controlled opposition’

      This is the kind of tactic we can expect from now on. Also, it’s interesting that Malone actually had the jab himself, but regretted it. Shouldn’t he have known better? He isn’t exactly against using genetic therapy jabs, just now that the jabs seem unsafe; this leaves the door open for the future. We have to be as ‘wise as serpents’ and not believe everything that seems attractive to us.

  40. Only way to verify it is to call the number, and see who you talk to. I highly doubt they are stopping jabs.

    • kfilly@ I tried and the number does not take incoming calls.
      Karine 60@ i don’t think he said it was for real. Just maybe!

      • No you can’t call certain NHS numbers back. That’s a fact. X

      • I do not live in Great Britain. I am not sure how the NHS works. Someone mentioned certain NHS numbers cannot be called back.

        I still do not think they are going to stop jabs. I know people in Amerikazikstan would come unglued if their poisonings stopped. I know they are already talking about round 4 here. Shaking my head.

      • The NHS doesn’t work. The organization is a killing machine that needs breaking up.

    • I rang the number this morning. The automated reply was, we do not accept incoming calls!

    • I called it just now and a lady answered and said St Richards Hospital can I help you, so it’s genuine

  41. Number on the screen is St Richards Hospital, but can’t guarantee, volume is down and there isn’t a 2nd phone faking it, see someones tried the number already LOL convient if real that they where recording the call mind. but hoping!

    Expect this will happen soon, back off distance themselves from the jabs and sit back and watch the deaths spiral 🙁

    interesting to see if Facism in Australia and EU gets reversed or not.

    Care Homes being told, 26th Jan all back to normal, no more testing, fully stocked up on the anti virals to cope with it colds and flu’s.

    More and More partial admissions of immune system damage.

    We’ve still lost ( not us ) but the jabbed are still jabbed and almost definately have reduced run times!!

    • I was just about to post that as well about the number on the display at least is legit. You beat me to it.
      I agree they could well be trying to cover their backsides , or have we got a potential whistle blower who will be leaving at the end of March I wonder. I doubt the jabs will actually stop being rolled out though. I live in hope but I will believe it when I see it.

      • I thought that we might have had a ‘one of our agents has gone rogue’ situation top.

        Hard to tell. Is the woman’s face edited out or was the footage taken purposefully to leave her face out of shot?

        I’ve been saying ‘survive until March.’ for a while now.

      • Many years ago I worked in a pensions call centre. One day a colleague decided to level with customers that they were being ripped off, and that the firm didn’t care about them. He said this to hundreds of customers before he left the firm. His message was partially true, but partially exaggerated for impact.

      • That’s the second day in a row you got me with that picture hahaha 🙄

      • ‘By definition a tax is from the TITHE whereby ONLY THE INCREASE was taxed. In the case of wages NO INCREASE has occurred at all but, rather, AN EXCHANGE = so many hours labour in exchange for a wage = NO INCREASE = NO TAXABLE INCOME. NEXT!’

        Can you re-word that in English? Increase on what. Taxable income is your gross earnings. You are taxed on what you earn over an above you tax allowance. HMRC does not deal in ‘tithes’. NEXT!

        You need an education. I suggest you start here.


      • i don’t think Tanya lives in england?
        so things may be different for Tanya to
        which ever country she lives?

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine. Call it Communism if you like.

        Fascism; Communism; Totalitarianism; Barbarism; it makes no difference. Any normal, relatively liberal or conservative person who is aware of what’s been going on in Australia will understand exactly what Turveyd means.

      • I understand what you are saying ttnd…but, to my mind all of the labels we have been taught to apply are part of our problem. We have an almost perfect synthesis of every, ‘ism’, of the last 100 years, or more, coming together against us now. There is no word, yet, for what we are up against now. Please don’t hunt people because of semantics. None of us know the truth of what went on before, regardless of how much we have researched.

      • @Geraint EVERY comment you make just proves how uneducated you are. Your education starts here:

        “A Socialist is one who serves the common good without giving up his individuality or personality or the product of his personal efficiency. Our adopted term ‘Socialist’ has nothing to do with Marxian Socialism. Marxism is anti-property; true socialism is not. Marxism places no value on the individual, or individual effort, or efficiency; true Socialism values the individual and encourages him in individual efficiency, at the same time holding that his interests as an individual must be in consonance with those of the community. All great inventions, discoveries, achievements were first the product of an individual brain. It is charged against me that I am against property, that I am an atheist. Both charges are false.”

        — Adolf Hitler, December 28, 1938

        The archive on this site will give you a good grounding: http://www.ihr.org/

      • @kerenibus This is nothing to do with semantics! All the NEGATIVE things we have been taught have come from Jewish controlled sources. Here is the proof:

        “At first, by controlling the banking system we were able to control corporation capital. Through this, we acquired total monopoly of the movie industry, the radio networks and the newly developing television media. The printing industry, newspapers, periodicals and technical journals had already fallen into our hands. THE RICHEST PLUM WAS LATER TO COME WHEN WE TOOK OVER THE PUBLICATION OF ALL SCHOOL MATERIALS. Through these vehicles we could mold public opinion to suit our own purposes. THE PEOPLE ARE ONLY STUPID PIGS THAT GRUNT AND SQUEAL THE CHANTS WE GIVE THEM, WHETHER THEY BE TRUTH OR LIES.”

        — The Jew, Harold Wallace Rosenthal 1976. Aid to US Senator Jacob K. Javitz of NY.

        Furthermore, I’ll give you an example from history: No one is allowed to forget that Germany under Herr Hitler attacked Poland in 1939, but what no one remembers, nor are they ever reminded, is that the Jew Bolshevik Russians also attacked Poland two weeks after the German invasion. We are then told that Herr Hitler invaded Russia without any provocation, whilst Stalin at that time was planning an invasion of ALL Western Europe including Germany and that Hitler’s invasion was a preempting of that planned invasion. NO ONE tells you that, I know, for I have only recently learned of it myself a few years ago.

      • You haven’t researched well enough. The word, ‘Jew’, didn’t even exist until the 18th Century, when they (the Venetians/Phoenicians/Babylonians/Pharisees/Ashkenazi – call them what you will) seriously began their conquest of the world via their Crown Corporation in the City of London…unless that’s what you mean?

        Btw, almost every surname in Scotland is ‘Jewish’ or, rather, Hebrew (since Hebrew existed before the 18th century). My father’s given name was James. He was called Hamish like most other James before him. James = Hamish = Chaime. Semitism is linguistic and the Welsh language is too close to be a coincidence. Sadly, the Scots’ language was lost long ago. For me, it is the ultimate inversion – which is what they (the invented Jews) are known for, is it not?

        My point is, no matter how much you think you know – the PTB have been there and covered over their tracks for a very long time. There is no point in haranguing someone who is awake over useless labels, which were created by the very same entities who are taking our rights away today.

      • kerenibus You’re now distracting with load of irrelevant nonsense. I have forgotten more than you will ever know re the Jews, and the Rosenthal quote says everything.

        The Jews are an ethno/religious tribe and have always been a nation from their beginnings here: Origins of the Royal Judahites and Canaanite Jews explained:

        “Btw, almost every surname in Scotland is ‘Jewish’ or, rather, Hebrew (since Hebrew existed before the 18th century)”

        The Jews were never Hebrews, The Jews are Hamitic Canaanites, and the Scottish are from The Israelite Tribe of Simeon, later known as The Scythians after the Israelite captivity, plus some Scots are Royal Judahites.


        Jews are from Judah and his first woman – Bathshuah the Adullamite Canaanite which makes Jews Canaanites, not Judahites or Israelites. Jews claim their lineage on the female side thereby voiding any descent from Judah.

        White Caucasians are The True Israelites – God’s Chosen Race (NOT JEWS). They were placed in the Caucasus region circa 725 BC by the Assyrians (forefathers of the Germans) when Assyria invaded the Northern Kingdom of Israel and took them away as captives. From there they migrated west into Europe – the rest is history.

        Here are the ‘Lost’ Tribes or The Twelve Tribes of Israel:

        These are Jacob/Israel’s Twelve Sons who were or became The Twelve Patriarchs and progenitors of twelve clans that became 12 modern western nations.

        Joseph, whom Jacob loved, represented by Joseph’s two sons Ephraim and Manasseh – the Birthright Inheritors,

        Benjamin the youngest son,


        Levi – The Priesthood,

        Judah – The Royal Sceptre to Yashua Messiah, King David, British Royalty and Nobility,

        Reuben – the eldest son who, like Esau, lost the Birthright Inheritance,







        Joseph = Ephraim = Anglo-Saxon England (The Saacae or Saaka – Isaac’s sons = Saxons) and Her Anglo-Saxon Commonwealth – Australia, Canada, NZ and South Africa (Now stolen).

        Joseph = Manasseh = Anglo-Saxon USA (The Saacae or Saaka – Isaac’s sons = Saxons)

        Simeon = Scotland = The Scythians and Scottish descendants everywhere.

        Levi = Wales = The Valis = The Cymry from the Hebrew kimriyr. – (The Druids = descendants of The Levitical Priesthood with many butchered by the Romans in 46 AD) Cornwall and The Walloons of Belgium and Welsh descendants everywhere.

        Judah = Northern Ireland = The Red Hand Flag of Zarah = The Jutes from Pharez, not the Canaanite Jews, plus Scotland, some dispersed in England and with some still dispersed in Western Europe including Germany (Assyria). Wherever the Rampant Lion is displayed in the heraldry there you will find Royal Judahites from Judah.

        Benjamin = Norway, Iceland and Denmark – The Vikings.

        Dan = Southern Ireland (The Tuatha de Danaan = Tribe of Dan) and Irish descendants everywhere.

        Reuben = Northern Gallic France = Paris, Brittany and Normandy and Gallic French descendants everywhere.

        Zebulon = The Netherlands pronounced Zeebulon – a haven for ships = Rotterdam + (the Zuider Zee) and Dutch descendants everywhere.

        Gad = Flanders (modern Belgium) including The Walloons.

        Issachar = Switzerland.

        Naphtali = Finland.

        Asher = Sweden and Swedish descendants everywhere.

        13 tribes listed in all due to Joseph’s two sons Ephraim & Manasseh both inheriting and becoming tribes.

        “…there are but two tribes in Asia and Europe subject to the Romans, while The Ten Tribes are beyond (the river) Euphrates (South of the Caucasus mountains) till now, and are an immense multitude, and not to be estimated by numbers.”

        — Flavius Josephus

        Apply this verse to the Jews, if you can: Isaiah 27:6 (KJV) He shall cause them that come of Jacob to take root: Israel shall blossom and bud, and fill the face of the world with fruit.

        Try and apply this verse to the Jews – God’s promise to Abraham:

        Genesis 13:16 (MCV) *And I will make thy seed as the dust of the earth: so that if a man can number the dust of the earth, then shall thy seed also be numbered.*

        From Pope Vitalian 667 AC to Saxon King Oswy of Northumbria:

        “To the most excellent lord, our son, Oswy, king of the Saxons, Vitalian, bishop, servant of the servants of God. We have received to our comfort your Excellency’s letters; by reading whereof we are acquainted with your most pious devotion and fervent love of the blessed life; and know that by the protecting hand of God you have been converted to the true and Apostolic faith, in hope that even as you reign in your own nation, so you may hereafter reign with Christ. Blessed be the nation, therefore, that has been found worthy to have as its king one so wise and a worshipper of God; forasmuch as he is not himself alone a worshipper of God, but also studies day and night the conversion of all his subjects to the Catholic and Apostolic faith, to the redemption of his own soul. Who would not rejoice at hearing such glad tidings? Who would not exult and be joyful at these good works? For your nation has believed in Christ the Almighty God, according to the words of the Divine prophets, as it is written in Isaiah, ‘In that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the Gentiles seek.’ And again, ‘Listen, O isles, unto me, and hearken ye people from far.’ And a little after, ‘It is a light thing that thou shouldst be my servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob, and to restore the outcast of Israel. I have given thee for a light to the Gentiles, that thou mayst be my salvation unto the end of the earth.’ And again, ‘ Kings shall see, princes also shall arise and worship.’ And immediately after, ‘I have given thee for a covenant of the people, to establish the earth, and possess the scattered heritages; that thou mayest say to the prisoners, Go forth; to them that are in darkness, Show yourselves.’ And again, ‘I the Lord have called thee in righteousness, and have held thine hand, and have kept thee, and have given thee for a covenant of the people, for a light of the Gentiles; to open the blind eyes, to bring out the prisoner from the prison, and them that sit in darkness from the prison-house.

        “Behold, most excellent son, how it is plain as day that it was prophesied not only of you, but also of all the nations, that they should believe in Christ, the Creator of all things. Wherefore it behoves your Highness, as being a member of Christ, in all things continually to follow the pious rule of the chief of the Apostles, in celebrating Easter, and in all things delivered by the holy Apostles, Peter and Paul, whose doctrine daily enlightens the hearts of believers, even as the two lights of heaven illumine the world.”

        From the Declaration of Arbroath to Pope John XXII 1320 AD:

        “Most Holy Father and Lord, we know and from the chronicles and books of the ancients we find that among other famous nations our own, the Scots, has been graced with widespread renown. They journeyed from Greater Scythia by way of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Pillars of Hercules, and dwelt for a long course of time in Spain among the most savage tribes, but nowhere could they be subdued by any race, however barbarous. Thence they came, twelve hundred years after the people of Israel crossed the Red Sea, to their home in the west where they still live today.”

        Daniel 9:7 (KJV) O Lord, righteousness belongeth unto thee, but unto us confusion of faces, as at this day; to the men of Judah, and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and unto all Israel, that are near, and that are far off, through all the countries whither thou hast driven them, because of their trespass that they have trespassed against thee.

        Britain consists of five of the Twelve Tribes of Israel – Ephraim = England; Simeon = Scotland; Wales and Cornwall = Levi; Judah = Northern Ireland and Scotland; Dan = Southern Ireland.

        The British Gaelic and Old English tongues are Hebrew in origin, this has been proven by linguistic scholars.

        Saynt Hierome also translated the Bible into his mother tongue [that is, the Latin Vulgate]. “Why maye not we also? They wyll saye, it can not be translated in to our tongue, it is so rude. It is not so rude as they are false lyers. For the Greke tongue agreeth more with the englyshe, than with the latyne.”

        “In the case of Hebrew, scholars have noted that Tyndale was right in sensing the superiority of English to Latin in matters of rendering Hebrew syntax. One scholar has noted that Hebrew and English have similar word orders and that in his English translation, Tyndale masterfully rendered the syntax of the original Hebrew into a fluid and rhythmical English prose that in turn influenced English writers.”

        — Religious Studies Centre

        “The English tongue agreeth with the Hebrew a thousand times more than with the Latin.”

        – William Tyndale – multi-linguist and early translator of the English Bible.

        The Saaca or Saacea (Isaac’s sons = saxons) came from the lands of the Medes and Parthians where the Assyrians (Germans) placed them after taking the Northern Kingdom of Israel captive in 725 BC.

        The Scythians (The tribe of Simeon – The Scots) came from the same area between the Caspian Sea and Black Sea and north of the Black Sea.

        Sir Francis Drake and Elizabeth I both knew England was Israel – privately QE II also knows.

        Joshua 1:3 (KJV) Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you, as I said unto Moses.

        The Mayflower American founding fathers (the Puritans) all knew that England was Israel and planted Israel in the promised land of the New World – New England.

        The word British is from the Hebrew words ‘Berith’ and ‘Ish’. Hebrew Berith = Covenant and Hebrew Ish = man so British means Covenant Man.

        Engl-land again is from the Hebrew word ‘igl’ which means bullock. England = Bullock-land. Ephraim was known as God’s young bullock, the firstlings, and his fair child.

        Deuteronomy 33:17 (KJV) His glory is like the firstling of his bullock, and his horns are like the horns of unicorns: with them he shall push the people together to the ends of the earth: and they are the ten thousands of Ephraim, and they are the thousands of Manasseh.

        Ireland was originally known as Ebernia from Abraham’s forefather Eber from whence comes the Hebrew tongue and the race collectively known as the Hebrews – Eber’s descendants.

        The Iberian peninsular also gets its name from Eber. These places were named by Zarah in his migrations who was the twin brother of Pharez who were Judah’s two sons by Tamar – Saragossa in Spain takes its name from Zarah who had the red thread tied to his wrist at the time of his birth – the Zarah Red Hand of Northern Ireland and on its flag to this day.

        The Hebrides off the west of Scotland are really the Hebrew-des.

        The Scots and Irish both play the bagpipes which are known to have Middle Eastern origins.

        The first Christian churches planted outside of Jerusalem were in Britain in 35 AC and there is archaeological evidence to prove it. These churches were planted by Joseph of Arimathea and his small band of saints. This proves the Israelites were in Britain. British churches pre-date Antioch.

        “The apostles passed beyond the ocean to the isles called the Britannic Isles.”

        — Eusebius circa 260-340 AC ( Demonstratio Evangelica or Proof of the Gospel , book 3, chap. 7)

        “We certainly know that Christ, the true Son, afforded His light, the knowledge of His precepts, to our Island in the last year of Tiberius Caesar” (Tiberius died in 37 AC)

        — Gildas the Wise, circa 550 AC (De Excidio Britanniae or On the Ruin of Britain )

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine. OK Oh Learned One. What do you call what’s been going on in Australia then?

      • @kerenibus. Christopher Marlowe wrote his play, The Jew of Malta, around 1589 and it was first performed in 1592 at the Rose Theatre. At that time there were very few if any practicing Jews living in England, as they had been banished completely in 1290 by Edward I and were not officially allowed to return until 1656 during the rule of Oliver Cromwell.

      • @Geraint COMMUNISM! now called Cultural Marxism as in ALL western nations:

        Britain and The USA are Bolshevik Jew Cultural Marxist states in all but name.

        Here are the top six Planks of The Communist Manifesto:

        1) A Private Central Bank
        2) A Graduated Income Tax
        3) A State Conditioning (Education) System
        4) A State Health Care (Disease Management) System
        5) A State Welfare System
        6) The Abolition of Privately Owned Property = You will own nothing and be happy.

        Democrats, Labourites and Liberals are outright Stalinist Communists and Republicans, Conservatives, Tories, NeoCons are Trotskyist Communists, but ALL are Internationalist (globalist) Jewish Corporate Communists, as in China.

        “The Jews welcome this revolution in the Christian world, it is not an accident that Judaism gave birth to Marxism, and it is not an accident that the Jews readily took up Marxism. All this was in perfect accord with the progress of Judaism and the Jews.

        “Since The Jews are the highest and most cultured people on earth, the Jews have a right to subordinate to themselves the rest of mankind and to be the masters over the whole earth.

        “Now, indeed, this is the historic destiny of the Jews. Judaism is Communism, Internationalism, the Universal Brotherhood of Man, the emancipation of the working class and the human society.

        “It is with these spiritual weapons that the Jews will conquer the world and the human race.”

        — Rabbi Harry Waton, 1939.

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine. So I got it right first time then 🙂

        “@thetruthnotdoctrine. Call it Communism if you like.”

        Of course I did

        BTW No amount of education will make a wise man out of a fool. Just look at Boris.

      • @Geraint I call it Communism because that’s what it is, and it’s NOTHING to do with what I like, nor is it Fascism, nor is it National Socialism, as a few of the uneducated people on this channel keep ignorantly saying and claiming.

      • @ bsdoctrine I am pulling you up on:

        2) A Graduated Income Tax

        By definition: ‘A graduated tax is an income tax that adjusts in relation to the amount subject to taxation. This usually means that those earning the largest amount of income pay the largest tax percentage.’

        A form of progressive tax: ‘Progressive tax

        A progressive tax is a tax in which the tax rate increases as the taxable amount increases.’

        Have you got a problem with the highest earners paying more than the lowest earners? Are you a flat-taxer? I suspect that you favour the abolishment of income tax and the tax burden being placed firmly on the shoulders of the lowest earners through regressive taxes (the exact opposite of progressive, the low earners pay more) such as sales tax (VAT). You are of course welcome to clarify your position.

      • @Senga Your comment amounts to nothing but an irrelevant bullshit distraction from my comment and you couldn’t pull the skin off a rice pudding! LOL

        “By definition: ‘A graduated tax is an income tax that adjusts in relation to the amount subject to taxation. This usually means that those earning the largest amount of income pay the largest tax percentage.”

        By definition a tax is from the TITHE whereby ONLY THE INCREASE was taxed. In the case of wages NO INCREASE has occurred at all but, rather, AN EXCHANGE = so many hours labour in exchange for a wage = NO INCREASE = NO TAXABLE INCOME. NEXT!

        I will remind you that the graduated income tax is the second plank of the Communist Manifesto which we now know you’re in favour of, and from now on I will call you a Commie scum bag.

      • You haven’t answered the question. Take two.

        Are you in favour of the abolishment of INCOME tax?

        How would you fund Government spending (assuming you are proposing the abolishment of Government, are you?)

        Would you move to other forms of tax such as VAT.

        Your reply make to no sense at all.

        All I can make out from it something to do with part of income never being taxed? Have you never heard of Tax Allowances (the untaxed part of earnings)

        Or do you live in some far flung jurisdiction with a completely different tax system. I suspect that there is something of the Jeff Bezos about you. OK for his infernal vans to drive around UK roads but unwilling to pay UK tax.

        From now on I will call you a Hitler-loving, Jew-hating Neo-Nazi.

      • *(assuming you areN’T proposing the abolishment of Government, are you?)

      • And by definition a tithe is a portion of one’s annual income contributed voluntarily or due as a tax, especially a contribution of one tenth of one’s income for the support of the clergy or church. I know that the Mormons (Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints) take 10 of GROSS income. Islam also taxes 10% gross but they have a small ‘tax allowance’.

      • ‘By definition a tax is from the TITHE whereby ONLY THE INCREASE was taxed. In the case of wages NO INCREASE has occurred at all but, rather, AN EXCHANGE = so many hours labour in exchange for a wage = NO INCREASE = NO TAXABLE INCOME. NEXT!’

        Can you re-word that in English? Increase on what exactly? Taxable income is your gross earnings. You are taxed on what you earn over and above your tax allowance. HMRC does not deal in ‘tithes’. NEXT!

        You need an education! I suggest you start here.


      • @The Commie scum bag Senga: “From now on I will call you a Hitler-loving, Jew-hating Neo-Nazi.” GREAT! I’ll consider it an honour and a superb compliment, oh and call me a white supremacist while you’re at it, too!

        And here’s why: “The goal of abolishing the white race is, on its face, so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed WHITE SUPREMACISTS….Make no mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as the white race is destroyed.”

        – Noel Ignatiev, Jewish Harvard professor and co-founder of ‘Race Traitor’ magazine.


        “I am going to bring down the United States by funding Black Hate Groups. We’ll put them into a mental trap and make them blame white people. The Black community is the easiest to manipulate.”

        — The Jew, George Soros, in an interview with Germany’s BILD, September 2014

        “Mozart, Pascal Boolean algebra, Shakespeare, parliamentary government, baroque churches, Newton, the emancipation of women, Kant, Balanchine ballets et al. don’t redeem what this particular civilisation has wrought upon the world. The white race is the cancer of human history.”

        — Susan Sontag, born Susan Rosenblatt, Jewess and political activist.

        “How would you fund Government spending.”

        What makes you think Income Tax funds government spending?

        “Would you move to other forms of tax such as VAT.”

        Why should anyone pay VATICAN ADD TAX?

        “*(assuming you areN’T proposing the abolishment of Government, are you?)”

        What government?

        A Tithe was The Law in theocratic Israel before they had a king who then fleeced them with taxes.

      • @The Commie scum bag Senga: “HMRC does not deal in ‘tithes’. That’s because HMRC are a criminal organisation of pirates and privateers from off The Sea otherwise known more accurately, and from the not too distant past, as The INLAND Revenue!

      • Yeah the Inland rev whom Every business
        Hated & loathed
        still do lol
        HMRC blood suckers!

      • you can smell them!

        yes that’s made me laugh…Black Beard lol
        Robbing Gits!!

        have good day now

    • CRISPR patent available that undoes the damage….. However it looks like we can resent the electrical frequencies of tge body to undo the damage also. Time to make them resolve people’s health.

    • What I say is………….’the damage has already been done’………………….the French wording is ‘Le mal et fait’…………(any French speaking people out there…I’m sorry!

      • They haven’t spent trillions scaring everyone with a rebranded flu, for the small deaths they’ve had so far.

        How do they kill 36million in the uk is the question by 2025, 5g zap millions just drop and get over it, or 12million deaths per year mostly immunity related.

        Heart attacks seem to have increased after the boosters aswell.

        Brain risk aswell, could turn everyone even more into mindless zombies, kids will likely get Parkinson’s over the next 10 years.

        Stage 2, jabs is ending, stage 3 is likely going to be horrific!

    • The sheer number of the people who complied will yield the “Elites” desired results in the years to come. 50 Lawsuits to International Courts in less than 2 weeks so if the call was indeed real they know about this. I pray this will become Nuremburg 2.0 and all those that mandated these jabs be held accountable. Justin Trudeau threw it out there that the unjabbed are racists. In this meeting a person became vocal and said you are selling out Canada to Globalists and that is treason and how do we deal with those committed treason? We hang them! The short clip was cut and I did not get to see his response. This is global tyranny for Klaus Schwab who is calling the the Great Reset an whose father sold weapons to the Nazi’s. Looks like the world is using their playbook Hugo.

    • @ Kathryn+Hamblin

      I agree. But I said the same thing about surviving until March last year, too. It’s the winter months. They can’t keep the scam running in the days of sun. The difference this year, sadly, are the injections.

    • Nonsense … Remdesivir in the US is being purchased again in bulk for the care system. Proof they’re about to create another white flag emergency ,,, Expect the same some time soon in UK with Midazolam…

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