NHS Tells Woman JABS Will SOON Be STOPPED As Dangerous / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. There making way to much money out of peoples expense to drop this out over night…
    And will use any lie to cover there tracks…
    Now they are kicking unjabbed to the kerb…
    This will maybe go down as the biggest scam on a world population.

  2. I’m not the sharpest, but I usually look at the newspaper videos on YouTube. (I don’t watch them, I just read the comments). I have noticed in the last two days that all the shock horror stories have gone. All the ‘1 million new cases’ etc have gone. All there is now is the ‘Christmas Party’. Something has changed. Can’t put my finger on it yet but, as I said I’m not the brightest. I live just down the road from this hospital in Chichester. My brother-in-law died there about a year ago. It’s not been a good year!

    • sorry to hear of your loss
      stay strong

      i have to admit i have noticed the news feeds on YT
      are just the ‘party crap’

      who knows, they are crafty AF!!!

      have good day now

    • Stay strong pal.
      I’m going to a funeral tomorrow myself.
      It was an anurism.

      • Just this weekend I’ve heard of 2 old school friends who have been affected. One with myocarditis and the other is in hospital now, he had a stroke on Jan 2nd. That’s two people out of a class of 42 kids ( in 1965, 42 was class size) that’s nearly 5%! I’m only in touch with a few from those days, but how many have also suffered? Their illness must be just a coincidence, eh? 🙄😟

  3. This is some NHS employee who gone rogue or insane.
    How are they going to stop all the vaccines?

    It could be she is just randomly discouraging people.
    It could also be some Intelligence work.

    Don’t forget there are shills like Malone who propose “safe vaccines” or vaccines in tables.
    This could be just another stage of pushing the vaccines.
    You should refuse harmful experimental vaccines but you should not refuse a safe vaccine that we have just developed and tested not like in 3 months but in the last 2 years!

    • She’s obviously not referring to ALL vaccines, but the covid experimental gene altering treatment/potentially lethal, biological weapon. It’s not a vaccine. Btw, who is Robert Malone shilling for? He has no financial incentive to lie.

      • Hello Ann. You’re obviously on the ball so can you explain the biological mechanism that makes any of the Covid vaccines alter your genes?

    • Takes 9 -10 years to make proper vaccines…
      These are off the shelf quick fix experimental ones and boosters are inactivated which means they last 2-3 months only…

      • Spot on. 👏 you think these stupid stupid people would at least realise this by now. How hard is it to look it up on there smart phones. Surpose no 1 wants to be thought of as a conspiracy theorist lol. I have been called it engough time . Let them get on with it, im no flat earther but this is in your face and if you can’t see it by now then it’s clearly stupidity. There’s no cure for that I’m afaird to say. Xx

    • There are also some good people.

      Nothing she said was ‘insane’.

      She sounded tired, I know NHS workers who have quit and some who are still there who know how bad this is and are quite open about it. Getting fed up now and don’t want to keep lying and pretending. I have a friend who stayed in her NHS job for these last two years, just quit, who hoped to ‘change things from the inside’ and says it’s impossible.

      Many at the top in the NHS may WANT to and plan to stop them, everyone knows what’s going on in terms of harms and deaths apart from a few brainwashed/braindead nurses and doctors, but of course national government and the WHO (representing the new world government) won’t let them.

      • I make you right there , spot on. After all they do have to deal with this bollocks day in and day out .

    • When I worked in drug testing ( phase 1 first in human trials ) it was 10 years before licence could occur…

      • This is off topic, my like-minded friend. A few weeks ago you posted a link to a page that explained how to tell someone ‘ told you so’…. but in more gentle language. I need to be sympathetic, yet obvious, when talking to people who have friends n relatives who have suffered because of the vaxtermination jabs. Over the weekend 2 old school mates. One in hospital with stroke another with myocarditis. Both my age, same class at intact school, 62yr old. Cheers fella!

      • Hi videoman1959. I’m sorry but I cannot recall that comment, nor the link that you mention – was it a link to a video, or to a web page? Can you remember the subject matter?

      • Yes mate. I wanted to know how to tell a sheep that it’s because of the jabs that her brother has had pulmonary blood clots. Tell another friend that her sister’s auto-immune problems stem from the jabs and an old school friend who is in hospital due to having a stroke on Jan 2nd was also a victim. How do I say ‘ you were warned, but you called me names’ in a gentle, compassionate way. I thought that you sent me a link. But! I’m old, forgetful and been told I’m a moron for the last 2yrs, so I may be imagining it! lol

  4. One question,why was she filming a phone call? Fake perhaps who knows.

  5. its a massive crime against hummanity makes you sick to be fair so many crooks out there i hope someone is held accountable for this as well as every goverment that went along with the bull its treason which is still punishable by death i know a few people that have passed way before there time very sad the beauty of it though they tried to divide us but only made us stronger we are the people that matter not rats at top

    • Treason is not punishable by death not in the uk it’s not. It was removed from the statute books a few years back. As far as I understand it the only crime in the uk that still carries the death penalty is poaching on royal property.

      • @Stephen Chaplin Not true. The death sentence still stands under The Common Law and a man or woman found guilty of Treason under a Common Law Court with Jury can LAWFULLY be sentenced to death. Acts and statutes have no jurisdiction over The Common Law, which is based upon God’s Law. There is no mercy under God’s Law hence the need for His Grace.

  6. I hope so. But will they be replaced by tablets?

    They are currently working on tablets.


    • people are beginning to realise the jabs are not necessary, so tablets won’t be either, sarah watch Gerard wyse on bitchute, he is expert on all things C19

    • Don’t take any tablets either, you have no idea anymore what’s in anything.

  7. I just got a 7 day Ban on FB for sharing this Hugo 🙂

  8. It’s genuine but could just be a Dr who is actually aware of what is going on..

  9. They have also been Censoring UK COLUMN this week , we have them very worried without doubt .:)

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  11. The phone number on the phone is for a Sussex hospital it looks like.

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