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  1. If it is an intelligence test then 4Billion people failed it.

  2. Never forget the coming ‘climate catastrophe’, which they will use to usher in their communistic NWO build back better dystopia.All set and ready to go. Or/as well there might be a major terrorist attack, or major power outages or food shortages engineered. Or maybe another ‘pandemic’. This has been in the planning for decades, maybe hundreds of years, their plans aren’t going away any time soon. I think BJ will be ousted very soon and something much worse put in his place. Then the shit will hit the fan.

    • Yeah this has definitely been planned for a long time.
      I think AIDS, mad cow disease, sars and mers were all practice runs at creating fake pandemics. Without social media I’m not sure if this would have taken off worldwide the way it has. Maybe sites like Facebook were created to be used like this to influence thought and belief. The Zuckerberg backstory invented to give it a human(ish) face so people would buy into it.

  3. 67 unjabbed… Had so much hostility from friends and family because of my decision to NEVER take these untested experimental serums… They are so angry that I STILL haven’t been infected with this virus…

    • We’ll Done, that man!! If I’d have known that ordinary people were so gullible, I’d have been a millionaire by now. I found out too late! Unless I can buy myself into a company who makes PPE! lol. Stay Sane, Stay Strong everyone 💪

      • Are you only opposing the narrative because you’re not profiting from it?

      • No mate…. I put a ‘ lol ‘ at the end…it was a joke. 🙄.

    • I had ‘something’ April 2020…..l still say l have antibodies…some ‘friend’s have distanced themselves l feel…having said that gave me a hug…l could have recoiled saying..”You might give ME Cv!!”😁…

    • Well done for remaining strong it’s not easy all my family have been jabbed all my husbands family have been jabbed including my husband I’ve been made to feel an outcast and stupid and what’s up with you why dont you want it your saying you know better than the scientists my daughter thinks I’m having a mental breakdown I have lost cleaning jobs as they dont want me in there house because of being unjabbed

      • You’re not alone my like-minded friend. I am just the same, and I’m sure MILLIONS more too! The most exhilarating day of my life was when I attended the Apr 2021 anti lockdown protest in London! 250,000 people, all hugging, shaking hands and SMILING at each other. At that time the sheep were frit to leave their house without a face muzzle and were walking onto the dog-sh*t grassy areas to avoid walking past we Free-Thinkers. That day will stay with me forever….and OUR numbers have increased as times gone by, mainly because of PartyGate and all the adverse events that even the sheep are seeing. Stay Sane, Stay Strong 💪 x

      • Stay strong sweetheart, your not alone!x

    • Yes neither never will get the jab my soul is my own on not this tyrants its not easy here in Australia but but we say no we will win stay strong Elvira Reichmuth

  4. Why? Because they new ahead of time that they had between 18 to 21 months to push ahead with the agenda. Then people begin to push back, and not with protests.
    They scour the comments on line and I’m sure they see a violent response coming from the public. So they’ll pull back and wait. Part 2 is coming soon to a theater near you. They might give us the rest of 2022, until boom! They’ll come at us again.
    This is a long term fight so prepare.

  5. not heard boris commanding everyone to get the booster for a while, perhaps he is trying to distance himself from the whole plandemic, was partygate invented to give him an escape route?, one thing for sure, they have gone too far for them to stop, so we must assume, this is just a change of tactics.

    • Iballphilip….the use of the word….PLANdemic…absolutely correct…the timing of each country and their ‘puppet leader’s….the psychological ‘push/pull..all suggests a PLANdemic….

  6. Could it be that the uk government are currently under criminal investigation?
    Not that i have any faith in our law system as things wouldn’t have got this far

  7. If or when people (vaxced) start dying or getting very ill in massive numbers soon and for the next few years, it may/will be attributed to yet another variant for the scam to continue. Remember it was only after the rollout that excess deaths started and continued throughout 2021.

  8. I am from Russia. The government of Russia was going to consider the law of mandatory Covid Certificates on January 15, but delayed it. They said it’s not ready yet and they have to think how to adopt this law and not discriminate people at the same time. Tricky???? According to the survey, more than 90% of Russian people are against Covid Certificates. It was not possible in Russia voluntarily vaccinate the majority of people like in the UK. People don’t trust the government despite massive propaganda on official Media. At the moment they managed to vaccinate only only 40% according to their statistics. Мore then half of these people bought their certificates, including the bureaucrats who are pushing it. In the summer, the government tried mandatory Covid Certificates in Moscow for visiting restaurants and supermarkets, but the majority of Muscovites simply stopped eating in restaurants and visiting supermarkets. The Certificates have been canceled in 2 weeks. Now they are trying to do the same in St. Petersburg, but this time a lot of the restaurateurs are not even listening to them. More than 80 restaurants in St. Petersburg are still open, and more are joining every day. Restaurants are united and hired good lawyers to communicate with the police. Apparently, it looks like the Certificates doesn’t work again and everybody expecting when they will be cancelled. People in Russia have never had Unti-covid protests, but they simply ignore or find the way to get around all stupid rules the government imposes from time to time. Russian people we are used to doing this, we had a complicated history and very creative in that sort of things. The government can’t do anything about it. It seems that no one openly resists, but the majority just don’t pay attention.

  9. I’ll tell you the plan!
    The plan is to slow down for a couple of years till 2025 and go hard on full automatic, the plan didn’t work properly this time for not many countries were prepared and fully operational but till 2025 the preparations and studies would be completed!!
    So, till then if people aren’t ready and prepared from now to move!!
    They would succeed with what wasn’t successful this tome around.

  10. The moment we heard that Johnson was up to something – Since we believed that the UK were behind the whole scam especially with Charlie in on it. They know now that the truth is coming out – Van Tam has distanced himself and it looks like Johnson is seeking a way out of the leadership to retire on a fat pension somewhere on a tropical island. Not heard from, Vallance or Whitty – have they gone to ground. Remember they still have the climate to bash on with – another plan afoot. Will ewe see them backing off on killing diesel and petrol cars, heat pumps and the killer energy prices. etc. another failure from these nutters in power.

    • Whitty vallance Hancock and Ferguson are on trial at the moment at a secret location magistrates court it’s on the bernician http http://www.the bernician for fraud and midazolam murders his name is Michael bernicia

  11. This scamdemic has been a major distraction along with all the others they keep forcing out while they march in our invading replacements by the boat loads amongst all the other back stabbings we’ve endured I honestly think they’ll slacken the leash then tighten it once they feel we’re no longer defensive

    • Hi
      Going to agree with your comment
      I feel same
      It’s never been a time to trust theses people
      They have gone to far this time
      So many are & will suffer more if they keep complying

      None of Us have deserved this
      More people have committed suicide in this last two years than convid deaths & the elders have suffered – Its disgusting!
      Poor people

      Enough is enough,
      But that will never be for power greedy people.

      Have great day

    • Exactly – totalitarian handbook 101 – brief reprise, People relax, then they hit everyone with the next crisis.

      They are thirstier for conquest than I’ve seen in my lifetime.
      I can’t believe they are willing to just backpedal now without a counter-attack planned.

    • You look in the wrong direction. You’ll be replaced by AI, not your fellow humans from another country. Neither you nor them can compete with a “worker” than can be quicker, more efficient, needs no breaks, can work 24/7, needs no infrastructure, produces no waste or pollution, and needs no pay.

      Working from home was a first step in this direction. Once you remove the need for humans to work in one place, a human can be replaced with a system.

      • So importing boat loads of fighting age bearded children is beneficial to the elite’s because they want to make us all drones via AI??? I think you may need to try looking in the right direction

  12. 4 x the amount of Mida$olam has been bought once again recently. Trust NOTHING.

  13. They will no doubt release a stronger bio weapon with a death rate of around 30percent so they will be totally justified in mandating vaccines and ID passes. This is just a breather before the fun really begins. As Hugo has warned have supplies ready as we will be terrified of going out soon as there will be dead bodies and pandemonium everywhere.

  14. Hugo I know what’s going on now the reason why all these restrictions have been removed is because the whole narrative has crumbled because the majority of the population is no longer in fear and once you lose the people in fear that’s where the government has completely lost them and it is very hard to get them people but and also with the booster people have not been going for the booster in big numbers like they did with the first and second jab with this and this is a really good so why all of these now I push it back on the restrictions and removal of so quick because they have lost the population because the population is no longer afraid this is some good news

  15. You yourself Hugo have told us in the past that these are tactics to keep the confusion going keep us guessing what will be next, and with Fauci still in post together with Bill Gates theres still time to release a more deadly virus, I think this last pandemic was a trial run, the main players have got away with it so they are not likely to stop, also the WEF are still looking to have central control, the great reset – new narrative is still yet to be played out. It will also give them time to continue the climate change narrative, this is just the beginning.

  16. I love the way you talk all about these conspiracy that rules use to brain wash the world into get the shots. The same technique was use in between 1966 to 1976 to bring in the aids virus base on the history that was given to me from my father.

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