BBC Licence Fee To Be ABOLISHED, No Rush Though / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • Julian Balcikonis@ you may soon start paying as they will get the £££ via another channel. Most likely it will be put onto Internet companies to collect via tax on the Internet connection service. So if you have Internet then you will pay the tax. I prefer it is as it is then you just choose not to pay.

  1. “The days of state run television are over”. Don’t make me laugh, it’s all we’ve had for the last two years.

    • So hopefully more people will not pay and realise just saying no thanks at the door
      Means no penalty.

  2. Stopped paying mine 2 years back now when I worked out that they were part of the Scam this country has been under and still waiting for them to knock at the door.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. I abolished my licence fee several years ago. Best money I never spent. Still get about 630 letters a year threatening me with visits and hefty fines, but as they are empty threats, and if anyone ever decided to visit I would not let them in, or indeed engage in any verbal communication, then I will continue to not pay for a pile of woke crap and government propaganda.

  4. I have wanted to get rid of the licence for ages. We don’t watch BBC 1 or BBC 2. Had to convince my significant other though. He now agrees but having looked into it only yesterday, it seemed like my husband would not be able to watch sky or certainly “live” stuff on sky and the same scenario on freeview, no live channels. Have I got this wrong. Would love to cancel my licence. Advice would be appreciated.

    • Well you can be pretty sure that now they’ve said this even more people will stop paying …..

      • Stopped paying mine over a year ago still haven’t had a visit or a letter..When the letters arrive I’ll just send them back “Return to sender”will never pay the biased cunts ever again.Bolshevik Broadcasting Company.

    • This is difficult The lighhtisshining. Whatever info you get here will almost certainly be wrong. You need to read what it says on the Government website on your renewal notice. The problem here is that I believe it is deliberately confusing, I think some points contradict others or maybe I have read it wrong. You can cancel it and say you are going to buy it again in a years time etc. CillijonCarne has done some good videos on youtube.

      • Thank you Rumple. I will look at those video’s.
        We are both wide awake and literally, only watch a handful of programmes between us. We are completely aware of ALL the propoganda and applied psychological rubbish that TV in general (let alone the BBC) push out. Same goes for the adverts. When you know, you know! But I don’t see why we should pay the BBC’s licence to watch antiques being salvaged and programmes on how anything from a hand bell being forged to how steel rope is made 😂 And we pay for Sky for my husband to watch sport, so why should we pay the disgraceful BBC money aswell. There is no way on earth, that I want to be greasing the wheels of this ugly establishment for them to use it against us Hopefully the vids will give me answers and I can stop paying it.

    • My dad’s never had a TV licence, nothing has happened to him. I stopped mine around 2yr ago and have had letters, but haven’t had anyone round yet. If they do come knocking I’ll simply tell them to fuck off and make it clear I don’t watch pedo, propaganda tv before shutting the door in their face. Do not let them bully you and put you in a state of fear. They’re a pack of liars, I once had one of them read me my wright’s. Only police officers are allowed to do that, not the TV licence guy. I was stupid back then and fell for it. You could just not answer the door if you know its the TV licence guy. Never give them your name, tbh the less you say to them the better. Never let them in your home. If you can see your TV through the front window, try to position it somewhere where it can’t be seen from outside.

    • @Thelightisshining: no idea about Sky as I’ve never had it, but my Freeview channels work perfectly well ‘live’ without a TV licence!
      The only way you will get caught and fined for no licence is by 1) opening the door and engaging with them 2) admitting guilt and signing their form…no other way for it to happen
      Cancel it, ignore the letters, ignore the goons at the door who have no more power over you than your neighbour, job done

  5. No surprises there. Haven’t had a TV for 30 years and don’t watch it or even listen to the mainstream radio at all anymore. In the beginning, it was just that I wasn’t that interested in the TV anymore. I was hooked on it as a teenager and young adult though, completely hooked. Over the last few years and longer than that even, when I did happen to see the news or some drama the BBC had cooked up, usually in someone elses home, I began to see that they were telling us what our opinion should be about everything! The world they portrayed in the media is not the same as the world I see in real time. I used to put it down as just simple narrow mindedness from the small, inbred system these programmers lived under, but now I have come to realize it has been deliberate mind control of the public for years! So angry. People I care about are completely mesmerized and taken in by these liars. I can’t wake them up, they won’t listen to anything else.

    • Stopped watchin TV completely about 20 yrs ago and not missed it at all. Some people waste hours and hours everyday watchin total rubbish. Cancel your TV licence and defund the BBC. Hit um rite in the pocket.

  6. I have cancelled mine already. I have not watched TV for almost 2 years.

  7. In all of my 43 years I’ve never had a tv licence. I did have 2 enforcement officers knock on my door once trying to enforce their legal theft on me, of course their bully boy intimidating tactics didn’t work and truthfully I don’t think they could’ve gotten away any faster when I let lose a torrent of abuse on them. Stay safe out there people and don’t let these bastards get you down, good always prevails over evil eventually, God loves you all

  8. Isn’t that they abolish the TV License because they have already increased the taxes?
    BBC is Intelligence same as Hollywood and tons of other MSM propaganda tubes they get money from the Intelligence budget that has no bottom.

  9. Without corporal punishment, these verminous paedo’s are gonna find another outlet….

    • @Not The Headshed Or better turn them into eunuchs as they used to do – for those who don’t know what a eunuch is, it’s a male that’s been castrated and had his tongue removed.

  10. The long and short of this is that the TV licence is not going to go away unless we make it. As Hugo says don’t pay it if you don’t watch live TV etc. We have the power it is in our hands.

  11. Cheers Hugo

    I don’t watch the shite
    Most people of your parents age Hugo are unfortunately conditioned
    It’s sad because some elders do know the score with this nonsense going on

    Have nice evening All

  12. The Ironic thing is here in Canada, the CBC is our BBC. Funny how the Letters are the same LOL

  13. Blacks Law Dictionary an ACT is not a Law they need your permission to Act as is a Mandate. If you tell a P.C. I understand in leagalease Blacks Law Dictionary to understand is to stand under their jurisdiction. Just tell them NO I DON’T UNDERSTAND I DO NOT COMPLY.

    • @PHILIP A Cosh, Better to tell them before they even open their mouths that you REBUT ANY ASSUMED OR PRESUMED JURISDICTION THAT THEY MIGHT THINK THAT THEY HAVE OVER YOU. Or if they do speak then ask them WHEN DID I GIVE YOU MY PERMISSION TO SPEAK TO ME?

  14. They have been trying to bring in a broadcasting licence here in Ireland but they put it on hold brining in the property tax instead, also they failed with the water charges so far, the broadcasting licence will be €250 annually whether you have a TV or not, just another form of taxation but it won’t matter now as they have full control over the sheep who still have no clue what is going on.

  15. Don’t pay it, but make sure you don’t watch it either, ‘ Almost a third of women’s convictions are for not paying the TV licence fee, figures have revealed. Women are ten times more likely to be convicted for not paying the £157.50 annual fee than men – with growing numbers of women then being slapped with criminal records, Ministry of Justice data shows.’

      • Glad I am not transitioning,
        Who really wants to be treated like a 2nd class citizen, or woman these days ?
        Unless that woman was born a man, then they can do and say what they like.
        It’s a funny old gain .
        Mind you I stay at the bottom of the system as an English man.

  16. I think I’d rather wash my eyes out in bleach, supplied with a generous portion of salt and pepper rubbed in to compliment, then subject myself to even 5 more minutes of this propagandist dog dung – let alone my wallet… Cheers mate.

  17. In Sweden It`s included in the tax now, viewers dropped so there you go 😡

  18. Why would i want to pay to watch shit and lies on television….
    If i was a moron i would i guess…🤪

  19. The whole idea with the license fee was I thought to allow them to make independent, unbiased programs. If not obvious before, the one sided reporting of the last two years has shown that it does not provide that, so certainly should be abolished. Who would want to pay to be subjected to propaganda? Rather than allowing questioning of the covid narrative, they are spending money from the license fees rewriting the history of their part in the Savile story. Who would have predicted the $53 million the Gates foundation donated to BBC Media Action would have bought them some influence? Not Neil Ferguson, that’s for sure.

    • @Bauhaus “The whole idea with the license fee was I thought to allow them to make independent, unbiased programs.” If you think that the BBC’s one sided reporting has only been for the last two years, you’re either asleep and dreaming or you’re delusional. The Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation HAS ALWAYS BEEN A COMMUNIST SHIT HOLE from its inception with Jewish or Jewish controlled (shabbos goys) Commie sewer rats running it.

  20. Forget the licence fee – What should be abolished is the BBC itself. The BBC is one of the world’s most dangerous terrorist organisations, in addition employing paedophiles, actively encouraging child abuse, and they have no place in modern society. They should be stripped of their licence to broadcast. As everyone knows their are incapable of accurately reporting the news even in the city in which they are based, let alone elsewhere in the world.

  21. We’ll see if it happens. I will take more notice when they announce they are abolishing the vaxxes

  22. I stoped paying me Dog licence back in 1973,, sure it was bout 3 shillings ( 36p ) & It Was Monochrome……………

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine,, Yes Decimalisation was in 1971 But the old money was allowed untill 1974 to give folk a chance to get used to the con…….
        3 Shillings was 36p as a shilling was 12p ( what you’d describe now ) before 1971 & The Pound £1 was worth 240 pennies ( See the con )
        After 1971 yes it was worth 5p

        Dont know if links will work but some old book pages photocopy’d long time ago to add to the confusion

      • @Floki 36d not 36p L.S.D. Yes the old coins were allowed to be used but after 1971 they no longer had their L.S.D. meaning or identity = 2 shillings or the florin was then counted as a 10p coin. So there was no way your licence was quoted as three shillings – it would have been 15p.

  23. I wouldn’t have a TV in the house, I hear enough shit from the mouths of people without inviting it into my life!

  24. What are you not getting? If I get a shot and am protected, firstly, I won’t be passing what I am not getting (Covid) to others, secondly I am not filling in the hospitals and taking a bed that should go to cancer patients and other sufferers of other illnesses and most importantly, I am not lending my body to a virus to use as a lab to mutate itself into different forms and cause farther strain on the healthcare infrastructure. I am not surprised you don’t understand. If you don’t have the capacity to understand, there is nothing anyone…

  25. I read that yes, the licence will go, but it will be funded by the government, ie by the tax payer. Soon you will be paying for it whether you watch it or not! Do you really think the state will allow their number one propaganda tool to simply vanish?

      • A council tax rebellion is long overdue. Once they bring in their carbon taxes, it will almost become compulsory.

      • @Storm Brewing, They will be posting Council Tax notices next month in the local newspapers, so NOW is the time to rebut those notices by serving them with the required rebuttal Notice. Then when the council tax bill comes through your letter box you can remind them of your earlier notice of rebuttal.

  26. This is a message to all the people who believe that they have to pay for this propoganda.

    I come with great news, you don’t have to. That’s right, you don’t have. You have no contract with the BBC, that’s it.

    Now you have stopped paying. Never open the door to anyone working for the BBC.

    They have no right of access.

    Don’t be afraid when they threaten you with court. As long as you don’t let them in you have nothing to fear, they have zero power.

    How do I know this. Well I have stopped paying for this nonsense for over 12 years now.

    Do not comply, do not pay for something your never asked for in the first place.

    Remember there is no pandemic. BBC =lies and propoganda.

  27. The day they abolish the licence fee will be the day everybody get’s a tax rise. They’ll just take it from people another way. It needs to be closed down.

  28. When I decided to have children, I also decided that I didn’t want to bring them up watching any tv channels as I deemed them of mediocre content and I didn’t want the children to be brainwashed, programmed. I never bought them any games consoles or the likes. Instead I prepared for them a bespoke media pack of high moral, constructive and inspiring qualities.
    When the TV Licence spotted me as a non-payer, they send me a letter and I replied truthfully and they left me alone. However, either once a year or every 2 years, they write to me to confirm if I still don’t watch TV and reply the same way. They have never threaten me, or knocked on my door.

  29. It’s interesting this being brought up at this point in time, with the population waking up to the MSM control grid. Jab injuries will evidenced by masses of personal experiences. in spite of media control and censorship. I’m not sure about the ‘Common Law’ thing, but having a legal discourse will permeate the public consciousness. Public opinion will gradually come on board as people realise they have been shafted, denied their human rights. The BBC will become a pariah. No one will be paying their TV license in five years anyway.

  30. The Licence Fee that people pay, is not just for BBC. Without a licence, you are not legally allowed to watch ANY TV programes that are being broadcast live on your tv set or other devices. You are not allowed to watch BBC iPlayer, and the programmes like ITV+1, Quest+1, these are also being broadcast live and again you would technically be breaking the law by watching them without a licence.
    But there are many things you can watch without a licence. For instance, all programmes on catch up services, such as My5, All4, and things you can find on Firesticks. Youtube. So long as you are not watching programmes on any channel that are being broadcast live, you can find plenty to watch for free.
    The guy up there☝🏻, who mentioned ChilliJonCarne, is pointing anyone reading these messages to the right place to get all the upto date info regarding the Bbc licence Fee. He explains all there is to know about how to cancel your licence and how to handle any letters and also the goons which may knock at your door. They work for a company called Capita. And work on commission. Do not be afraid to open your door to these people. Let them introduce theirselves, and simply say “Not interested, goodbye” and close the door. DO NOT engage any further than that. Treat them like you would a door to door salesman selling kitchenware. Simple as that.
    One or two other things that may surprise you all, is that the BBC own such channels as Dave, Gold, and through a different arm of the BBC, they pump out old repeats of programmes that have already been paid for decades earlier by the licence fees, and on these channels are allowed to sell advertising space, and have ADVERTS. and so create further revenue. And up in Scotland, there is a special production company that makes big budget tv programmes that they have complete control over and they are allowed to sell the broadcasting rights all over the world to tonnes of other countries, that also generate MASSIVE revenue.
    But getting back to the topic of Hugos clip, I would suggest that BBC have decided, with the latest generation of young adults leaving home for their first time, that this generation is one that watches multiple streaming services and also subscription based services for the content they consume. And the BBC have realised they will be losing the fight to continue with their outdated licence. And will at some point move to a subscription based method of consumption.
    The right thing to do now, if you havent already done so, is immediately cancel your TV licence. If you pay monthly direct debits, then ask your bank to stop them ASAP, and within about 8 weeks you will receive a rebate of around £40, unless you paid for the full year in advance, in which case you will receive a much bigger rebate.
    I don’t endorse watching live tv without a licence, as this is illegal, but if you choose to, then at least have your TV set not blatantly on show, only for the purpose of not incriminating yourself, should a TV goon attends your property. And if one does do at anytime in the future, either ignore the knock, or happily open the door and simply say “Not interested, goodbye”, and close your door. Job done. 👌🏻
    Hope this helps.

  31. They don’t need state run broadcasters any more because the Intelligence brainwashes the populace with their corporate owned broadcasters and corporate owned social media. If you look at US, British BBC is an anachronism. US propaganda machine is a set of private corporations and they brainwash people even better so it does not matter really if state owned or not – all significant broadcasters are all Intelligence.

    If they are abolishing TV license that means we are closer to fascist state then we were couple years ago.

    But yes we should stop paying TV license just to save a bit of money.
    But overall BBC is not going to cease to exist.

    Please note that they want to charge you for it only because they want to prove to you that BBC needs your money to function – they don’t.
    BBC is Intelligence and Mr Rothschild can fund them in all sorts of ways.
    Paying for TV License is similar to casting a vote.
    When you take part in elections or pay for TV license it becomes part of you and then the Elites can move the blame onto voters because you voted these crooks but you don’t know that Elites promoted these people in the first place.
    Who is the current president of EU? A daughter of an influential EU official.

    It’s all nepotism.

    Read Miles W. Mathis

  32. I think the licence fee is extraordinarily good value for money. Some recent dramas have been stunning, and BBC documentaries, especially those on the natural world (and of those especially the David Attenborough natural world documentaries) are world class achievements. Yes, the BBC is biased, it is probably too lefty now after decades of being too righty, but every single site has a bias, even this one. I’m not a fan of soap operas, but millions are and apparently enjoy them, but give me a real opera every one in a while, as the BBC does, and I’m in. I like to dip into the Proms too, and programmes that mine the archives for past music from TOTP and Old Grey Whistle Test – some great retrospectives there. I see people moaning about too much diversity on the BBC, but not me. I love to see the chap in dreadlocks and a wheelchair cheerfully showing accessible holiday destinations, and the lady on the News in a wheelchair occasionally giving news of how others with disabilities are coping around the world. I like the corniness and fun of fund-raising on the Beeb too, for example the annual silliness of Children in Need participants.
    In the meantime David Olusoga in his “House Through Time “ series certainly opened my eyes to how many ordinary people in Britain were invested in the slave trade and “compensation” only paid off in 2015. Whaaaat? Thank you BBC for occasionally bringing home truths like this to ordinary Brits. Some cannot face these unpalatable truths, but I say we should own them and get on with it, not close down the only broadcaster bold enough to bring such truths into the home.

    • @Barb No apologies for telling you straight that you’re 100% deceived and brainwashed. ALL Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation output is now Cultural Jew Marxist flavoured propaganda. The BBC are 100% controlled by the Rothschild Jews via MI5/MI6. The BBC has been a Communist subversive operation since its inception – anti-white, anti-British, pro-sodomy, pro-feminist, pro-paedophilia and anti-nationalist, hence their employment policy now states: “NO WHITES NEED APPLY”. It’s time you had a wake up call and started to think for yourself!

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