DECEPTION Injection Story WAS FALSE ASTROWORLD / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. The whole thing is a just more shit being thrown at us!
    They can shove it up the same place as there toxic injections, up their own ass, as half the world ain’t for buying!

  2. Now that real news is dead, it is only what the 1 % want you to see, hear and do .
    We are all now part of the machine and there is nothing can be done by walking around peaceful protesting.
    Peaceful protesting is shit, always has been.
    BLM actually gained through rioting.
    Ponder on that.
    The narrow window of opportunity for the WEF turned into a wide open space with no brakes.
    I bet they cannot believe how easily cowed us peasants are.
    Freedom is not fear
    Today of all days, remember that.

    • I hear you and in some ways I agree but don’t forget the BLM movement is tolerated by the authorities so they were allowed to riot. We aren’t supported so they’ll come at us hard.

      • Cheers Dave
        Let us hope we are not 21st century Cathars.
        Peacefully extinguished.
        The rhetoric is openly stating we are on our way to the pyre.
        As the lost minds cheer.

    • Rubbish norrak. BLM gained nothing through rioting other than turning people against them. There actions will come back to haunt them.

      • The way to win is to fight smart. Use their own rules against them. We need legal experts on our side who can do this.

      • Really Mark ?

        A few insulate Britain, many headlines.
        10s of thousands marching peacefully fuck all.
        Insulate Britain have proved 10s of thousands to be useless too.
        As for retribution?


        There are winners and there are losers in the game of politics,


  3. All Deception as Hugo says and Mind games for the Following Weak Willed

  4. Fantastic price of journalism of all our British truth sayers I listened to at beginning of this plandemic you have been the most surprising keep up the great work

  5. Good spot. A quiet retraction of the false account now that the majority of the public have happily accepted what happened as a one-off and won’t notice this. Like someone said, how many times are we supposed to buy the story that mad people at nightclubs and concerts are going around randomly injecting others? The whole ladies “getting spiked” epidemic on the news recently turned out wasn’t someone injecting drugs. That bloke in Fulham injecting things into food at 3 supermarkets (who knows what went on with that one), and now this!??
    The only crazy mass injections are taking place at vaccination centres!

  6. Thanks for sharing Hugo, I felt the policeman said a story too… like he was hidding this was linked to the V + alcohol/drug/music frequencies/5g etc. Multiple possibilities and combinations…

  7. But didn’t George Foreman say that they found a puncture mark on their neck???

  8. When the Angles sing you won’t feel a thing when a devil’s dog sings 5G brings the pain

  9. Makes you wonder what the puncture mark was, that they “found” on his neck.
    They swept that bit under the mat.

  10. I bet any criminal who in the past has been found guilty on evidence provided by that police officer, has already submitted their appeal. I knew as soon as I heard him it was a crock of shit.

  11. The lies are sickening

    Kids died,
    the people who attended are mentally , physically hurt for rest they’re lives now

    But it takes six days to tell the truth!

    Terrible !

    Thank you Hugo as always

    • You think it is terrible that it took 6 days for the ‘truth’ to come out.
      It took more than 50 years for the truth to be exposed, regarding The RAF Service Man, Ronald Maddison, he died, violently, through establishment administering of drugs, supposedly when testing for cold/flu remedies!!!!

  12. Back to 99%, it’s a 5G test then, atleast we know what we are dealing with, we are looking at a mass depopulation event that’ll trigger hell on earth and create further depopulation, reports are Elites are already starting to move into there luxury doomsday bunkers, end of days as the religious people would call it, which is what these freaks are trying to emulate is nearly upon us 🙁

    My only hope is, this happens before Xmas, atleast no xmas this year, winning!! 🙂

    But hey got to laugh!!!

    • To quote the opening speech from `Night Of The Comet`. “The citizens of Earth would get an extra Christmas present this year”.

  13. I have seen the comments on other channels about this bizarre event and “allegedly”, TRAVIS SCOTT went to an aftershow party.
    Jesus wept.
    Also that scene where he looks down on a body humming some freaky shit is totally insane

  14. > DECEPTION Injection Story WAS FALSE ….. Someone told me they run a story like this on our so famous soap ~ coranation St .~ Girl got injected in a club/bar
    Dont know when it was, few weeks Or last month, If you watch it can go back though old episodes on thier itv player
    If correct, then what more can you say …………

  15. Thanks Hugo..yep..the needle and crowd crush was just bs..this looks like it was a planned test to see what would happen if you put a load of snake oiled idiots in a controlled environment ..then fire up the 5g mix in some frequencies and stand back to see what happens

  16. Hugo, in classic “crisis actor”, fake narrative fashion, check out the cop in blue denim, bald, with goatee, behind George Foreman spewing the BS! He cannot control his smirking and near laughter, when the “needle in neck bit” and “narcan” is said. He tries his best to compose himself, knowing full well it’s utter BS. This is common with School Shooting accounts and press statements, where those in the know in the background, are struggling to contain their hilarity of the deception being foistered on the unsuspecting duped public.

  17. Another person has died that was at Astroworld, one week later. Total now 9?

    • First thing I thought when I saw that video of Scott was how disingenuous he seemed. At worst, lying through his teeth. At best, tired/hungover and didn’t give a toss. And never uttered the word sorry.

  18. The beardy cop behind puts his head down and smiles when the speaker lying.

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