Youtube Removes DISLIKES To Hide How UNPOPULAR Puppet Tyrants Are! Hugo Talks #lockdown

43 Comments on “Youtube Removes DISLIKES To Hide How UNPOPULAR Puppet Tyrants Are! Hugo Talks #lockdown

    • I don’t know if anybody is noticed on Twitter the virtually got the QR code on the top right-hand corner with the three dots are:. I wish I knew how to get rid of it anybody any ideas.

      • The QR code already being introduced on every platform should make it clear for everyone THEY WILL NOT STOP until they fully carry out the “great reset”

      • QR (quick Responses) in and of themselves are nothing to worry about – In the same way you use caution when clicking on a “link” use the same thinking with QR’s they are just machine readable data (often just a URL) – The twitter one is just an easy way to share your profile URL.

  1. YouTube removes all my comments Hugo! They don’t like me having an opinion about the killer vaccine! And they don’t like me criticising our corrupt government and police force or the evil scum who are running the world! I think YouTube are friends with these evil bastards!

    • Welcome to the club…I got a lifetime ban from spewtube for telling people of how England is a captive nation of the british and we, the English, want our OWN ENGLISH PARLIAMENT BACK. Anything truthful the british elites of spewtube remove your voice!! If you want to get a real education in our England and our ENGLISH CONSTITUTION then head over to and search for The Full English where you’ll find out the real reason for our british establishment taking over our lives ALL around the world…and, believe me, it’s all about the british….but always blamed on the English. If you want a true ENGLISH party to vote for…tell the british electoral commission that you want to vote for THE ENGLISH CONSTITUTION PARTY and they are legally obliged to give us a platform under international laws!! The Constitution is the Solution…VOID the acts of union 1706/7 which gives our oppressors, the british, their power and ALL laws made by the british since 1706 will also be void unless WE deem them good laws. Vote for a party, the ONLY party, that will give YOU back your inalienable rights that NO GOVT/MONARCH can remove or void as they are here in perpetuity…forever. WWG1WGA TEAR The English Are Rising.

  2. Anything against this “pandemic” truth wise gets deleted….
    Any proper science based facts…
    Liars dont like the truth…

  3. Big tech, MSM are all cancerous.
    They need removing just like the political class.

  4. People “ganging up to be mean to a video publisher” must happen to one in a hundred million videos at most, and YT have no problem being mean by banning any video that isn’t politically correct, or anyone who says the wrong words on the wrong video. What a crock of spineless, lying, shitpots they are.

    I can’t wait until the hangings start, these fuckers are killing people by lies of omission, and need to be culled for the good of humanity.

  5. Anybody noticed on Twitter on the right hand side with the three dots your QR code.

    • Nope, can’t see any 😀 Maybe you have to be signed in or summat 😀

    • Revelations 13 Verse 2 the QR code has 3 spots in it 666 it’s the mark of the beast spots of the ‘leopard’ cancel or your media platforms, they are all corrupted and all linked using your information to access your lives! Stop conforming

    • Hi i really enjoyed listening to that guy and I just tried to down load the app. He actually makes a hell of a lot of sense. I need to have an apple I phone or mac ? So could download the radio app.i will go the other route then. Lol.

  6. They ought to do one of theiR authentic government poles, you know the one’s that you and anyone you know have never participated in.

  7. The idiots that are dictating the removal of negative comments are to thick and to young to know of a time when people wrote all over walls and posted bills to show there feelings or disgust. The more repressive the regime the more creative the population, it is not something that is specific to one country it is a Global phenomena so it should please the new world government of the New World Order.
    Certain people must be shitting themselves at present, don’t think I have to name any names.

  8. Give them time Jerry,, give them time, the leopard never changes his spots!

  9. The BBC do even worse than removing dislikes – they censor stuff if it doesnt fit their agenda. If they dislike the truth that someone posts they remove the post. They had something on their website about Savid Javid and his announcement about compulsory vaccination for people in the NHS. Accompanied with it was a load of BS about how it was unvaccinated people who were filling up hospitals with covid (how the beeb get away with this crap is beyond me since everyone should know by now that covid doesnt exist). I don’t normally post comments on bbc articles but this time I let them have it big time. I was able to use THEIR article to draw attention to the fact that the BBC is only a source of misinformation. I did receive a large number of likes to my comment and only one dislike but the comment was only up for a few minutes before it was removed. Obviously they didn’t want people to find out that their organisation are not capable of accurate reporting and are worried about what would happen if people find out the truth.

  10. Hysterical, they have no problem bullying the folks they don’t like but oh, oh, oh, they have to save the bloody skin of those poor old politicians and narrative panders from down votes, which tickle me to no end, when I see the down votes. 🤣😂😂😂🤣

  11. How silly of me🤦🏻‍♂️….
    This is not a digital society reset…
    Its all about a VIRUS surely….

  12. YouTube have sold their souls!!!

    I have to sometimes re subscribe?
    Videos I watch I press like & when I look back sometimes it has not kept my like?

    See … MORE GREED!!!
    & stopping the TRUTH!

    YOUTUBE YOU ARE GETTING As sick as media!!
    Stop it!

    Cheers Hugo

  13. Pity they can’t do something useful like simply removing the tyrants, but that will never happen as fuckyoutube is one of the tyrants.

  14. Catch 22 for youtube, remove dislikes people will think they are hiding something, leave dislikes and people will continue to call out the content. Big mistake youtube you should have stopped the paedophilia/pornographic and animal torture videos with all their ‘likes’ and maybe you could have made people believe you give a shit, but no of course that is all part of your agenda and therefore ‘acceptable’. Thanks Hugo and all who comment, you’re keeping me somewhat sane! Apologies for the language.

  15. Presumably they’ve kept the like button, or has that gone as well?

  16. Even by removing, that action in itself shows nothing but cover up and guilt of what the truth is. They cannot hide, and they certainly cannot hide from God no matter what they do. Their time will come to stand before the Almighty. He will not tolerate this evil for much longer.

  17. This will stymie the mouse click freedom fighters whose only form of dissent was to click on the dislike button.
    What will they do now? Shout at the screen – when no one else is around?

  18. It won’t stop me disliking a video and it won’t stop eveyone seeing how few likes there are compaired to the viewing figure. Hugo has nailed it agian.

  19. Hugo you are absolutely AMAZING! What a wonderful man you are, and thank you for everything you do for us all here. Have a good day everybody and take care. Lots of love to you dear Hugo and everybody else here in our group from Carolyn XXX

  20. Bbc saying they haven’t got enough ambulances to deal with heart attacks, not saying why, but I’d put money on it’s all the heart attacks, but why are there so many heart attacks, new covid symptom obviously, can’t make this shit up.

    Heart attacks approx doubling every month, so won’t be able to hide much longer, this could create revolution, elites already scared and hiding away, time to ramp up the 5g and put the heart attacks through the roof is nearing, guessing the longer they can wait the more effective it’ll be, as the mRNA in the jabs teaches the body how to make the spike protien whuch is BS but guessing they based on truth so there bodies are making graphene oxide, nice!

  21. Easy enough to get round and bypass 😁

    Just leave “Dislike” as a comment and nothing else, Only thing they can do then is remove comments aswell then 😉✌

  22. The only reason I would open one of those NHS vaccine propaganda videos on Youtube was to seek comfort and have a laugh at the 1,000’s of dislikes.

  23. they are hideous wretches!!! I want to learn more dictionary words that can express the bottomless contempt I have for these assholes!!!

  24. If you go to the World Economic Forum’s page they have disabled all comments because they are regarded as total pieces of dog doo.

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