ASTROWORLD Cover Up CONTNUES? Hugo Talks #lockdown


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    • When the injected subjects start to notice disproportionate deaths, they will blame us (the questioning)- as intended. I was born in 1960. My mother’s GP recommended a new, fully approved, medication to ease her morning sickness. Thankfully my mother said “NO THANK YOU”. Some of my friends were dreadfully deformed; lacking arms, fingers, legs and toes etc. Thalidomide was fully vetted and approved. Fuck Big Pharma and fuck the corrupt Bastards enabling them! Hang them I say!

      • Same as my mum. She was also pregnant with me in the 60s. They told her to take that drug . Luckily she said no . So if u look back on that it was about chocies..yet back then there was no way of looking up information and still most women didn’t take that drug. I’m amazed in 2021 tho as the information is there right in ur hands . Yet not many chocie to us the thing in there very hands to do something called research or asking questions. So really how far has technology bought people ? Not that far by the looks of things
        They no there’s no 1 to blame except themselfs.

      • I was born in 59 and that awful drug was available to my lovely mum but she also refused, thank goodness. You’re quite right, if you give thickoes the chance to research, they’ll only do the easiest option…. Comply. Sad and sickening in equal measure.

  1. Sure seems like a load of crap, to me. I think this is to cut back on, or completely eliminate, large gatherings (particularly in Texas, where they are huge!) I can’t be sure anyone died, here. In fact, I think it’s all actors, as dead folk. Have you looked at these, “dead people”? Their arms are by their sides, as they are lifted up, their feet crossed. Sorry, but, dead people don’t have the ability to crowd-surf, with arms by their sides and feet crossed. Their muscles go limp. Arms should be dipping below the body. Legs, same, yet this bullshit is believed?
    Remember, anything that comes from the msm is bullshit; every bit of it, ever kernel, a lie.

      • Not an inconsistency at all – the ‘seizure’, as you call it, is a standard anaphylactic reaction to the toxic jab. There are hundreds of videos out there recording similar ague and body tremor reactions to the jab.

    • It was the devils frequency that triggered heart attacks from people that had the jab. There is a frequency known as that, 5g will release the same

  2. We know Hugo this is all total bull!! We know how wild gigs can be , moshing, people SO jam packed that performers have dived in knowing they are guaranteed to not land in any space.and break their neck. We know that crushing happens when there is a barrier, usually, like happened in Hillsborough with the fences. ALSO I have heard that there was a facility at this gig offering injections for free tickets also. This means it is most likely most of the people who would choose this Illuminati act would choose that. Choose the cabal juice.

  3. I can believe it, Americans are known to be litigation happy. I am not going to speculate what happened. Your guess is as good as mine.

  4. The Fastest Lawyer in the Universe 🙂 Give me a break !!

    • A Lawsuit, like most Court Documents are 80-90% the same Forms. You File Fast to get to the Front of the line. All Suits allow “additional information” that can be used or added later on as .ore details are known. Plus, it takes about 2 Minutes to electronically file in many Civil Courts. A Lawsuit is not a Criminal Charge. I agree, these Ambulance chasing Lawyers are not ethical at all.

  5. You are single-handedly the only individual asking these journalistic questions if I had money I’d be going to your patreon buddy keep up the good work stay safe

  6. In just two days !!! Never in a million years.

    But you know , the NWO may have just made a huge mistake. They have officially and publicly claimed they are suing the artists.

    Possibility one: It is not a smokescreen to scotch the real truth. It is indeed a real litigation claim. The artists will be forced to defend themselves. That means an official investigation will have to be carried out. This should lead to litigation and court documents being available to the press and the fans. Especially since they are such big names.

    Possibility two: It is a smokescreen , a rouse and there is not litigation case being made at all. The artists may or may not be in on it. Again , the press and fans will expect and want to know what is going on. If there is no coverage and it quietly goes away some will wonder why and realise it is false and start asking questions.

    • No 2 imo, and whatever happens the 2 rappers will be in on it as it helps confirm the fake narrative.

      • Yep odds on it`s No 2 Pete. I reckon those rappers will have been bought and paid for. Either way it will hopefully get people to ask questions. You can try to brush off the deaths as a stampede. But a litigation claim `should` get some traction.

    • Dont forget they will sacrifice their own in an instant. He is nobody to them and part of the game. travis scott aka tavis stock mk ultra mind control center. This rabbit hole is huge

  7. Start learning gematria and it’s like you can predict the future with a lot of their bullshit! You’ll defiantly start to see all the link ups through out the msm, celeb world, sports etc

    • Watched the video & got this from it if your intrested in numbers ( & make sense of it ~ I can not )
      Got this site from it aswell
      looked here ~ *Covid masks are now being labeled with warnings of being cancer causing and having reproductive harm. & comments here,,,

      If you like peoples thinking on numbers, Scroll down to the ~ Hey Zachary, you may want to take a closer look at the 2011 movie Contagion.~ comment aswell as one’s above ……………. Lots of calculations

      • Twat Hand-cock used the movie, ‘Contagion’ as their script for this plandemic! According to the fictitious film, the Flu started in a wet market in China, (fancy that) and ended happily ever after with EVERYONE wearing a blue wristband (in 2010 we didn’t all have QR codes or smart phones) to prove you’d been pricked. They even used the term ‘ the R number’ which Doris and his cronies used to frighten the gullible. Honestly, I laughed in places with amazement, due to the similarities between ‘ real life’ in 2020 and this fantasy film from 2010. It’s worth a watch if you can. 👍

      • QUOTE: videoman1959 … Twat Hand-cock used the movie, ‘Contagion’ as their script for this plandemic! …. I Did Not Know That,,
        This just shows how DUMB & THICK our so called leaders are…. This Tactic has been used many times before & been clocked on to ffs,,, did’nt watch the film & if had,, would have clocked on to this straight away …………. Yes,, i would have told people about it & go watch it ~ make up your own mind from there
        Where i live, in the Shire of Cambridge ~ Most are tory supporting / voting Apparatchik’s so can imagine what it like round here….. & ( There is a change for the books ~ Normally you would say that for labour & thier communist views & ways… But; tories MAKES NO DIFFERENCE …. Same shit No difference BULLSHIT ! – All An ILLUSION –
        Also would see it same as the mask bullshit ~ you try to help / advise people ~ some do listen & take things on board……. Others Do Not & dont want to know ( could be they know best – you know nothing ) IF that the case Jog on & crack on … maybe 1 day you will learn … If not to late . !!!
        How many time have i heard … if you cant trust the government who can you trust – I Seriously give up …. NO HELP for you

  8. If it was a crush I’d expect the injuries to occur in a localised spot. If it was reactions to a Vax I’d expect the incidents to scattered throughout the crowd. To be honest I haven’t followed the story in detail so don’t know either.

  9. Just been reading comments on the BBC page on Facebook. Everybody has fallen for the crush story. People have not learnt from the MSM lies of the last 18 months.

    • That’s about right for shat,book

      Theses you mention who refuse to believe it

      are weak & deluded

    • Well no disrespect but I have not got a lot of sympathy. Think about it u needed 2 jabs to get to see this crap. They were offering free tickets if u had the jab on site? Crush , jabs I couldn’t give a fuck. Shame on everone involved that’s everone. Because if u don’t no by now it’s pure stupidity and u will never learn
      People on fake book all the fucking same. Stupid and the propaganda goes on and on

  10. Different topic but apparently cases are down due to the booster jab😄…
    No its because they fiddle the figures which mean nothing anyway to suit there narrative of having that shit stuck in your arm..
    The booster jab like the rest is experimental and never been tested on any virus

    • Was it a test how those deep tones/frequencies trigger sudden death in the ones jabbed with a certain version (lot number)? It appears there are different jabs out marked by diffferent lot numbers. Different doctors are finding different contents under the microscope (e.g. Fleming vs Young).

    • A test for how those (low) frequencies will trigger the kill switch in the ones jabbed with a certain type/lot number

  11. Just seen another post which showed that this stadium has a live 5G tower on site. Wonder if this caused the reaction in the vaxxed people?

    • I’ll be honest that when some Thinkers mentioned 5G months ago, I dismissed the idea. However, with all these youngsters going down at the same event ( and not caused by a surge/crush, obviously or a syringe-wielding madman)IMO, it’s either the heat and excitement or an outside influence.

    • There is a reason there filling us with Graphene Oxide and they kepts pushing 5G, I think 5G will be ramped up power wise, likely increase the blood clotts, it could literally cook people with GO from inside and sounds crazy, but make us start eating each other in a crazed zombie state, still alive so not a proper zombie, seeing reports of people acting zombie but halo ween so ??

      Those Speakers run at 1000s of Watts and are basically magnets, EMF from the drivers or even a magnetic effect cause this ??

      Told GF and she want off on 1, everything is a conspiracy LOL

      1 Video I watched looked like a seizure to me, could also be a bad supply of MDNA and totally unrelated or that might be there get out clause soon.,

      Hospitals are 96% full, there not saying what of, I’d bet, Heart Attacks and Strokes not Flu symptoms. ( Recon with my chest mounted camera under my fleece to get some footage and see )

    • maybe there was a bunch of bad ‘gear’ on sale, possible i guess. My money is on the heat and adrenaline triggered a few undiagnosed myocarditis cases

  12. Nice link in your You Tube channel, that’s the way to go with the 2 spicy stuff, use You Tube the way they are using content creators with sanctions and censorship.
    They continue to make profit from creators content, whilst at the same time sanctioning them and are no longer a platform but a publisher, and should be tied to the legal and financial restrictions on their behaviour that publishers have, i enjoy your content, thank you.

  13. If you look at videos on of people having fits after the jab, it looks very similar to the guy on the floor in the concert. is also a good place to find jab reaction information.

  14. @Hugo. The girl who climbed on stage to ‘prevent the sacrifice’ was called Seanna (meaning God has given) Faith.
    Tell me what were the odds?

  15. Welcome to NWO and doublespeak, we are going to see a lot of this before many catch on, brace yourself!

    • …. you think that they WILL catch on , eventually???/ Or not…??? Just coincidences, surely?? lol

  16. 1) It’s very odd. 2) If you look at the Sheep Farm YT channel there’s a really interesting vid by Prof Sapolsky (been a big fan of his for ages, his Standford lectures are all on YT and well worth watching, the guy is a bona fide genius, and yet down to earth). Anyway I was kind of not believing these parasites in jabs stories, and yet he’s talking about real life behavioural changes caused by parasites in crustations, mammals, etc – like the cat poop one – it is FASCINATING and SCARY as HELL:

  17. Travis and Drake showing plenty of “one darkened eye” symbolism and Masonic pyramid signs in those photos. People think our ideas about what’s going on are far-fetched but we are dealing with evil dark forces here. It’s becoming more and more sinister as time goes on.

    • It beggars belief! That people still don’t understand were in a spiritual war.
      Demons are running amok, we live in a matrix, where nothing is real. Only Jesus Christ is real!.
      Grace through faith in the mighty name of “Jesus Christ”.

      God bless! Viva christore!!

  18. Rumour has it NGR stadium is just one in a long list that is live with 5G ultra wideband which is triggering tne graphine oxide in the vaccines and tests.

  19. If this is the excuse they are now going to stick to, then that contradicts that guy in your previous video talking about someone going around jabbing people with drugs. One story after another..

    • Imagine the size of his syringe if he’s jabbing ‘ lots of people’ . He’ll need to stick it in AND squirt the juice in, and while he dies that the supposed victim does nothing… Yeah, like that sounds really plausible, NOT. More BS from the authorities to hide the truth, IMO.

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