GMB Covid Man Is ACTOR / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown


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  1. Lost 10% of his body weight? Must’ve been a right fat cunny!

    • Good catch, I knew I recognized that prick (not his actual prick🤭) but I thought it was from another crisis “event”, I was thinking Australia or New Zealand for some reason🤷

    • Oh yuk!! He looks like a wrong ‘un, a degenerate! He gives me the right creeps but then, there’d have to be something wrong with you to go on that dirty programme!

  2. News reporter stands in a confined space, with a supposed patient, suffering from a severe respiratory disease, and all she’s wearing is a plastic disposable apron, a paper mask, and a plastic visor??
    In reality, she would have to wear a full Hazardous material suit, and full face masks!!
    They’re all actors, from the government, to these shills!

    • Too many££££££ for this crap. Endless ££££££

  3. You have to admire the brainwashing to be perfectly honest. What a success the government and msm have made of this sham!

    • Yes, proves how stupid most of the population are! Luckily we still have some critical thinkers who will hopefully get us through this 👍

  4. Reminds me of them actors during the las Vegas shooting that’s been forgotten about

  5. Well, the MSM have used dummies in hospital ward beds and videos from real emergencies, so why not go the whole hog? BTW 62% of infections are with those who have already been vaccinated, fatality from Delta is 0.001% & by top scientists is now categorized as Hay Fever. Sick of this bollocks.

  6. What a crock of BS” GMB constantly feeds BS to the masses who believe there’s some type of deadly virus around “ Shite Propaganda too the core”

  7. NOTE the KEY sentence “He put off having his vaccines” The media really are a piece of crap!

  8. It’s very strange what’s happening right now. I’ve been sceptical of this whole covid agenda since the beginning. Never wore a mask, live as I usually would. But I, my teenager and my 4 year old have all been ill. It just won’t go away. Fevers of 40° aches and pains and just feeling crap. Every other household is sick. Are they spraying some shit from the planes to target areas? Why are so many young people getting sick. I do not believe strains are getting stronger. Is it 5G? Are they ramping it up?

    • Chem trails yes, keep yourselves eating healthily and VIT D and C everyday….

    • I also recommend Holy Basil or Tulsi/Tulasi, an herbal remedy. I put my husband on it last year and kept him on it , as he’s prone to chest infections anyway. He hasn’t had any infection at all since Christmas/New Year 2019 when we both had a nasty cold. We both take the Vit D, C and Zinc regimen too and I haven’t had any infections since then either, even without the Holy Basil which I save for him as he is prone to chest infections and I’m not. I bought it in bulk off an Ebay seller in the UK and am awaiting another batch. I really do recommend it!
      If you feel your chest tightening or any other respiratory symptoms coming on, I recommend an inhalation of either Olbas Oil or, the combination of essential oils I use- 3 drops of tea tree, 3 drops of eucalyptus and 3 drops of frankincense into a pint of boiling hot water in a heat-proof bowl. Get a large bath towel, cover your head and the bowl and breath deeply for as long as you can, taking a break if needed and being careful not to get too near the water to avoid scalding! I’ve been doing that for my husband for years and so long as we’ve caught the infection as SOON as symptoms start, he’s not needed the doctor nor anti-biotics. If he puts it off is the only time he has needed them so , as too many anti-biotics are counter productive, I nag him more nowadays, lolol!
      Even though you have been experiencing symptoms for a while, I would still recommend inhalations but get that Holy Basil asap and get on the Vit D, C and Zinc regimen straight away! All the best and God bless!

  9. Covid man’s scariest experience was not acting for gmb it was probably when he got his kit off for naked attraction!

  10. They must think we are stupid he wouldn’t be wearing jewelry or have nice clean hair and no face mask on if he was sick 🤣

  11. What a piece of shit, money before loyalty to others 🤬

    • They are ACTORS do anything or do adverts for money.
      When there really ill they will know.
      Now it’s young people or unvaccinated getting ill i take my chance than have this poison.

  12. Poor acting from her, pretending to be emotional and tearful…

  13. His voice is naturally raspy – people would believe that he has a respiratory condition due to his raspy voice. The medical staff have also been told to push the narrative on the unvaccinated younger people because there desperate to get the death jab into them. These people have no conscience or souls and are complicit in FRAUD, GENOCIDE AND GENOCIDE of the UK/world population. They will all be brought to account for their atrocities because we are winning this war and the UK government are in a total panic as their plan will not be fulfilled because the global population are waking up.

  14. FFS – this just gets more and more ridiculous by the minute! I don’t believe a damn thing on television/radio/newspapers. Actors, presenters, celebs, all bought and paid for and have sold their soul. Government and their “experts” and advisors lying to us daily. None of them have our best interests at heart. All willing to lie for money. Get stuffed, trying to scare us, divide us and poison us!

    • Never seen so much bullshit think they were the only ones in the hospital it’s turn in to a stage lights camera action

  15. They have been doing this since the invention of propaganda. Even with the NHS staff who were really struggling to cope with too many infections allegedly. They need to be dealt with harshly for knowingly participating the lie.

  16. What they’re saying is utter bs, even the governments dodgy figures point out that three times more double jabbed are dying from coronavirus (not just COVID) than unvarnished

  17. Must think we are stupid he wouldn’t be wearing jewelry especially that nose ring if he’d had 5weeks in hospital with the so called virus and where o where is his face nappy.. 🤣🤣

  18. Looks like they got the thespian variant.

  19. Also Patsie was part of the 7/7 actors and was caught concealing and onion in her handkerchief

  20. He’s actually been in Casualty!! haha… he’s an able bodied amputee actor.. don’t know if from an existing condition?

  21. I love you researches Hugo. Its very obvious that they are trying to blow things out of proportion.. Thank you very much Hugo😇👏👏

    • Hugo recommended John Overkill YT channel – John Overkill does some great work exposing the shills / crisis actors well worth subbing to that channel.

  22. That news article was so staged it was laughable, they all highlighted in their speech ‘younger people’ so many times it became obvious it was propaganda.

  23. He’s not done himself any favours has he, for accepting his “Thirty pieces of silver?”

  24. Lol that made me laugh , trouble is some poor kids will fall for it

  25. Keep up the good work, especially showing their names etc., from Australia, all these people must be named

  26. That was pathetic who has written that abysmal script

  27. There is no virus its all a fucking big Hoax its radiation sickness from 5g that’s killing people not any virus, yes without a doubt these idiots were paid crisis actors, and all them people that died in India thats bullshit aswell it was a huge gas leak that killed them not covid, 2 of the worsed things we can do right now as far as our health is concearned is stay at home and wear a face nappy, face nappies and social distancing have got fuckall to do with any virus its all to do with being controlled by the government the whole covid thing is one big global fucking SCAM

  28. That poor sick man, having to drag himself and his oxygen tank from his hospital bed to the bathroom and style that stripey beard thing every day…

  29. Lost weight!!!! Have you seen his top half.. and he looks very ill!!!! and the voice.

  30. It’s tough out there for unemployed actors, any work is welcome during this relentless scamdemic.

  31. Should have had ivermectin before it got that bad.
    What a lot of bollocks.

  32. Anyone know what’s happen to Andyc044 who posted excellent comments on Hugo Talks,
    Missing his wit and stories.
    Hope his ok and not been cancelled by dark forces


    • Mad one Darren , i was sat In a railway station today looking at the replies on here and yeah I’ve not seen nowt from Andy for a while and he was pretty vocal hope is ok .

  33. I think you are being too fair on them… this is such an obvious scripted set up. Even the presenter sounds like she has breathing problems, maybe choking on the lies. She also must have spent longer than a day there too as managed a dress change? maybe she just can’t keep away from deadly Covid Wards!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  34. I knew there was something not right when I saw this on tv this morning…! This absolutely has to be propaganda, totally agree.

  35. Defo all staged!!!, there is a pretence that normality is about to come back yeahhhhhhh, but it’s heating up, this will all be DASHED and hard.

    Loads on Track and Trace, my 12 year old forced into PCR ( Mom SHEEP! ) test to go back to school, know of someone else same, SHIT is about to start flying.

    Invermectin is basically That other 1 they shot down, but with Zinc added, you just can’t make this shit up.

    Chatting to a fellow Extremist this evening, there building a prison to lock away the unjabbed funded by Bill Gates WTF!!

    18th July, day before Freedom day, Staged Alien invasion, knock out the power grid wouldn’t surprise me, starve a few million to death.

  36. They know they’re looking for work, so they’ll do it. They don’t wanna approach someone who might shop them. Also, they will approach him with the plea that it’s all for the good of mankind, as it will encourage others to get jabbed and, whether he believes it or not, they have then covered themselves.

  37. This is as we all know is bullshit you know it I know it, do they really think we are that thick. Big up John overkill.

  38. Thank goodness for the description of FACE SHIELD. Had it not been for it I could have sworn it to be an ASS shield for the amount of shit coming out of that hole.

  39. GMB scaremongering again. They can’t help themselves. Apparently Alex Beresford predicts lockdown happening shortly. As if Chris witty wasn’t bad enough.

  40. Fucking shit actors who wouldn’t get a job anywhere else, perfect for the mong’s who believe this utter bollocks.

  41. Dude is 38. Started posting about getting Convid middle of June on Instagram. Vaccinations were not available to his age group until the middle of May. So what different would 1 dose and.4 weeks have made anyway. You have to question the propaganda that’s literally everywhere.

  42. Hugo, you’re “Fecking” amazing, never stop doing what you’re doing and waking everyone up, we’re living in the Matrix. Red pill/Blue pill anyone🤔

  43. If that guy’s an actor he’s not a very good one. I’ve seen better acting in a porn movie lol

  44. Never ever wear a face shield and risk looking like a “Poundland Darth Vader” may the force be with you🙏

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