Death By Vaccine / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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118 Comments on “Death By Vaccine / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Thanks Dave the importance of keeping us all strong together 🤞

    • Bless you Dave I’ve just read your blog and felt touched by your heartfelt message for your Dad. I really connected to this as it was the 10 year anniversary of my Dad’s death last year and he was also a soldier in the Second World War and had settled in England after the war. He would be turning in his grave if he could see how everyday hard working class people were being treated in this day and age. Bless your Dad on the anniversary of his death 🕊

  2. The jab is not law no one has to have it ? Also theres a list as long as ur arm of people that shouldnt go near them yet gps either dont no ?? Or dont care and are letting people have these jabs. U shouldn’t even be having them if u suffer from allergys and that the let alone any major health problems. Why are they letting this happen. Why are people so blind. My heart gos out to people but I have been doing my research from March 2020 so let’s hope people will start doing that now ? .

  3. The late ex-Merck employee and whistle-blower Brandy Vaughan was a power in the fight against vaccines. She may have been touching too many nerves when she suspiciously died at age just 47:


    And if you get chance look up the video ‘Sacrificial Virgins’ which looks into the thousands of young girls having their lives destroyed by the HPV vaccine.

    There’s some really sick stuff going on, and some really sick minds at the top of the tree,

  4. Thank you Hugo for this video.
    Vaccine adverse side effects have been going on for years. The swine flu pandemic was an example of this. It is a fact that people trust vaccines as a medical procedure, & go along with them without question. In this instance many people have been petrified into taking this injection (these are not vaccines) Bill Gates knew that there would be a large amount of people that would have adverse reactions.
    The British Government knows what is going on, they are NOT concerned, you cannot sue any of the organisations.
    If you go onto the Governments yellow card reporting site – it will show the adverse reactions – UK column have been reporting on all of these –
    & a nurse has blown the whistle on the vaccine programme.
    Dr Rima Laibow 2009 – “Very soon we will be facing Mandatory Vaccination, under the mistaken term “voluntary” vaccination.”
    Informed consent means that we know what a medical procedure contains & involves.
    Dr Mike Yeadon has warned not to take these injections, he also tried to STOP the “vaccine” trial, he is still trying to tell people not to take it.
    He believes it to be dangerous, also Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi, believes he knows what is causing the blood clots, it is very disturbing.
    Imagine – now they are going to do this to young people & children, unless we all say NO – they will continue to do this,

  5. I think its clear they want a slowly thinning of the population, to make it not obvious is the jab… With regular vaccination and vaccine passports they’ll be able to bring the population down to a level the elite are comfortable with (much less than a billion) and the stupid people will think its from disease and not vaccination.

  6. I don’t understand why the majority of these injured have taken the injection in the first place. They are not at risk by age or health and so the ‘virus’ is practically of no danger to them. As for the medical practitioners encouraging this …they should be charged with negligence if their patients were not informed of the potential adverse events or that this product is still experimental and has not been fully approved.

  7. It’s eerie to think that a year from now half of the people I know could be dead from the vaccine. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

    • They are all ticking time bombs and the more jabs they have, the more risk they are taking, its horrific whats going on! I just cant get my head around the fact people have been fooled into having something pumped into thier bodies that hasnt even been tested! Have they got no common sense! Here you go, have this jab, it wont stop you from getting the so called virus, you will still have to wear a mask, and if anything goes wrong, tough luck! Madness!

  8. In 1918 there were 1.5 Billion people on earth when the spanish flu hit, it infected 1/3rd the population and killed 10% of them. When I say infected, they didn’t have PCR tests or other nonsense like asymptomatic patients, they knew they were infected because they were ill. It killed 50 million people.

    Today there are 7.8 Billion people, more than 5 times more, living in bigger more densely populated towns and cities, travelling much more for work each day, and sitting in big offices with lots of other people from lots of other communities.

    If this were as bad as spanish flu there wouldn’t just be 5 times more deaths (i.e. 260 million), there would be 2 or 3 or 4 times more than that thanks to the population crush and the more frequent and widespread travel, so you’d be looking at 500 million to 1 billion dead.

    Instead we have 3 million, worldwide in over 12 months using the crazy “within 28 days of a positive test” or sometimes 60 days. Covid is statistically a nothing, a joke, it is not a threat to humankind. Do you know how long it takes for the world to gain 3 million new people? We add (i.e births – deaths) more than 80 million new people to the total number each year.

    3 million new people arrive in less than 2 weeks.

    Even if you took the very low estimate of 260 million to 300 million dead to a comparable disease, the covid is 1/100th as bad as spanish flu.

    If the numbers are out by 50% (and some estimates think they are out by 90%) then it’s half of 1% as bad. It could be as little as 1/10th of 1% as bad.

    And for this we’ve shut down the world, and want to jab the entire world with untried, untested, and dangerous chemicals.

    If, from that simple mathematics you can’t see that something is wrong, and strongly infer the true agenda, then you’re as dumb as a sack of rocks.

    • How can our government warrent putting us in lockdown for a year and forcing people to have an untested drug when the UK only has 127,000 people that have died from the so called virus! Guaranteed more will die from the vaccine! Its all just f***** up lol

    • The rather ironic thing is, if you thoroughly research the Spanish Flu you will find that this all came about by the experimental vaccines given to American servicemen. The so-called vaccine was also sent round the world to all the allied countries. It was only called the Spanish Flu because of the headlines made by the Spanish King contracting it, but it originated on US soil in a US military base where basically the soldiers were guinea pigs. This was before viruses were said to be the cause of any disease, so the vaccine was actually based on bacterial infections as causing disease.

      The Americans suffered a second wave when they decided it would be a good idea to inoculate their home citizens against anything nasty that their servicemen would return with. You have to dig long and hard to find this stuff as it was covered up then as it is now, and of course, also as now, the experimental vaccines were never the cause of any problems.

      If I recall correctly this particular vaccine was developed from the brain tissue of cows!

    • Great comment, I hadn’t considered a comparison with the Spanish Flu, (deaths wise) I have however done some maths…3 million dead as a percentage of 7.8 billion total poulation equates to 0.013%?
      Another thought, the Spanish Flu affected younger people….during that epedemic people were vaxxed (wrongly!) for a bacterial infection…I do wonder if a comparison could be made with modern covid vaxx programme?

  9. Hugo wishing you power to continue the good work 💪
    Read all the comments, glad a lot of people are aware of what is really going on.
    Totally aghast 💔 as to how many people are accepting the “wolves dressed as sheep” evil tyranny system!
    It really feels like we’re living in a nightmare….
    Stay strong people 💗

    WW3 looms closer, may change/stall their evil agenda….

  10. Just tried to look at the Facebook page, appears they have taken it down

  11. It sickens me that on most of those heartbreaking posts there is a government covid box informing you of the safety of vaccines

  12. It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.

  13. Could someone, who is on Facebook, let these poor people know that if they want to take this further, this website links to group litigation against the UK government. Nothing and no one can ever bring your loved ones back, or alter things if you weren`t able to be with them, but there`s a saying, don`t get mad, get even, and if you want some justice for the harms inflicted on you, or your loved ones, this might help.

  14. Does any one know if the group has been deleted off face book just had a look can’t find it 🤨

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  17. Hidden in plain sight, to those who refuse to use common sense

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