GMB Covid Man Is ACTOR / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown


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  1. So I’ve looked at this guy Instagram, and looking through his post on may 22 he was what I would consider normal weight but by the 11 June he’s a fat mess. Seem really out that someone could but on that much weight in less than a month.

    • All bull and lies. Ivermectin and hydrocloroquine. That’s all they need. That guy looks healthy to me. They mix lies with truth, because the subconscious mind wouldn’t accept it otherwise. For we deal with beings not of this earth.

      • If he has just come out of ICU after 5 weeks he would be a skinny mess

  2. You have to stand in awe at the audacity of the MSM 🤔. Its amusing to say the least.🤣🤣

    • My sentiments also sadly it will probably work on a lot of people

    • they’ve used the same hospital pics for 3 different hospitals in 3 different countries last year, and more. why should they bother, most people don’t check things/want to believe. my daughter used to constantly tell me about photo shop/how things were done in films, now she believes anything re dead bodies/mass graves ectr 🙁 why/how?!

      • Ask the Amish why they don’t have covid-19

        …they’ll tell you because we don’t have TV!

  3. Yeah luckily young people dint watch that crap in the morning anyways.
    I mean listen to what they are saying “19 only patients, this time and the unvaccinated ones”, “he put off the vaxx”.
    Like not even trying hard to convince young ones, more like, see if you didn’t get the jab this is what’s going to happen to you. Yeah right…time to stop paying the TV license is long overdue.

  4. Yep! The beeb in Apr 2020 used lots of actors too! Boris was allegedly in hospital with covid back then but of course he couldnt have been as if he had been there would have been pics of him in hospital and there were none of course. They did manage to interview the nurses though allegedly but they were actresses. They also used clips of people telling everyone how their family members had died but these people displayed no emotion, no tears or anything which they would have if their alleged family members had been affected by covid. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise no one has ever died of covid as we all know the figures are all concocted probably by a random number generator

  5. This is what happens when MSM are allowed to legally lie to you without repercussions, it is disgusting and should be criminal. This is going to lead to the deaths of a HUGE amount of people but of course it will be blamed on absolutely anything and it will be swallowed up and believed without a second thought.

  6. Hugo these scenarios have been
    going on for ages. John Overkill
    is funny and enlightening at same time. I thought of him as your video started. They will do anything to get everyone jabbed.
    Or achieve their Agenda it seems.
    I saw some similar vids at beginning of pandemic and before.
    But was uncertain. But it all felt
    orchestrated, coincidental or fake.
    Since seeing J Over. It makes a lot more sense now. 👁️📱👁️

    • Overkill tries to make everything look staged , he even tried to discredit piers Corbyn and resistance GB , don’t trust him.

      • And you trust Corbyn? Trust Resistance GB? Even after all these provocateur characters all seem to be all connected to both mentioned? John Overkill is presenting the evidence so I guess it’s upto individual to decide. I know where I am at.

      • Yeah I don’t trust overkill on resistance GB. He’s one of a few people who cover the protests for the entire day and I don’t see anything ‘agent provocateur’ about him on those apart from that one event. Maybe I’m missing something but I’m not convinced on that one but as always I’m happy to be proved wrong.

  7. Hugo could you change the almost invisible green writing please?

  8. Hahaha hospital for 5 weeks and still has time to shave his sideburns like a cunt! Yerrrr right he was bothered to do that. He’s a bad actor also no wonder he was desperate for the money!

  9. “Clearly this vaccine works”… And that’s all she wrote.

  10. At least they trimmed and maintained his stylish beard during his 5 weeks in intensive care

  11. I mean seriously, what was the whole point of this report if not a blatant coercion to get people to take their poison ?

  12. 100% propaganda bullshit. They themselves and in that I mean the Government & NHS Stoolies ( Hancock & Whitty ) have admitted the Vaccine is shite, gives NO protection, will NOT stop you catching it again hence all these apparent Deadly variants which according to those in the know, the qualified, say the variant will be no more than a 0.3% different from the original virus not enough to kill or harm you and I might add that the CV19 Virus has never been proved to exist to this date. And the vaccine will not stop you passing it on. Have you noticed the buzz word ASYMTOMATIC has disappeared from the News ?….. why ?
    Boris, Hancock, Whitty and the rest of the liars in Parliament and I mean all of them Conservative Labour, Liberal and the rest have NO credibility and what / if they did have has long gone……..In my opinion they and anyone in the NHS who is still promoting this bollox, promoting the vaccine along with all the virtual signaling celebs are just as guilty as the Big Pharmaceutical Companies for each person that dies from these Vaccines they all have the blood of them people on their hands which we should remind them of daily.
    I remember when the MMR vaccine came out and controversy surrounding that, women refused to get their children jabbed and there was a Measles outbreak in USA because of this however I still do not recall such a Huge push like the 1 we have now to get the vaccine……… why ?? what is in this vaccine and why are we being Encouraged, Enticed, Bribed, Forced and even Threatened to get it…….Clearly there’s a bigger agenda here.

    • Well said. The phony cult of ‘scientism’ is in full swing. I also think as you say, when Nuremburg 2.0 happens, there will be an awful lot of people with blood on their hands.

  13. This was clearly an advertisement for the jab, not a “news item”.

  14. Cant find that actors YT channel even when I search the exact same video title as in Hugo video. Maybe deleted it or YT blocking. Did anyone find it?

  15. All the world’s a stage. Eastenders is more believable than this. Let’s face it, the plebs believe TV shows are real life and abuse ‘the bad guys in the street. Enough will fall for this and go to get jabbed up. LMFAO.

  16. How come he’s got all that flab on him if he’s been in bed for weeks? He should be stick thin and hardly be able to sit up due to muscle wastage, if you look at people who have spent just a couple of days in a hospital bed, they look dreadful! No vax for us elderly, I aim to live another couple of years in complete fitness and be as happy as I can given the tyranny now being rained upon me and my family. It all stops when we, the public, stop wearing masks and listening to the media.

  17. A sad pathetic attempt to scare monger people into submission. It’s no wonder the Romans banned actors from the political stage (two faces) As regards the gibbering I’ve got a nervous tick bag of shit that has time to shave ridiculous tram lines in his facial hair whilst at deaths door……no wonder the wanker has to flog his low grade acting skills on social media along with all the other two faces cock roaches…….And the most insulting part of this pantomime is that the brainless catatonic zombies believe this utter contemptible inane crap

  18. Doesn’t look like he’s lost any weight.

  19. He’s got a video up on yt talking from his hospital bed. His acting is THAT bad, he wouldn’t have been given a job on Crossroads.

  20. I feel for Marie, but proof the vaccines don’t work. Then they say at the end the vaccines clearly work, everyone will see the contradiction there. A mixture of fake and truth.

    • Oh I would have HATED that when I was a kid, would you? Of course, as well as wanting more control of children so they can indoctrinate them and undermine parental influence and authority over them, it’s because they want to shove mothers out of the home, keeping them away from their own children as much as possible and into slaving for an employer in the gig economy! For a pittance of course!

  21. Before the vaccine (for a year) – no young people caught Covid, now the vaccine has been out – young people who haven’t been vaccinated are catching it – rather a massive inconsistency there! Propaganda much! 🙄

  22. It´s bullshit. I was in hospital for 1 week with peritonitis and I came out looking like a famine victim. If he had been in ICU for 5 weeks there is no way he would look like that. What a liar

  23. Pretend clowns pretending in a pretend world…IT OUTRAGES ME HOW THE GOVERNMENT AND THE FAKESTREAM MEDIA THINK THAT WE, AS THE PUBLIC ARE SO BRAIN DEAD THAT THEY CAN MANIPULATE AND ORDER US WHAT TO DO, WHAT TO BUY, WEAR TO STAND… I will NEVER comply and get the jib jab and if it gets to a point where they force me I will literally declare war..ww3. If that does happen we need to form an army of freedom fighters, woke people, the public and fight back! they can NOT take away our freedom, they can NOT tell us what to do, I am sick of this world but your videos Hugo are keeping me sane through this imprisonment lockdown. You should take a break though Hugo, every time I look on my email you have uploaded a new vid. We appreciate all that you do but just relax a bit x 🙏🏻

  24. ” The very SICKEST patients”?? Really? So the poor souls who are terminal, with cancer for instance, are LESS sick than those with Covid?? Wow! My mother died of a phaeochromacytoma- a so-called “benign” tumour of the adrenal glands and in all my 20 years of nursing, I never saw anyone as sick as she was when she was dying! I have nursed more cancer patients than I care to remember and any nurse will tell you that terminal cancer is Hellish! Thus, to say that these Covid “patients” , who are sitting up and chatting away to the reporters, are “sicker” than all the terminal cancer patients, never mind my poor mother, is an insult beyond describing, to both those dying of cancer and to us , the viewers!
    I must also point out that all the patients I have nursed with respiratory illnesses, struggle to talk when they are sick enough to be on O2, and need to take a breath nearly every couple of words. They gasp several times during a sentence! These people were chatting very well, ne’er a gasp between the 2 of them! I smell a rat!

  25. Speaking of GMB I’ve just had a quick look through their YouTube channel for this morning and there’s 2 videos of Dr shillary. 1 of him and an end of life nurse and 1 of him urging the government to delay the 19th. I couldn’t bring myself to watch either as it would just wind me up big time. I hate him he’s evil.

  26. This Roche character has got very carefully manicured facial hair for someone seriously ill who has just come out of intensive care…

  27. Know them by their actions, using crisis actors to simulate sceens were no alternative may be available is perhaps excuseable but it should be declared.
    When those same crisis actors go on to do interviews and keep the charade going it is deception plain and simple and who is paying them.
    This guy may or may not be genuine, the fact is that the use of crisis actors and deception in the past calles both his ilness and reliability of media into question, as it is we cannot trust anything the media say, plain and simple.

  28. Thank you Hugo

    People have been saying the ‘world’s a stage’ blimmy…
    They not wrong 👍😳😂

    People telling me football being MSM overloaded with coverage .. that’s rigged as well! I don’t follow it but England ain’t done good since before I were born?!
    They all Actors and thank goodness many others are seeing through it🙏🤞🏻
    Well here anyway 👍💪💪

    Have great day Every one

  29. The producers at GMB must have been thinking: ‘let’s do a variant (pun intended, of course) on “Casualty” and “Holby City.”‘ The sad thing is a lot of people across the UK are going to get up in the morning, watch this and take it all in as truth. It’s easy to be fooled by the Kate Darroway tall-tale except you’re highly unlikely to be in a coma for weeks on end with flu-like symptoms which the Rona has.

  30. I’m sure this guy was on a repeat of naked attraction the other night (don’t judge me) 😂😂. I think he’s got 1 leg

  31. Better keep a note of his name to check up on. If it means it’s changed his life and practically ruined it as he alludes to in the clip, no doubt he will have “Long Covid” and so won’t be on our screens acting will he? Bet he pops up somewhere within 6 months of this clip. Wanker.

  32. When will they realise that it’s pointless telling that lie about those not-“vaccinated” get more ill? We who follow what is happening and recognise the lies are not going to be scared into having this dangerous injection now. It is the “vaccine” that has enabled the virus to mutate and produce more difficult variants that the “vaccine” cannot recognise. If they had been honest and ethical they would have treated people with Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine and other cheap drugs in the early stages before the illness took a hold on them, prevented the hospitalisations and deaths. There have been so many deaths caused which could have been avoided but they have deliberately withheld early treatment. It is murder! Who is going to trust a Doctor working in this regime again?

  33. There are so many things wrong with this ICU.
    First there must always be a nurse present at the front doors to see who check in and out.
    Second keylocks must always remain closed. Otherwise anyone can get into the patient records or where equipment and drugs are kept.
    Third Not one of them are on a heart reader. So good luck if a nurse sees your having a heart attack or can’t breathe before it’s too late.

    So yeah this is all one big stage play ready for action and spread fear mongering.

  34. He is lying through hit teeth and that woman is another fraud, she thinks the jabs saved her life even though she still got covid. They are all fraudsters.

  35. I study body language and these people are acting.
    Although I must say they are pretty good.
    Why would they lie ?

  36. Funny how he has a tan line around his neck.
    Also research the doctor In the clip, he’s a plastic surgeon and has a interest in health care apps, having a failed company from 4 years ago

    • Also oncology specialist, interested in electrochemotherapy, a way of allowing things inside of cell membranes 🤔

  37. Bull all of it, did you see the chick in the space suite with her sleeves rolled up and no gloves Really !! what an absolute scam and we have seen the same thing with things like the Niece attack and Boston attack where the same woman interviewed was at booth WAKE UP Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • I’m not liking that instagram feed. There are a few disturbing images in there. It might be that this guy has a double life.

  38. Going right back to the start of this,2019,the old chap on a cruise ship moored at Japan,i think his name was David Albers,he is,or,at least was,on a site called,`Star Now`,with various pictures of him.Actors can go on a cruise,but,they can do a bit of crisis acting too,who knows?

  39. I saw this guy on telly the other day and I thought to myself, hmmm, he’s at deaths door and yet he’s had the time and energy to style his beard! Very strange! It seemed a bit fishy to me! And now I know he’s an actor, I’m certain he is a hoax!

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