AN ABOMINATION! / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. The Desperation is beyond Belief πŸ™‚

      • Why have all these celebrities got such bad teeth? You’d think they could afford a decent dentist!

    • Thanks for not adding the audio Hugo, the bouncing around was vomit inducing enough on its own!
      As for raising money for the NHS, exactly what for because I’m betting it won’t go to help the patients who’ve not had treatment; who’ve had diagnosis left too late, who’s operations have been put on hold for god knows how long which as you said our sat our taxes are supposed to fund anyway!! This is simply another way of trying to convince the masses that the NHS was/is overwhelming with COVID patients which it NEVER was. I think it will probably be overwhelming with flu the winter because lovkdowns have weakened out immune systems (but in all likelood will blamed on some new but non-existent variant) – this is sickening beyond belief!!!!!

      • The NHS is bankrupt because it is paying the pharmaceuticals billions of Β£s for these poisonous jabs!

  2. This is beyond scary. They should all be locked up for the protection of the public! Each and every one of them presents a danger to society!

  3. Urgh! Diabolical! Cringeworthy and highly coercive! More toxic culture!

  4. Bang on Hugo . What a pile of shite by a load of nobodies. As you say since when did we have to raise money for the NHS ? their job is to be there for us .. sick of this plastic celeb fakery . Feck off

  5. Yes let’s create another fake corporate charity fundraiser so they can uber milk the Con-vid goldrush_genocide agenda with more nauseating creepy celebs. Great work as always Hugo ONE_LOVE

  6. Attention seeking whores claiming their 30 pieces of shills gold!

  7. Oh dear. I can actually only name one of these, Harry Hill. Most of them I can’t even say they look remotely familiar but I stopped watching TV a few years ago. We pay taxes for the nhs. We pay for a so called service which is detrimental to health. The NHS are responsible for the death of my father last year and this was prior to the covid rubbish. I have no faith in the NHS. They’re corrupt and I know of far too many people who have been left damaged by their so called care. We shouldn’t have to pay any taxes for such a corrupt organisation whose only interest is pushing drugs onto the people.

    • I was a nurse from 1979 when started my training to 1998. I am ashamed of my former profession for colluding and collaborating with this crime against humanity and disgusted with the NHS, an institution I formerly passionately supported and believed in. I can only surmise that it has been infiltrated at all levels by globalists and Marxists, churned out from the brainwashing institutions called “universities”! This includes the nurses as the training was changed from the hospital-based one I did, to the universities. Instead of being poorly-paid employees of the NHS during as well as after training, nurses now enter the work-force only after qualifying and up to their eyes in student-loan debt! I wonder is that why they are betraying their patients and all the people of the UK and colluding with this Big Lie? That, and the fact they’ve emerged not trained to care for the sick and injured so much as brainwashed into being puppets for those who despise the people and want us culled? In any case, I am disgusted and ashamed of them! Sickening!
      P.S. All the more reason I respect and admire the few NHS employees who have spoken out!

      • Damn. You’re not the only one with this kind of sentiment, check out this video from a former old school GP who tells it how it is (or how it was):

        Betrayed by your NHS:

  8. thanks so much for not including the audio ! it was bad enough without……..

      • Comments are turned off now .. 🀣 and they have deleted the dislikes

    • Yes have given it the thumbs down, only way to reply since comments turned off, is the tingling in the fingers and toes an adverse reaction do think?

  9. Yeah rollout more lifetime actors. Bought and paid for f***wits. I despise all of them

    • I have seen that chilling video, and was glad you posted it. Proof that it is poison from an expert.
      99.99103% one dose of the pfizer is filled with Graphene Oxide, an industrial chemical.
      Dr Jane Ruby, said would only be used for the purpose of killing people. She could find no other reason for it,
      as it is there in such a high degree. Thanks for posting this Janice.

      I did like Harry Hill, but now am sickened by them. Cannot stand Lenny Henry, and the others either.
      It is depressing that they are actually paid to do this, as I saw a documentary some years ago, and
      a man filmed the agencies asking for celebrities to endorse his new charity he was setting up.
      He filmed undercover, and was shocked, as I was, when he was told that “No celebrity would endorse or give their name to
      a charity without being paid”! Alan Sugar, even boasted about it, how he cared so much about a hospital that he waived his fee!
      Generous of the moron, who does not even understand how greedy, and mean that makes him sound and look. So deluded, smug,
      corrupt, arrogant, vile, and evil, The lot of them, now showing what side they are on, and it is not on the side of humanity.

      Thank you for posting Hugo, and for doing what so many others should do but don’t.
      I also like to read the comments, and find them satisfying to read sane voices expressing their
      humane rage and repulsion, at the seemingly relentless vile abuse we are thrown, and bullied, mocked, and emotionally blackmailed by these
      vile creeps, they keep chucking at us.

    • good to see this link, and enjoy reading the comments. Thanks for posting.

  10. Beware the rainbow bridge (antahkarana) between Man and Lucifer…

  11. I’m not laughing, the whole shower of them are pathetic!

  12. They are a Joke – Loving the Rainbow LGBT Garbage too… You can only hope the prisons they are building will be for them and not us!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  13. look like possessed clowns, glad the audio didn’t play, glad i don’t know any of them, thank heavens for not having a t.v.

  14. Harry Hill, a trained neurosurgeon was asked to return to his former career last year, to help the National Harm Service effort against covid. This was to be at the Nightingale Hospital. Due to travel difficulties he did not do this, and he was asked to help with track and trace instead, which also did not happen. (Source, Evening Standard.)
    Another bunch of sold out entities. They are really scraping the bottom of the barrel now. Worse than the worst kind of TV aimed at pre-school children. That’s how we are perceived, we must do as we are told. How about NO! Remember these people, they are complicit.

  15. Lol πŸ˜‚ thank you Hugo
    Made my day with this one πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’ͺπŸ‘

  16. Notice the one eye symbolism at 1 minute 35 seconds. Hidden in plain sight, they are getting boring now, so predicable!

  17. This is Literally `his master`s voice`. A bunch of nobody`s with inflated egos spouting utter claptrap into a huge microphone.
    All that is missing is a vintage gramophone in the background πŸ˜‚

  18. this is a good thing because we all know when the truth comes out all these frauds will be taken to the cleaners. I bet they are all masons!

  19. I recently did a video about celebrity TV shows and how we should turn them off. We must stop idolising them and give our attention to people like Hugo and normal contestant shows.

  20. I looked it up on you tube and out of 300 plus comments I couldn’t find a positive one, comments were hilarious! They will cut comments soon I’m sure, those comedians have just committed professional suicide!

  21. Some fun factoids (without sounding like Harry Hill πŸ˜€ ) 1. Harry Hill was an NHS doctor is a previous life. 2. The NHS is the third largest employer in the world. Holding on in number 2 position is Indian Railways, and in the top-fastic number one spot… πŸ˜€ biiiig drum roll *drum roll* is the Chinese Army πŸ˜€ That’s all folks, see you next time (or whatever Harry Hill would say) πŸ˜€ Oh, and I almost forgot – 3. Harry Hill’s real name is Matthew Keith Hall πŸ˜€

  22. Somehow this bunch of regime lackeys believe that comedy is all about jumping up & down like a 3 year old child.
    Old fashioned circus clowns were funnier.
    Moronic doesn’t cover it.

  23. Straight into the pockets of the corrupt management, NHS should more like NFFP NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE apart from the 25,% who do a good days work.

  24. If this so-called charity works anything like all the others, the scum you see in the video are getting the largest share of any money conned out of people with a few pennies going to the NHS…..perhaps.

  25. Good point about the NHS not being a charity as it’s in receipt of Β£100 billion of taxpayers money every year.
    The demented happy folk in the video are not comedians anymore but merely paid actors. I wonder if there bonkers behaviour is due to them being injected with a real poison and not the placebo saline injection they were promised 😊

  26. If it weren’t for the old normal these court jesters wouldn’t be so well known and wealthy.

  27. What a load of wankers. Couldn’t agree more. It shows you what a sorry shit show things have become.

  28. Brilliant Hugo. I missed this, so thanks for enabling me to add many more faces to remember and not forget how they contributed to the scam. Shame, as I actually got to like one of them but there you go.

  29. The guy behind this is Simon Brodkin, whom some of you may recall sneaking into a Tory conference to hand then-PM Theresa May a P45.

  30. They’re third rate ugly buglies who will do anything for attention, which is why they tried to be comedians in the first place

  31. There is a HUGE irony here. Lockdowns have hit the entertainment industry, theatres and live venues etc extremely hard. Yet most of these in this video started off in small venues and worked their way up. Yet now they want you to stay at home meaning more will go under. Talk about shi**ing in your own backyard! The likes of Andrew hyphenate need to get on the phone to these fools and point out the error of their ways.

    • Typical elitism. Think they give a rats a*** about the industry they started in?

      That moment in their careers is way behind them now they’ve received their bone, and they will continue sing and dance as long as the master says so.

  32. They all want putting down in my opinion. Making light of the b*llocks we’ve been through? The removal of our basic freedoms and human right? Shame on those tossers.

  33. Hey Hugo,
    I sought out that video and wasted almost 5 minutes of my lift watching it. No surprise you didn’t play the audio. It was akin to wiping my arse with sandpaper. And most everyone else thought so that watched it. More thumbs down than up and the comments were turned off. It was disgusting. I’m not sure how much lower the human race can sink. Keep on the great work Hugo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. There is a silver lining in all of this they will all be identified when the court trials begin no mistake and there careers will be finished and will be brought to justice. Singers like Ian brown from stone roses who refused to perform to vaccinated people are also heroes

  35. They only became “famous” because they sold their souls & none of them are funny πŸ₯±πŸ™ˆ

  36. Yuk. Surly even these “so called” celebrities must get tired of all this harrowing buffoonery. They’re either really desperate, or deep in bed with the agenda to actually be willing to subscribe to this atrocity.

  37. The first time I saw that cretin Harry Hill, I nearly kicked the television to pieces. Jo Brand is as funny as finding a tumour in the bottom of your coffee cup and there’s more entertainment value watching a flat line going across a medical monitor than watching Miranda Hart.
    These desperate, despicable, vapid twats make death an attractive alternative to comedy.

  38. I’ve been telling people as soon as i heard, DO THE OPPOSITE! to what the Gov are saying. The Shedding is REAL! STAY AWAY FROM THE VAX’d!

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