This site is now blocking me

WordPress (who notify all subscribers when I make a post is now blocking me from notifying subscribers of new posts, so can’t notify subscribers about new videos at the moment)

For the time being New Videos will be at

6 Comments on “This site is now blocking me

  1. I follow you on Telegram. For some reason I’m unable to comment. Either way they will not keep me from listen or watching your content. I’m not big on sharing my opinion anyway. Taking my ability to comment isn’t a big deal.

  2. Great video, thank you Hugo! I shared it with someone who has cancer and is listen on diet but still taking pills too. I don’t agree with Pharma of course.

  3. Testing, testing 1-2-3. Check-check.
    This is a fake email I use on HugoTalks. I am not signed-up.
    I use my brain to remember things. I don’t have a cellphone to be my brain. And phone #’s are now 10 digit!
    I don’t have history or many bookmarks. (Privacy browser, VPN, Exc.)
    I still check-in. I don’t expect a new video every week. We have lives.
    I know Vernon Coleman has been censored all over the web. He is on. His site “Vernoncoleman(.)com” with videos on onevsp and bitchute.

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