Mustard Seeds, Cancer & The BIBLE / Hugo Talks

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6 Comments on “Mustard Seeds, Cancer & The BIBLE / Hugo Talks

  1. I learned about this post from an email from WordPress. Maybe you’ve been unblocked.

  2. Hands-up, all those who’ve increased their intake of mustard since this? We’re all brainwashed, even those who listen to Hugo 😉

    • I am certainly not brain-washed but since watching this video I have increased my intake of mustard for sure 🙂

      • I drew the line at using it as a custard substitute.

  3. Great post, Hugo! I have known about cruciferous vegetables and their ability to fight cancer cells in the body, but didn’t realize that the language had been changed in the Bible to diminish the mustard seed’s importance. Interesting coincidence that chemo came from “mustard” gas. Was it really called that because if its color? Very suspicious…the devil’s in the details, as they say. Also interesting that this expression derives from an earlier German proverb, “Der liebe Gott steckt im detail”, which translates to “God is in the detail.” The devil certainly is a tricky bastard. Thanks for opening my eyes!

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