TRUMP & JESUS / Mind Control Watch #4 / Hugo Talks

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12 Comments on “TRUMP & JESUS / Mind Control Watch #4 / Hugo Talks

  1. Amen! Great message about believers falling for the deception, especially with Trump and voting. I have been praying more believers will awaken to these deceptions, but I think that they will first have to understand the truth about these devices being potential idols and a tool for witchcraft. Thank you Hugo.

  2. so timely.
    the whole elections cycle comming up and all.
    the reason you focus on trump must be bc we all already know how evil the democrats are.
    but since Trump said he was pro life and pro Isreal it sort of fooled alot of believers into thinking he was legit.
    until of course he brought in the vax and then our eyes were opened and it’s all been revealed they are all democrats deep down.

  3. Do you know why they want us to vote? Because anyone we vote for serves Satan. Thus, we give these people the right to act on our behalf and do whatever they want.

    • I’ve not voted in years and never will again, you just need to look at Sunak now saying he’s going to ban smoking, I can tell you that alcohol is next and why they’ll come up with this is that it uses too much water to produce and use the fake climate change agenda as the reason, so no pubs or clubs for people to enjoy themselves, they want you in your home where they can control you 24/7.

    • You saved me writing my comment. I completely agree. When under God’s judgment, they will say ” oh but they VOTED for us to be in charge”. They believe this is our permission to do evil.

  4. Why so few comments on here Hugo? Are they interfering with the site? One comment I put up on your previous video wouldn’t appear, then appeared, then disappeared again! So I don’t know if you even got it.

    • Yes, I think WordPress monitors his site pretty tight. I do not trust WordPress myself and removed my account.

      God bless

  5. I left a comment here yesterday and it’s not showing. Thank you for this. Would love to hear your thoughts on ‘the chosen.? A friend recommended it … imo it is a globalists creation to be used for their purpose (bug eating; men kissing; Jesus not healing properly (& Mary Magdalene relapsing to her old ways, 666 in the sky night – twice in the first episode …)….

  6. I applied to join your telegram group and I keep getting a message that admin will review…. It’s been for sure at least 10 days… are they blocking you?

  7. Hi Hugo, we have been really really busy, we just catching up with your Brilliant Blessed Videos… Thank you for all you do… Love in Jesus Christ to you and your family Brother… From John and Debra

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