Blue Light, Mind Control, CRT TV’s, The Amish & Optogenetics / Hugo Talks

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43 Comments on “Blue Light, Mind Control, CRT TV’s, The Amish & Optogenetics / Hugo Talks

  1. more fun telling others what to do than doing it yourself i guess.

    remember blue ray dvd’s and blue tooth ear devices….
    just sitting on the dock looking at the blue sky and blue water and distant blueish mountains is sooooo nice.
    of course satan has to counterfit and corrupt anything sweet and pure.
    this video makes me want to take a walk and just enjoy creation and not be on the computer any longer

    you could make a song about your conversion experience how you came to know the Lord.

  2. In CRT tubes the picture was produced by alpha particles (radioactive) striking the phosphorus paint. Luckily alpha particles only travel a short distance. Pro-tips: Turn the backlight on your TV/monitor to the lowest level you are comfortable with. On TVs ‘eco mode’ works well for this. Running the backlight at a low level means the LEDs will be running cooler and are less likely to burn out leaving dark patches/a blank screen depending on how they are configured. On TVs set the picture to ‘movie’, ‘cinema’ ‘whatever your manufacturer’ calls it. It may look light a washed out desert at first but your eyes will soon adjust to it. ‘Movie’, ‘whatever your TV calls it’ mode shifts the ‘colour temperature’ to ‘warmer’ i.e. red and is what the director intended. Kind of like Windows 10/11 ‘nightlight’ that turns on after sunset and before sunrise to reduce blue light. There are plenty of adjustments that you can make on TVs/monitors.

    • Just FYI – burned out LED straps in smart TVs are super easy to replace. I fixed my 6 yr old 42″ Samsung TV for $30 by watching a YouTube video.

  3. We still have two Sony VEGA TV’s and they work great. We don’t have cable TV and we don’t have a SMART phone. Lately my husband and I have been noticing that the Brethren (adults) and Mennonite and Amish teenagers have SMART phones. The Amish boys were the biggest surprise to us. I thought those things were forbidden in their communities. Times are changing fast. It’s very depressing!

  4. I’m not subscribing to this viewpoint Hugo, although I am a bit suspicious of the peakiness of the light spectrum in the devices. The fact that mainstream is investigating this means its a psyop at best, plus I reckon their priority is simply to get their “news” to us via any means. I also think the tech might have been fast-tracked to bring in mobile devices more quickly – teenagers walking along the road with their heads stuck into handheld CRT tubes might not look very hip. Moral of the story? Turn these things off well before bedtime – which we kinda know anyway.

    • I take this all back Hugo. I’ve been speaking to a lighting expert (as you do – another synchronicity, he bought the subject up, not me) and he would back you up on this, I’m pretty sure. He says the reason that the blue LED light is so predominant is down to cost, it’s cheapest, simple as that. How do you know all this stuff Hugo? πŸ™‚ It’s really bad for bats as well as they are nocturnal and hence avoid light, for obvious reasons.

      • Eh?! You need red, green and blue to produce all the colours in the colour gamete or ‘colour space’ as TVs/monitors call it. You get white light by mixing red, green and blue. We were taught this at kindergarten! πŸ™‚ What we are talking about is ‘colour temperature’. On TVs/monitors you can reduce/eliminate the blue light proportion if you prefer. I can’t speak for smart phones since I don’t possess one. You can run a TV/monitor in red, green or blue ‘raster’ mode is you want. But the human eye has a propensity for blue (‘cooler’) light and that is why it is the ‘default’ setting. If you don’t like ‘blue light’ just turn it off in settings!

      • Trev – not quite, it’s to do with the spectrum/spread. Hugo explains this I think, but I’m not watching the vid again to find out. The guy I spoke to is involved in design/manufacture of lighting. Whatever, I’m in the process of taking your advice and reducing my “blue” intake.

  5. Good video. I think it was in autumn 2019 or 2020 that our television provider made it mandatory to use flat screen tv’s. How? They simply shut down the analog broadcasting so even if you have an old tv, you can’t use it anymore. It is only digital now.
    They said they only did it so that they could provide a better vision and audio quality for us. Suuure!

    From what I know, it is the same almost all over the country by now.
    I have personally always preferred the old tv’s with a normal square picture instead of the rectangular version.

    God bless Hugo and all

    • You could still use a CRT with a ‘set-top box’. And maybe you still can, or a satellite receiver if it has analogue output. For many years the only place I have seen CRT TVs is Chinese restaurants where a colour portable sits on a shelf in the corner of the front shop but even these establishments are slowly switching over to flat-screen TVs.

      • Why would you want to, though? If it’s not the physical ramifications, the content is just as bad for gaslighting and propaganda.

    • The reasons for the ‘digital switchover’ were two-fold. 1. ‘Squashing’ more channels into a smaller bandwidth. 2. Freeing up ‘spectrum’ for mobile devices.

      • Thanks for the info trev and the advice for the “set-top box”. I have to research that.
        Now that you mentioned those 2 reasons, I have a slight memory that they used those reasons here aswell so you are correct.

        Perhaps the whole western world has gone digital and cut off the analog system? I have not been up to date with that so I just listed what has been happening locally for me.
        As Oz_264 basically said, it is mostly junk on tv now anyway.

        God bless

  6. Excellent & very interesting Analysis & Commentary! Fascinating! I agree 100% with your analysis of this blue light & what it does & can be used for! Then, you got to your analysis & reinterpretation of Revelation there! I am certain that the analysis of that is way off base & incorrect! Once again, you are not using proper Biblical hermeneutics, or checking into other reliable Bible resources or studying the original Greek words used. Thereby, not “Studying to show thyself approved.” Indeed! Once you finally start doing that & get that down pat, there will be no stopping you! Other than that, for the most part, you are truly “bang on.” Thank you for sharing! Blessings to you!

  7. Thank you again for your continued Biblical discernment and sharing what God has been revealing to you. And I so enjoy your originality with God’s gift to you with singing and music. As far as suggestions for other topics for songs: the murder of the pre-born, people becoming dependent and accepting of the tyrannical governments (like a frog in pot of boiling water). I do not know if these are the kind of topics you would consider, or if even possible to create a song for, but these are my suggestions. occasionally, I stand at an infanticide murder mill building on the day they schedule their planned murders and I listen to sermons or Biblical scripture (on my phone) while holding up a sign. I occasionally play your first song (now I have 2 songs I can play, thank you and Amen) and it would be great to play a song from you fighting for the unborn baby. Thank you, Hugo.

  8. LED light bulbs are the same. They sell them as energy savings, forgetting about the harms for one’s health. The Biden administration is trying to ban incandescent light bulbs.

    • The same came to me, the ban happened EU-wide, in 2012 after gradual bans starting in 2009.

    • The same came to me, the ban happened here, EU-wide, in 2012 after gradual bans starting in 2009.

  9. Well, my comment will probably await moderation for couple of days before it gets rejected, but I’ll try:
    Do not ever ask anybody for suggestions or ideas, especially concerning things which are supposed to come from your heart – I mean precisely MUSIC & LYRICS!
    The Holy Spirit will help!
    I am not your enemy Hugo, despite the harsh words sometimes, in fact you are one of the very few people who I listen to, your work is deeply appreciated!

  10. Thank you for the songs Hugo. You have a soothing voice.
    I would like to recommend a very popular, and thorough book on The effects of electricity on our health. “The Invisible Rainbow – A history of Electricity and Life”. by Arthur Firstenberg.
    Keep the faith brethren…we are in for a rough ride; the Flood of LIES is getting intense; it’s effect on the human race is only comparable to Noah’s Flood.
    God be with us. HIS Elect will weather the storm and not be DECEIVED. Which is why HE shortened the days of tribulation from 7 years to 5 months; or even The Elect would be deceived. Rev 9:1-5. πŸ™β€

  11. Great video, Hugo. You make such good points and you will make people do some research. I fear it’s worse than we think. Check out weapons’ expert Mark Steele’s videos… he claims that this ‘blue light’ and EMF is all part of an overarching mode of ‘attack’ on the human body. These new ‘systems’ are being installed to cause harm to human bodies. I noticed, here in the West Midlands, that the 5G towers in the built-up areas always seem to be next to kids’ schools! Steele’s videos are soon taken down… which suggests he is on to something. God bless, Hugo.

    • Is this the same ‘Mark Steele’ who claims streetlights are ‘military weapons targeted on the civilian population’? πŸ™‚ Do a search for ‘Mark Steele debunked’ πŸ™‚

  12. Regarding Electricity and it’s effects on our health . I would recommend this book: “The Invisible Rainbow-A History of Electricity and Life”.

  13. Great song, I love your high notes, they keep coming into my head – like an angel singing – sort of etherial.

  14. Praise where praise is due , well done hugo , fantastic video , this is the side of you I enjoy and respect , great work . Project blue beam indeed , their little show stopper is just around the corner … πŸ’₯ 🀯 πŸ‘½ πŸ‘ΉπŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

  15. Great video Hugo, thank you and I enjoyed your song and its music. It’s been years since we have been forced into these horrible cold, so harsh Led bulbs while incandescent s have totally vanished from the market place. I heard from the beginning that they were bad for the eyes. Just a few days ago I received an email informing me the the (French) government was offering thousands of Led lights to people! I deleted the mail before finishing the paragraph.

  16. remember obama made everyone get those crappy new expensive exploding painful to the eye lightbulbs in 2008. a lady left our church because the lighting. she tried wearing sunglasses for a while
    blue tooth and blue ray were part of the pre programming psyop brainwashing gas lighting conditioning front loading dealio probs anyway.
    ever try sourgum? is it any good?
    i saw two deer on my walk and i also protest at abortion clinics. I get to go take a stand tommorrow. we get alot of thumbs up, honks and waves. one guy brought us flowers. but i also have had cus words, middle finger, yelling, objects thrown at me and cars swerve to pretend like they are gonna run me over. all so they can kill children. amazing.

  17. Hugo

    You should consider doing another video on the different Tiers of the Alt Media from the legacy media at Teir 1 who the public doesn’t trust, and how the people are sectioned off to different Alt media personalities like Russell Brand. If your not deluded by Tier 2 personalities, Teir 3 gets you and so forth.

    Russell Brand’s latest video shows in in Plain Sight as exposing the 77th Bridage, whilst doing their work for them with attitudinal changes. I think you mentioned in your video last time on this that this is just herding people into different pens and when you have 100 paid ‘mockingbird’ Tier 2 personalities, 90% of the alt media is controlled, and 90% of Tier 3 and 4 etc etc…this needs explaining in detail with ‘Mind Maps’ diagrams etc to show how the populace is being consciously fragmented so we will never rise up against the Ruling Classes. Ya get me drift….

    • It is what banks (and other places) call ‘customer segmentation’ πŸ˜‰ Sounds a lot better than herding folks into different sheep pens πŸ™‚ And no matter what you are into there is a website out there -just for you πŸ™‚

  18. So we had to spend years staring at screens during lockdowns – what a strange coincidence….

  19. That’s another reason for our patented sunsimulator, from own experience i’m almost 70, i know our sun was nothing close to this much too bright led light high (not really) in our striped skies. Thanks Hugo, you’re the best πŸ˜‰

  20. Thank you Hugo for all the research that you do and then share with us.
    I’m wondering if you could put music to the scriptures that have the answers to all these issues you raise?

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