The Tell Tale Signs OF A PSYOP / Mind Control Watch #3 / Hugo Talks

Download Song here ‘The MK Ultra Show’

18 Comments on “The Tell Tale Signs OF A PSYOP / Mind Control Watch #3 / Hugo Talks

  1. I like both your songs, Hugo. Very well done all around. You are sincere and
    blessed with many talents. God blesses you.

  2. There’s no such thing as bad publicity, and whilst everyone is watching him there not watching the things being implemented in the background. Just a giant shell game to distract the mass sheeple.

    • The concept that this is a distraction from something else ‘going on’ fails to recognize that it is ALL a distraction to keep you from Jesus and Salvation.

  3. Amen, Amen, and again Amen!!! I truly appreciate your encouraging sound words of wisdom. Thank you.

  4. Amen, Amen, and Amen!!! Thank you for your encouraging words and reminding us to put down the device(s) and pick up the Word of God and spend time with the Holy Ghost.

  5. another sign that these are manipulators of unprotected minds is this: the world deifies them

  6. If you can prove Blackrock Inc and Vanguard Inc own the left and right media then that will give greater gravity to your argument. The video titled “Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick supports your viewpoint.

    Another great video that concurs with your direction is Monopoly, Who owns the world. I need evidence that the Rothchilds own all the Freemasons news outlets, and that would mean the BBC and youtube and rumble and Google, if that can be proven then Russell and all of them are just Shills for the establishment.

  7. and everyone loves it. they beleive everything they see and hear. and they want to boss us all around and show me pictures of their dogs. arg.

  8. BS, brand did damage to the machine .. Brand made sense “unlike you” Brand got to close and had to many people … why 6.5m followers because A. He was/is a celebrity, B because he’s believable… “unlike you” It’s funny how you divide the pack… those against the machine and those who support religion… for a God bother your not very accommodating..

    • Brand is a Freemason puppet, also a Kabbalist, please do your homework, read about the Hegalian dialectic, a favoured tactic. He has tattoo of 33 on his arm, was married to a pop star; right at the top of the pop music scene, obviously another puppet pushing degeneracy. The best lies are the ones mixed with truth, this is what is dragged folk into thinking he’s legit, another age old tactic of religions to.

  9. I posted this a few days ago on the subject of Russell Brand on another million+ subscriber BoobTube platforms sponsoring controlled opposition.

    Very smooth how Watson seamlessly segued into a commercial in the middle of his yap. I must admit never listening to Russell Brand’s brand of bullshit because it always smelled like shit to me regardless of what side of the fence he was supposedly on.

    Do you ever wonder if most of the controversy between the “left” and “right” is just a show whether the participants involved care to believe it or not? Frankly, it all seems like a stage production that I can hardly believe any longer. Maybe that’s the ultimate goal of it all! And people foolishly say it’s an interesting time to be alive; it’s a dreadful time to be alive!

    • God placed us in this time and gave us the tools to live in it. 

  10. Excellent & spot on. Remember Hugo EVERYTHING here is vibration, frequency & energy, & our brain has various waves / frequencies. Tptb know this from long ago & the TV was created with this is mind. Watching TV puts your brain into Delta wave, i think it was, which we’re more receptive when in. Cheers, stay safe folks.

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