MIND CONTROL WATCH #1 Tim Pool / Hugo Talks

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9 Comments on “MIND CONTROL WATCH #1 Tim Pool / Hugo Talks

  1. If mind control is the suggested power of the known what is the mind control of the verses written in a text

  2. Love this song Hugo! Did you write it and is you singing? It’s so uplifting thank you 🙏

  3. Thank u I agree I ❤️ the song take care Hugo God bless u and keep u safe ♥️🙏✝️

  4. ❤🌎🙏 Hit the nail on the head once again Hugo. Live the song & explanation of trinity. I agree. Was always confused with it all. God bless & keep you.

  5. Amen! It took me a few revelations about the individuals in those supposed “conservative” positions and then the new terminology (that I have even heard believers in my church) the “conservative Christians”. And then I discovered these people are rich. And then God gave me the “Aha” moment. I unsubscribed from them all. But they are really deceiving thousands. So, thank you Hugo for your Holy Ghost discernment.

  6. i feel like it’s all propaganda brainwashing anymore
    ahhhh aveeno
    calgon take me away
    how long??????

  7. Hugo I have been with you for a long long time. I found you here, I found you there. Now I just come straight to your website because there are very few that I still listen to. No matter what happens to us, I know that I am going to see you in heaven Hugo. May our heavenly Father continue to direct your path no matter where it goes. May you be blessed for always letting the Spirit speak through you. I hope I will be able to hear you for a long time coming

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