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  1. That’s very true smoke and mirrors
    I love God’s family always ❤️

  2. Agree 100 percent. I gave my grand daughter a KJV children’s study bible, that had questions and bible verses for the answers on every few pages. Her grandmother that is raising her is Catholic. As soon as I sent that bible to her, I couldn’t talk to her anymore. What a shame.

    • @Anna. I genuinely feel for you and find myself in a similar situation. I was elated and thought my daily prayers had been answered when, a couple of weeks ago, my thirteen year grandson let it be known to me that he had accepted Jesus into his life. We had a lovely conversation and it was evident that he had awoken to the Truth and how this world really works! From the things he was saying together with his enthusiasm, it was clear that God had blessed him with his Holy Spirit. I was overjoyed to say the least. However, my daughter has since stopped speaking to me and to date, I’m unsure if I’m allowed further contact with my grandson. I am devastated.

      • Dear Pamela, It’s hard. Keep praying & when he’s old enough hopefully he’ll understand. I’ve 9 children & because of a very abusive marriage [a Christian believe it ir not – there’s forgiveness & with hope] it has destroyed any tiny bit of belief they had. They hate the Name of Jesus & my heart is broken for them. I pray ALL the time for them & try my best as a mother but we’re not a family with a lot of pain & hurts between us all, there’re at times I feel like quiting as things just seem worse each day, but I have to trust. I got saved in Sunday School age 6 🙂

  3. Thank you Hugo. Keep faithful and strong as you are doing. Yahuah bless you!

  4. God (Jesus’ Father) has an earthly organization and a people for his name . “Symʹe·on has related thoroughly how God for the first time turned his attention to the nations to take out of them a people for his name.. Acts 15:14.

  5. One intended by product of the ” JABS ” is that they were also intended to open people up to demon possession which would explain the uptick in assaults for no apparent reason and other violence. Hollywood mocks the Jabbed with all these demonic possession films which are showing them their future. This increase in demonic presence would explain the Christian hating comments. GOD BLESS you Hugo.

  6. An exceedingly large percentage of the population appear to see human existence as though it were a mere accident of nature. ‘Big Bang’ satisfies their curiosity concerning earth’s early origins: everything emanating out of nothing, or more amazingly, from a ‘Big Bang’ explosion some 13.5 billion years ago. Charles Darwin arrived at the most propitious time in mankind’s history, and amazingly resolved the mystery of mankind’s ancestry according to our Establishment. Everything on earth: animals, plants, insects etc., all originated from the coincidental combination of complex components somehow conveniently came together in a rock pool somewhere on earth from which everything magically came into existence over 4.5 billion years ago. The improbability of such a sequence of events happening is considerably less than the number of atoms on earth to one, in other words an impossibility.

    There are only two spiritual powers on earth. In spite of Almighty God having created mankind in his own image with a brain of incomprehensible complexity, it should be apparent to most sentient beings that Satan, Hebrew for adversary, is why most people have been so expertly deceived since the beginning of time. Satan and his fallen angels have led mankind into the real possibility of most of them losing their immortal souls, and spending eternity in the ‘Lake of Fire’ because of their indifference and ignorance.
    Reference: KJV Genesis 6:1-4 & Revelation 20:4.

  7. Hugo, it is wonderful that you have become a Christian 🙂
    Many fellow Christian’s are very encouraged, particularly those that have been standing against the c19 madness. There is a group of us who are on Facebook and telegram, if you would like to join us I can invite you? Liam

  8. Thank you, Hugo. Such a beautiful and powerful song which gets better with every listen.

  9. Well said Hugo, Jesus’ name is to demons as crucifixes are to vampires

    The more you shine with His love the more they will despise you…this was all prophesied!

    Personally I love your videos even though they aren’t as prolific anymore

    He is the way, the truth and the light, Amen 💜🙏🏻

  10. Atheists say they come from nothing and are going back there after they pass. You ask them to show you an example of nothing and they can’t do it.

  11. Waiting on the day the Lord God puts an end to all the evil and corruption. I am so sorry for sinning against the Lord and I know that Jesus paid for my sins for me. Jesus defeated death and the grave, came back to life and went to heaven to prepare a place for me. Thank you, Lord for shedding your blood to save me. Even so, come Lord Jesus.

  12. abominations to each other.
    it’s in Psalms.
    dead in their sins and trespasses until they are born again into life in Jesus…enemies like Paul was when he was Saul.


    troubler of Israel…that was what Ahab called Elijah It think.


  13. Hatred poisons the hater. They are physically harming themselves as has been established by the study of Epigenetics. Best just try to forgive them “For they know not what they do”!

  14. What makes it all the more difficult is that members of my family, who are extremely pious, cannot discern between ritual, traditions of men, religion… and the living Lord. They fixate on a worldly ‘unity’ and all-inclusive ‘love’, but will shun any reference to Jesus’ promises of persecution, division (even in a man’s own household), suffering and the separation of sheep from the goats. Thank you Hugo for saying what needs to be said.

  15. Man has corrupted literally everything, just what the word of God says in the scriptures. When you understand and see God speaking his word in scripture, there are so many examples of an exodus all the way through the old testament then into the new. Our lord and Saviour Jesus Christ being the leader of the final exodus. Be in Christ and not of this corrupt and vile world, yes, we are in the world, but not of the world. God bless you Hugo.

  16. Amen. So true. I am noticing more and more people succumbing in to the newest advancements in technology. Even believers and churches are adjusting to the newest and latest. And the entertainment industry is financially growing. Many believers think that we have to “get with the times”. Deceived.

  17. I was an atheist leading up to 2020, but I’m not anymore. I have been influenced to change by, amongst other things, your videos. Thank you.

  18. True poverty is a lack of God in our lives not a lack of monetary or material wealth. There is, indeed, a spiritual battle in this world, which has escalated ten fold in these last 3 or 4 years.Those who embrace the teachings of Jesus Christ are protected by the armour of our Lord. God Bless you Hugo.

  19. Thank you Hugo! I’ve listened to your song several times now and this morning I sang along and watched the video – it moved me to tears of love for Jesus and our heavenly father. You must have been truly guided to bring this song to the world!

  20. Some news just in… Russell Brand has posted a video denying ‘very serious criminal allegations’ that are about to be leveled against him. Channel 4’s ‘Dispatches’ will air the allegations this evening (Saturday 15 September) and The Sunday Times will publish the allegations overnight. Brand states that ‘all his previous allegations have been consensual’ so it is pretty obvious what they are. Driving at 30 in a 20mph zone 🙂

    • Well, well, well now is seems that Russell has been accused of rape, sexual assault and emotional abuse by four women. This has got ‘stitch-up’ written all over it. Hope Alex ‘The Voice of Reason’ Bellfield isn’t his brief 🙂

      • This is your ‘Andrew Tate’ Psy op strategy pantomime in order to try and make obvious establishment people seem as if they are anti establishment. They do this all the time, Trump and his arrests, Tate and now Brand. These plants are obviously not as effective as they were hoping otherwise they wouldn’t go to such lengths to try and make these people seem anti establishment. If they were really anti establishment, they wouldn’t be featured in the News whatsoever.

  21. Hugo, I’ve been listening for the last 2 years. It’s spot on. No hatred here. Your faith just assure me of your validity. I’m an old grandmother. East Tennessee..you are so succin5. So clear and concise. Keep your chin up. Your are on the right path keep going. I love your videos. I was born in 1963. You have conforted me that a young person can still discern. God bless you

  22. Thank you Hugo – you are such a blessing:) I think we should start little Hugo bible study groups in our local areas! Get like minded people together (I’m a bit disillusioned with the church) – maybe you could make a function for this on your website. Just a thought, but I expect you have enough on your plate already. God bless you brother.

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