The Mark Of The BLUE TICK / Hugo Talks

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17 Comments on “The Mark Of The BLUE TICK / Hugo Talks

  1. It’s called conditioning as everything will be tokenized on the block chain this decade and this timeline fulfilled!:

  2. Thank u Hugo what u say is true I shall be closing my account down

  3. The media I would classify it under ■ false signs and wonders; the False Prophet is an individual that only along with the beast is cast into the lake burning brimstone and fire during the Millennium while Lucifer is bounded in hell.

    • There isn’t really anything to signify that the false prophet or the beast are single individuals. This concept comes along with the ‘Antichrist’ being a single person as opposed to it being a term to describe the spirit of someone or something.

  4. And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. ■ Revelation 16:13 KJV,

  5. Thank you so much Hugo for speaking the truth and confirming my thoughts!

  6. I think the plan is to turn “X” into our version of WeChat… if this is true, it makes sense they want to verify you with a selfie!

  7. When Twitter first came out, not that I ever used it, but it looked appealing with the little twittering bluebird motif and the space for social chat. To me, “X” as a title is jarring, like anti-matter. To participate , having to verify your ID by submitting selfies along side government issued ID and consent to 30 days storage of your info, seems positively sinister. It would serve X right if everyone abandoned it for something more sociable!

  8. Twitter has one use – to my mind at least – when the satanic media “report” (or don’t report – France protests, lockdown marches etc) on key news, Twitter is a good source of actual news from on-the-ground witnesses.

    Beyond that, it’s a load of shite and the notion that people should pay for the blue tick…it belongs up their sphinctenpoopers!

  9. Huge search for the Loch Ness monster … keep them looking down for the ‘ beast Hugo ‘ for the viper rattles it’s tail above …

  10. Having a Real relationship with Jesus Christ is daily & knowing his thoughts about things is wonderful, Jesus Christ is the way of escape, thank you Hugo, God bless you, you are flourishing Hugo, every day, your in our prayers and thoughts, each time we eat we listen to your catch up videos hugo, so thank you so very much, keep safe & always Keep looking to Jesus Christ Always

  11. Very eye opening. I’ve always wondered what these mean, and like you, I was skeptical about it being a person or other entity. It’s just too big for one man. This makes sense to me. And I think I understand why you are doing this backwards.

    So what is this electricity? Alternating current maybe? Two streams of electrical current alternating. Can these be the two horns? Two horns of electricity? Direct current is rarely used these days. Even the modern electric cars use alternating current. A/C current to charge them and make the motor spin, while the D/C is only used to store the electricity and in some secondary electrical systems. And now they are coercing us all into these electric vehicles. Same with the smart phones, they receive their power from A/C, not D/C. None of this is mandatory, but try to get a job these days without a smart phone. Think of smart appliances, we won’t even be able to open our refrigerators to get a bite without permission! But only if we choose to use these technologies.

    Now I hope I’m not letting the cat out of the bag here, but following your logic, we need a system to control us in a legal manner. And since this is the first beast, it obviously came first. So what legal system came out before electricity and now runs the world? British admiralty law. The law of the sea! And it is also voluntary, most of us are just not aware of that fact.

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