The FALSE PROPHET Rev 13 / 11-15 Analysis / Hugo Talks

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49 Comments on “The FALSE PROPHET Rev 13 / 11-15 Analysis / Hugo Talks

  1. Very true Hugo people have given up the bible to worship the devil Islam instead of worshipping God’s family and following the bible instead of evil 😈 people who think they incharge till Jesus comes back 🙏 ❤️ ✝️

  2. I largely agree with this analysis.

    Revelations is predictive programming written by the cabal for a contemporary audience. Key to understanding is that it repeatedly describes the
    same events from different perspectives. Hence there are many false starts and
    false endings. Events are not necessarily in sequence and whilst being clear and
    detailed Revelations also attempts to hide its information. Once these techniques
    are understood interpreting it becomes straightforward be it time consuming.

    • The first beast refers to the existing financial and economic system. This is also referenced as ‘Babylon the Whore’ or ‘Babylon the Great’.
    • The ‘mortal wound’ received by the first beast’ is the wound of the great financial crash ( The first beast will continue for another 42 months (three and a half years).
    • ‘The wonder’ that the first beast has survived such a fatal wound refers to the shock and disbelief that the financial system has been shown so utterly corrupt. It will be the outrage at the behaviour of the bankers and failure of government. This is to undermine the existing system and facilitate the new.
    • The second beast is the new digital financial system associated with
    biometric ID and ‘the mark’.
    • That the beast is given voice is possibly a reference that the new financial system shall be orchestrated and communicated through the United Nations.
    • The sea refers to the sea of politics and nations. ‘Beast’ systems emerge from
    this sea. The sand is the people that sit below. Note the association with maritime law.
    • The seven candlesticks are the planets.
    • The two witnesses are Venus and Mercury.
    • The two palm trees refer to the spiral tails Venus and Mercury will develop.
    A third spiral round earth (not visible from earth) once more completes the 666 pattern.
    • The shortening of days refers to changes in rotational speed of Earth as micronova nears.
    • The Rapture (term not actually in Revelations) refers to the micronova.

    • “Satan” is not an entity. It is the lower mind of every person. It is the bottomless pit of the ego that continuously needs to be fed but never satisfies. It is the godliness within us that is responsible for controlling the temptations. Stop blaming something outside yourself for your evil behaviour. The bible is a mystical book. It was the Magi (magicians) from the East who followed a star (astrology) to discover the “birth” of Christ (consciousness) and brought offerings of “insense”. “Jesus” made it clear that the “Kingdom of God” is within us, not “here or there”. We need to stop pushing false biblical perceptions on people and see the truth. Love, hate, jealousy, forgiveness, compassion, negativity, etc. are all within us and under our control through “Jesus consciousness”.

      • Christ consciousness is nonsense.
        Check my agents of woo woo video here >
        Christ Consciousness is New Age mysticism and is all about turning inwards on oneself rather than communion with God. Its all about focusing on yourself, being selfish, as opposed to selflessness.
        Jesus gave up everything, voluntarily and selflessly sacrificing himself for us so that we can have eternal life.
        The New Age Christ Consciousness claim is that anyone can obtain this Christ-consciousness with enough meditation. They also claim Jesus is no longer the Christ but a Christ.
        They don’t want you to be meditating on the word of God though, they want you to meditate on nothing.
        Its no different to all the other New Age Luciferian beliefs, which are that man can, within himself, transcend physical existence and experience his own goodness as being “one” with the universe, being a god, or existing on whatever higher plane he chooses to believe in. Fits in very nicely with the Lucis (Lucifer Publishing) mantra and transhumanism agenda.

      • I am sorry you have fallen for that New Age twisting of scripture, Michael. Jesus is very real, and so is that devil. One of the devil’s greatest lies or achievements is to convince people that he doesn’t exist. You can remedy that false christ consciousness by reading Rev. 3:20, and opening the door of your heart to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and invite Him in, and you will find out how real He is. I pray you do. Before you stand before him at the judgment. The devil is laughing at everyone he’s convinced that he doesn’t exist.

  3. Very interesting and makes perfect sense of what has always seemed incomprehensible symbolism to me. Thank you.

  4. Amen. (What else is there to say?)
    Few people pay attention to the true meaning of words, “thanks” to 2nd beast of course…
    Anyhow ‘AMEN’ is one of those words.

  5. I always enjoy your take on the Word, we as Christian’s should disengage from worldly things as much as possible. The demonic influence through the media rampant, I do try to stay informed without being influenced but it is difficult.
    You are correct in that staying in the Word is imperative, if we are to guard ourselves from being influenced by the Internet leviathan. Most Christians have stopped awaiting the return of Christ, which is a good indication of their station. I find that only people in crisis are willing to listen when I speak to them about God, people that are doing fine may placate me by listening, but go about doing what they will, instead of what God wills.
    Keep the faith brother.

    • Right. “Prince of the power of the air (waves). I have been guilty also, for substituting my best morning scripture study, and praise singing with going right to the internet to see what is happening in the world, but also to try to share truth for lies. Thank you Hugo for making this so clear. I think of Star Trek, where the whole population was “of the body” by a machine that changed them, and anyone who was not “of the body” they turned against and turned in, so that they would be made of the body. Sound familiar? They will give you up and turn against you, like many already have, including my only Sister. But when they destroyed the mainframe computer system, everyone came running in calling LANDREW, LANDREW, and didn’t know what to do, not even knowing they had been controlled by it. Like in a trance. I refused to have a smart phone, but use the internet too much now. And I’m being cut out of many places/things due to not having a phone (number), so can’t sign in to google, youtube, or do online bill paying, or banking, as they require that phone # to verify via text. But I will not have a smart phone. And Hugo is so right that when the internet goes down, everyone will panic and go bonkers, not getting their fix.

      • I haven’t fallen for the New Age twisting of scripture, I believe people are good or they are evil but they can change and it is up to them to do so,even the darkest soul can find the light, I believe in the power of good and would not hurt anyone unless I had to defend myself, there are wicked pockets of humanity out there and the world would be a better place without them as they are unwilling to change but as I said the decision lies with them to change.

  6. As always Hugo , THANKYOU for sharing, ❤️ I’m thinking along the exact same lines. DECEPTICONS DECEIVING US…
    My friends & family are FINALLY starting to listen… People simply need to start & read the bible & ask some questions. There is NOTHING but depopulation awaiting them. We OWE IT TO EACH GENERATION, TO OUR CHILDREN AND THEIR CHILDREN. Before it’s too late.
    May you & others of true faith in Jesus be continually blessed, in the Lords name through Jesus Christ & the holy spirit 🙏 Amen ❤️✨️🙏😍

  7. When I asked God who the antichrist was, the words AI popped in my head. This was 3 years ago before I had given AI any notice, not being a techy person.

    • I don’t know if it is true or not, but long ago I heard that they can target a person wearing a mask, and could also be the reason for “social distancing”, so that each individual can be targeted by silent weapons. AND to keep us from assembling or praying together. After darknessisfalling dot com had us look up “mask” and “mask face covering” on Encyclopedia Britannica, I could NEVER wear one! Another big eye opener. Plus complying is obedience to a mandate that is not legal…only compliance validates a mandate. I will not comply, because it’s really damaging to our health, and God given right to breathe fresh air, not breathe back in waste products that were meant to be exhaled.

  8. I believe they will cause a power outage and then when they switch it all back on, you will require “ID” to get access again. Everything has been digitised, so that is the trap! Thank you Hugo for your due diligence and faith 🙏🏼❤️

  9. I think you’re onto something here Hugo, I think you’ve got it all sussed x

  10. The Beast/false messiah/man of sin and the false prophet ■ I believe to be two individuals/men/mankind. Revelation 19 clearly places these two into the lake of fire while Lucifer is bound and set in hell for the Millennium.

  11. The beast and the false prophet ■ BILLGATES111 and Fauci are two individuals that through contracts and agency extension have used the technology and biological weapons to abominate humans into a permanent chimera, through the marking of DNA corruption, and the materials of hydrogel and nanoparticles.

  12. “So that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in sight of men”.

    Well, that does seem to match the recent direct energy weapon (DEW) “conspiracy claims” of Maui Hawaii, doesn’t it?
    Maybe we should take the Bible more literally – at least on this point?

  13. Doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree Hugo is one of a very few that will really make you think outside of alot of the main stream indoctrination.thank you Hugo for the hard work for the kingdom.

  14. Bravo, Hugo! I’ve been realizing very much the same and last week trashed my smart phone. I never got much past talk and text being as I am old enough to remember when we survived just fine without the “convenience” of smart phones. Ditched my microwave first five years ago, then my computer printer, and my TV three years ago. I’ve kept the TV (unplugged) and use it only when a hurricane is headed this way.
    I was thinking about the rare “earth” minerals needed for batteries and computer chips, too (a beast coming up out of the earth) and the slave labor required to mine it.
    Although I am old, I spend hours outdoors every day (less when the abhorrent planes are spreading their poison) — and over the course of 10 years have turned my small property into a wildlife habitat and care for 7 rescue animals in addition to much wildlife that finds its way here. God has guided me in this direction and admittedly I was slow to catch on (4 years ago) as to why. Now I know and I am calmer, happier and healthier than anyone I know of any age. Which isn’t to say I have all the answers but I do know, like they say, whatever wisdom I have gained in my old age is because God saved me when I was young and foolish, more times than I can count.
    Thank you, Hugo. And God bless you.

  15. Exceptional Hugo! I also believe the first beast is the modern-day UN/Club of Rome empire. It is a one world government (political) system which is supported by the second beast which causes mankind to worship it. Think modern day idolatry. We don’t go out into the desert and bow down to golden statues anymore. I believe worshiping a false idol is giving my attention to anything more than I give to God. I could worship money, hobbies, drugs, my social media account, etc. Your point is valid and in my heart I believe A.I. is the image of the beast that is “alive”. The Holy Spirit led me to this conclusion, and more, over 5 years ago. The second beast, a mass communication system, controlled by A.I. algorithms designed to consolidate power on behalf of the first beast. It causes mankind to focus our attention on anything and everything but God. I think an important point to note is we must do this voluntarily in order for it to be actual worship. You can’t be forced to worship your hobby. You have to choose to do so. This is where Lucifer uses his most powerful weapon…deception. Mankind will be deceived and will make the choice. Maybe I am so consumed by my TV, laptop or smart phone that I choose to worship at the “alter” of environmentalism, social media, wealth management, pandemics, political intrigue, hollywood or the worst of all, a “religion” that literally tells me I CAN BE MY OWN GOD by achieving enlightenment and eternal life though any means other than the way, the truth and the life…Jesus Christ. God exposed Lucifer’s (light bearer) endgame in Genesis. “…Ye shall not surely die… your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods…” Wait, how can this be possible!?!?! Could it be through some gobbledygook new age / reincarnation / meditation / third eye / chakra / secret society pyramid scheme? Or maybe it’s through good works and saying 10,000 hail metatron prayers and then uploading my conscientiousness to the metaverse so I can live forever in the virtual world or whatever (just fill in the blank). It doesn’t matter to Satan, as long as it isn’t through Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God.
    Another great talk! I will keep praying for you.

  16. This video certainly gives food for thought some interesting ideas, but whether you are right or wrong. It is the almighty that is in control and always will be. AMEN

  17. Revelation 13 is describing mans world wide political system, its is known as Gog and Magog, verse 2 says the dragon gave the beast its power, the beast was wounded when it was the league of nations at the out break of war, it reserfaced as the United Nations, the ten horns means earthly completion of the 175 member nations of the UN, the beast wages war with the holy ones in the final days, try to remember in this chapter the dragon is Satan and he gives power and authority to the beast, the image of the beast is the United Nations, this is what the beast hides behind. The UN does the speaking for the beast.

    Now you know that the beast and the UN are simply Satans earthly representatives.

  18. The internet, however, has enabled a percentage of the population to open their eyes to the corruption that’s all around, though most ignore the fact that they have information at their fingertips – with the option to do their own research – in favour of believing what the mainstream media has on offer. Without the internet, I would probably, to give one example, have believed the propaganda and gone along for all the spears.

    • I would have agreed with you a year ago, But its much more controlled than even I realized. The road of truth is much narrower than you think.

      • I hope people realize that the cell phone is the main gateway that hooks them into the Vav vav vav or WWW, 666 mainframes, with apps and what they may have allowed to be put in them (vex’d). It’s all in the patent. So when they sent me a free upgrade cell phone, I sent it back, and won’t have one. Already, without that number, I can’t get online to bank, paypal, order things, now google, farcebook & youbube and other places have denied signing in without that number, having to receive a text on the phone to sign in. Getting locked out of everything slowly. And they can’t “social distance” fink on people who got in contact with someone who supposedly was positive for Cohvie. But they’ve got everyone so dependent on their phones, they won’t give them up. Pretty cunning. And they are going to cut off landlines for optical fiberoptic cell only.

      • @ jesusisthelighthouse I have what’s known as a dumbphone. I just use it for phone calls and texts. I’ve had it for about 15 years.

      • Well, that’s good! I had a smartphone, I think…4G that should have continued working just fine, as older tech usually meshes with new, at least from 4 to 5gee. But no, they said I needed the newer upgraded phone, so I said just close my account. The reason being the new ones you cannot remove the battery, and they come preloaded with the right “apps” and social distancing junk, and mine had no card you could put in to keep your old number if you switched. I used to put the old one in the microwave at night so it couldn’t listen, receive or transmit. LOL. I hope yours continues to work. Blessings!

      • The Bible is meant to be confusing to those who do not believe in the Lord or seek Him for understanding and spiritual discernment. That’s why Jesus spoke in parables. Only via the Holy Spirit’s guidance/understanding can it be spiritually understood, and then it comes alive. Try praying for understanding first, and His guidance. It’s amazing how it then comes to life. You won’t want to put it down. That’s how our Lord works for those who diligently seek Him. Praying He will open your eyes to the awesomeness of His living words of life.

  19. Amen Hugo. It makes so much sense when to realize the insanity, desperation, and dependency people, including believers, have about the internet. I remember when big businesses would always have a manual backup, and now people would not know what to do with out it. Even Bible preaching churches are using internet for means of communication, tithing, and fellowship. It all seems so surreal.

  20. DEW is fire from heaven (the skies) they have done it in various areas already… and its ramping up, their favorite laser turret fitted on the nose of their aircraft.

    • Whether or not DEW is real or not, it is irrelevant to this conversation.
      As ‘fire from heaven’ in this biblical passage is used to create WONDERS to impress the masses. Blowing things up and setting fire to things isn’t going to be a ‘sign of Wonder’ and is not going impress anyone.

      • I saw an example of this years ago now. A black preacher, I can’t remember who he was now, but he had thousands in attendance at an outdoor venue, and a huge wide column of fire came down “from heaven” and made its way along the ground, reaching the sky in height, and went towards the stage where he was, and the crowd was speechless!!! Perhaps that is what we will see again.

  21. Thank you Hugo – I do appreciate your biblical insights – very good. And thank you everyone for all your equally helpful comments.
    God bless you all x

  22. It seems all down to your perceptions and opinions ,this is how the Bible works nothing is clear for all to see.Why! Once hooked ,you constantly look for passages that justify you beliefs

    • Its what the Bible says, Its irrelevant want I want or not want to happen I’m merely reading the scripture, and pointing to what is happening today. The problem comes from the majority of people who believe in unbiblical theories which are not in scripture whatsoever, like the Rosary, and the 7 year pre-trib rapture, just for two examples. People like to believe in these things, for many reasons, usually to comfort themselves, And their are plenty of people who will tickle their ears and tell them what they want to hear as opposed to what they need to hear.

      • I see the Bible confusing and unable the see any clear answers.Many passages are quoted to mean this or that, others are avoided when not fitting the narrative.I believe it’s in human nature to have answers but that doesn’t mean if there isn’t one you create it, it seems that’s what we do.

  23. Thanks Hugo, sounds about right to me, you are in my thoughts and prayers, Pete 🙂
    P.S. Wll you be doing anything on the freemasons any time soon?

  24. Thanks Hugo, sounds about right to me, you are in my thoughts and prayers, Pete 🙂
    P.S. Will you be doing anything on the freemasons any time soon?

  25. I disagree. Ephesians 6:12. Our battle isn’t a battle of technology and media outlets, that isn’t to say we should fight them off also. The Islamic prophecy can tell us a lot about the end times as it’s written in revelation. They are awaiting on the final imam, al-Mahdi, which is the first beast. The second beast is known as isa which is the second beast/false prophet, who is like Jesus and will deceive many as he will agree with al-mahdi/give power unto the first beast. He will say we’ve been doing it all wrong and that the Muslims have it all correct. I don’t understand how you can believe the world was created in 6 days 6000 years ago and then fail to believe the end times are all about worldly things such as smart phones and electronics.

    • I had a mus-lim tell me that they have a grave already prepared for “Isa” (Jesus) for when he is k-illed. But the kabbalists, masons and most secret societies, and those who say they are jews but do lie, but are of the syna-gog-ue of satan, are awaiting their “messiah”, whom they have many names for…sananda, metatron, Yeshua, Sar Hapanim, Enoch, Shaddai, angel of his presence. Everyone should read kabbalah Secrets Christians Need to Know, by DeAnne Loper. So much I didn’t know, and how cunning they have been to hide it. Yeshua is NOT Jesus. And their god is satan. Makes me sick how many believe in that crappola. Mysticism and myth and oral traditions. Kaballah, Midrash, Talmud, & other cunningly devised fables the Bible speaks of. That book may even show them the truth of what they believe being WRONG. That the Bible is the real truth!!!

      • Thank you for mentioning this, specifically about Yeshua not actually meaning Jesus. I had heard someone else mention this recently, and I just purchased the book you recommended so that I can get a better understanding. It only makes sense that since the fake Jews would bring about a false name of Jesus and so many accepted it. I recently found myself in conflict with someone close to me when I tried to explain the false belief in the State of Israel being the “true Jews”. And she ignorantly tried to do that “you sound anti-semantic”. I replied that making accusations like that is what the world does when they want to silence you. But I realized saying anything about what I had heard about the actual meaning of Yeshua would not win any disagreement until I could better understand what the true meaning is. So again thank you

  26. Thankyou Hugo for your excellent analysis of 1st and 2nd Beast of Revelations – food for thought! The Internet has a massive influence of deception on guiding people away from God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit – people are ashamed of it. Tragically many will realise too late that they have been mis-led at the time of the coming of the Son of Man, when the world is “as in the days of Noah”. As Jesus said “only believe”. It is written that there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth when the truth is revealed. We all hope our nearest and dearest will see the light. Ultimately good must over power evil.

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