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53 Comments on “OSIRIS RISEN / Hugo Talks

  1. It’s a Masonic Control System, The Scottish Rite and Swiss Octogon being the top of that tree, one War (BlackRock/MIC), one Financial (Vanguard/BIS) and both everything in-between…

    • Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise: “Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history, grades, official appointments, passwords, and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end.”

      “Masonic lodges are established all over the world to help us achieve our independence. Those pigs, the non-Jewish Masons, will never understand the final objects of Masonry.”

      – Theodor Herzl, Founder of Modern Zionism, 1897

      • Not so, Freemasonry started in England as a charitable organisation and was usurped by the Scottish, as they did the crown previously, it’s how they operate, remember JKF’s media speech, he was telling us….
        Not Everything Is Jewish, next you will be saying Catholics and Jesuits are Jews, and even “Jews” ain’t right, they are Zionists, Kabbalists……
        You Have Been Suckered, or are part of the distraction… Watch what happens to Israel, they are already up the creek without a paddle……

    • I can’t believe people take EM seriously and are even pleading with him to do stuff to save us on Twitter , humans are totally lost! EM is even parodying himself and laughing at people who continually lap it up…as for the black mirror device people are walking out across roads, cycling while looking into their phones…

  2. Look like a modified ■ X, Chimera, Homo Borg-Genesis chromosome.

  3. The Greek numerals X3S is the mark of the beast, not the English numbers 666. This X app will be an “everything app” and it will eventually morph into X3S just like his car models are Model X, Model 3, and Model S. The image of the beast and the mark of the beast will be connected to his neuralink chip, and it’s no coincidence that his son is named X. Is Elon the 2nd beast of Revelation 13? No, but he sure is helping usher him in. He even made the flames come down from the sky just like Revelation 13:13 says the 2nd beast will do… think about his rockets landing backwards.

    • Hi Robert, I hadn’t heard of the X3S idea before. What does the Osiris Risen sign infer in relation to everything else that’s happening, do you think?


    • Oh my goodness, I see the connection of x3s with the satan worshiper. I’ve never come across X3S as the mark of the beast, how did you learn of that? Is that roman numerology somehow?

      • Google it.
        The X actually meas to stick, prick someone in the flesh to Mark a Slave.

        Doesn’t the jab with its nano chips resemble this?

      • Google Khee, Xee, Stigma or χξϛ .
        It’s Greek letters, not numbers. They replaced them in most Bibles with 666

      • PS it’s the Stigma ϛ which means to mark the flesh.
        Not the χ.a

    • “A third angel followed them and said in a loud voice: “If anyone worships the beast and its image and receives its mark on their forehead or on their hand, they, too, will drink the wine of God’s fury, which has been poured full strength into the cup of his wrath. They will be tormented with burning sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment will rise for ever and ever. There will be no rest day or night for those who worship the beast and its image, or for anyone who receives the mark of its name.” ( Revelation 14: 9-11)

      • My Bible says in their hand or forehead. KJB

    • Robert wrote “He even made the flames come down from the sky just like Revelation 13:13 says the 2nd beast will do… think about his rockets landing backwards.”

      Lol that is so funny. Those clips of his rocket “landing backwards” was just a filmed blast off run in reverse! Couldn’t you tell that? It is so obvious.

      • Not so, I saw on land on a barge.

      • I have a hard time believing that but if you were there and saw it with your own two eyes who am I do dispute that (no it couldn’t have been a hologram or anything like that). Nonetheless, since we no space doesn’t exist, where did his supposed rocket go to/come from?

    • Excellent response. I had no idea. Everything they do is hidden on plain sight if you know what to look for.

  4. One line in light, one line of hollow darkness ■ this modified X is diffenently not a Y; chimera chromosome, “X\ notice their modified X\ is an abomination from the top left straight down.

  5. The enemy is now clear to those who see and live the truth. Chapter 13 of the great Book of Revelation is a big one. Musk’s machinations are interesting but only a symptom. The end draws nigh.

  6. I knew what this video was about when I saw the title. All these rich people are scum.

    • @ Keith F, they can practice as much ” magic” and occultism as they like…they don’t know God’s plan and pride makes them bite more than they can chew. “My sheep listen to My voice; I know them, and they follow Me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of My hand. ” ( John 10:27-28),

    • Orthodoxy is the true faith. In the end all there will be left is Holy Orthodoxy and the Antichrist. And Christ’s Church will prevail.

  7. X is also associated with Saturn ; Check out the u.k. X factor introduction 2011-12,and you will see the X spinning around saturn then flying towards our corrupt shithole Earth ;hidden in plain sight as they say…..

  8. Hugo, look at 0:23, isn’t that a double headed eagle too? 🙂

  9. I saw a movie yesterday where it was claimed that faith, God , Jesus was just invented to comfort people . GREAT. That is the precise reason I have faith . If I was wrong I’ll be dead before I find out – after a life of comfort rather than a life of hopelessness and anxiety .

    • If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable. (1Cor 15:19)

      But now is Christ risen from the dead, and become the firstfruits of them that slept. (1Cor 15:20)

  10. Substack would be a good bet if they can stay afloat. Everyone is migrating there because there is absolutely no censorship right now. Either in comments or content. Believe me, my blog would be gone if there was. You do have to watch out for agents there but where don’t you?

    • Under the uniform commercial code, that is “law” the entire world over, you have to volunteer to ever be sued, charged with a crime, or thrown in jail because ALL “nations” are just “corporations” and a corporation has no authority over any living man or woman (it probably does have authority over Homo Borg-Genesis though). But the question is HOW does one volunteer?

      That is the big question that they do not want you to know the answer. This comment may well be deleted (if Hugo is “one of them”) or it may get me “imprisoned” at some later time. BUT I do not care!

      So here is the big, big answer. I have tried this out THREE times in state Courts and it worked every single time. When anyone asks for your name….like a cop or a judge asks “what is your name?” they are basically offering you a verbal contract and you sign that verbal contract by giving your name! If you give your name you have CONSENTED to be under their authority! Ok lets see how long this comment (or I) last!

    • Dear Seeker,
      Thanks for the advice. So I won’t give my name.
      Though what happens for the police already know me pretty well where I live, lol.

      Like you I’ll never consent and an not scared for the consequences.

      Anyway I do not think we’ll have any rights left soon.
      Look at North-Korea and China.
      The world will be like those countries.

  11. So many of these celebs seem to find it more “rock n roll” to pledge their loyalty to Satan and in the photo, where they are all making the X sign by crossing their arms, the X sign of Osiris, the god of the Underworld and ruler of the dead, they seem a little nervous as to what they are getting into. They are so happy to rebel against the concept of God and Jesus and much prefer to follow the Lawless One, and the lifestyle Aleister Crowley promoted: “do what thou wilt”. To me it seems like slipping and sliding on a downward trajectory .Some have found becoming un-moored from the God of creation, truth, love and light – can be a frightening experience but we all have a choice of which path to take.
    I greatly appreciate all your videos as they lead to more understanding of situations and will check out your previous one that I missed.
    In my researches I even got onto “Homo Borg Genesis “(sometimes called Homo Borg GenISIS) !! Thanks Hugo

  12. You are always on point. If you move from here please let us know where you go. Thank u

  13. Even what used to be ITV Hub is now ITV-X or something like that. I only discovered that when trying to find some car racing.

  14. X is the ancient Hebrew letter Tav, meaning to mark.
    Interestingly, and leading on from Hugo’s previous video regarding the September 23rd 2017 sign in the heavens. Just prior to that, in August 2017 there was also a great eclipse, ONLY across the US that travelled from Oregon in the NW to South Carolina in the SE. The 70 mile wide shadow path ( only possible if the Sun is local and not 93 million miles away )more or less cut a straight line through the entire country. The next unique eclipse in the US will happen next year in April 2024, 7 YEARS after the first, entering New Mexico in the SW and exiting the NE in NY State close to the Canadian border. The same 70 mile wide shadow path forms an X or Hebrew Tav over the entire US and intersects close to St. Louis at an area called Little Egypt where the massive pagan Monks Mound pyramid stands. Coincidence? I think not. Just as the so called alingnment of Jupiter and Saturn in late December 2020 was hailed by the Roman media as ‘The Christmas Star’, they also emitted to mention that it was the same time as the satanic vacination roll out ( the full effects of which have still not fully been revealed).
    The stars and luminaries are lights, (not rocks) in the firmament for signs and seasons, just as Genisis 1 tells us. Nothing shown in the heavens is by accident or by ‘science’. Throughout the Bible we’re told over and over about creation and the nature of our enclosed level, circular earth, yet even Christian believers refuse to let go of their Roman heliocentric, space, moon landing indoctrination and see what’s before their very eyes. 2024 will be an interesting year, especially in the US ( Babylon )because YHWH is telling you it will be.

    • You are very much awake.
      But the USA is A whore of Babylon, not The whore.
      The second part of the X means her end is arriving.
      And the revealing of the AC will follow.
      Real Babylon, the vatican/Rome will burn on the day Jesus returns.

      • I personally believe the USA is the second beast that arose from the earth (earth = wilderness).

        Recently saw a video that showed a bunch of blasphemies that came out of trumpy dumpy’s mouth where he says disgusting things like that he is “the chosen one”. He also is the one who brought in the MotB with his operation “warp speed” (remove the p’s and you get “war seed”, i.e., the seed war). I think trumpy dumpy could very well be the AC, that is if the AC is a single person and not an organization. If he gets re-selected this next selection cycle that may be a big tell. But who knows, time will tell, I suppose.

      • Dear Seeker,
        Trump certainly is one of the evil ones, but he ain’t the AC
        If the prophet I follow us right (and I believe she’s a true prophet of God), Trump will die before election time.
        They want to start a civil war. By killing Trump this will happen. After it will be easy for Russia and China to take over the USA.

        Obama is the AC and is already speaking in Bidens ear.
        Next year fall when Great Tribulation starts he’ll take control worldwide.

        Trump doesn’t have charisma and most people hate him.
        The Bible states the AC will be welcomed by the whole world.

        Obama does have charisma, is coloured, a descendent of Mohammed and of King Charles. The world will worship this dude.
        And he has 666 all over him

        To me the Second Beast is a man, the AC, not a nation.
        Revelation 13
        8 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a MAN; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six

        Peace and Blessings

      • 666 is the number of the deciever. It’s absolutely everywhere in our modern culture and isn’t hidden. Satan has been granted domain over the Earth for a very short time and YHWH allows him to take the souls of those who choose to reject YHWH, their creator, and who instead choose to worship the Beast, namely our modern culture.
        The Beast System should in theory collapse if the truth of the creation was fully revealed to the nialistic masses, but as has been repeatedly proven through the 9/11 false flag massacre and the subsequent middle east invasions, the numerous false flag terror attacks, Covid-19, the Ukraine and the fake climate crisis is that people don’t want to hear the real truth as it’s too difficult to absorb the painful fact that everything they’ve been conditioned to trust in is not what they believed it to be. It’s far easier to accept the narrative and far more comfortable to continue feeding from the Roman media entertainment trough than to stop, stand up, step back and see the absolute divine truth.
        The biggest Roman lie told to the maliable minds of the nialistic masses is that they live on a tilted spinning rock flying around a flaming gas ball with a bunch of other rocks called planets, racing through an infinite vacuum of nothingness at 500,000mph. Yet we can feel nothing. No movement.The pole star never moves, the constellations are in the same place night after night and the face of the moon never changes. The horizon is straight and level, no curvature. Our eyes and senses tell us we are on a stationary level plane yet the Roman delusion screams at us that we’re on an infinite, overheating, high speed twisting roller coaster.
        Question this ridiculous NASA Roman nonsense and you’ll find yourself rejected and laughed at by every section of society.
        The reason for the lie, which I believe is YHWH’s great delusion, is that it hides the creation and the Creator. Most of humanity believes they came from nothing and their only purpose in living is to get as much personal pleasure and material wealth before they die. The thought of growing old and dying strikes terror into them.
        They have no knowledge of their creator and how each and every soul is individually crafted and loved by YHWH. The tragedy is that most love to live this way. They love personal pleasure, materialism and to worship the Beast.
        Many, as I did, will turn away from the Beast when they find out the truth of creation and find their way back to YHWH.
        Satan must tell you what he’s doing so that if you choose to follow him, then you do so willingly, so every deception will have his fingerprint of 666.
        It’s no coincidence that NASA is also the Hebrew Nasah, meaning – to decieve.
        According to Nasah, the ball on which we live is 25000 miles in circumference, giving a curvature formula of 8 inches per mile squared. 8 inches is 0.666 of 1 foot.
        The ball is tilted at 23.4 degrees from the vertical axis as it hurtles through nothingness. This is 66.6 degrees from the horizontal axis.
        The ball is allegedly flying around the Sun at 66600 mph.
        The Arctic and Antarctic circles on the Nasah ball, where no one can independently go are located at 66.6 degrees North and 66.6 degrees South.
        Can you perhaps see a pattern here? I could go on and on.
        If a man denies the creation then he will not find his Creator and therefore by default his salvation through the soon imminent return of the Messiah Yahuesha.
        To truly find YHWH you must seek him. No lukewarm orthodox church will take you to Him.
        If a man still cannot see the warnings that Yahuesha told us will signal the end of the age are already here, then he is still feeding from the Roman trough.
        YHWH is in control.

    • @graemegoodall Hebrew comes from Phoenician and this is an important link between the Levant and Egypt around 1000bc.But of cause that is not what they called themselves,but the Greeks who named them the “Reds” or “Blood Red”,the Egyptians called them “Hyksos” foreign rulers,Bringing the “Chariot” and a new religion,culminating in Aten being depicted as both male and female,before the Egyptians finally kicked them out.

  15. Osiris,
    Is that where the Orsini pharaoh-decended, family got it’s name from 🤔

  16. In the old world, Set is the bad guy, Osiris is the Good Shepherd …

    So, the hand-Set that everyone bow’s down to, is a ‘hand-satan’ …

    Maybe Musk is pretending to be the good side of egypto-paganism …

    And maybe, all these talking heads have no idea, no real magic … the nobility have no ability ….

    Their power is what we always knew … imperial control (by written black ink magic laws and systems and money etc etc) … and mesmerising tech …

  17. Thank you Hugo. I appreciate the work that you do. And thanks to the many informative commentators also.

  18. “Golden Dawn” is also the name of a Neo Nazi group.

  19. A lot of people who study the Bible, recon the antichrist will come out of Syria and will have Jewish relations, and claim to be part Jewish and be in a position of great wealth and power already, so this could be someone from a royal background maybe, or someone immensely rich, and will not reveal himself until some major event happens in the world, Bill G is helping with, that he can offer a solution to, what that will be, no one really knows, but it could be after the world economy crashes, causing a great famine through global food shortages. then this would be an opportunity to track everyone digitally maybe, to control the world food supply shortages?, and hence bringing in the mark to trade and sell for food consumption only, then everything else after that, Elon`s technology maybe, I don`t know just an idea, to add to all the other great comments here.

  20. The last letter in the Phoenician alphabet is “X”,” Taw” or “T” meaning “voiceless one”,the “Hyksos” would find themselves in the “Levant” area around 1100-1000 bc and all Semitic language including “Hebrew” are based on it, this to me would imply a mixing event of some kind.The “Punic” war would probably be another, “Punic” being another “Semitic” language.Note the first is “Alef” an Ox or Bull,still used today in the English “A”. So you could say the “X App” is the “last App” or indeed the “voiceless App”but I can’t say for sure on the translation but it definitely has to do with the”mouth” or to “utter”.Again as I have said (voiceless) On here before “Q” also comes from Phoenician meaning “Monkey”the letter itself having a tail.

  21. Repent, be baptised and filled with the holy spirit.

  22. well if they aren’t really occulty they are sure trying to look like they are
    they’ll be sorry
    God loves us and we are rebels
    sinners all
    It’s so wonderful when one of us humans gets saved!!! God is so good!!!!
    when i was unsaved i remember wondering what is the point of life
    then just shaking my head and moving on to the next dumb thing
    bc deep down i didn’t want to repent
    pride blinded lost

    Ecclesiastes indeed!!!!

  23. All i can say is im Saved by Grace… Thank you Jesus Christ my King of Kings and Lord of Lords…

    John 3 16 🙏🏻

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