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  1. They have lost their [m]ind ■ even God has given them ‘over’; pathetic.

  2. The so called Leader of Christianity looking to men for guidance regarding God’s creation?
    Does it not occur to him the true God will not let us destroy the earth, infact God promises to bring to ruin those ruining the earth!

      • guess st. peter is the antichrist, according to you

      • yup st. peter and all the other pedo popes are the AC.

      • @seeker HOW can a saint and also a literal apostle be the antichrist? you are so lost

    • roman ” catholics” have separated from the Church in 1054, as the pope desired to be ” the leader of Christianity”. But actually our Lord Jesus Christ is the head of the Church, the only heaad of the Church.

  3. Cannot argue here as the external hierarchy of the Church has been overrun at this time in history as a punishment for the sins of Catholics & because they have ignored the pleas of Our Lady at Fatima, from the foot of the cross.

    Haters gonna hate but this is the Truth.

    Tradition shall be restored among the hierarchy, at which time the worldwide persecution will rise to never before seen levels in the history of man, again as punishment for the sins of mankind.

    World history has always revolved around God & His Faith & this unprecedented time of evil is no exception.

    • You believe in Marian Apparitions, same nonsense which was brought to you by the same people telling you now to get the jab and want you to save the world from climate change and are responsible for corrupting the bible over the last 50 years.

      • The Church, when it teaches this, does not teach these statements infallibly. Just because Pope Francis said he would baptize an alien does NOT mean that you suddenly have to believe in aliens. We also believe in a pope figure because, if you read Acts of the Apostles, it is clear that St. Peter, also the first pope, has clear authority among the disciples and acts almost as the head of the church. The Church Fathers also saw the importance of the Bishop of Rome. For the first 1000 years of Christianity, and probably even add 500 years, there was NO such thing as someone who “did not believe in organized religion”. You either belonged to the church or you were quite literally a heretic, as these other schismatic groups were caused by the heretical leaders being excommunicated during councils. These leaders usually believed in nestorianism, nontrinitarianism and other heresies. If you say that you ONLY need the Bible, then how could the early Christians just solely believe their Bible if it wasn’t fully compiled by the Church. Heresy, in its simplicity, is deciding that you have more authority on what the Bible really says than the Church Fathers who wrote and compiled the very scripture that you decide the meaning of. This is exactly what pride is; deciding that you’re good enough to know what specific verses mean, without the spiritual maturity yourself or with a spiritual father. God bless you, Hugo, and I hope one day you can see that the true church is the one that you have attacked for years.

      • No, in 1968 the external hierarchy of the Church was officially overrun and since then, Catholics living the life of the Faith were removed from power; this is historical fact, including the NATO report of 1974 which showed an estimated 3000 foreign agents who then infiltrated Its ranks. Please don’t try to preach to us with protestant drivel as we do not follow martin luther who decided to start his own church in the mid to late 1500’s.

      • More fairy-tale stories and excuses and these also originate from the same people the same script writers.
        Vatican 2 was just kicking the plan up a gear. Jesuit infiltration into changing the Bible has been going on for decades. Your narrative is just one long list of lies going back 100’s and 100’s of years. And they all come from the same source, if you want to cut them up into part 1 and part 2, and pretend they are different then go ahead.
        Like I say in every video, You are following scripts as opposed to following scripture.
        Hard to believe anyone can be duped into trusting an organization that threatens if you are not a catholic, you are not saved.

    • Roman ‘catholics’ have separated from the Church in 1054.

  4. Climate change can be easily debunked as Tony Heller has been doing for FIFTEEN years! So, any policy based on this hoax is a lie. The Pope has no credibility with me or with God. Liars from the pulpit get judged FIRST.

    • Well said, climate change is nonsense but unfortunately there are billions of stupid people on this planet who believe it.

  5. Catholicism is a horrible religion for numerous reasons. The churches are full of paedos and look at how single pregnant women used to be treated, and this is just for starters. It is the second worse religion there is.

    • Planned media stunt to slowly reveal the abuse scandals, all part of Satan’s strategy of distancing people from Jesus, which therefor reduces the possibility of connecting with the Holy Spirit and ultimately salvation.

  6. If you call the manifest heretic Antipope Francis “the Pope”, you give him all the power he needs to spread his poison. It doesn’t matter how much you denounce him if you call him “the Pope”, because he doesn’t need your approval, just your recognition.

  7. Looking forward to the next video on the MOTB. I still maintain that this already happened after Jesus and that it culminated with the destruction of Jerusalem. The issue I see is that Christians are busy waiting for events in Revelations that are not coming, when we are edging closer and closer to judgement day.

    • This comment is right on. If one looks at the NT there are numerous verses in the Apostolic texts that state that the last days were upon them.
      Gods timing is merciful compared to ours. He has been waiting for the fulfullment of Gentiles which makes total sense when you look at the fact that the gospel was yet to be preached to ALL nations. As the years and centuries went by more and more nations have heard the Good News especially during the Great Awakening and many missionaries went to numerous Asian countries.
      I totally believe that the Vatican, Jesuits and Pope are is the Beast and antiChrist. The Harlot is the Worlds systems that was set up by the Beast. This is the reason Satan was tempting Christ to submit to that system because Satan was now thrown down from heaven to roam the earth like a devouring lion. Years and years of famines, wars, martyrdom and pestilence has been perpetrated and designed by the beast system to actively try to bring about the NWO. In Daniel, it states the antichrist system would be adorned with gold, precious stones, purple and scarlet- AND it would change the seasons and times. This HAS been done by the RCC.
      We have ALL been deceived to follow that system just by submitting to having a birth certificate and SS number.
      You are a slave to that number.
      Now we are at the end and the final blow will be enacted. We should be looking for the Blessed Hope of Jesus return instead of fear or panic of looking for the AC.

    • NC, thank you for your brave comment. I believe the entire “end times” drama was sold to the gullible masses so that they would not recognize the end times. I, and John, Jesus apostle, (as well as many others don’t get me wrong) believe that we have all been in the tribulation since Jesus walked the earth. However, I now think we are nearing the end of the 3.5 year Great Tribulation that proceeds the Day of the Lord.

      The entire last 7 years of end times fantasy is “futurism” and was sold by the deceiver’s using Daniel 9:27 and the gullible masses ate it up to their detriment.

  8. Being Pope doesn’t give you an automatic pass !

  9. Thank you Hugo… Looking forward to sundays video,,

    I was just thinking as you said about the Poo, i mean the pop…
    And his climate rubbish,,
    How many Catholics already worship him,
    Also how many people are blind to this agenda…
    How many people worship..
    The sun ☀ (sun worshipers) intresting satistic, most people who used to be sun ☀ worshipers, after taking the jibber jabber… Can’t be out in the sun, as it makes them sick, also many of them have, heart issues, and the sun ☀ causes problems because they took the v a x..

    Look at the amount of people who bow there heads already to mobile devices… Yes…

    As it says in the Bible Scriptures.. To look up, for your redemption draws nigh…

    Im glad Hugo, We are Saved by Grace… In Jesus Christ..
    God bless you..
    From john and Debra

    • As you said “Look at the amount of people who bow there heads already to mobile devices”, this is getting worse on a scale I have not witnessed before, the scary thing for me is I saw a guy doing this and was able to look at his phone and he was staring at nothing but the black screen for a good ten minutes, something is very very wrong here.

  10. Spot on Hugo. The encyclical written by Pope Francis in 2015 “ Laudato Si” ….care of our common home says it all. In the encyclical he wants a sabbath rest for the planet….think climate lockdown or very restricted activities. He wants Sunday to be the day of “ Sabbath rest”. This will be their Mark of authority. The Bishops of the early Roman Church influenced the Emperor ‘Constantine the great’ to become a nominal Christian. To get the mass of pagan sun worshipers of Rome on board and to satisfy the Church’s political ambitions and influence of the church they changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday ( 4th commandment)……their Mark of authority.They also removed the 2nd commandment ( idol worship/false Gods). They subsequently divided the tenth commandment making it into the 9th and 10th….to keep the number at 10. The Catholic Catechism actually states this, and they claim that this gives them authority over the Bible….This is their mark of authority.
    The reformation exposed a lot of their dogma’s. Their influence subsequently diminished as a result but their empire has never disappeared. They have steadily been gaining influence over the globalists and the world leaders. This so called climate crisis is a way for them to exert their power and lead out a one world religion honoring their sabbath ( for the sake of the climate) and their commandments….not Gods. Read Revelation 12:19, 14:12….it talks of the remnant of the last days…Here are they that keep the commandments of God (Not the commandments of the Roman Catholic Church…as they would want) and have the faith and testimony of Christ. This is NOT Catholic Bashing. There are very sincere Catholics who are in a system which they do not realise is the beast system…Read Laudao si. Read the encyclical Fratelli tutti ( written by Pope Francis in 2017…..fraternity…we are all in together for the common good. Read their Catechism. They are telling us what they want. The digital ID, health passports, linked CBDC’s with carbon tracking abilities are part of the beast system leading to the implementation of their mark of authority. If this goes ahead we will be back in the dark ages living under their oppression. Remember history does not necessarily repeat itself but it “sure rhythms”.

  11. Climate change is just one big fake agenda to seize power over the masses, and as for the pope, he needs to read the Bible, Jesus says to put your trust in no man, and to trust only in the Son of Man, for their is no other appointed in heaven or earth who can save, Jesus Christ and what He did on the cross saves, not countless Hail Mary Prayer`s and confession, I just don`t understand how anyone can be Catholic, but that`s just me. I put my faith in the Gospel given to the Apostle Paul, revealed to him by Jesus Christ. Amen.

  12. Meanwhile there’s clowns like this Just Stop Oil Birmingham doctor who’s gluing herself to public buildings and blocking traffic, getting herself hailed as some type of Joan if Arc figure amongst her Facebook following and making videos about the importance of Climate Change and how the government are doing “NOTHING”, as she puts it. I vaguely know her through the parkrun events. Maybe someone should BLOCK her during her run, let her know what it feels like.

  13. Hugo, Francis is a fake pope of the Vatican 2 sect which is not the true Catholic Church. Francis and Vatican 2 sect are both fake. The true Catholic Church still exists in a remnant of those who fully adhere to her teachings.

    • Susan! Correct, God has allowed the church to be infiltrated… Because man has not repented… These are the last days…. When all falsehoods are coming into the light… True Catholic doctrine will never die….
      Practiced for 2000yrs… And all those who stand steadfast to the faith will live!! This is the great testing of faith… Because men have become so shallow in their thinking!! They sacrifice nothing!
      God bless!

    • Vatican 2 should be a movie, Vatican 2 The curse of Pope Francis (The Evil One). These people have got you dancing to any tune they play.
      You’ll find that Vatican 1 and Vatican 2 are also fake, one big long line of fake people and a fake organization, its Satan masquerading as the angel of light.
      Follow Jesus instead.
      Stop following their scripts and follow scripture and it will see you right.

  14. Hi Hugo,

    check this website out, this guy use to be Catholic, and now he tries to show others, how wrong their beliefs are, he is objective and does not force is opinion or attack anyone who is Catholic, he just say`s what he see`s, and why he left Catholicism behind him, because of how they depict Christ. plus he has posted several video’s on subjects that could be of interest to you.

    I`m not attacking Catholics here, belief is something from the heart and mind, we all have to chose, but lets try and chose the right belief and not be deceived. Amen.

  15. Right on target once again and praise God I’m able to respond .

  16. I’ve always considered the Vatican oposers of true worship much like the scribes and pharisees of Jesus time, they are also socialist as proven by their love of the Nazis.

  17. The Vatican is nothing more than the religious arm of the unseen world controllers. The financial hub is the square mile and military might Washington DC. All 3 built on 7 pillars, none pay tax. All are independent sovereign nations within nations. This plan coming to fruition is one that has been in play for absolute years. The first disruption to their financial plans ended with the sinking of the titanic. The phase to remove our sovereignty began with ww1 and was i0% complete at end of ww2 where they had removed generations of men with common law knowledge etc. Then began the rebuild moving away from the traditional ways. Corporations that had made great profits from the wars began buying up smaller businesses at the same time beginning to destroy the family unit. The falling of the Berlin wall marked a time when their plans could and should have been scuppered, calls for NATO’s abolishment were high. Alas the USA succeeds and nato expands. America does the same and played a role in wars in every single year since. But this wasn’t enough. The release of the internet to the public was the beginning of what we now see as crazy censorship (if they heavily censored from the get go, no one would have signed up) now we had the tech in place they needed an excuse to colate it. Have you noticed, they create the problem and get asked for a solution they’d planned anyway. So now comes 9/11. The last acts are coming to life now, we have the threat of nuclear war, which the usa has tried to provoke on several occasions with the power plant in Ukraine, and Russia destroyed the port to avoid a false flag there. But the plan is to be at war, to have great world wide fear and unrest. That is when I expect the ultimate false flag attack. What would we do here on earth if suddenly there was an actual alien attack? Are individual disagreements and wars would seem trivial. We must unite and fight this enemy.
    Result. One new world order.
    Putin, biden, borris, Patel, Macron, both parties, every country has wef members. Climate change, just stop oil all just distraction and keeping as many of us in an unbalanced vibration.

  18. Very good video, as always Hugo. I do believe it is spiritual and that those who are not sealed by God will pay allegiance and worship to the beast/anti-christ which could be linked to rituals of Solomon.

  19. Francis was always a “Black Pope.” Benedict was the real pope. Until he died.
    I’m not even Catholic. That’s historical stuff. France and Italy had “popes” at the same time.
    Bergoglio is certainly not a biblical pope. He’s said many things that directly contradict scripture.

  20. I will mention “Heat Waves.”
    Where I live is normally very temperate. 26-30C with 65-80% humidity is considered hot here.
    It has been a little warmer. 32-36C during peak hours. (My home thermometer) It has changed over the past decade. Before we had 2-3 weeks of heat during the Summer. Intermittent rain. It the timing hasn’t changed. Some years are hotter than others too. It doesn’t rain like it used to. (Drizzle for day’s/a week. Are now short infrequent downpours. Huge raindrops, compared to fog, “Spit” and drizzle.)

    Cloud condensation nuclei are my prime suspect. There are also increased UV rays. The UV rating was 7-10 many days. It used to be 3-5 in the Summer. (20 years ago)
    It’s likely partially, the garbage that makes the sky silver/white and destroys ozone. Not to mention the foamy gutters, that look like soap when it rains. I don’t remember foamy gutters. Except the Summer when people wash their cars.
    I live near the ocean and “sea foam.” I remember these things.

  21. Don’t you love the way the Christ-rejecting world and their media adulate the pope and put him on a pedestal as if he was the legitimate “voice of the Christian Church”?

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