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  1. There is a bad side ruling this world, but, there is a GOOD side we should have faith in, as it IS there, we just cannot see it YET.

    • Also, there is a bad side TO ruling this world. You get to take reponsibility for each and every human destiny you affect, influence or alter.

  2. Democracy is tyranny. It is 100% evil. Benjamin Franklin had a quote about democracy. It went as follows: “Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for dinner. A republic is a well armed sheep to contest the vote.”

    Anyway, Democracy is mob rule. It is 51% imposing its will on 49%. I know voting does not matter. Our leaders are selected and not elected.

  3. Dude I really love getting your perspective, it always makes me think and reevaluate my own. Thanks so much and keep up the good work, and praise our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

  4. King Charley was chose by God? OK, it DEPENDS on WHICH ‘god’ they’re talking about, I believe THIER ‘god’ is Satan.

    • The LORD chose Nebuchadnezzar to punish Israel because Israel was full of sin and people went after pagan gods. God called Nebuchadnezzar “My servant”. Israel was plundered, people were killed en masse, there was such a famine that mothers were eating their own children, many went into captivity. Once Israel was justly punished for the trespasses, Nebuchadnezzar lost everything, even his sanity and lived like a wild animal. Only when he repented and turned to the LORD, his health and wealth were restored.
      God is in charge, always. He decides what happens in this world. We live in the End Times, we are in the very end of the End Times. It is therefore appropriate to expect that the LORD will choose His “servants” (what we call the “elite”) to bring the End Times to the finish line. There will be a persecution of the faithful- many will be starved, imprisoned and killed. But that is all the more a reason to rejoice in the LORD! Trust Him, no matter what.

  5. Brilliant work Hugo. King Charles has sovereign immunity. All social-political fraud & of course Charles, a man & the great pusher of eugenics, jabs & the climate crisis fraud. All lies to hold power at any cost.Take action with discernment & only Trust in God not man. Knowledge without God is lost.

  6. the rumor was that trump won in 16 bc the amish actually voted. but then he pushed the vax. arg! U R SOOOO RIGHT!!!!!! we want to trust people and institutions but they all are sinny. God is the only won. this is definetly HUMBLE month. reading Nehemiah and Acts. Both full of man being man and God being God. He is very patient with us. I get tired just thinking about how feeble we are and how smart we think we are. ha!


  7. Really used to like your videos Hugo but ffs quit the Bible bashing.

    • Quit watching then he is now a man of God speaking truth if you can’t handle the truth that’s your problem

  8. Yes I agree I never vote I put my trust in God almighty he made us and world and his law we follow or at least I try

  9. Thank you Hugo for all you do, and have done. I am following you for a few years now. Guess it is save to say that I see you as my mentor.

  10. Always looking forward to your uploads! Yes, democracy is a joke & a very bad one… I’ve never voted in my life and I’ll never will. Now, for the awkward part… I hope you won’t take it the wrong way. Looking at it from a “biblical perspective” will most likely end up in a net on contradictions, therefore I much prefer Jesus’s perspective. Whenever I hear anybody quoting the Romans 13, without simultaneously exposing it for the abominable pile of crap that it is, my blood boils! Jesus would have never preached that sort of mindless garbage… can you imagine him saying that sort of thing??? If all people were to live by Paul’s guidance (most unfortunately do), there would have been none left unvaxed and unboosted… and if they keep obeying authorities they’ll all surely get the devil’s stamp.
    ALL power and authority on earth is from Satan and Jesus was very clear about it on many occasions. When the devil tempted him, what were his final words?
    The bottom line is: One has to choose for himself whom shall he serve… God or ANYBODY else!
    Best Regards

    • Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.”

  11. @ Josh Comment, “Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. ” ( Ephesians 6:11-12). We do not engage with the satanic system and waste our energy, those who belong to Christ behave like Christ. In the end times we fight through total faith in God, prayer, patience, loving our enemies, kindness, etc. “Merely praying” brings on God’s grace, which can change times and situations. Orthodoxy is the true faith.

  12. Demonocracy is a bullies charter and wide open to corruption….

  13. Look up “T*anshum*nism: the pa*th to antich*ist”

  14. I cringe when I hear those in political office, the media and or education refer to our country as being a democracy. Through the years, they have successfully brainwashed most citizens into believing that a democracy is our freedom, liberty loving form of government here in the United States. This is anything but true. We are in fact a Republic which recognizes the God given (inalienable) rights of the individual. Democracy is basically nothing more than mob rule in which the majority can and many times do override the individual’s God given rights as stated in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. For example, the majority that rules that an individual’s private property can be confiscated and redistributed by government. Democracy as a form of government can, does and has taken what is not rightfully theirs and opposes the God given rights of the individual. When Ben Franklin was asked many years ago, upon the signing of the Constitution of the United States, what form of government have they given us, he replied “a Republic if you can keep it”. Sadly, as the majority continues to ignore that our rights are from God but rather from the government, we will continue to lose our freedom and liberty.

  15. The Beast system is nothing new, it’s been around for centuries. The concept of democracy is simply your own willing engagement with that system in the form of voting for a particular variant of the same Beast. You choose unwittingly to be part of that system which is not of God.
    The so called law of statutes or legislation is not of God, it’s of man, and you must consent to it for it to be enforceable. God’s law is very simple, do no harm, injury or cause loss to another human being. Legislation, or statutory law on the other hand is deliberately made extremely complex and uses a different language where the words of the Oxford English Dictionary have different meanings in the Beast System’s Blacks Law Dictionary. For example, when a Police Officer asks for your name and you give it to him, then you are consenting to his authority to enforce the beast system legislation. If he asks ‘ do you understand’, then what he’s really asking is do you stand under his authority to his enforce legislation on you because you but he needs your consent to do so.
    ‘Mandatory’ for example in the Blacks Law Dictionary means compulsory by consent. In other words, if you don’t give your name and don’t engage with them, then they are powerless. The only power they have is that which you unwittingly give to them . It’s why politicians always tell us that we live in a democracy in which they rule by consent.
    If their so called law was so wonderful, then why do they need a language and a dictionary that deliberately gives different meanings to the words of the common language that we all use. It’s the Beast system in which almost all of society willingly engages with and by default also gives up all the natural rights that are given to them by God.
    The whole Covid lie demonstrated that perfectly.
    Do not vote. Do not answer to pre-fixes such as Mr.or Mrs. Never willingly give your name to the police or any other government official. Do not engage with any of it. Put your trust in God alone and turn off that TV.
    What is now coming to pass is under God’s contol. Put your trust in Him and Him alone as the end of the age is undoubtably almost here.

    • graemegoodall,

      You are absolutely, 100% correct and I have tested your “theory” in court multiple times (I push against the system always). By the way in the USA, this “law” is found in the Uniform Commercial Code that has been passed in all 50 states (its uniform across the whole country, i.e., corporation).

      One time I told a judge he was a thief and a liar to his face. Five deputy sheriffs jump to their feet and surrounded me. Then the judge asked me “what is your name?” . I told him I was not interested in consenting to be under his authority. He meekly starred as his desk. An attorney for the other side said “her name is ……”. The judge said that didn’t matter (he KNEW I HAD TO GIVE MY NAME…. its like giving your signature on a contract, only verbal). I turned around and walked out of the courtroom (100+ witnesses were in the courtroom at that time). The sheriffs parted and allowed me to walk through them. Had I given my name, the judge would have immediately ordered the sheriffs to throw me in jail for criminal content.

      I did this on multiple occasions. I KNOW it is true. If you are ever unlucky enough to be in any of Satan’s courtrooms, DO IT!!!!! And YES this “law” is found in every country/corporation in the world.

      • opps typo “criminal content” = “criminal contempt”

  16. The fake world that Satan rules over is entirely his universe. You might hear Freemasons give tribute to the great architect of the universe, not knowing what it really is. Once again Hugo you have pointed out some things to me today I hadn’t even thought of, thank you my brother and God bless you.

  17. Amen! Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle also were against democracy even though the misinformed would have you believe otherwise.

  18. All is of God! So democracy, too.
    If we leave God (as a people), God leaves us in the hands of satan, in the hands of our enemy, whom we apparently prefer.
    A Theocracy would be best, we will never have it however. Even after the wilderness and Joshua’s leadership God gave us judges to keep us on the right track. Didn’t work. The people wanted a ‘king’ to rule over them, knowing it would make them more poor and as slaves to this man.

    Don’t worry too much about this life, live according to Jesus’ character, and focus on that. Jesus will take you to heaven if your righteous.
    Be an example of righteousness to others.

    Democracy is put in place as precursor to Global Bolshevism

  19. Satan is currently the ultimate ruler of this world. This is shown by Luke 4:5-8 where Satan takes Jesus to a high mountain, shows him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time, and offers them to him if he will worship Satan. Jesus declines the offer, but doesn’t dispute its validity.

    However this state of affairs is about to change. Revelation 11:15 states:

    And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.

    As Christians we only need to wait patiently and keep spreading the Gospel. We should avoid violence and revolutions.

    Actually freemasons are the masters of revolution. Most or possibly all of the revolutions in the past few centuries have been fomented by masons. This includes the American, French, Russian, Egyptian, and a number of Latin American revolutions. I can’t prove that Mao and Castro were masons, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky and Ho Chi Minh were masons and the hammer and sickle emblem on the USSR’s flag seems to have been a masonic symbol (with the hammer representing the square and the sickle representing the compass of the traditional compass and square emblem of masonry).

  20. Thanks Hugo and I agree with your thoughts. Democracy is an illusion to stop people rioting; and the corruption and rigging involved in voting is off the scale now. Here’s an example…

    My better half is Greek and their corrupt, lying, WEF-controlled puppet crime minister – Kyriakos Mitsotakis – recently won re-election to most people’s surprise in Greece. Most of the country hate him, voter turn out was lower than ever and yet he still got back in. How? Documents show a great deal of trickery, such as:

    – 10,000 people ALL aged over 115 (in a country with a population of just 11 million), apparently made it out to vote.
    – Thousands and thousands of young Israeli men were brought into the country specifically to vote for this complete XXXX.
    – Refugees are taken into Greece and given money, homes, mobile phones…in return for voting a certain way.

    All of the above examples are backed by paper trails proving this. You couldn’t make it up!

    Kyriakos Mitsotakis is pure evil. As an example, despite irrefutable evidence of the harm the MRNA shots have caused, my girlfriend’s mum (and many others in Greece who declined the shot) are STILL having to pay a monthly fine for exercising their rights. And no, this cannot simply be ignored, as the devious bastards have linked payment of the fine to access to pensions and other services.

  21. The agenda is so deep that not many people really know much of it.. But what I realized is that the “matrix” is built up of 3 pillars (illusions). 1.Time 2.Money 3.Internet = The triangle! By the way nice with a sound only podcast.. kind a step back out of the illusionary world. Take care Hugo !

  22. you are warning us not to engage with things. and i was thinking how when you are engaged it’s like you are about to get married. so you are warning us not to marry the enemy. am i on the right track? bc it’s still in my brain to vote bc i want to stop abortion thru laws. but what i am seeing is alot of almost but not quite laws restricting abortion but not abolishing it like we did with slavery. what if we just restricted slavery. like you can own a slave is it’s a b or c but not d.

    • Yeah. Voting is an act of agreement with the system, its a contract. In effect you are binding yourself with the beast system. And then once your in contract with them, they believe they have more right over you.

      ‘Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.’

      Satan tempts you with his strategies, with the promise of ‘and ye shall be as gods’ (Genesis 3 5) to engage you. To bind with you. Voting is the same as the age old promise of how you can become master of your own destiny.

      “The god of this age has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ”

  23. John 10:34 Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?
    What’s this mean?

  24. Democracy isn’t what people think it is – democracy is one of the biggest ruses of the last 150 years.
    The terms ‘democracy’ and ‘republic’ were bot taken from Plato’s “Republic”, a depiction of a dictatorship controlled by a small ruling elite.
    “Republics” are nations controlled at the top by judeo/masonry!”
    In the “enlightenment” movement, created by jews and freemasons, decided to replace european catholic monarchies with ‘republics’… republics with a… ‘democracy’.
    See the trick??? Democracy is what the synagogue of satan wants to establish globally:
    = Manly P. Hall, american freemason, “The Secret Destiny of America”: “World democracy was the secret dream of the great classical philosophers… The brilliant plan of the ancients has survived to our time… And it will continue to function until the GREAT WORK is accomplished… The pagan intellectuals… re-clothed their original ideas in a garment of christian phraseology… but bestowed the key of the symbolism only upon those duly initiated and bound to secrecy.”
    There are other deceptions, other fabricated MYTHS… like ‘capitalism vs communism’, ‘west vs east’, ‘elections’, ‘USA vs Russia/China’, ‘cold war’, etc, etc…

  25. Democracy is so the sheep think they have a stake in the game.
    They don’t…

  26. Thanks Hugo, knew there would be an answer.. To one more skeptical than myself it may also appear that Jesus is using it as a defence re the blaspheme charge…

  27. Wow this is Powerful Hugo, absolutely brilliant, i really like the New Audio idea…

    We can All See the Father (Almighty God) using your gift of Speaking the Truth..
    Every time you speak, you flow, like rivers of Truth flow from your mouth.
    This is just So wonderful,
    Also mainly hearing the Scriptures from the KJV , is beautiful, straight from the source… The mouth of the Father…
    Really Well done Hugo…

    Ps… We stopped voting years ago, my last time was leaving the EU,, but i found out that all world elections are false..
    Also k i n g charle is a Abomination , he is a murderer & his god is satan.. The same as all of the royal familys ((they were put in charge, by demons, because they all are nephilim))
    My King of Kings and Lord of Lords is Jesus Christ, the Only begotten Son of Almighty God, Our Father… He is our Shepherd & we are His sheep…. (we are family Hugo)

    Thank you as always for all you do, so excellently..
    Love in Jesus Christ from john and Debra

  28. I really appreciate your unique viewpoint, Hugo. But I want to clarify a couple of things. Throughout biblical history, God used his people to speak truth, and stand for or against a ruler, or a king, or a government. Nehemiah, Daniel, Nathan when David killed Uriah, etc. He uses us also to stand for righteousness and against evil. Despite corruption by man, God does breakthrough to accomplish his well. Please consider the big abortion debate and events in recent history to accomplish what recently occurred at the Supreme Court.

  29. Go Yahweh Jehovah also chooses bad leaders to punish a country..

  30. I may have said this before.
    You have a right to remove yourself from the voters register.
    It is not the act of voting that causes you to agree. It is the registration that says I agree to be governed and go by your choices without being referred to. So, of you register and don’t vote, you’ve done nothing to help. The unused votes go to the winning party.

    On talking about rh monarch and parliament under Cameron they took themselves out of treason. So removed any protection an honest monarch could give.

    As for political independence, that would mean he shouldn’t be in bed with the WEF. There are most certainly political by definition even if they use the term NGO.

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