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65 Comments on “DIVINE INTERVENTION / Hugo Talks

  1. Hi Hugo, just a quick question. Have you watched The Reality of Truth on prime? It’s exactly what you have been talking about, it’s a push towards the beast system. Everything is the same it’s everywhere.

  2. Men have been burned at a stake for trying to make a more accurate translation of the hebrew that turned into the early Bible(s). Seems fittingly hypocritical of the translations to then say “don’t add or take away” etc. But Hugo, in all seriousness, I see where you’re coming from here. Butchering scriptures (translated or not) can really seem questionable at best. Especially if it’s only in the aid of vague entertainment. And themes heavily leaning into darkness are similarly questionable. I think people could be somewhat programmed into audiences.. but it could be a multifaceted answer. Thanks for sharing your thoughts as always Hugo, cheers! ~A

  3. Hugo this is exactly how i feel ,my world has changed, my view of this world has completely changed, i no longer watch tv ,read papers ,use social media, ive tried to remove myself as much as possible, i prefer nature and try to get out in it as much as i can ,im not bothered about the new next thing most people are talking about i prefer to do my own thing and connect with god as much as i know how ,i know this is only a journey

    • You’re right, you know what they say?
      How do you milk sheep?
      Release a new IPhone

    • One of the best things to watch is a bumblebee on a flower. I wonder if there are bumblebees in heaven?

  4. Choosing between criminals: reminds me of “democratic” elections. 🙂

    • That was the 1st thing that came to my mind and I was just gonna say it on here… but you beat me to it!!!!

    • Presidents are not elected they are selected!!!

  5. The bible is not for debate. It is ALIVE! God will speak to you in His word, if you can approach Him humbly in faith. (Hebrews 11:6.)
    His spirit will witness with your spirit. (Romans 8:16.) That’s a direct experience of our creator, confirming his existence beyond any doubt.
    Blind faith in dead religious practices is an easy target, but living faith, although it starts with that initial leap of faith, not knowing what will happen, we step out into faith, but then that faith is rewarded! Encouraged, you take another step, then another. Soon you are walking in faith on a daily basis. Asking questions and having them answered. Praying for a situation and seeing it resolved with a minor miracle. With practice and study we begin to get to KNOW God. That walk of faith turns into a life of faith, where, looking back, we can see a long unbroken line of points, where we stood in faith, looking like we were about to fail, and every time, we somehow come out blessed.
    THAT’S faith.

    • Amen, we will all have to stand in our faith soon, who will have the courage?

    • Amen brother. Living faith as opposed to blind faith…from first steps to a life of faith. I love the way you articulate the journey. God bless 🙏

    • Thank you. Your insightful comment caused me to reflect on the passage “His spirit will witness with your spirit”. But what is the nature of our spirit when it is one with God yet different?

      So many questions and with each answer comes even more questions, so the more we know the more we realize how little we know. In mathematics, we call it a limit which approaches zero or in this case nothing. It is the essence of humility, the realization that we know nothing, so without the guidance of God’s Holy Spirit we are lost to this world and without Jesus there is no escape.

  6. You are a witness for the Gospel message Hugo, you are using God given talents for His Kingdom and your reward will be in Heaven!, God can change anyone but we have free will (God granted) ,so He will never force but He will draw us to Him. If we ignore those promptings it may take much longer than necessary and we may put it off until too late but ultimately the decision to turn from our sinful selves to Jesus Christ for forgiveness and salvation remains with us. Even on our death bed with our last breath it is not too late but what a waste of our lives that can be lived for His glory. Also no one knows the day or the hour of their death , by natural or unnatural means, so I would urge everyone to seek Him whilst there is still time. 2 For He says:
    “In an acceptable time I have heard you,
    And in the day of salvation I have helped you.”
    Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.

    Read full chapter
    2 Corinthians 6:2 in all English translations

  7. You have changed. If the last couple of years hasn’t changed people then they are slowly walking through life. I’m like you although I’ve stopped trying to enlighten people – they will find out their own way. From the bible (and I’m not a basher etc) …Corinthians , 3.18…”Let no man deceive himself. If any man among you seemeth to be wise in this world, let him become a fool, that he may be wise”….I sum this up as, “all that we have been told is not the truth”. Take comfort….

  8. May God guide you and us all to the truth. Once you’ve done researching the Bible I would urge you to read the Qur’an. They say the bible is the old and new testament and the Qur’an is the final testament. As long as we approach God and sincerely ask for guidance we will be guided by His will. Wish you all the best on your journey. God bless

    • David Wood has some good references to that, he’s up for friendly debate. You may be surprised.

    • Who is they?
      Jesus is the way the truth and the life…

  9. Do you talk about the bible changes? While a terrible sin, it CAN and DOES happen as indicated by punishment for doing so. It is what woke me up! I was agnostic….. I think it’s the most important subject to be looking at – the changes are prophetic and promoting worship of a transgender AC. Much love, Hugo, you are very wise and I appreciate your message.

  10. Hie Hugo. Is it just me or after adverts I can’t play your presentation today. I am not blaming adverts but they ar getting annoying

  11. They continue mocking the devine intervention when the guy gets shot in the car. Where vic claims his gunt automatically goes of, and jules said he is crazy if i remember correctly.
    It used to be one of my favorites aswell.

  12. God is doing a good work in you.
    Bless you Beloved.

  13. I believe people have been programmed to enjoy violence. Hollywood, video games, and the music industry have glorified it. People watch all kinds of movies focused on darkness (killing, sex, demon possession, etc.) The people behind this have slowly moved the bar. Every generation has become more corrupt than the previous one.

    • Just last month as God convicted me, I’ve finally thrown away my 30 year old stash of 50 horror/violent DVDs and 150 Murder Casebook magazines, even though I’ve been a born again Christian for decades.Unsure why I didn’t clear them out before. Darkness attracts darkness for sure.

      Deuteronomy 7:26 Do not bring an accursed object into your home lest you be accursed with it.

  14. When people talk about proof for God, I use love analogy. It is the person in love that has the proof. I pray God will take us back to the days our forefathers reference Jesus

  15. Why do you censor/delete/block respectable comments that you don’t agree with? Do you think you know ALL so no one can have alternative opinion?

    • Shouldn’t this message have been blocked too then to stop people from knowing the comments are being deleted?

      • This comment doesn’t say anything other than to prove your point, so it works on two levels, no info/just complaining, reason it is probably allowed……
        Mine get blocked and deleted also, especially the well detailed/”written” ones…
        I wouldn’t necessarily say it was Hugo though, as the establishment are on here doing their thing….
        Anything that really makes sense and points out there could be a problem with The Jesus Christ view (when i’ve done it on occasion), isn’t around for long or just doesn’t get through…
        Don’t forget if Hugo is being “targeted/groomed/distracted,” which he definitely will be (if genuine and i feel he is), “they” wouldn’t want him to see the comments either, as he’s relatively new to this way of thinking and may just have been coaxed into it, unknowingly to himself. That may tell us something also, as i have seen this happen to others also that became a pain in the backside for the conspirators ….
        There is no level to which they, “The Establishment” will not sink, they have everything and just about everyone at their disposal…..

  16. Awesome message Hugo!! So glad you came into the true light and came out of the false light! See you in the Kingdom!!

  17. Hugo, I wanted to tell you how wonderful it has been watching your transformation. The person who post videos today is a new man. Romans 6:4 KJV Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life.

    May the Lord bless you Mr. Hugo, it is clear you are walking by faith and speaking by the spirit, all glory be to Christ Jesus.

  18. I think if you are getting off to the violence and sex in movies, it has become your preferred choice of entertainment over other genres and in turn you find yourself drawn to a life of drugs and criminality then you cannot really expect to think that God is going to be okay with that but neither is it likely you’ll be meeting up with the local church congregation on Sundays. Tarantino’s wrote the screen play for ‘True Romance’, directed Jackie Brown’ and ‘Inglorious Bastards’ and all are highly entertaining, violent and full of profanity. I’ve viewed them all several times but you make a valid point Hugo, God is unlikely to be pleased with my film choices on occasion but the Hallmark Channel isn’t really my thing either. We all make our own choices in life and will be judged accordingly.

  19. Films that used to make people hide their eyes behind cushions years ago are now aired in the middle of the afternoon for all to see, we have indeed been conditioned.
    Very similar to where the music industry has gone since the Elvis Presley wiggle.

  20. ye must be born again
    then you get the Counselor
    God lives in you
    He teaches you about Jesus
    and grows the fruit of the Spirit in you
    makes you want to obey God bc you love God
    your sins make you feel bad and want cleansing
    otherwise it’s all foolishness

    which is why it confuses me when non born agains bother with church and stuff…fakers…wolves…creeps I guess??

  21. Nice one as always Hugo 👍 AND i just wanted to let you know, PULP FICTION was also on “MY” top 10 fave films of all time. Until I looked up the SAME PASSAGE and couldn’t find it in the bible, before finally realising it was a MIXTURE OF VARIOUS PASSAGES PUT TOGETHER. Also it was around the time I became born again. Your goodself, myself & many others are ALSO turning away from the dark side.
    Keep it up bro, God’s love and blessings to the tribe.
    Amen 🙏✨️💕

  22. Pulp Fiction was one of my favorite movies as well In fact I liked anything that was edgy or different for a long time – 8 years ago I asked for God to show me truth (I was still ‘rebellious’ at the time so I didn’t expect Him to hear me let alone show me) But He answered my prayer a hundred fold and has been doing so since then I just ask Him in prayer and it could be a few weeks or months before I get my answer but I always receive one eventually I see Hollyweird as a completely different thing than what I use to – it’s an evil place full of evil people

  23. Hi Hugo, I can’t speak to whether God slipped a message into this movie or not. I have also changed though. I now believe that all the movies are controlled by absolutely corrupt and evil influence, even the innocent seeming love stories. To me all this movie did was to lead me down the path to being more immune to extreme acts of violence to the point where I can watch a short video of someone being set on fire and think to myself, “What has happened to our world?”. The goal, I believe is to make it so that none of us act, even when we should as more and more evil acts are perpetrated. In this way tighter and tighter control is enacted on us. In spite of all this, I believe that God will win.

  24. I have noticed a difference in your videos. Don’t ever be sorry for righteous anger at the miss use of Gods word. I really enjoy and reap knowledge from your videos. Thank you.

  25. Hugo, this is a personal note to you. When a person has a “change of heart ” they have become a New Species. They are now The Body of Christ, with Christ Jesus as the Head. That is what happened to you, and you are now “begotten from above”. Since you are new to studying God’s Word. I recommend you get a Companion Bible. The Appendixes and Notes throughout the scriptures are so very valuable. It is the Authorized King James 1611 Version, E. W. Bullinger doesn’t add to scripture, he helps a person understand the original Hebrew and Greek Words. Once, you get a Companion Bible start studying ROMANS it is the ABCs of your new walk EN HIM. There an appendix on prepositions No. 104 IN is EN in Greek and even that little preposition gives a better understanding. With a Companion Bible you will understand Dan. 2;43 and Rev. 17:12-18. Bullinger’s note on Rev. 17:5 “Babylon is the fountain-head of ALL IDOLATRY and system of FALSE WORSHIP “Mystery of Iniquity”… (2 Thes 2:7) as seen in ALL RELIGIONS of the world. ALL alike substitute another ‘god’ for GOD of the BIBLE, a ‘god’ made either with the hands or with the IMAGINATION, but equally made, a religion consisting of HUMAN MERIT and endeavor. THE REUNION OF THE CHURCHES” of Christendom and “the LEAGUE OF NATIONS” are two of the most arresting signs of the times. [The Companion Bible was published in 1922]. So, it’s BABYLON the evildoers are rebuilding, (yes, and Rome with the Catholic church). The evildoers need a worldwide religion because the religion of climate change is being exposed as a lie. When you get your Companion Biblee, in 104 you will see the preposition ‘anti’ in Biblical Greek as in “anti-christ” means for or INSTEAD of Christ. Even Christians who do not know their Bibles may be fooled when The Anti-Christ is manifested, because they haven’t been taught that Anti-Christ comes first! The Bible is very clear. The new one world religion is essential for the evildoers to succeed with their evil New World Order, Great Reset. Your posts are always spot on, but with the notes and Appendixes in Companion Bible you will obtain a deeper understanding of God’s Word and will REALLY understand the timeline of Christ Jesus’ return to earth. Also study Appendixes 25 and 26, helps with understanding the OT and why God wanted certain beings exterminated. If you do a Wikipedia search on Bullinger, don’t be turned off about what it says him being a flat earther. He was friends with the woman who started the movement, but nothing indicates he was. There is a discussion started to clarify this on Wikipedia, but it’s ALL just a distraction.

  26. This type of videos you do are probably my favourites. I don’t know if this comment (or any of my other comments) will ever reach you… either way it will be ‘divine intervention’ or “other’s” intervention’. I’m glad you’ve brought the Tarantino subject, I’ve always disliked him and all his films, all the violence and evil they promote as something cool… In a similar way I’ve always hated all the stupid horror movies and people’s obsession with them.
    Thanks for all the work that you do!
    Best Regards!

  27. Hugo, are you saying you’ve had an epiphany, I call that a stark relization moment, that what you have been advocating since you started your channel is finally finding the spiritually thirsty. I recall a scripture that says, if God had no one to warn people then even the stones would cry out. Their is no middle ground in the race for life, we are either supporters of God’s Messianic Kingdom or a supporter of the serpent.

  28. Thanks for your time Hugo ask always blessings of the most high be upon you.
    Now the WEF lucifarians want to allow AI computers to re write the Bible…
    I’m sure you are aware of this…
    If a computer makes the changes I believe they think they are exonorated from the consiqenses

  29. Hiya Hugo, WE all have Devine intervention but many just do not see it, and if they do then they dismiss it with in a dayor two of it. But Good to see that youare on the right side of Our Holy Spirit/God the real one not the dark one. On the 21st there is going to be a few of us going to the Albian line Near Bury/Manchester and i will lead the Meditation if you would like to come and bring others if they truly want ot contect to the higher One. It would be great to see ya there..Sylvia Osterreicher

  30. Tarantino comes across as a psychopath. Seeing him doesn’t help. I lost my interest a long time ago.

  31. I also really liked that movie before and the scenes felt almost hypnotic. Now I can’t stand all the ridiculous amount of violence and curses in it. Some songs in the soundtrack are good though.
    Interesting points about the Jules character.
    God bless Hugo and all

    • Come to think of it, the movie didn’t have all that much violence compared to other movies. Still blood, curses, etc. It was a long time since the last time I saw it.
      I think it is the slow tempo of the scenes and dialogues that makes his movies drag you into them somehow.
      God bless

  32. Hugo, you are the only one I trust. I appreciate what you do and I’m on your page. I’ve been changed also and am still changing. I’m also irritated by certain things that wouldn’t have bothered me before.

    Keep doing these topics please. I hunger for it and look forward to your next video.

  33. Hugo i have followed you for some time now and have seen you grow in your knowledge of the Word of God
    Its a beautiful thing to witness
    You are correct on seeing things differently now to the before you I can totally relate to that
    Wisdom and Discernment are wonderful gifts from God but the best is The grace and mercy of Jesus to provide us salvation and true life, truly living for Him
    Can’t wait to meet you in heaven God bless

  34. Hugo, if you are a threat they are at he very least watching you… They can also read your brain waves/patterns, probably remotely now also… if you connect that to previous comments i’ve made, some that got deleted, re being subverted, you should be able to put two and two together as a possibility… I’ve been doing this a very long time now, i know what they do and how they operate, no target too small or big….
    They can interfere with your thought processes to make you see things differently from what they are and how they appear, and i would imagine this is just the tip…

  35. When we are born again the Holy Spirit resides inside of us, we should be careful what we watch.

  36. Wow. We certainly are on the same Godly walk. It’s like you’re reading my thoughts. I too have realised I can no longer entertain the same earthly pleasures I used to… especially movies, I cringe when I hear the Lord’s name used as a curse word. It confirms to me how perverted and wicked Hollywood is. I don’t get how people worship these degenerates like Tarantino. I notice youtube recommendations about how certain movies warn us about the future, Fight Club etc. I believe this is another for of deception and that they are ultimately telling us how it is going to be. Predictive programming I guess. I’d love to hear your opinion on this. God bless mate. In Jesus’s name.

  37. Never, ever liked Quentin Tarantino. Full-of-himself, smug asshole. Anyone so self-assured, right outta’ the gate, was put there purposefully, in my opinion. He no doubt is “connected.”

  38. Hugo
    There is no place in any society for the things of the devil – not even in movies my brother. God says we are to renew our minds DAILY by the Word of God. The Christ, God’s Holy Son. Jesus, died so that sin must be done away with. He said be HOLY as I Am Holy.
    This man promotes all forms of sin and hence we should flee from his movies like Joseph fled from Potiphar’s wife in the OT.
    It is wonderful you have grown and change. May God help you to absolutely HATE all the sin that nailed our Lord to the cross. People must see Christ’s Holiness in us.
    God bless you.

  39. He was going to walk the earth like cain who was a murderer. Maybe the divine intervention was for the benefit of the shooter to not suffer being marked by killing cain as God states in genesis

    • Interesting thought. I also think Hitler was probably marked as a Cain character since he was a murderer and survived numerous attempts to take him out. Hitler himself thought he was the chosen one and had divine help.
      They are digging their graves even deeper though when they keep on sinning and noone is able or allowed to stop them so it is kind of a curse aswell instead of a blessing.
      God bless

      • Correction; Not that the marking was some form of a blessing.
        God bless

  40. Thank you Hugo, I love to see and hear your journey with God, He has given you insight and may you continue to thirst and run after Him. We can see how you have changed it is evident as we listen to you. To GOD be the glory for the great things He has done, blessings and I pray that you continue to hear the still small voice of He who was and Is and is to come. Marantha Lord Jesus.

  41. The very exact thing happened to me as well. Struggling with a mustard seed of newfound
    faith, I asked for a sign and waited to see it in the sky during a crazy lightning storm but the second I gave up, feeling foolish for the request, it came from a stranger.

  42. Hugo – I admire and respect your faith in Christ. May the Lord our God bless and keep you..

  43. Its a film, ive never seen, lol i only like true storys, films or shows, anyway good video Hugo, thank you

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