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59 Comments on “The UFO Agenda is ANTICHRIST / Hugo Talks

  1. Wernher von Braun’s (operation paperclip) former assistant Carol Rosin said that von Braun described the lies they were planning on telling us, “The Alien Threat” being the final card…
    Please stop attacking people whom have a mind of their own re The KJV, or any version, we all have out opinion…..
    Mandarin and Spanish are the most spoken languages the last time i looked…

      • You truly think the king was honest? Just like they’re now?!
        I’m reading the Eth Cepher Bible which has 87 books, restored the True Names and some scriptures.
        The removed Books are the Best.

  2. Come out from them keep following the KJV bible 🙏 and u not go wrong 😉 these films just make believe Jesus is real he bled and died 4 our sins 🙏

  3. There ARE Unidentified Flying Craft zipping about, I’ve seen more than a few myself, no I wasn’t drunk or off my face on drugs, I’ve seen them in broad daylight with other people around to back me up as they saw them as well. Are they Aliens? I doubt it, are they Demons or Angels? again I doubt it. The craft are REAL & are Human creations.

    • I too have had two encounters with unidentified objects in the sky, and the more I talk to people about it, the more I find that others are willing to open up about encounters they have had as well…

      • It’s all demonic deception. Read ” Orthodoxy and the Relihion of the Future” by Fr Seraphim Rose

    • UFOs are man-made and will kill many. Others are holograms.
      The aliens are demonic beings and after bringing false peace will devour many.
      One better stays away from them and rebuke them in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.

  4. Good one Hugo. What is staggering is the sheer number of deceivers. Perhaps the newscast readers are just “useful idiots” willing to read anything they are given to keep their well paid jobs but all the rest are highly suspect and part of the plot.

  5. How do you know that the Tardis wasn’t based on an already existing idea, Hugo?

  6. The UFOs and aliens did not appear out of nowhere some 70 odd years ago, they were just renamed and rebranded in accordance to the space BS… the very same demons, devils and unclean spirits.
    Always pleased to see an upload from you Hugo!
    Best Regards

    • Alef, Yes, This is just a spiritual, multidimensional phenomena rebranding itself as “aliens from outer space”. This shift actually started in the 19th century as people stopped believing in fairies and such. The earliest reports of “air ships” go way back into the 19th century. If you believe i’sn the Bible then you have to believe that demonic manifestations are a reality. That does not preclude the governments on this planet from using this to their advantage. Its probably happening this way for that reason. Critical reading on this subject are the authors John Keel and Jacques Vallee. They understood all this clearly decades ago. Keel coined the term Ultra-Terrestrial back in the 60’s because he wasn’t buying that this was aliens from another world he was seeing in his investigations. Vallee greatly expanded on all this in a series of books in the 80’s where he clearly stated he thought the government was faking some of this on top of it being primarily supernatural in origin.

  7. Extra Terrestrials? Are they based in the extra territory plane-ts beyond the Antarctica? What are they hiding with the Antarctica treaty? There is no outer space!

    • We are all living in one of many giant Petrie dish’s

      • @ david, you are ready to be deceived.

  8. Well if the Tate tarts say they are real then it must be correct 😜🤣🤣🤣

  9. You also to to be baptized to enter in to heaven, and fellow the 10 commandments. Learn about the feasts- they are forever.

    • Hello Hope. Baptism and following the ten c are outward signs of true conversion but not a requirement. Look at the theif on the cross. However I hear what you are saying. Those two should be done by every true believer. If they choose not to should question if they are truly converted.

      • Too many believe they can be saved like the thief on the cross.
        If the commandments aren’t in your heart, you’re not reborn and have not received the Holy Spirit. Therefore they will fall for a deception sooner or later.

        Those who seek the truth honour the 10 commandments including Shabbat (and hopefully the Biblical Feasts).
        Jesus passed over after He celebrated Passover.
        He was burried at the feast of Unleavened Bread. For He had no leaven (sin).
        And He had risen at the Feast of First Fruit. He IS the First Fruit.
        His apostles received the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost.
        There’s nothing new under the sun.
        Christians should love to celebrate these Feasts.

        At least one must stop with the pagan ones.
        Jeremiah 10 clearly pictures x-mas.

        Some Christians believe Jesus will return at the Jewish Rosh ha’shana a or the Feast of the Trumpets. For it lasts two days and is also called the Feast of No-one knows the day or hour.
        Time will tell if this is the case. We’re not to wait for that day, but simply continue our lives.

  10. Hi Hugo, I wonder if the narrative (as promoted by Simon Parks etc.) is going to be (the usual) good vs bad aliens fighting over human beings (and the genes), promoting fear in the public of abductions needing the continued support of elitist governments and WHO ‘one health’ organisation and mandates restricting ‘no go’ areas. Covid lockdowns, 20 minute cities and the WHO health passport are good examples of restricting movement.. Also GFANZ attempt to buy out our national parks worldwide to restrict our free use of these. What do you think??

    The other point I would like to make is the ‘non-humans’ among us who psychiatrists label as psychopaths (4% of the population) who are deficient in conscience, who manipulate and coerce the rest of us to do their bidding. These concentrate much more among the ‘upwardly mobile’ career elitists. See Robert Hare’s ‘snakes in suites’ book as reference (including the behavioural checklist for psychopathy). So called ‘sociopaths’ are the aggressive enablers who do the psychopath’s dirty work, providing plausible deniability. to the master psychopath.
    Kind regards, Shola

  11. My comments are being deleted Hugo, i don’t think it’s you, as why would you. You would back up what you say as i would and do, but mine get deleted, lol’s……
    I do however recognise the establishment at work in the comment section, so it’s probably them, to be expected when they can’t challenge it…
    Anyway, you have a great day…

    • You’re right. Even here one can not speak freely.
      It’s the system Hugo uses.
      Gmail also doesn’t send all emails.
      I guess soon we’ll be cut of all together. Till then they’re collecting our data to see who they need to remove from society.

      • @ Heidi: Yep, think the same, not much is free of them for long, especially electronically..
        Parasites, and that’s being kind…

  12. Hugo, I so appreciate your insight and efforts to warn us. Thank you.

  13. of course man makes a religioun that says “do whatever you want”

    i just think it’s fun that pilots have to speak english in order to fly planes.

  14. This occult symbol (arrowed cross) is also the symbol of the Alexander Dugin’s “Eurasia” movement.

  15. Hi Hugo

    I have just watched the last video Phil Schnieder made about how they have hid alien activities since the 30s,
    Phil Schnieder was an geologist who worked for the United Nations as a tunnelling expert and their are 145 Deep under ground FEMA camps, with a rail system that connects every major US base both on land and water, in this video he shows alien metallic articles that come from the second periodic table.

    Phil was terminated shortly after this video, he encountered a 7 foot alien demon two miles underground who killed 66 top underground scientists, he says the aliens have shared advanced knowledge in exchange for children and that is why so many go missing every year.

    He talks about the NWO even back then in 1996, he further says Martial Law will be the excuse for rounding people up and taking them underground to the camps, he says every country has these camps, he makes a point of saying it all comes from the black budget and can’t be traced. But the most startling comment was mankind is taking orders from these alien demons. Their were 13 attempts on his life prior to his final video.

  16. Your a bright lad Hugo, because they can’t stop Christ returning they will simulate a saviour of their own and he will be called the man of lawlessness and at first he will do incredible acts to mislead many people including the elect.

  17. Steven Spielberg knows exactly what that symbol means. It’s telling that he’s pictured with a blond child.

  18. I read a Christian booklet from the 50’s some years back which was refuting evolution. In there they wrote they believe ” Leviathon” Job 41)and
    ” Behemoth ” ( Job 40:15-24) Mentioned in Job were dinosaurs because God was telling Job at the time about His creation and all the animals he created. The description of these creatures is very dinosaur-like? Some believe leviathon was a sea dragon

  19. The kjv is the safest. Some versions miss out Jesus adn suggest that two women grinding in a field were gay. We need to be mindful. Avoid catholic versions of the bible as well. The Word of God is our only safeguard against every deception.

  20. Thanks Hugo. Ok will keep to the St James version. Appreciated.

  21. Great talk Hugo! Thanks for the heads-up on the sigil sign on the film director’s hat which spoke volumes. There is a push for a one world religion which will unite all faiths but probably end up diluting them. I checked into Bitchute for a change to watch your video and was rather disgusted at some of the aggressive comments . It reminded me of what Jesus said: “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you”. I and many others appreciate your insight and efforts to warn us.

  22. Hugo i love you man, and i know your right on many times of what you say about all the man made literature and how its all BS, but so is the bible – someone wrote it, no one can take you to the grave of anyone from that era, because its all made up and written by man.

    • Dear Martin, You don’t seen to know how the Bible came into existence. Just parroting what you hear on the internet as many do. If you were to even read and study the Bible, you’d learn more than you do from people on the internet trying to lead you astray. The greatest trick the devil pulled was convincing people he doesn’t exist.

      Pretty wild how a book written “by man” over 2000 years ago, is literally coming true before our very eyes!

    • Unfortunately you were born a goat & not a Sheep… Because you dont have a relationship with Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ doesn’t know you…… Also if you haven’t read the kjv you have no idea of the Truth, your blinded by the beast… If you are interested, ask Jesus Christ to reveal him self to you…

      John 3 16

    • Martin it is the inspired Word of God. Just have to look at all the prophecies. Coming true to know it’s a holy book. Esp the prophecies about Jesus. Love to you.

  23. Bang on the mark again mate. The truther movement is now one big mind game. Many are shills mixing truth with nonsense resulting in confusion and division. Keep Christ at your forefront brother.

  24. It makes me so happy to hear you give the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Also, your Scripture quoting has grown so much. 💜

  25. Hey, Hugo. I searched your site and didn’t find this. It would be cool if you looked into Jack Parsons (Jet Propulsion Labs) and L Ron Hubbard (Scientology)and going into the California desert to summon underground dark forces with the “Babalon Working” ritual. They were devoted followers of Aliester Crowley and his Thelema (Do what thou wilt) religion. They supposedly opened a portal that allowed demonic forces into our realm and our govt knew and renamed them “extraterrestrials”. Roswell happened just a few years later. Parsons developed jet propulsion without any formal education and sold it to the US Military during WW2. The predictive programming TV series “Strange Angel” lays out his story.

  26. I wonder if the next “virus” will be from these aliens?

  27. After so many cheesy sci-fi films about UFO’s and aliens, I think they will have an uphill battle convincing people that they are real. If the story is that governments have been lying about UFOs since Roswell (or before), then why should we believe them now? And if governments claim that one group of conspiracy theorists (the UFO believers) have actually been right all along, then wouldn’t it open people to the possibility that the deep state conspiracy theorists have been right about JFK, RFK, MLK, JFK Jr., Apollo, 911, Oklahoma City, Waco, C19, etc. too?

    They seem to be deliberately trying to undermine people’s faith in their governments so that they can provoke revolutions that will overturn all the existing governments in order to make way for a worldwide NWO.

    • I agree with you Tom. That is the point. However I have no doubt that higher intelligence is here and is simply a higher life form than ourselves. No gods, Jesus, demons etc

  28. Hi Hugo i hear what your saying or meaning ((the Bible Scriptures are correct & the truth))

    demons are fallen angels… / ufo
    Remember when satan was thrown out of heaven.. ((From this passage, we can conclude that one third of the angels joined Lucifer in rebellion and were cast out of heaven with him.))..

    Please understand, i have encountered demons / ufo / fallen angels… ((and many Heavenly Angles, even one in my kitchen)) . So has debra, (Debra was actually taken, 3 hours passed in less than a few seconds seconds, while driving in America out on a country road.. At 70 miles per hour…
    I worked for m.o.d. & saw things that are unexplainable, i have friends that have been working in facilitys who have seen things and my father was a government photographa & had to take pictures with his hazzelblad a giant in a underground / undersea mod storage facility in the UK 🇬🇧… Also there is a breading program in Antarctica…
    All of the above is True…

    In the city i live in a have seen demon/ape come out of the road at 3am while i was putting our christian bible texts on my own, and chalking bible texts as the Holy Spirit showed me to..

    Now you may or not believe me, but as Jesus Christ is my saviour, lord and Father, im telling the Truth…
    So is my wife, my father and my friends….
    These things are happening because we are in the last days… satan is running out of time, to Yes distract people from Jesus Christ and the KJV,, but these things are real, the same as Sasquatch /dogman and such….

    The Father is making us aware, we are not just batteling with things seen, but mainly with things unseen…

    People might think on here ufos are nothing, but they are demons…. As CERN opens things up more and more will come into existence, things that were never meant for this plain we live on….
    Yes the alien agenda will take place, but remember it is demons… Im sure with the sodimites, gay, trans agenda many are here and around us already… But the Bible is clear,, make sure you put The Full Armour Of God on,, day & night…. Pray without ceasing…
    ((trump before leaving office opened spaceforce,, there is a 1km space ship that is manned and its far away from anyone telescope 🔭,,)) (( ps im not a trumper,, im all for Jesus Christ,, we are all mindful that trump is the A. C. Or one of the A. C….. only Almighty God Our Father knows that))

  29. The devil knows the Bible well. He knows the rapture is coming and this is the only “answer” to rapture for them. If we are seeing this mainstream, rapture is coming soon! They know it, and the watchful believers know it.

  30. Last night I stayed up all night writing notes about evolution and aliens. Today I see you covering the topic of Aliens and I feel that maybe I should share my notes with all of you guys.


    1. EVOLUTION (Creation through evolution)
    Evolution is used to erase God in people’s lives and drive them away from him, but that is not the only reason.
    God had created men to be SUPERIOR to all creatures in the Earth.(We are supposed to care for it, not abuse it ,but still rule over it)
    Therefore Darwins’ theory is basically convincing people they are equal to animals. Because you came from an animal ,not created from higher intelligence like God. Think about it, what they really do is like convincing you that the house you live in is not yours . They take the key to it,then they come back after a while and try to sell you YOUR house back! Satan kinda did that with Jesus when he tempted him to give him to rule over the world if he bows down to worship him.
    Without convincing you that you are NOT SUPERIOR they can’t offer you the “next step” of Evolution, which is supposed to elevate you to being a god.(Same lie from Genesis) Which by the way is their end goal. To become “homosuperior” as Mitchio Kaku stated once.Or as “homodeus”(deus means god) as Youval Hararri titled his book
    3. ALIENS
    Aliens are always portrayed as more intelligent and advanced than man. They are portrayed as SUPERIOR to man.
    They will say they are the ones that can help you to the next stage of evolution.We have the spiritual evolution(evolve to a higher contiousness) and the physical(upgrading our bodies with technology).Both religious or spiritual people and atheists are being offered something out of it.

    We were created to house God spirit and after we will be given new (glorified) bodies.
    The Antichrist spirit is working in people today and those that are with him will eagerly accept the new(upgraded) bodies he offers them. People are eating from the Tree of Knowledge since Adam fell till today by believing the words of Satan rather than God. People got so many theories what the fruit in the garden was (apple, fig, knowledge of sexual intercourse)…..all kind of nonsense. People as usual put their focus in the wrong place .People disobeying God’s word was what brought them to the fall. That’s why throughout the whole Bible believing in God’s words is to men righteousness. We are saved through faith -faith in God’s words, in Jesus as he is THE WORD of God incarnated and his sacrifice. If you feed yourself with the words of satan and believe it ,you as a tree will bear bad fruits.If you feed yourself with the words of God and believe ,you will bear fruit to God.Is that simple.You cant stay empty ,either you will be feeding from the tree of life or the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Which by the way means deciding what is good and evil for yourself or with other words “Do as thou wilt”.,by removing God as authority to decide for you .Deceiving yourself that you can be your own god,not knowing that whom you listen and obey you become subject to .If you are not for God you are for satan whether you know it , whether you believe it or not.
    For people that dont believe in the God of the Bible ,ask yourself why these people hate God and the Bible so much and mock it, BUT YET THEY COPY EVERYTHING IN IT. All the promises God gave ,they will copy ,rebrand them and give to you too .Do you think this people love you,no they hate you as satan hates the image of God in which you are made.That’s why they want to depopulate the Earth and produce their type of humans afterwords growing in pods genetically engineered.They want to make their own version of man,in their own(satan) image.
    For those that Believe in God of the Bible and his Son Jesus Christ ,please hold unto his word firmly because a storm is coming ,a storm like never before and if you are not well rooted in him you will also perish.Yes difficult times will come but we have a hope and a promise to hold unto and keep us going.We should keep our eyes on Jesus or we will sink like Peter.

  31. It’s all man made scripts … lol, who wrote the comic you read, Aliens ?? Funny people see things that can’t be explained and they are Unified objects .. but you won’t believe that… someone parted the Red Sea, someone was swallowed by a big fish for 3 days, someone died on a cross and 3 days later came back to life, someone got every animal in the world into a boat … and you believe all of that!! . and why? cos it’s in the comic that was written 100’s of years after the so called event … honestly have a reality check ! Where are all of god’s miracles… seemed to have dried up in the last 2000 years …

    • Which comic book are you speaking about sir? .Are you talking about the one that predicted the world’s greatest empires before they came to power? (book of Daniel)Do you mean the one that predicted 2000 years ago about a future one world global system talking about “peace and safety”(1 Thessalonians 5:3) , implementing and demanding something that people will need to take otherwise they can’t buy nor sell?And today all we hear about is “To be One” and to UNITE.(book of John) Today ALL the globalists and presidents are talking about “peace and security” in almost every speech they give.
      What I can’t understand is when people believe and listen to people(like scientists) who believe they can become gods and evolve to some superhumans , but we cant believe that God can become man, die and resurrect. People believe we can reach God or godhood by some kind of ascension and practice but we can’t believe that God can decent to earth and enter his creation.
      One of the reasons people don’t believe in the Bible and they think is a myth is because the archeological discoveries that confirm it are not being played and promoted on TV, but we are showered with documentaries and discoveries about Egypt for example.Honestly I know where you are coming from, I had the same questions you have and thought the same things you think. I was not raised Christian btw ,my mom was into astrology (an interest she developed after reading H.P. Blavatsky books) , my dad is into Aliens. I had to have a BIG REALITY CHECK when I was traveling around the world ,living in China, Malaysia,Thailand and so on ,learning about different religions and cultures, asking myself questions spending almost half my life trying to find answers.
      The truth is that there is so much proof out there ,but people don’t want to go there not because there is no proof ,but because they love their sinful life and don’t want to let it go. The truth is inconvenient to them.They will cling to doctrines that suit their lifestyle .Truth tastes bitter ,Lie sounds sweet. The easiest and fastest way you can find out if God is true and Jesus is the way is by humbling yourself , throwing your ego and pride away and just ask :” God if you exist and Jesus is the true and only way to you ,please give me a sign and show me. With all my respect sir I had a reality check, maybe it is your turn to have one too. Whish you all the best in your quest for truth.

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