Reverse The Curse / Hugo Talks

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108 Comments on “Reverse The Curse / Hugo Talks

  1. Nice one Hugo, cannot deny the parallel with modern society.
    Amen brother.

  2. I like the North American Indian saying about the wooden axe

  3. Praise Jesus for the wisdom He freely gives if we will ask!

  4. Their are personality disorder traits that include preference to have meaningless & or distant relationships they never allow anyone to be close to them I highly recommend you study personality disorders the subject in whole not parts here and there

  5. Watch the Lena Slachmuijlder video on YouTube the TedXTalk video where she clearly explains what was truly done in Iraq & Afghanistan and Indonesia & 21 more countries before the plandemic V-mat2 gene expression neutralization for the abatement of passionate & fervent thought such as race based Hate and fundamentalist religious thoughts though once you thru epigenomic drugs flip that switch off it functions in a broad scoping manor. Which could also effect writers of stage & song or authors of books and actors on stage or film could also loose their passionate and fervent thought

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