Something Fishy / Easter Sunday / Hugo Talks

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127 Comments on “Something Fishy / Easter Sunday / Hugo Talks

  1. The biggest problem that I have observed in Western centric cultures (US and UK especially) is that they think the world revolves around them. In the Orthodox Christian Church, yes we use the term of Passover to describe the holiday and yes some people use the english easter term, for whatever reason, and the bunny as a symbol, but most people, those that actually care about Jesus and Christianity called it Jesus resurrection day. We great each other for 40 day with “Christ has resurrected” and we answer with and aknowledgement of the resurrection like “Truly he has resurrected”.

    It does not hurt to once in a while get interest in howbpeople around the world actually do things and not limit oneself to the UK and US. You’d be surprised.

  2. Hi Hugo, thanks again for shedding light on these pagan practices. Just a couple of thoughts – “Sea” is symbolic of the world/people of the Earth in the Bible. This is a running theme alongside terms of fishing and scenes of Jesus teaching the disciples to change the sides of the boat they’ve cast the nets from. Anyway, the Sea represents the whole world of people. The Catholic Church is very much part of the Sea, so the Beast could come from them. Saying that, no one really respects the Catholic Church enough to pay attention…

    Secondly, Jonah wasn’t scared to go to Ninevah, he just didn’t agree that they should have a chance to repent because of how cruel they’d been to the Israelites in the past. Small detail I guess but important nonetheless. He was the opposite of Jesus in that he tried to avoid God’s will but Jesus embraced it. Both had a similar outcome of pagans/gentiles being saved, however.

    Thanks. God bless.

  3. The Roman Catholic Church is always attempting to build a kingdom on earth using Jesus as some kind of drawing card for all religions and little gods.
    Jesus will bring heaven to earth without any mixture or shared faith with little gods.
    No. Other. gods. Allowed.

  4. Dogon says creation came from Sirius, they knew there were two stars there before we had telescope powerful enough to see them, sirius is also the place Crowley said he communicated with the spirit Aiwass, its also the star the Eygptians believed gave our Sun its ‘power’, when it rose, the Nile flooded and the ancient priests used to look to this start to warn the people-this hidden knowledge gave them influence and power as the ‘communicators’ of the ‘god’.

  5. Also note, that the rising of Jesus on a Saturn-day, is probably made up by the kabbalists, as Saturn is the planet associated with rebirth, Wednesday is Mercury day-a day of magic the kabbalists believe where spells are conjured, so they might associate dying as a spell (planting a seed) which then actioned 3 days later ready for Saturn-day.

    • BUT, if he died on a Friday as we are expected to believe, I do not know of any Kabbalistic association, which may give it more credance.

  6. Dear Hugo,

    You may find this a little odd but after beginning to date a Muslim man and being very new agey myself, although always believing in a creator of some description comma started to really look at what it meant to have faith. I asked God to help me and I discovered your website. Since I have been watching all of your videos my eyes have been fully opened to so many things that I haven’t realized and I have moved away from my new age practices and started praying again full stop between you and a Muslim which I know sounds odd but it’s how it happened I have found my way back to our one true Lord. I just want to say thank you for everything that you were doing and all of your amazing insights and research it has really helped me and I’m sure many other people feel the same way. I wanted to ask what you believe in terms of other people who have slightly different fate elements such as my Muslim partner but who are deeply good people who live by every commandment and do their very best to be servants of God. They may use a different name for him but they are truly good inside. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

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