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17 Comments on “TRUMP MICKEY MOUSE INDICTMENT / Hugo Talks

  1. Spot in Hugo. Its One Big Show.
    Used to be Duped Fully!
    But Now All my Faith and Trust is in God and our Saviour Yeshuah
    Thanx for all you do Hugo.

  2. I’ve just been watching Trump electioneering in Iowa (well, someone has to do it so you don’t have to, LOL)… Same old Donald rhetoric, same old promises. I found myself tuning out when he re-stated that the Bat Flu was created and distributed around the world ‘by Chy-nah’. With what we know now, Trump should be calling out the Plandemic? He has nothing to say on the WEF? Nothing to say on the kill-jabs? Nothing to say on CBDC? As you say, Hugo… it’s all a massive distraction. And DeSantis ain’t gonna save them… Mickey Mouse world, exactly, Hugo. Love and light to you and yours.

    • There’s a video or two in circulation where he does just that, calls it out and talk about pretty much the same
      Thing as people
      Who are against the C19 BS are
      Saying -I think this trial is real and the reason is because he tried to talk to the so called enemies ie Russia , Korea etc, Trump
      Was the only president where there was no war and look where we are now, like him or not, he was better for US and hence the world
      As we know America is
      Always the aggressor

  3. As we pick our way through all the subterfuge and the ‘misinformation’… please, check out the research of this interesting lady… Jane Burgermeister. She laid it all out, back in 2009!… everything we are facing today. Dammit… I wish I’d heard this in 2009! My political trajectory would have been very different. Hugo, I think your followers will find her talk very interesting…

    • Apperantely they have been working on nano technology, “vaccines” and such since the 60-70’s. The technology that is shown and somewhat used by the general public is kind of obsolete compared to what they have.
      Her name, burgermaster in English, gets a thumbs up from me.
      God bless

  4. 5 years ago it was the script of Hilary is going to jail… now it’s the other sides turn.

  5. Jesus Never Existed: An Introduction to the Ultimate Heresy Paperback – 5 November 2014

  6. Well, what can i say, you got it again, Gladio, re the left-behinds etc… They are the real deal, Mossad are under their control (should tell us something) as are most, militarily wise that is and i think you will find that Trump is Scottish Rite… CIA = Catholics In Action!!!… Do you know the significance of Naval Intelligence?

  7. Illuminati Playing Cards had Trump assassination depicted yonks ago. If I remember an interview by an ex-CIA on obscure channel the Operation Gladio in a different name maybe be “Project Cypher and Project Pogo”.

  8. Trump this,Trump that,yada yada yada,its all bullshit,never forget he pushed the jab on the least intelligent

  9. Off on a tangent here, but a friend told me to check out oracle girl on Instagram.
    Anyone seen her? All new agey and her recent pics are what looks like Rome, and there’s one next to the 666 cern thing. Also what looks to me like hand symbolism. And the profile pic is… yes an eye.

    So many of our tribe are being swept up by these agents.

    Maybe a good one to do a video on Hugo?
    The deception out there is mind blowing.

  10. If you were to ask a politician, How do I get from Edinburgh to Paris by plain, Sir?, he would tell you this:

    Sir, the best way would be if you fligh from Edinburgh to Glasgow; then from Glasgow to Singapore; then, (let me think, Oh I have it), from Singapore to Dubai; then from Dubai, (let me think again, sorry for the incovenience), to Berlin; and from Berlin to Paris; so, there you have it, it’s that simple; BUT he would never tell you can fly directly from Edinburgh to Paris. Politicians, whether presidents or prime ministers, will never give you a straight answer no matter how simple and straight forward the question asked. They always take you around the earth before giving you a vague answer.

    So, no matter who they are and what they are, I never trust them simply because in the US presidents are not elected but selected. And once in office, they do what they are told as they are only puppets of the elite.

  11. poor trump. I didn’t vote for him I voted against Hilary. Then he seemed to get no respect so i took up for him, wore my MAGA hat and all. And he put the pro life judges in and he did the Jerusalem thing. and all seemd so great….but then the vax. ug. no thank you. he brought in Fauci. He wore a mask. I wanted to burn my maga hats but it was still fun to be on the team vs. the democrats who were really really evil not just secretly sorta half way evil. the flesh must really like to be on a team or something. remnant relapse recovery the rrr. that will be my team. team Jesus

  12. Hi Hugo,

    I can’t leave comments on YouTube anymore after being banned for criticism of the Kerch Bridge alleged truck bombing narrative, which is impossible due to the nature of explosives use itself. Anyhow, I watched the video and you’ve invited comment, so here’s my take:

    When you say that the news is scripted, I have to agree, but not to the extent that there is a complete Truman Show going on. Because there is a power struggle ongoing between the NWO Totalitarian Technocratic Socialist faction and the remaining social and governmental institutions which are not fully within their control. Hence, the Trump psyop isn’t merely a diversion, but an act of asymmetrical warfare.

    The stated object of the NWO, also calling itself the Multipolar World Order, is to destroy the military, economic and political hegemony of the West, led by the US and UK. In order to do this there are many ongoing operations, but the Trump psyop is the centerpiece through which they intend to take down the West.

    As you have plainly seen already, Trump’s associations, business dealings and supporters put him in the camp of the Russian-Israeli criminal/intelligence network, whom he serves under compulsion. This network is largely invested in both Hollywood and New York, where much of the show is being produced, and there can be little doubt that they have complete power over the NY District Attorney.

    What is being done is called Provokatsia in Russian, and Provocation in English. To fully understand this startegy of warfare one would have to study quite a lot. But in short, it is to put an enemy off balance and make them fall by inciting their own flinch reaction. In this case, the long stated goal has been the break up of the United States into the North and South again, changing it from a global superpower into a redneck banana republic and a woke welfare state in perpetual conflict with each other. A little bit like Scottish independence from the UK.

    The object is division and complete civil chaos. And whether the MAGA crowd wins the fight or not, it will distract the US from the fight for Ukraine, meaning the Russians will win after all. That is part of the geostrategic objective of Trump. Note his hostility to NATO, warmth towards Putin and effusive love for Netanyahu.

    NATO is in the way of the NWO at this time. The BRICS bloc is the chosen vehicle for its emergence. Whatever NATO did with Gladio is not the reason for its present removal efforts. NATO is the last vestige of the security structure that won WW2 and contained Communism. It was never meant to succeed on a permanent basis, and now that the Communist world has been built up with Western money and stolen/transferred technology, it is time to destroy the US and UK and for Swissrael’s Ashke-Nazi bankers to take over the whole world an innagurate the Messianic Age of the Jewish Antichrist.

    What remains to be done to bring in the Messianic Era, The Thousand Year Reign of (Anti) Christ, the New Age, etc. is, in the words of the Jewish extremists, the final confrontation with Edom. And the means us.

  13. Great video!!!! Thanks Hugo!!! Keep on telling it like it is!

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