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143 Comments on “Synthetic Alcohol / Hugo Talks

  1. Fuuny how they want you to take all this fake crap but wont let you take natual like canabis!

    • The Devil the deceiver, the destroyer – he cannot create anything, so he makes rancid copies and gets his lying minions to feed his shyte to the sheep.

  2. Off topic but did you hear that the Ethiopian World Federation has accused Madonna of child trafficking and molesting kids from Malawi? 

    • It would not surprise me if that is true. I heard from another site that the late queen and prince charles used to traffic homeless children from the US, bring them back to the UK and molest them there. Hollywood also has a long history of pedophilia. Those kind of people use their fame and fortune to cover their tracks.
      Romans 2:6 “God will repay each one according to his deeds”.
      God bless

      • Joel T  They don’t call it Baalmoral for nothing. Jimmy Sovile was often seen there – I wonder why?
        Message to all – please click on my user name for the link to The Truth, thank you.

  3. Wasn’t it Victory Vodka and Victory this-and-that they were offered in 1984 but when Winston met O’Brien who was a high party member, he had REAL food and alcohol whereas the Victory stuff tasted like shit.

  4. And wondering if legalization of marijuana on the rise has anything to do with these effects to incrementally dissuade use of alcohol. 

  5. I used to drink a bit more but very rarely now ,I like to keep my full wits about me with everything that’s been going on and I will not be complying with any of these scumbag wef supporters ideas.keep up the great research Hugo.

  6. i think it,s as safe as taking the c jab. 2or 5 or 10 yrs down the line it,ll be ooooops sorry, we didn,t know this was going to happen.

  7. I think the no alcohol thing is to make people feel like these people are actually trying to help humanity. My half brother was an alcoholic, and ended up committing suicide in December of last year. Alcoholism destroys people, and families. However, I don’t have any problem with people drinking responsibly. I think it is all a mirage. They are just trying to throw things in to the plan to make it appeal to different types of people. Look we want to help humanity! What a lie.

  8. It’s about “net zero emissions”, but it won’t happen in Latin America, Russia, India, China, Africa, or Arab Countries, only in European countries,  the Blue States in the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, all controlled by the Nazis in the WEF.  Globalism and the NWO is “finito”, except for MSM in the western world, and their captive audience of zombies.

  9. When you live in a totally dystopian society the only ‘escape’ will be drugs and booze, if only for a short while, so it looks like (((they))) want to take that away from the people too = The Commie boot heel treading on your face!
    Message to all – please click on my user name for the link to The Truth, thank you.

  10. The combined MRNA Covid/Flu Vax (Biovalent) only tested on mice is being administered and just killed a 2yrs old in the States!!

  11. Anything that people enjoy doing they want to get rid of. It’s all part of the demoralizing of the citizens of the world. They’re probably thinking that alcoholics will go along with the agenda for a drink if they take it away. 

  12. It is funny because here in Sweden we had pretty much the exact same article about young people not drinking as much alcohol anymore. People where I live are drinking as much as before the pandemic. Maybe even more. Also, two things that are opening up all the time here in my town are fitness centers and nightclubs. 
    God bless Hugo and all

    • My doctor told me that because of the stress of covid and the lockdowns and cost of living that people are drinking WAY more than ever before. It’s the typical load of BS from the media. Next thing – alcohol causes climate change, myocarditis and is racist.

      • Exactely. Perhaps they will include the mysterious sudden death syndrome. Everything that is going wrong in this world is because of Putin and drinking alcohol, basically.
        God bless

  13. The faux reason to to ban alcohol will be down to the huge amount of CO2 produced when it’s being brewed. If you’ve ever watched a demijon bubling away that gas is CO2. 

  14. It isn’t okay when there are some very dark characters with a very disturbing agenda. Sure, it is a good thing to stop drinking completely or limit how much we drink, but what isn’t acceptable is when these characters are pretending to care about people’s health when the reality is it is about control. Who are they to tell people what to do 

  15. Maybe the removal of alcohol has something to do with taking communion?  
    As a Christian we are called to remember what the Lord has done for us at calverary by taking bread and wine which represent His broken body and the blood that He shed for us.
    All through the bible we read of how God instructed the Isrealites to sacrifice an animal for the attonment of sin.  This was ‘looking forward in time’ for when their Messiah would come and die for them.  The religious crowd at the time of Jesus didnt recognise Him as their Messiah because they were looking for the one spoken of in scripture who would defeat their enamies and riase Israel above all other nations (This will take place in the Millenium) not the suffering servant that first would come and die!   The animal sacrifice was done away with when Jesus died on the cross.  1 John 2:2 He himself is the sacrifice that atones for our sins—and not only our sins but the sins of all the world.

  16. Alcohol thins your blood, can’t have that can we, Oh no.

  17. I think the plan to reduce drinking might have something to do with the freedom of association.  I’m not much of a drinker myself but drinking often brings people to congregate together which leads to discussions about various things.  If you want to control people then you can’t have gathering and discussing their own narratives.

  18. Hi Hugo,I imagine it serves multiple agendas. This would be absolutely disastrous for the countless breweries, vineyards and distilleries. Could this be another attack on people’s’ ability to make a living?

    • To be honest. I don’t believe the story. It’s another Phoenician false flag.The establishment is using this to test the waters and then see where the Internet traffic is coming from the most to track the sources of opposition.It’s sounds too good to be true. It’s like they put all the establishment’s fears to the public? Since when did they do it?BBC completely silenced massive protests in London for how many years and these protests weren’t even anti-Semitic in nature.

      • You mean you’re not cowering, waiting for the knock? 😂
        Of course fella. As you realise on the blog linked in your name (yours?) : all about the fear.

      • No, I am not cowering.Is it you who usually does the knocking?Have you been tasked to scare people with this manufactured false flag?

  19. I saw a video from Simon Woods about organ donations and how they need kidney transplants because the hormones they take destroy their kidneys. They need kidney transplants because of this. Apparently they also use blood donation service to find out who will be the perfect match for them when it comes to transplants. There is a very strange story about a poor girl being found dead in a freezer in Bill Murray’s restaurant with a kidney having been removed. It is linked to Selena Gomez who was given a kidney from her best friend who surprisingly was a perfect match. Perhaps they think a lot of us are going to die and the ones remaining should have healthy kidneys for them to take advantage of

  20. B liar got me another FB Ban today , all I did was post a comment but FB didn’t like what I said .😇

  21. The end goal is the mark of the beast and the “welcoming” of the antichrist. THE ONLY WAY to fight all this is literally repentance, prayer and turning to Jesus Christ God to ask for help. Literally. 

  22. From 2022? I saw 2021 aswell on those pages. Well if what’s in the paperwork happens then it does. I wont be drinking synthetic alcohol that’s for sure.

  23. The elite will not stop doing any of the things they are forcing on the masses, they will swan about in cars, eat their steaks and drink as much as they want and continue to take drugs. Everything boils down to same agenda of control. I notice it’s the same jabbed up people believing all the lies about not using cars and the climate change 

  24. I can hardly believe that I was really happy when Blair was first voted in. Now I can’t stand the sight of him. Who or what does he think gives him the right to dictate fundamental aspects of people’s lives for them – including matters of life and death? 

    • Tony Bair is a member of one of the many “British Estabishment” families who have been running the world for decades already. Same geneology as Eric Blair – better known as “George Orwell” always sold to us as some sort of visionary!. The British Establishment establishes (writes the script) what transpires in this world.

  25. Anti-meat agenda = people more sick.
    People to be heathy need to eat meat = proteins. The technological advancement helped to defeat the hunger but led to more carpohydrates in our diet which is toxit if it becomes a bigger chunk of our diet.So if they succeed with the anti-meat agenda that traslates to more people sick because they will eat more carbohydrates and processed sugars -> more deaths and more profits for Big Pharma.If they want to reduce alcohol consumption why synthetic alcohol then?Of course they killed many pubs and clubs already and the Jooish opium traders want to create demand for CBD products and opioids so after few years we end up high in opium dens like the poor Chinese during the Opium Wars. But this time round I would not be surprised that these goods will be delivered to your doors by NHS so people don’t even leave their homes.Let me think when was the Prohibition in US? Yes it lasted from 1920 lasting to 1933 !!!Are they signaling something this way? or what are the practical reasons behind it?Were there any financial shananigans going on in that period?

      • First of all Flavius; You are a hero for replying and even citing your own comments. I mean it in a good way 👍
        “as long as people are trapped online they won’t do shit they won’t act” <– I agree on that. Most people are trapped in the digital world, minding their social apps and games more than the real world and are oblivious to the hammer that is coming down on their heads. 
        God bless 

    • I think Prohibition at the time was another form of lockdowns / curfews. Basically it kills human gatherings and what is more important significantly slows the exchange of information/ideas/opinions. I think this is what they are after.

      • They know that even if we know everything but as long as people are trapped online they won’t do shit they won’t act.Let me ask you? Have you printed and distributed any stickers recently?Let me guess. You haven’t.

  26. Considering there is NO Convid virus, never isolated or purified anywhere on this world to date and considering the WHO have stated that they envisage 500 vaccines being given to every man, woman and child by 2030, one must question EVERYTHING they want us to eat, drink or take into our bodies.
    The NWO death cult don’t have our best interests at heart, they are all self-professed eugenicists, who appear intent on lowering the natural population by their magical 2030 deadline, so does that mean that they think that natural alcohol has an adverse reaction to their synthetic drugs they want in everyone’s bodies?!?
    I noticed that when Dr Aseem Malhotra did his exposé about the Convid jabs causing heart attacks on the BBC recently he was sat in his office but his shelves appeared mostly empty, in fact there were very few books and just 2 Christmas cards left up, the others had been laid flat and this aroused my curiosity as to why just 2 had been left up so long after Christmas.
    On one card there was a butterfly and on the other was a Robin with a red bow underneath him.
    I looked up the butterfly and discovered that it was most likely one called a “Magnificent Owl”, which got me thinking, for the owl is usually associated with the goddess Lilith, who, like Adam, was supposedly created from dust, unlike Eve who had been created FROM Adam and Lilith was placed in the Garden of Eden.
    Lilith, it is said, believed that because she was created like Adam this meant she was his equal and when he attempted to exert dominance over her she rebelled, fleeing the Garden of Eden with Adam’s seed.
    Then I discovered that the Robin is also linked to fertility and could the red bow mean that it was tied up neatly, like a package, separate?
    This then got me thinking about this big “REVEAL” that is currently taking place, where they are now showing celebrities and certain sportsmen/women having heart attacks, the Damar Hamlin one being the most noticeable, even though it was quite clearly a full on Masonic ceremony and while in hospital the number 33 was clearly evident.
    So, my thinking is that these heart attacks are an obfuscation of the real truth of what these jabs do, that they are, perhaps, a sterilisation jab and that’s why they were so keen on getting them into all the younger and younger groups, the first batch tested on the elderly, tweaked when it showed that too many dropped dead instantly?All medications have adverse reactions, some react with alcohol, some with other medications and some with the patients other health issues, the heart attacks and all the other adverse reactions could just be one aspect to these, are they a deliberate part, are they there to hide the fact that everyone of breeding age or younger who has had more than one or two are now sterilised, was that their true purpose all along?
    Recently REALLYGRACEFUL put up a compilation on YT of her videos on Bill Gates, showing how, over the years, the pharmaceutical industry appears to have been quietly and quite deliberately sterilising people in the 3rd world under the guise of improving health, so what happens when all the eugenicists and fatalistic nihilists get together and decide they want the human population gone, the NATURAL human population gone?Finally, I believe that those running this world, those involved in the NWO death cult are not like us, no, I’m not saying they are lizard people, or aliens, instead I believe they are an old tribe of cultists who believe in all the old mystery school religions, the continual evolution of man, who believe that Adam was God’s finest creation, for he was a hermaphrodite, having both sexes in one body and this tribe has been striving to recreate Adam once more in human form.
    Orson Wells actually told us that this was the case, for he said that “politicians are actors and that all actors are the 3rd sex”, meaning they are hermaphrodites, the androgynes, their divine Rebis and it would appear that those who are this way are considered to be real angels brought down to be here on earth, they give themselves stars in the ground, as above so below, they get us worshipping them, they get us emulating them and now it could be that they believe their time has come with the Age of androgynous Aquarius, they finally want the world for themselves, for the abominations that they are and they create.
    The tribe of the NWO death cult have ensured they all have positions of power or influence or both and as such are they now using this to finally see the end of the natural born, those they consider to be no better than animals because we procreate the natural way, whereas they do it with a petrie dish or using artificial wombs?
    This is all just my own thoughts, if you don’t agree fine, but please be kind if you don’t agree, don’t attack, just agree to disagree and move on, for whatever is occurring it is not for mankind’s benefit and that much is definitely true!

    • @Kate Hayes, There was no Lilith = it’s pure fantasy. The Garden had only Adam and Eve, and then the Serpent Creature, who seduced Eve and from that union Cain was born. The Owl is symbolic of life in the wilderness.
      Message to all – please click on my user name for the link to The Truth, thank you.

      • My take is that there are 2 creation stories in the bible, the first being where Adam was created and Lilith was his female aspect within his form. When eve was created from Adams rib duality was born and so was deception in the form of the serpent in the garden of Eden. The serpent was wrapped around the tree of knowledge where it decieved Eve into thinking that carnal knowledge would allow her and Adam to create as God created and its at that point she tempted Adam. Sexual energy is often symbolized as a serpent or a dragon and thats what Lilith is. She is the sexual energy contained in Adam but once Eve is separated she is the sexual energy set loose in the world.

      • “My take is that there are 2 creation stories in the bible, the first being where Adam was created and Lilith was his female aspect within his form.”
        Not so, there is only one creation account. Genesis 1 being the overview and Genesis 2 the detail.
        Message to all – please click on my user name for the link to The Truth, thank you.

  27. The alcohol is for the pro and the top. They have to find a way to manage all the people who are going to go in withdrawals. 

  28. I think that when people drink they fart more so co2 is prodused 😛

  29. I kinda hope some people in my family fall for this agenda bc i think they drink too much. Alot of Montanans make their own beer and wine, and there are mini whiskey distillaries for tourist all over the place.  We have a really boozy culture so it will be interesting to see if this new fad catches on. It also might touch on communion? Fake meat, fake bread, fake wine, fake Christ? I like trying to figure out what they are up to. Ever since attending the Institute for Advanced Conservative Thinking I never trust the drive by’s. Couple that with Bible glasses and I am really suspicious of everything. As always thanks for listening! Thanks for asking me what I think. God bless! xoK

  30. The more synthetic garbage they can pump into people in the name of health the better, no doubt this will be far more damaging than real alcohol with far less effect which will mean more consumption. Nothing these parasites do is for you benefit. This is also quite jnteresting though, would this not be removing the bread from the bread and circus? 
    Looks like we will have to learn how to make some good moonshine over the next few years people. 

    • same with “vaping”. Better off with a real fag I reckon! I believe they stole “the science” from cannabis vaping, aka heating the herb only to the point the glandular trichomes and the actives within boil off (rather than inhaling synthetic chinese syrup off of toxic metal coils etc)

  31. Hi,Hugo. Maybe it’s to do with control over all the industry and farming in the production of alcoholic beverages?

    • Less people, less roads, less farm land i.e. ‘re-wilding’, those people left will only exist if they can generate or ‘mine’ digital currency via pre determined activity. Recreational drugs will have to be produced without harming ‘mother Earth’ and will only be avalible to those that deserve them.
      They are living in a fantasy land, not long left for them now to dream up their insane plans.

  32. Alcohol works by binding to the hemaglobin on red blood cells. Being drunk is simply being deprived of oxygen. So this stuff acting on your brain chemistry will be addictive.

  33. The chat is a complete mess,50 comments and I only see 10 and it’s fragmented.

    • Agreed. There should be an “All” or unfiltered tab at the top.

      • We all have an individual sign,that is the same every time we make a comment,must return to the site to see replies.Hugo if you are genuine you have to move to your own site.This is a joke.

      • Hugo isn’t a programmer. Your issue is with this particular web software

      • Hugo isn’t a programmer. Your issue is with this particular web software (which is a VAST improvement over the previous offering imo! Quit yo jibba jabba)

      • I never said he was,my point is “WordPress” has streamlined data mining,if you can’t see that you are a walking coma.

    • Yes, the chronology of messages is not maintained which is critical for threads. Also, since the change, I no longer seem to have the ability to get comment notifications. Does anyome know how to do that?
      And another thing… what’s with the login button? Does that work for anyone?
      I’m confused.

      • @CharlieGoy – Yes, I couldn’t respond to your message to me the other day.  I simply want to express my sympathy that you no longer trust anyone.  I do not lie and my story was 100% accurate and truthful.  Believe whatever you like, it doesn’t change the facts of my life.

  34. The best deterrent to over use of alcohol is the hangover and bad effects afterward; if they can find a way to overcome that people can stay drunk and submissive ALL THE TIME. Utopia.

  35. maybe alcohol interferes with the bio tech assimilation? like natural nicotine. 

  36. I cannot decide on the real motive behind this move, & maybe its purely about control.

  37. We are under a constant media bombardment that attempts to indoctrinate and convince us that humanity is a parasitic scourge that needs to be thinned out unless we sacrifice ourselves for the common good. If you’re the sort of person that believes all the WEF horseshit about climate change, farming methods, over consumption of natural foods and resources but still prepared to accept you’re part in the advancement of poisonous MRNA snake oil then please continue, honestly there is no telling stupid! And let’s face it, there’s unlikely to be any shortage in the number of taste test dummies for fake alcohol products that hit the market however harmful they are later proved to be, it’s all just a way for the elites to keep folk docile and weed out useless eaters without too much of a kerfuffle. Tonight I’m sticking with my moderate consumption of natural alcohol in the form of a very smooth Rioja swallowed down with a delicous mature Gouda cheese and packet of Wotsits. 

    • I’d like to have Drs Fauci,and professor Witty around for dinner with a nice glass of Chianti. Joking

      • indeed, invite Lecter but then say how unfortunate it was that work commitments meant you had to leave early. Although to be honest I think Hannibal would have too much professional respect for their work for either to end up as the main course. 

  38. I hate to say this but history may be about to repeat itself.
    World War I: 1914 – 1918 ( 4 years approx )
    The Spanish flu: 1918 – 1920 ( 3 years approx )
    The Volstead Act ( the national prohibition act in the USA ): 1919 / 1920
    Covid 19: 2020 – 2023 to date ( 3 years )
    Russia vs Ukraine war: 1922 – 2023 to date ( predicted to last 4 years officlals said at the time )
    Global prohibition act 2023 ?

    • Goes deeper:
      Hilter divided the citizens: Jewish VS non Jewish propganda
      WEF divided the citizens: Jabbed VS non Jabbed
      Hitler had massive censorship
      WEF has implemented massive censorship world wide via their Politcans Puppets in each country.
      Hitler shut down Jewish news papers
      WEF shut down social media accounts & independent websites exposing their lies
      Hitler forced the Jewish out of their homes and into the “Jewish Gettos’
      WEF forced world wide citizens out of their jobs which forced many out of their homes because of lack of rent/morgage money
      hitler imposed lockdowns in every citizen he rolled tanks into.
      WEF forced people into lockdown via using “Fear of the common cold virus”
      Hilter used EXPERIMENTAL drugs & Vaccines on the Jewish in concentration camps
      WEF used EXPERIMENTAL vaccines on world citizens in the modern concentration camps = citizens own homes
      etc etc
      World economic forum is conquering the world with out an army, tanks, guns…just by brain washing citizens and putting them under tv programing/radio/etc mind control.
      Hitler took the Jewish homes, furniture, belongings, including clothes on their backs upon arrival at the concentration camps.
      The Jewish sadly owned nothing.
      WEF Klaus Schwab: “You will own nothing and be happy”
      Scary times. 
      EVIL HISTORY IS LITERALLY REPEATING…right out of Hitler and the evil famlies that backed him to power (same ones running the corona con game and the world today) playbook. 

      • I’d say it’s no coincidence that Klaus Scwaub has a Nazi father either.

      • Actually Schwab is a Rothschild and a Jew

      • Actually Hitler was trying to protect Europe from these monsters. Read some TRUE history. 

  39. I know the toxic spots damage the liver, so alcohol usage would highlight that fact.  

  40. Could be purely about hogging more natural resources for themselves ( the unelected puppet masters ), which has been going on for decades, think of black projects, & with things like the DUMB’s. There’s a future event that they know about, & are, & have been preparing for it, so they can be in control when they reappear on the surface after the cataclysm, apparently coming in 2040.

  41. Wonder if alcohol in the blood destroys or counters the bio-cynths in the jibby jabs from self assembling!

  42. Perhaps there artificial alcohol has mrna messenger shit in it 

    • Correct. If they can put Nano Technology in a Syringe, how much could they put in a Bottle ? This Tech, is now being injected into the Animals we eat, and soon, everything we drink. There will be no escape. 

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