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23 Comments on “IGNORANT OF DEVICES / Hugo Talks

  1. Thank u as always I don’t listen to the news or read the papers just u and knights templar BFP AND the bible Christ Jesus 

  2. Yeh! the ‘Daily Fail ‘ that cannot even spell Weaponised on the Head title correctly. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. Well, Hugo, it’s not really China or the UK government is it? It’s the so called “elites” (elitist scum!) above all politics and above all national boundaries: Like you say… everything we see on the ground is a puppet show

  4. Bugger me!! Who’d have thought I’d be outwitted by a fridge!!

  5. Thanks Hugo, loveing the proverb at the end today. I read in one of my books some time ago that America has a data base which houses ALL phone numbers, every conversation, text and other activity done on them all over the world, not just smart phones but ALL phones. So yes, everything true in your vid. The only reason they have not taken the internet down is because they need to know our every move. Nothing you say or do online or on the phone is private, it can’t be avoided, but you can be careful.

  6. Indeed Hugo. “Yahweh is the way, the TRUTH & the Life…” He is the ONLY truth & way. We will get suckered into anything if we don’t rely on the Holy Spirit to guide us & give us discernment.
    I don’t have anything ‘smart’ in my home, except for the phones that I need for work (at the moment). I wish I could chuck ’em. But not yet. The Holy Spirit will guide me as He will those who trust in the Most High.
    Stay blessed in the Almighty always.

  7. Your alternative update on #COVID19 for 2023-01-23. Africa Starkly unjabbed, & Starkly unjabbed COVID. Hyperaccelerated Aging. WEF: ‘Humans Are A Plague’ (blog, gab, tweet).

  8. Fake money
    Fake media
    “The biggest lie the devil ever told is that they are the Israelites”

    • @Karl Woods, Followed by Jews are Semites and the Holocaust.
      Message to all – please click on my user name for the link to The Truth, thank you.

  9. ‘Smart’, verb; hurt, pain, might be from the extended form of Proto Indo European ‘mer’ to rub away, vanish, harm, die or ….murder.  

  10. I have nothing ‘Smart’. Most of my appliances are old, fridge 24 years old, mobile 12 years old etc. have no intention of getting anything smart either. It is horrific to think everything  you do can be spied on but can’t see why China would want to spy on the average person.

  11. Nothing smarty about any of these appliances. Another thing is the Loyalty Cards that businesses offer. They tract every purchase you make. Get rid of them too. Thanks Hugo for another great Video. You Rock!!!

    • Yes, we’re situated in Netherlands and we got a letter for HPV for our 20 yr old son. Never Trust Anything for Free from the Government!

  12. I don’t have a smart meter I have a basic fridge/freezer, I will ditch my smartphone/smart TV IF anything bad happens and there’s my point. Again we are told we are all doomed. Are we though? I mean what’s happened to the great reset the big reveal? Both got mentioned 3 years ago. With regards to smartphones ok alot of people don’t have them but not everyone that has got them will give them up in reality so why can’t that be accepted. I know the fakestream media do come out with alot of stuff (2020 especially) but sometimes what I hear sounds like something from a film such as Hereditary.

    • Everyone against the satanic new world order owns one or more of these smart devices it’s a fact!!! Unless you are totally off grid and living a near neanderthal life.

  13. ๐Ÿ‘agree. You talk sense.
    And to Dave Chippendale,a big thank you for helping provoke a hearty laugh today. Much appreciated 

  14. Hugo, around the 5min mark of your clip (not 6, so fear not the beast), is MR COFFEE!! 
    Holy shit that is now for real!?!  
    Check here youtu.be/Gz2Q2sTTxgY?t=100
    By the way as of Proverbs 3:5-6 (or whatever your chosen quote was. As there are many versions)  
    You Hugo, already have a good sense of GodHead within.  You have already awoken to know right from wrong and you exercise it daily.  Your own understanding is self admitted, relatively new to you.  Ergo, you should allow the furthered understanding of those aiding such, not diverting such from your path of your own divine within.  
    If anyone wishes to externalise all this, under guises, good luck. See how far you get. Spiritual Babies not yet ready for solid food will be the result sadly.  

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