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    • Read “The protocols of the learned elders zion”, they talk about it in the 23rd protocol

  1. Alcohol is useful. It’s good for creating natural medicines and can be used as a disinfectant. I feel they want to get rid of anything that can be used to help people be more self-reliant and self-sufficient.  

      • It’s also useful for numbing the pain of living under these psychopaths.

    • Victoria – agree. I thought years ago that was why they were campaigning against sugar and salt, as they can be used for preserving food grown by ourselves.

    • True, I always use 99.9pc alcohol spray for cuts etc, works a treat. Would highly recommend.

  2. Maybe synthetic alcohol is just something else to heap on society to keep them aggravated, depressed, and distracted. The story goes that it’s five years away. In other words, they’re just making it up. They call it predictive programming but there’s nothing predictive about it, and it’s only programming if the masses accept their bullshit as truth. When are we going to learn that they are powerless without our compliance. In the meantime, we are our own worst enemy.     

    • Right on dude! That’s what I tell everyone that starts to complain about how things are in the world today. All this wouldn’t be happening if people didn’t comply. Honestly, I never complied to any of it but I was the “only” one that didn’t in my family and “All” the other people I know. “All” of them complied to the muzzle made up mandate, some got poisned and some were overboard anal about all of it but I remained the same. Never wore a muzzle, stood up for myself when I needed to and continued on, “not wearing a muzzle” and they continued to wear one. When I was with some of them say like going to Costco for example; (with my research about what was going on with Costo at that time), I had all the amo I needed to stand up for myself & I was prepared, so when they would try to force me I would present the paperwork and explain it to them and then say, “Now you can quit harrising me or go get the manager on shift and we will document all this” and then I would walk riight in without a muzzle. Then whoever I was with, would say, “How did you do that”? (Through their muzzle). Baffeled, I would say, “You were right there, didn’t you see how I did it”? I would tell them if everyone did it, things would have remained the same.

  3. When the transgressors are come to the full a man (antichrist) of fierce countenance and understanding dark sentences shall stand up.
    hence the world has been brought into rebellion against God, they have not received the love of the truth therefore they will be sent a strong delusion.
    alcohol was used to help bring in a more rebellious generation and so in this sense Satan is winning the vote.
    stay strong in Jesus – greater is he that is in you than he that is in the worldπŸ™β€οΈπŸ’«

  4. If there really is graphine and nano technology in the vaccines, which at this point we cant be 100% certain of, i am guessing that alcohol isnt gonna work very well with it.  

  5. Another reason they have been closing pubs and making it too expensive to buy. I dont drink a lot myself but will never touch their artifital stuff that you can be sure it will be made to do more damage to your health than the real stuff.

  6. Remember Jesus turned water into wine, so maybe this is another step by the anti-christ agenda turning wine into water ?

  7. I believe one reason they would want to get rid of alcohol is to stop people from taking communion.  

  8. Thanks Hugo, God only knows what else is going to go into it, as we know anything is possible.

  9. In Ireland, during the lockdowns, they introduced minimum pricing and blocked off the alcohol section in all supermarkets.  When combined with the media propaganda, the anti alcohol agenda has been obvious for a while, but why?  I wondered if it counteracted the jab, as many comments have suggested.  Perhaps it is to get us used to living under this new one world religion?  The restricted future they have in mind for us, is possibly going to be like living under Sharia law.


  11. I think hugo is right….alcohol makes people less compliant! Iv noticed cannabis is being excepted more with a lot of countries decriminalising it. The UK has also changed its stance on cannabis by basically tolerating personal use.            I think this is intentionally being excepted by the establishment because it makes people MORE compliant and submissive.    Think ill stick with the alcohol:)

  12. I believe alcohol undermines the potency of mRNA Technology . Also nicotine undermines chemtrailing  effects and other gastly technologies . 
    When they say give up smoking or drinking it’s not because they care about your health but quite frankly the opposite. Alcohol and perhaps nicotine may well be the antidote to the poisons that are dishing out !

  13. We must also now be aware and start reading the labels on our food stuffs . ” Bio- Engineered Sources” is one of the new weapons . I was sent a picture of a plastic bottle of Helmans mayo with this warning on the ingredients label .
    So please be vigilant , these people never miss an opportunity to murder the unsuspecting.

    • The funny thing is, they still have the statement on the same label saying, “For over 100 years, Hellmann’s has been committed to using real, simple ingredients to craft the highest quality mayonnaise.”

  14. A few globalists go missing and it’s all back to normal.
    Funny thing about tyrants, they don’t like it up ’em…

  15. All there is and happens is conected with God, so as AI wants be new god it wants to see all, be conected to all all the time, replicationAll there is and happens is connected with God, so as AI wants be new god it wants to see all, be connected to everything all the time as well, replication, no place for anything natural God-like in new system

    • Spot on with that analysis mate. There’s so many factors at play here from the depopulation agenda to the linking up to AI.

  16. I do not claim to KNOW this…however my predominant thoughts keep coming back to the seemingly ubiquitous push natural Humans into consuming more GMOs and synthetic “foods.”  It seems clear to me that they are pushing to create synthetic humans. Programmable Automatons, ultimately. Dare I say “machines”?
    If so, a machine cannot consume organic foods & drinks. I’m also wondering if they intend to reach a point of telling us that the only thing we can consume is synthetic machine oil.
    I realized that what I just wondered sound absolutely INSANE.  Yet we have seen too many absolutely insane things, these past few years. 

    • Yes. I’ve come to the conclusion, in recent years, that everything they tell us is diametrically opposite to the truth.

  17. Most of the people I know that drink excessively would more than likely welcome this new alochol like it’s the most  “Awesome” thing ever, they wouldn’t even care what was in it, just like the ones that got the jib jab! I mean after all, if one can drink as much as they want and have the same effects regular alcohol has “AND” have no hangover the next day, pretty sure it will be a “Hit”. I know “a lot” of people just in my relm that have alcohol addictions and the hangover is the worst part. Who knows why they are doing it for sure, but it definately isn’t good!

    • Hmm…some of us (who love our alchohol) are a lot more particular than that. I can tell, immediately, which grape made that wine. I could, also, tell you where (which country and even the region) the wine was made.
      Other people can do the same thing with with whisky.
      Every single one of us would be classed as ‘excessive drinkers’.
      The people you seem to be talking about wouldn’t be able to afford the new ‘lab grown’ alchohol…and the alchohol drinkers wouldn’t touch it with a barge-pole.

      • I’m sure lab alcohol will be very affordable, atleast in the beginning. 

  18. mmm…   same as the ‘cashless society’ they are trying to trap us all into, which you warned us about.  Today I went to my local leisure centre to book my fitness class, which costs like £7.00.  I always paid cash as I saw no reason to use a credit card for such a small amount.Well, well, no more is this possible,  for outside was a big sign “we are going CASHLESS from 23rd January, please have a contactless card ready for your purchase’     I have no problem with credit cards I use them all the time. But what I have a problem with is, being stripped of my choice.  Huge difference.  Keep up the good work Hugo,  We need to start saying NO to all this crap.   

  19. Hugo, I’m one of your biggest fans! I send your videos out on a weekly basis.  I cried when I heard about how God proved himself to you and have been praying for you since then.  You are correct this is how the world ends & knowing you, you are studying the Bible to see it come true everyday.  May I recommend you follow JD Farag & his weekly prophecy updates from Hawaii. He is the man that recommended you to me.  The reason I’m sending you an email finally is your last video on fake alcohol left me wondering why?  So I sent it to a friend to ask her advice. She came back instantly with of course they need an alternative to alcohol, the NWO has created a grain shortage/soon coming famine, most all alcohol is created through grain.  If the NWO doesn’t create an alternative to alcohol they would then have a different issue on their hands when they can’t numb the masses with alcohol, the masses won’t follow their agenda.  Hope to meet you here or in heaven someday soon 

    • Good call Aimee, JD Farag is fabulous! In fact JD has referenced at least 2 of Hugo Talks in his prophecy sermons.

    • @Aimee, Unfortunately JD Farag is just another Rapture believing blind guide – a fakestream Christian who teaches ACCEPTANCE of a ‘Jesus’ when it’s a calling by The Father:
      John 6:65 (MCV) And He said, Therefore said I unto you, <b>That NO MAN can come unto me, except it were given unto him of my Father.</b>
      John 6:44 (MCV) NO MAN can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me drag him: and I will raise him up at the last day.
      John 21:6 (MCV) And He said unto them, Cast the net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find. They cast therefore, and now they were not able to draw (G1670 Helkoo drag as in John 6:44) it for the multitude of fishes.
      Strong’s Concordance: Draw – G1670 helkyo, hel-koo’-o; probably akin to G138; to drag (literally or figuratively):- draw. Compare G1667.
      NAS Exhaustive Concordance – Word Origin – a prim. verb – Definition to drag
      Message to all – please click on my user name for the link to The Truth, thank you.

      • Sorry you believe this.  You can only be saved if you expect Jesus in your heart. And JD Farag is an amazing man of God who speaks the truth. We are taking about your eternity right now and that’s all that matters. Ask Jesus to reveal himself to you and He will.

  20. They closing everything so close breweries and still give the mindless fools and slave’s to get out their tiny minds 

  21. I saw this, the day after my local Spar had run out of the wine I like! My neighbour and I spoke about it this morning.
    Signs of the times?
    Like the HEK stemcells being trademarked as a ‘sweetener’, which ‘fools’ the tongue into thinking it’s had something sweet.
    Alchohol that isn’t alchohol; meat that isn’t meat…
    I can, only, hope (at this point) that they have over-played their hand…and that there are far too many of us left who know how to brew, distille and preserve things that we grow or forage for ourselves.

  22. I think that you may be right. We’ve got minimum pricing here, in Scotland, too. Several particular bottles of wine in Tesco (at Christmas) were available in in England and Wales – but, not in Scotland (due to the minimum pricing crap).

  23. It will done in attempt to invalidate the liturgy of the Eucharist by substitution of fake wine in place of the natural fruit of the vine as Jesus instituted and commanded be continued until His return.  

  24. Alcohol is a blood thinner, prevents clots and strokes. Considering that they’re giving people a jab which causes these issues, I’d say alcohol goes against their agenda on this basis. It’s keeping people alive that they want dead ..

    • T1989, yeah, yeah..this is why in the hospitals we have sO many alcohol dependant pts with DVT.

  25. start making your own naturally made beers/wines, taken in small quantities, it’s a lot better for you than the artifiical crap you buy in supermarkets today

  26. Hi Hugo,
    I think this will be like the Soma from Brave New World, to keep the people mostly in a state of bliss so that their wretched state doesn’t become obvious. There’s plently of signs of how they will do it, the WEF psychopath, Noah Harrari even said to about what all those useless eaters will do once AI has taken over most human tasks, they will be fed drugs & play video games.
    You have to give it to them, they are very clever. Most people couldn’t be persuaded to just start taking drugs, but almost all could be convinced to drink an alcohol substitute, especially if it is going to be “better for you”. But imagine that once you take it, you will become addicted & there you go, the psychopaths will be able to add whatever ingredients into it as they want.
    If this is the way they will go then certainly we will see an escalation of the demonisation of normal alcohol, there will probably be many countries institute legislation banning the home production of alcohol, then severely restricting or limiting the production of alcohol by smaller operations like family run wineries, micro breweries & distilleries, to favour the multinational companies. Then the multinationals will start to phase-in the fake products with the governments enforcing their monopolies with greater restrictions on the public.
    I love your work mate, keep it & God Bless you

  27. It’s because herbalists use alcohol to make tinctures of natural medicine 

    • Also, if there’s a grain shortage that may cause an alcohol shortage…..

  28. Alcohol can be used as a barter item instead of digital money. They want to control it. It will be like red diesel. They can test to see if it is home made (illegal) or lab made.

  29. Sugar replaced with illness inducing aspartame (stay away from stevia, which is natural sugar substitute but also used as a steriliser in Africa) , salt replaced with things that include plastic, tobacco replaced with deadly vapours and now alcohol. God only knows what will be in it, but you can rest assured that it isnt for your “health” , but to finish you off.

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