A Lot Of Sickness Going Around / Hugo Talks #pharmakeia

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  1. I think AI is to replace God intelligence, not humans, they prob plan or already controfit humans in growing pods, hence no need for fertility

    • Because of abject ignorance, willful passivity, and an inability to question anything of importance, mankind, en masse, now faces its last and most important decision.
      Trust should be earned and not freely given. Those who lied, tricked, cheated and murdered us and our forebears for millennia, as ardent followers of the Antichrist for the promises Satan made to his psychopathic followers of: immortality – endowment of satanic preternatural powers & their freedom to do as they desire without consequence are now entirely possessed by demon spirits under Satan’s direct command & control of his demons.

      In summary, those who now occupy, through their intergenerational infiltration, plethora of secret societies, and political agency, most of the earthly powers now completely control every facet of our lives.
      Their recommended death toll, brazonly carved in granite for our benefit in Georgia, is currently well short of the eight billions they recommend. They offer us the antithesis of our Creator’s gifts & endowments, but more than anything, they covet our immortal souls.
      Your choice is made simple – worship Satan & go to Hell in eternity, or become a committed Christian martyr and be resurrected on ‘Judgement Day’, then live in Heaven with God in eternity.
      Christianity has no need of a church nor demonic popes. It is a personal religion, one-on one with our Creator.
      These demonized monsters have already shown their intention to submit us to the most unimaginable pain, and fear announced in their frequent WEF meetings, and mclude their final intentions to transform us into robotic slaves. And things can only get worse as their confidence grows. Be assured, the head of the dragon is here in Britain – Empires never die.

      • I don’t know where yall are getting all these ambulances and people falling over dead. I work in the public and have not seen anything yall are talking about. Most of the crap yall get in front the fake stream media. 😒

      • @Jeff
        I live in a city of 250 000.
        In the past year there has been a dramatic increase in sirens. Visible ambulances/Fire emergency rescue van’s.
        Someone on my block had an ambulance come 3 times in 2 weeks… The 4th time, there were police. Body on the stretcher was covered and not being resuscitated. That was 5 months ago.

        Haven’t seen anyone keel over in public. It’s mostly old people dying in their homes.
        The local obituaries are filled with death’s of people in their 50’s-60’s… “Sudden but peaceful rest.” AKA Stroke, Heart Attack in their sleep. Normally, er 5 years ago it would say “After a struggle/battle/fight, with family and love around, they passed. 70+”

        More people are dying where I live… 2nd week after kid’s 12+ jabs rolled out. We had a local report of 7 cases of myocarditis, in children.

        I don’t agree with a lot of talleyrandcm… It includes facts. But not entirely, Biblically accurate. “freedom to do as they desire without consequence are now entirely possessed by demon spirits under Satan’s direct command & control of his demons.”
        Without consequence? No! Entirely possessed? Maybe? Direct command and control? Maybe, Highly influenced and deceived, with seared minds. Or is that splitting hairs?

      • I live Houston and work everyday in the Public. Nothing is happening like that. And in Houston the majority all took the jab. I know people who took it. My wife’s brother is police officer and he had to take it. Nothing has changed with him. My mother in law took it. And so did my wife’s sister. Although I totally know the virus was a scam. I still beleive its poison just like all jabs. But you get the same results. It’s just a flu poison vaccine. Nobody is dying. Now do I think these shots make people sick long term wise? Yes I do. But people dying suddenly. It’s all in yalls heads.

      • @Jeff
        I’m not sure what you are referring to, when you say “Nothing is happening like that.”
        Almost everyone I know and see, has taken it, at least twice. Not everyone is visibly sick. Very few are. The damage may be there.
        What I described was 2 weeks on a quiet cul-de-sac. I can find the local news website with 7 cases of myocarditis in 2 weeks, if you want.
        Either way, apparently there are different formulas, batches, doses, blah blah blah. It’s really hard to say anything definitive.

      • @artful. One more time. I work in delivery. I go everywhere and I have not seen abulances all over the place just like I never saw anything during the fake pandemic. Its all in your head. Sorry. I know people who have gotten the vaccine. I already told you who they were. Nobody is dying in droves unless you are listening to the fake stream media. Blah blah blah. Back to you. No reason for you to get sarcastic. You have no proof other than your ears you say hear sirens and the fake stream media and online fake media outlets.

      • @artful.
        I apologize i thought you were saying blah blah blah to me in a sarcastic. I reread it. Please forgive me.

        Also Artful
        Do you understand how they mock us with numerolgy and symbols?
        I read nothing from any media source. They are all liars. You will only get what they want to feed you. And most of it is divide and conquer to confuse everyone.

      • @Jeff
        It’s OK, no worries. It’s the internet. I don’t take it to heart. I didn’t see anything until now. I completely forgive you. Thanks for saying sorry! A lot of people don’t do that!

        I don’t have a cellphone. I’m not hooked on social media. 2 hours in a Bible is, better than 2 hours on the DARPA-net!
        We have many beliefs in common. I don’t bother to talk about false dichotomy’s, controlled ops, psy-ops. Very much, because those that know, know. Those that disagree are firm in their beliefs.

        I do believe that obituaries are an excellent source. Talking to funeral director’s in the city… We have 5-8 “homes” … They are reporting obituaries like they always do. Except when you read them. The are not the same as in the past. They’re really vague… Like a suicide.
        Ex. Obituary for someone in their 20’s… Doesn’t say much. Except for “how much they were loved, or the life/light they brought, gone too soon.” Unless they died of an illness like cancer or whatever. Then it usually says a lot more.
        I know a few people who killed themselves. Their obituaries were vague.

        If everything is controlled, why are we even talking?! What does it matter? We’re in an echo chamber. I’ll keep trumpeting Jesus Christ!

        I mentioned rolling blackouts in California, as an addition to the ones happening in Texas, you mentioned. Just in case you didn’t know. Not many people will read or care. I thought you might. Maybe you already knew! No worries!

        I mentioned I live in a city of 250 000 because it’s small compared to a lot of places. Like Houston with a pop. of 2.3 Million.
        I do understand numerology. I spent a while researching various forms of Gnosticism. (Garbage)
        In Revelation… The Bible… There are 7 Scrolls, 7, Trumpets and 7 Bowls. 777, a Godly number. 12 tribes, 12 disciples. 40 day’s/night’s for Moses, Elijah, Christ in the desert, He also appeared to his disciples and others for 40 days after his resurrection from the dead.
        It goes on…

        In the end, their Masonic/Kabbalistic/Mocking number’s, chart’s and sacrifice’s are nothing, compared to Almighty God. Isaiah 54:17

        I spoke of my street. (13 homes, including mine) One elderly woman died. My other neighbor is defibrillating herself.
        I could expand my story to the “Crescent” I live on. I walk my dog everyday… I have seen more ambulances, heard of more people dying or unexpectedly/unexplainably ill… On my 2.5K/1Mile street than ever before. It’s very age diverse in my neighborhood. 2-80+ Y/O. I meet a lot of people with my cute dog.

        That is anecdotal, but combined with local obituaries. Other “Sudden deaths” of athletes, or Justin Bieber cancelling all tours because of his face… His wife messed up too… Did Justin fake Ramsay Hunt Syndrome? Maybe!?
        Jean Chrétien… Former Prime Minister of Canada had Bell’s Palsy issues. I’ve seen people with facial paralysis.

        Granted it could have been completely fake. Inject him with some Novocain and hit record.
        He had a lucrative deal with “Tim Hortons” for “Bieber bites” and drinks… But that’s gone. Quid Pro Quo? I don’t know!

        I don’t watch MSM… I leave the room when people turn it on.
        Yes, Canada is very divided. People are still COVID crazy or don’t care. Mostly crazy. (You had a cold? Was it COVID?!)

        How about a good Bible quote? Roman’s 12:2 “do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.”

        Colossians Chapter 3 “Put on the New self” !!

        Another great passage Philippians 1:25-29 “And having this confidence, I know that I shall abide and continue with you all for your furtherance and joy of faith; That your rejoicing may be more abundant in Jesus Christ for me by my coming to you again. Only let your conversation be as it becometh the gospel of Christ: that whether I come and see you, or else be absent, I may hear of your affairs, that ye stand fast in one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel; And in nothing terrified by your adversaries: which is to them an evident token of perdition, but to you of salvation, and that of God. For unto you it is given in the behalf of Christ, not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for his sake;”

        Oh, and that “Sorry” was a “Canadian sorry” … Like, I don’t mean to spam… “Sorry” here’s a link to a Doctor asking for premature death’s to be investigated.

        If it’s all controlled narrative, propaganda. Let us lean on the Word of God. Which I consider untainted. (After much research)
        China prints the Bible’s. Is Christianity false? No way! Jesus has comforted me like no other. I won’t detail that.
        Lee Strobel’s book “Case For Christ.” Is solid.

        Priests, pastors are great… I listen to old dead, preacher’s who reference the Bible, and don’t stray from uncomfortable subjects.
        As “leaders” they have a responsibility to their flock. Hebrews 13:17

        1st Corinthians Chapter 15! John 17:13-21!
        I could have placed the entire quotes but that would be a huge comment. You have a Bible you can read, I’m sure!

        TLDR, Grace be with you, Jeff.

  2. Drugs were used in the original sacred rites of communion..also eternal life is a mistranslation. Burn your king James. You haven’t read the Bible if you haven’t read the original sources.

    • @Keltoi.
      Where in the he** do you decievers come up with your bs? Always a KJV hater. Yall are all over the place. I will still with my KJV rather than listen to some muck on the internet. And by the way. Nothing you send me will change my mind. I have heard it all.

      • KJV is quite/very accurate. Except for gaps they couldn’t fill without the LXX in Revelation.
        Thank God for Tyndale and Coverdale…
        I like to read KJV, NASB 1995 mostly. Sometimes KJV has an antiquated word I don’t know. So I grab a thesaurus or a NASB.

    • There are no, ‘original sources’.

      There are no extant texts from before around 800AD. Everything from before that has been copied from previous texts which, mysteriously, disintegrated after they were copied!

      • I don’t think papyrus “mysteriously disappeared.” It fell apart. You have seen copies of the dead sea scrolls? They are more like fragments. Except there are 100’s-1000’s of them. Many are copies of the same text.
        You’re right the Dead Sea Scrolls are some of, if not the oldest New Testament copies. They line up with the Latin, Greek texts we had before we found the cave. (Cart Before the Horse? Maybe, except the dead sea scrolls are older, and were hidden.)

        They also found the Torah, basically unchanged from the time Moses wrote it. Which has very-very old copies. They found a bunch of junk books that are not Biblical canon too! “Gospel of Thomas” … Lot’s of Gnostic garbage.

        A great book Is Lee Strobel’s “Case for Christ.” He’s/was a professional investigative reporter. Determined to prove Christ as a myth.
        If you know, he tried, and tried… But only found evidence Jesus was on earth. And was God. Lee became a Christian.

      • Oh sorry, also The dead sea scrolls are Dated from the 3rd century BC to the 1st century AD.
        So 800 AD is completely wrong.

  3. I know I shouldn’t have done it, but curiosity got the better of me, and I clicked on ‘My Yellow Card Report’ by ‘Dr’ John Campbell. Well, he was complaining that his blood pressure has shot up since his ‘convid’ jabs (last one November 2021) and is now on blood pressure meds. What he does say that is that is true, is that you don’t get any symptoms, at least to start off with, but all the while the cardio-vascular integrity is being damaged. High blood pressure is not something that is ‘cured’ though – it is ‘managed’. He reckons it may be worth checking out if you have been ‘vaxxed’, it is always is in any case. What he doesn’t mention are far as I have been told by doctors, is that they don’t take any notice until you are batting 160 on the top number (systolic); (stroke level is 180).

    • My mother has AF still doesn’t believe it was from the booster I am in catch 22 I can’t talk to her over fear I could cause stress and evoke a heart event I pleaded with both my parents not too take any of the shots and all my father said we have made our choice I feel helpless!

      • Yep, I begged my family members to “just wait.” Gave them current facts about the known dangers in Spring 2021…
        4/5 double, some triple jabbed… My neighbor’s heart stops and she throws herself against a chair, to restart/defibrillate her heart. Doctor’s “Can’t explain” why she suddenly has heart trouble. She was fit, gardening, walking, not fat. She won’t put 2-2 together.
        She won’t take medication, she’d rather “the chair.” …. She says: ” I shouldn’t have heart trouble, the meds make my ankles swell up. Is what it is.” …. “Is what it is.” Such a dumb statement.

        Yeah Campbell… “DR” Doctorate of what? He’s not a MD, He’s not a specialist. He’s a nurse. No offense to nurse’s. We need them.
        From Youtube obscurity to suggested. Hmmm!?

        I saw someone talking about him the other day. Praising him for “turning down the heat, and wearing a sweater.”
        Isn’t that the current BBC propaganda line? He doesn’t need to, he makes over 300K. When you look at YT ad-sense.

        Maybe he did take the jabs, and really does want to turn the gas down because MSM told him to.
        He was waiting with “Baited Breath” for his next booster. Ignorant/deceived or liar?
        Vit. D3 in low sunlight area’s is a sound recommendation.
        Other than that he’s been flip-flopping with the NIH/CDC/FDA, Lancet, AMJ, exc. I tuned out slowly, and completely when he glossed over myocarditis in CHILDREN?!… I wonder if the table’s have turned. Or is he just doing as he is told?

      • Hey Artful. None of those Elites took the jab. They are in on it the scam.

      • @Jeff
        In the eye’s of the “super-duper rich, white shoe boys.” Campbell is dispensable.
        “He was waiting with “Baited Breath” for his next booster. Ignorant/deceived or liar?… I wonder if the table’s have turned. Or is he just doing as he is told?” I said I didn’t know. You can’t be certain. Let’s wait for Christ’s return. He can be the judge.

      • Wrong. Dr Campbell most definitely is vaxxed.

      • Dr Campbell is, actually, a nurse – not a doctor.

        I’m in two minds about him.

        He’s either a fully paid up member of the controlled opposition…or he’s a useful idiot from one of the Blue Lodges.

      • I believe this,,he has done a complete 180 after I was leaving countless messages to warn his board of followers,no different from Piers Morgan etc

      • Dr Campbell, the nurse is a part of the lie. He was promoting the jabs and now his a hero. I think you would like Mark Passio’s new video, “Defacto Satanism.” He sums up humanity in a nutshell. He is brilliant.

      • @Kathy
        The problem is we live in a big fat matrix of lies. So as long as anything is on any media platform you can rest to sure you will never get the full truth. So you may as well just crawl in hole and wait for the ending. Even if it seems they are against the mainstream narrative

      • @Kathy
        So you send me a message 🤔 telling me I may like this guy Mark Passio and his new Video DEFACTO SATANISM. The dude is a Satanist himself. He has pyramid symbolism with the all seeing eye inside the pyramid all over the place advertising his page. A Satanists calling out Satanists. How nice. 🤔 Get some discernment dam

      • No such thing as DNA?
        Ha ha. Are you a troll? You’re over this comments board like a rash, spouting your ‘only I know the truth’ BS.
        Go back to your flat Earth forums, dopey.

      • Ha ha ha If you 99.9 = 666 you idiot. You give them to much credit. You are just a parrot. You should e proud of yourself

      • @Bozzy
        And you correct. The earth is definitely flat with hills with a solid firmament above us and water above the firmament. You believe in that free masonic spinning waterball that goes against logic yet people just buy it.

      • @Boz. No reason to be jealous Boz. Have you ever met the guy on here who calls himself the Thetruthnotdoctrine? Now thats the guy that thinks who knows all truth. But is just a bunch of scripted hot air.

      • Campbell is a “Nurse” as I stated.

        Don’t give too much credit to kabbalistic or masonic numerology. Maybe thing’s happen in this world, that apply to the numbers they scribe.
        But remember God is in control, from the very beginning to end. As it say’s in the Bible. Including the book of Job… The oldest book.

        I still believe the world is a spherical shape. Have you used the star’s, the sun and a sexton as navigation?
        Or perhaps flown a plane? Which also requires a spherical shape for auto-pilot and basic magnetic navigation.
        It requires a sphere. Physically… As in Mathematics, Physics. I’m not an expert, but much of physics mathematical equation’s require a spherical shape.

        As I’ve also said before, what does it matter? Romans 2:12-16
        “For all who have sinned without the Law will also perish without the Law, and all who have sinned under the Law will be judged by the Law; for it is not the hearers of the Law who are just before God, but the doers of the Law will be justified. For when Gentiles who do not have the Law do instinctively the things of the Law, these, not having the Law, are a law to themselves, in that they show the work of the Law written in their hearts, their conscience bearing witness and their thoughts alternately accusing or else defending them, on the day when, according to my gospel, God will judge the secrets of men through Christ Jesus.”

        Throughout history, the shape of the earth has not always been the same. When it comes to Christ dying for our sin’s, I belief in His sacrifice is more important than whatever shape the earth is. The deception and evil will grow through our lives. 10 years ago, I couldn’t imagine the child abuse and sexuality that is approved of now-a-days. 40 Years ago it was the apocalypse and the Soviet Union were part of “Gog and Magog.” If you’re old enough to remember that, or part of that Christian movement. (There were a few movies about it)

        Also, I just feel you could get your message across without half-cursing. I’m not accusing you of anything, other than using language that some might not approve of. Mainly God. But who am I to judge? Ephesians chapter 5. “Be Imitators of God” … I read that and felt the “1-2 punch” was unGodly and fruitless … I see myself missing the mark, a lot. You know what’s right. Or well I feel what’s wrong, when God tells me.

        I had a “sailor mouth” before Christ saved me. Now I struggle with Heck and Damn, even Yosemite Sam’s “Tarnation.” Which is basically “Damnation.”
        I feel it’s cursing. But that’s just my point of view. Blasphemy was wiped from my vocabulary instantly. Now every time I take the Lord’s name in vain, I have serious and instant regrets.

        Sanctification is a complicated subject/process. Are you Armenian? Calvinist? Some mixture of the two?
        I am mainly Calvinist… But there are some Armenian beliefs I hold. Which is why I say Sanctification is complicated. Because I don’t hold the Calvinist belief of “Once saved, always saved.”

      • @artful. Well who do you think runs this world? And yes I will stick with numbers they use them in all there psychological operations. And also in there everyday made up news stories. They also use symbolism. All one has to do is look around its in our faces.

      • @ artful. A sphere does not sit on pillars. A sphere is not a circle. Keep believing the liars at nasa with the serpent tongue logo. BTW. We have already had this discussion so it’s pointless 🙄

      • @artful
        Have you bothered to read any of my comments. I am a Beleiver in Jesus Christ. I follow no organizatized church. I do not go to any Church. I worship the Father in Spirit and Truth. In the name of his only begotten Son Jesus Christ. All the 501 3c churchs are of Satan con trolled buy the government. The majority of them went along with the fake covid 19 and the ones that didn’t had separated their congregations. Stupid. Because there masonic pastors were part of the act. The scam.

      • @artful.
        I really like you. You are one of my favorite people on here. I know I can be a little bold at times. I understand a little more about your comment earlier when you said God is in control and I agree he is. I noticed you said you lean towards calvanism. Well they believe God is Sovereign and controls everything. But the Bible specifically says that Satan is the god of this world right now. He controls this world system. God had given Satan temporary reign of this world. It pretty darn evident in every thing we see. It will be that way until Christ returns. So although God controls everything. He also controls letting Satan reign the world the world system right now. I know all about calvanism. John Calvin is in hell right now along with all the other men that decided to name Gods teachings after themselves. Arrogant men. All of them.

      • @Jeff
        Yes, there is a lot of mockery, yes, these people throw parties on pagan dates. They are like Satan. They use counterfeit numbers.
        So I don’t really pay attention to evil, all the time. I would go mad, or become a monk.
        I do read your comments. Do you read mine? NASA station footage is fake. But you can see it with a telescope!

        Yes I know you’re quoting the Pillars, circle, firmament from the Bible. Ecclesiastes 1 describes evaporation and the water cycle. And other spatial movements. “Space” as in a place where things are. “Not outer space.” I’ve never said I believe NASA. Tesla’s “car” was “Just a regular roadster.” And yet it didn’t melt in the unfiltered heat of the sun? It was a marketing campaign. I’m sure they launched something with a rocket. But it wasn’t that car.
        Anyway! Earth is round! We agree! Circles and spheres are round!

        I stopped going to church when they shut the doors and said: “Get injected or go away.”
        There are good churches out there. I hope we both find one. Fellowship is important.

        Yes, we live in a fallen world where “Satan Rules.” But he doesn’t really. Romans 12:2… So I focus on God.
        I don’t know who’s in hell, except Judas for sure.
        “God controls everything. He also controls letting Satan reign the world the world system right now.”
        But we have a promise here in Jeremiah 15:21 “And I will deliver thee out of the hand of the wicked, and I will redeem thee out of the hand of the terrible.”

        I know divine intervention is possible. I also know that people die, in brutal ways. “The gate is narrow, few will find the way.”
        I’m not sure if Calvin or Arminius were alive, when the theology they wrote became named after them. ?

        Well, Take care. Bye for now Jeff!

      • @artful
        Please don’t tell me you actually think telsa’s car was in space rotating around? That was pure CGI. Thats all they give us is CGI. And when did the dude in the car change his diaper? P900 and p1000 camera show stars looking totally different than nasas cgi images. There is water above us whether you want to beleive it or not. I believe the Bible. Not you and nasa. There is Solid firmament above us. Of course folks just hate the King James Version cause it says Firmament. But of course thats a bad Interpretaton to those who hate the truth. And by the way Arthful. Math can be made to fit anything Nasa wants it to fit including the fakery they give us. Math can be used to decieve. The earth is not a sphere. The moon is one sided and that only see one side all the time. Nobody has landed on God’s light and never will. The Sun Is very close and obvious to those who have eyes to see. Why would you beleive anything nasa the serpents present to you?

      • @you keep getting circle and spheres confused. They may both be round when seen from a distant but they are identified as circle and sphere for reason. A circle is 2 dimensional and a sphere is 3 dimensional. They were separated in the Bible. And Ball was even used in the Bible. The scholars knew the difference. Give me a break

      • @Calvin was just another false prophet. Along with John Wesley and rest of them. I am only naming a few. There are are a 1000 more. I believe only Jesus Christ. See here is the problem. The Masons control everything. Even the Church. They have brought division on purpose inside the church. Which is no longer the real Church. People are so confused they no longer know what the real truth is because there are 1000 different interpretations. Its done on purpose. To send you to hell. Read your Bible for yourself. And pray. Any church thay took part in the Covid scam is a fake church and they all took part in it. Sorry if you don’t agree with that.

      • @Jeff
        I think you misread my comment.
        No, I quoted Elon Musk “It’s just a regular roadster” Which should have fried in the unfiltered light/heat of the sun. It was a marketing campaign for his silly cars.

        I read KJV and NASB. My “portable” bible is KJV.
        I’m don’t want to talk about the Earth’s shape. We both said “We’ve been over that.” I don’t want to waste my time. That’s why I said… “It’s round! We agree.” Jesting.

        Yeah “The Church” is messed up. Saving grace comes through Repentance and Faith in Jesus Christ. That’s the main thing.
        We could debate theology until Christ comes.

        God is in control. Ecclesiastes 3:11 “He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end.”
        If I worried about false prophets, the Masons, the illuminati, the WEF, Satan and demons. And whatever, I would go mad. Or become a monk.

        Calvin and Arminius were both dead before the theology they espoused was named after them.

        Christ brings me peace in my troubles, when I ask for Him. (I was gone to eat with the fam. Home-made macaroni and cheese!)
        We do disagree on many points, but we’ve been civil. How nice, thank you for disagreeing, without insulting me!
        You’re not sorry! I’m Canadian.. and I know a sorry, when I read one! Ha-ha… I’m just kidding.
        I will be reading my Bible tonight.

        Take care Jeff.

      • @ Artful. I still like you though. 🙂 I can be rude sometimes. So please forgive me. Repentance is a must. I don’t what folks on here say.

      • @artful. You are genuine. I can clearly see that.

      • @Jeff
        Yes sir, I am a sincere. Have a great day/evening!
        Just for fun I thought I would add. There is a stipulation in Canadian courts. Where saying “Sorry” is not necessarily an admission of guilt. Because Canadians say sorry so much. It’s called the “Apology Act, 2009.” 😀

      • I said please forgive me. Hahaha. That from the heart. Have a good night Artful

  4. Poetic justice for these people.
    Calling out anti vaxers to be refused medical treatment and yet here they are dropping like flies.
    Hard not to laugh..

  5. @Jeff

    There appears to be two people on Hugo’s channel with the name ‘Patricia’ so I have adjusted my name.

    To find out the number of people in the US who have died after receiving the jab, you need to go to the Vears.hhs.gov website or CDC website and search the database for Covid adverse deaths. For people in the UK, it is the the Yellow Card Scheme website.

    • What makes me laugh about you folks is yall are looking for truth but beleive the stats on CDC website. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO GIVE US THE TRUTH. You guys don’t get it. We live in a matrix of lies. The Virus was fake and so is the deaths from the jab. You will get no truth in this freaken world we live in from the controllers. The lie all the way down to the local levels of the government. It makes me laugh you folks parrot what yall only want to beleive. Lol.

      • @Jeff

        The stats on the CDC website might not be one hundred percent accurate, but the figures are shocking. Mainstream media might be suppressing the information, but there are a lot of doctors and nurses speaking out on alternative media; listen to Dr Sherri Tenpenny, Dr Yealdon, Dr Vernon Coleman and thousands more around the world. Go to bitchute.com and type ‘covid-19 injuries’ or ‘depopulation’ in the search box (there are lots of other sites). The virus maybe fake, but the injuries and deaths from the jabs are real. A lot of us have family members and work colleagues who are seriously ill, after taking the jab, or have died. Millions of gullible people took an experimental jab(some were forced), without knowing the ingredients.

      • There is no alternative media. The same people own all media outlets. Its a front. They control all sides.

      • so true Jeff..I would even bother to check these websites for stats..laughable..

      • Exactly,,there are probably mi!lions of deaths from the jab ,why would you think the cabal who lie to us about everything of importance would suddenly grow a conscience and have their CDC ? publish genuine data ?

    • Stop reading anything from these liars and start looking around you like I do. Observe. Use your senses God gave you. I see noone dying now or during the fake pandemic. One big psychological operation. But don’t get me wrong. They are poisoning us in the air everyday. Just look up in the sky. In our food and yes with vaccines. The only time you see folks dying is on the freaken or on some youtube channel or news paper outlet. Never live.

      • @Jeff

        OK, people online might be lying, fair enough, but I am looking at people around me in my family, people in the workplace, friends. I have been warning family members since 2020 not to take the jab and they have ignored me, now they are contacting me to tell me how ill they are and getting worse; I don’t think they will be here next year. You see work colleagues one day and the next day they are dead after taking the jab. I hear about friends who have died. I know people who work for the ambulance service who are also telling me they are not taking the jab, because they have seen what is going on and the number of people dying.

        There are a lot of people all over the world who have been injured by the jab and they are being ignored; they need our support. Just because you have not personally seen anyone injured or died from the jab does not mean it is not happening. Even the courts are beginning to look into the vaccine injured cases. Don’t dismiss things, because you have not personally experienced them; it make you sound insensitive and unable to empathise with others. We are supposed to have the fruit of the spirit, otherwise we will end up like the people described in 2 Timothy 3.

      • I don’t know where you hearing all this stuff but I deliver to hospitals everyday and other places. I don’t see anything any different. Like I told Artful. I know lots of people that took the vaccine. And I cried foul when they took it. And I still think its going to harm them in some way. But its like anything else. Its just a way to inject more poison into willing participants. We are poisoned in more than one angle. Thats common sense if you are awake. They poison our food and our air. One thing is for sure. We are going to die from something. And now they got supposed truthers terrified. They keep on winning

      • I’ve had two uncles and one aunt get cancer after being jabbed. Two passed away and the other won’t be far behind. I’ve seen many people die due to the jab

  6. CDC and FDA stated there is NO longterm safety data….besides the jabs dont work against anything as no virus was contained too test them on…when i ask people “why would you have a jab with no longterm safety data behind would you have it?”
    They look stumped…

  7. You are right Hugo…No God fearing person wants to see illness on anyone. But you do reap what you sow.
    Thank you for the scriptures, which are alive & true. Blessings to all who believe in the True Creator of all things. For those who don’t please seek Him while He may be found🙏🏼

  8. June Raine, of the MHRA, the government organisation that approved the needlecraft, recently admitted in a government commitee that the jib jab was never even tested on animals, yet says it’s safe & effective. There’s not even a basic risk assessment. If you actually get that crap in your arm without doing any research simply because the government & it’s paid shills & influencers say it’s safe & then have your health compromised then it’s your fault entirely.

    • J.a.b.s. are mark of the beast 100%…why? TWO INDICATORS:
      1. they started ja b older ppl FIRST, remeber 1st person jab-bed in the UK? 90 y old grandma!!! why?? if the ja bs were for health reasons they would start with working class, students etc not the oldest ppl..but remeber what J suppose to do, take your sould to hell, so offcourse you jab older ppl first so when they die ( and they can die anytime) they are marked by the greatest evil and go (you know where 🙁 :(…
      2. they were not ENFORCED! aka passports etc…JA BS were strongly encouraged but not enforced..they could easily required Jab s for evey work place in the world but they did not…why?? because it had to be taken !voluntarily” aka. you had a choice..voluntarily: as a vampire that cannot enter your house without invitation.. if they enforced ja.bs it could b seen as mitigating circumstances why you took it…but when you have a choice and you opt out to take it, there are no excuses…your soul belongs to you know who…
      TWO very very very im[ortant indicators what these JA.bs were mark of the beast…yes, they do harm your body too, cause it is eveil on every level…but the biggest harm is caused to your soul…

  9. Everyday we are besieged by a great number of articles from ‘experts’ and actors, they will warn about more death and tyranny. The ‘media’, and intelligence agencies will saturate, change and alter our consciousness using fear and ‘predictions’ that have already been scripted & ‘planned’ to come true. We are LARPing Alice Bailey’s “The Externalization of the Hierarchy”

    A reality this absurd kinda gives itself away!

      You have a blessed day also. I am sorry. I just don’t agree.

      • Experimental gene dna jab has anyone asked for informed consent do you know what is in this poison the info is out there all planned and completed in 2030

      • @Fran
        You know what Fran. You are a Parrot. Thats all you are. You have no idea like anyone else. You built your information off hearsay. Do I think the vaccine makes people ill? Yes I do. Stop being a freaken 🦜 Parrot. Think for yourself. Look around you. And if you tell me you see people dropping dead. You are a liar. Period

    • As i look at some comments, he/she does not believe the vaccines caused death in (SDS) even blood clots and myocarditis in recipients..

      • As you look around at these messages you are absolutely correct. I work in the public in a big city and do not see anyone dying. Don’t see any ambulances. Don’t hear any people talking about it. Just like the fake virus. Nobody in the hospitals. Except for the flu 🤧
        And just like on the net for the last three years I now hear all those same exaggerations and glorifications of folks dying from the freaken jab.
        And I see Noone dying.
        Come on give me your glorified story.

  10. Hi Hugo, may I please slightly correct you that this is not a lot of sickness but a lot of deaths

      • I don’t get it, if there are no deaths and it is all in my mind, why are you on Hugo’s channel? Hugo has reported sports people and others dropping dead. Football managers have lost their jobs, because they have spoken out about the number of players having SADS after taking the jab. Doctors, nurses and life insurance companies have spoken out and you think nothing is going on, it’s all in our minds. I think you are doing what the medical professionals, media and globalist have been doing and that is pretending it is not happening, while people are suffering. We are going to have to agree to disagree on this subject.

      • I am on here for way different reasons than you. Trust me. You act like you want truth. And believe the news and the CDC. Give me a break

  11. As I have said, we are going to have to agree to disagree -there is nothing wrong with people having different opinions. Peace be with you.

    • I agree. I ain’t mad at you. Just don’t agree with you. Peace to you also.

  12. There is a 3rd party fighting in Ukraine if you haven’t figured it out and they aren’t Russian or Ukrainian.

    • The third party is the fake news media feeding us the fake war. Gotcha. Now go back to sleep

  13. I’m no expert, and I have some information yet to listen to and read through on the subject, but apparently 5G does have an affect on several bodily functions, especially the heart. I can’t say my condition has been caused by 5G, but it could be a significant contributing factor. What Hugo says is true, because all I seem to see these days is sickness, so many people are unwell and I can’t help but get the feeling the psychopath/sociopaths in government want it this way. Put your faith in God because he is the only real, true power you can trust.

  14. Jabs conprimise the immune system..thats why so many have been getting ill through common ailments as they are more at risk from them now and longterm

    • Not to mention,
      Hidden/Unseen heart damage.
      Unknown sterilization.

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