A Lot Of Sickness Going Around / Hugo Talks #pharmakeia

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187 Comments on “A Lot Of Sickness Going Around / Hugo Talks #pharmakeia

  1. I find it so hard talking to people who have been jabbed, these days… Does telling them they have an elevated chance of illness or death, really help?

    • They have been taken over by the dark side, after the second jab…

      Only Jesus Christ Saves 🙏🏻 John 3 16 🙏🏻

      • Hear! Hear! Repent! Repent! Only Jesus Can Save Us!

      • After the first jab with the MRNA and crisp cas 9 you have a 3rd strand of DNA all with 4 to 5 hours after taking it , the second jab is just for the twin spirit Apollo and Artemis the rest are just to strengthen the non activated graphene as a stronger antenna..

    • No, they won’t believe you. I tried the other day to explain to my sister and she looked at me like a complete mad man.

    • Would you want to hear that if you’d taken the jab? Our overall health is governed so much by our thoughts, I think it’s better not to say anything.

  2. Apparently Terry Hall had pancreatic cancer which had spread to his liver.

    • Probably the booze. It is the heart, liver and pancreas that alcohol goes for. Anyway, may Terry Hall RIP.

    • Apparently it all happened very fast, but is it possible that these illness’s are being increased by the numerous experimental jabs?

  3. All you need is vitamin C, Proline and moderate exercise i.e. walking.
    Eat fresh meat cut out the carbs, no doctors required.

  4. I ‘ll think the most they are not dead , not the sporters , singer-songwriter, etc
    They all dissapeared to a secret place to live their lives.
    I ‘ ll see nobody suddenly dead , not my neighbours in the Street
    Maybe you can dig in the alternatieve story of the Holo …..
    2 war

  5. Amen brother Hugo, you seem to be learning fast. To mention pharmakia and sorcery you are into The Book of Reveletion.
    Thankyou as always for your content that, by the way, you are now using to increase your talent and bear fruit for Gods’ Glory. ❤️‍🔥 Hallelujah

  6. Thank you Hugo..
    Looking forward to downloading your videos to send to other platforms..
    God bless you… Merry Christmas…
    This video was brilliant, yes I heard the last guy from gb or sky news, said the other day on tic tok that he had had 2 of the cat mess jabs (as I heard that people are saying the jab has the same consistency as cats mess… Who on earth would inject that in there own body, other than them, wanting to ride the body of our soul, that was God given, from the beginning, our dna

  7. Interesting isn’t it that in a week when they are dropping like flies and i have been sharing them out , I now cannot access Watch on FB and yet can gain access to all other areas of FB with no problem . Mmmm !! 🙂

  8. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

    — John 3:16

  9. Never clapped
    Won’t boo
    Use my own brain to tell me what’s right and what’s wrong.
    Off grid.
    Not religious
    Enjoy listening to you without always agreeing.

  10. Thank you Hugo…lt was only a few weeks ago…in Brussels…an ‘enquirie ‘ of Phi#ser…the CEO Albert B was not there but his 2ic…Ms Little…..(with some pride) she was stating how many ‘jabs’ have been given….3.8 BILLION!!…..unprecedented in our time…with such ‘ease’…..quite shocking the compliance of people…(not me)…l was HUGELY wary when l heard The Speaker of the House say……”No no no…Right Honourable Gentlemen…..lt is NOT MANDATORY for you to take the ‘jab’…””….this was the run-up to November 2021…Nurses Healthcare workers Medical staff were told…..”NO JAB…NO JOB!”….my son Military….daughter MIR Radiographer (cardiac…very very busy)..they succumbed….deeply worrying…

  11. A great many propaganda victims that took the jab, now utterly regret it and vow never to go back for more. But sadly for many, the damage has already been done.

    Many other folk have been so well programmed by the matrix, that they will NEVER connect the dots. Partly because doing so would force them to admit that they were wrong, that they’ve been tricked, and intentionally lied to and harmed by the institutions they’ve placed a life-long trust in*. I feel for them because that is a horrendous place to be in mentally (as well as physically); now is the time for compassion and kindness.

    *I remember one close but completely brainwashed friend, telling me “well they’d tell you if there was anything wrong with them” in early ’21 when I tried to reach out to her about the damage the shots had already been causing.

    • @unjabbedandfree

      I’ll second the ‘Compassion and Kindness’ ……..OUR greatest weapon 🙂

    • Never a time for compassion and kindness for these deserving useless eaters. They threw us under the bus because “we put everyone else at risk for not obeying”. They will react exactly the same way next time round when their masters bark. I hope your female friend will have a slow one.

  12. Hugo, it doesnt just apply to the convid jibby jabby, it applies to the annual sneeze booster too the one that contains bacon sniffles. 1950’s-1970’s jab was equally as effective after 50 deaths the vaccine makers were told to totally destroy the vaccines. I guess they had left over ingredients.

  13. I sincerely believe that vaccinated people are psychologically & physically compromised.
    If I had a pound for every comment recently ” I keep on getting this reoccurring chest infection…I just can’t shake it”….maybe the drug cocktail and the gentle increase in 5g tower outputs might have something to do with it??? ;))

    • i have noticed people i know who believed this bs propaganda saying evil things to me that are truly out of character

      • Cognitive dissonance means it can literally painful to realise (and battle with) being duped so badly. The nastiness stems from the pain and some people tend to act like crabs in a bucket towards those who didn’t fall for the hysteria and jabfest.

  14. Thankyou as always Hugo, and to all the tribe;
    “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your heart and mind through Christ Jesus” 🙏

  15. Bieber was faking his sickness, they have certain celebrities trolling the masses in some kind of sick and twisted way, the top celebrities would never have been allowed to take this potion, they have too much invested in them, however, smaller, more insignificant celebrities are always expendable.
    I knew someone who had Bell’s Palsy, facial paralysis similar to what Bieber was supposed to have had and it is NOTICEABLE, same as the guy from McFly, you can see they are faking, McFly obviously didn’t practice too hard, his winking eye is causing his mouth to curl upwards, a sure sign he is not really suffering drooping.
    Same with Bieber, all he did was practice closing one eye, it isn’t hard to do, after all Katy Perry did it in her show when she was playing the doll, if you practice you can do this sort of thing, it just takes practice and then he would use half his mouth to smile, again with practice this can be achieved, it is NOT facial paralysis, that is where ALL the muscles on one side of the face stop working and you cannot control that side no matter what you do and the face appears to have dropped, it droops on the paralysed side, it is horrid for the sufferer.
    This NWO death cult, of which ALL celebrities are part of, of which most MPs are also part of, of which academia and many science sorts are also part of aren’t like the rest of us, they are fakers, they are different, but most cannot see, most are too blind to see, cognitive dissonance is off the scale when people are shown the truth, most don’t want to know the truth, even most truthers, it is so sad.
    We are being culled, those of us not culled will be enslaved by a NWO death cult who thinks of us as nothing more than animals and who have been waiting centuries to take over, they aren’t going to stop but they will throw some under the bus, that is how they feed the masses who may be getting suspicious.

    • They are actors. Why would you beleive any of them? They all work together against the masses. They are luciferians. All one has to do is occultic handsigns. None of them took that poison. Not a dam of them.

  16. The vaccines is the bomb, to trigger the bomb you just need to release some lab made trigger pathogen.

  17. So Hugo said that if it’s in the mainstream media then it is pushing an agenda. So shouldn’t we question why they choose to talk about these things? Especially while the stories come out at the same time?
    Couldn’t this be a psy-op, not for a big reveal but for confusion, fear and so on?
    Another thing is that Hugo at some point presented some info that people high up in the hierarchy never got the jab.
    Putting these together seems a bit weird doesn’t it?

    • This could be very true, hence why I said it was interesting that all of these reports come out very close together. like I said these high profile cases such Bieber and Dion, maybe attempts at normalizing illness, If I remember correctly Bieber wife also had mini stroke, this could all be put out there to normalize illness’s so that when members of the public start to get ill, it doesn’t seem so weird, because the Celebs have also been effected.

      • And I agree. The thing is though that I look around and people, that have taken the jab or not, when they hear about someone getting sick from time to time, they automatically say, “it’s the jab”. They have no idea if the person is vaccinated, they just presume it and say “what else can it be?”
        So there has been ingrained in people minds that any illness must be from the jab. And the fact that they are putting out these news where people automatically think in a certain way, sound kind of weird to me.
        I mean I had a conversation once with someone saying that a guy, that was a notorious alcoholic, had cyrozis because of the jab as there cannot be another explanation…
        If this isn’t the definition of mass mind control then I don’t know what is.

  18. its funny how the “I” paper says no ambulances for heart attacks or strokes. especially since they know the hospitals are full of them due to this death shot

  19. Heard about James Whale yesterday. No sympathy for scum like him. Promoting the jabs on his radio show and cutting off people opposed to the madness.
    Another I would lose no sleep over is Jeremy Vine.

  20. They still aren’t telling us what’s in these shots. We have researchers who have studied and examined them but the manufacturers are silent. Informed consent isn’t something to be discarded under any circumstances.

    • 55 = Satan in numerolgy. Its mockery. That person is not dead. They work in numbers and symbols.

  21. How many people other than celebrities are experiencing the same conditions, even death’s that aren’t getting reported?

    • The last couple of months in the local news pages mostly :

      October 2022 :
      Nicole Barnes, 29, mother of four from Bootle, found dead on sofa at home with her 3 year old daughter beside her after missing the afternoon school run. Doug Brignole, 62, bodybuilder and author, heart attack (used social media to promote himself as a vaccine role model, saying to “those who think the vaccine kills people, use me as a test. If I die, you were right.” Tim Gough, 55, GenX Radio Suffolk DJ, fatal heart attack whilst on air (distinctly “pro jab” in social media comments last year). Josephine Melville, 61, former Eastenders actress dies backstage after performing in play. Julie Powell, 49, American author/blogger, died of cardiac arrest caused by heart arrhythmia at home. Noted for saying on Twitter, “I would argue that covid DOES kill some of the right people. The anti-vaxxers/maskers are dying in legions.” (Oct 2021). Michaela Bateman, 34, mother of 3 from Frimley, worsening chest pain at home followed by cardiac arrest in hospital, died of pulmonary embolism (Oct 9th). Euan McNamara, 15, collapsed in restaurant in Liverpool following an afternoon of shopping on 22 October.
      Despite immediate medical intervention by off-duty medics the teen died later at Royal Liverpool University hospital. Becci Trafford, 39, Preston mum with 11 year old son, sudden death.

      November 2022 :
      Conor McCaughey, young GAA player, sudden death (8th). Keith Farmer, 35, Four Time British Motorcycle Champion, sudden death (10th). Rachel O’Connor, young Naomh Brid Camogie Club player, sudden death in hospital after falling “ill”. Molly Brogan McBeath, 22, Falkirk, died suddenly after night out (6th). Tom Edwards, 29, Yorkshire rugby player and captain died suddenly (17th). Warren Norton, 49, DPD worker found slumped at the wheel dead at 7am (23rd) at depot. Aindrila Sharma, 24, Indian actress, died after brain stroke and multiple heart attacks (20th). Chuck Carr, 55, Baseball player, no cause of death (13th).

      Most of the time we never hear about the true cause of death/autopsy results. Any screwtube comments section of videos relating to jabs and the like is usually littered with stories of people who have lost someone they knew well to something horrible that was non-convid related in the last year, way before their time. All anecdotal of course, but getting very common.

      • Last week near my home we had the air ambulance landing on the recreation ground. We are a small town. Found out today it was a 31 year old man who dropped dead of a “heart attack” type event. Extra tragic as he has a young child and one on the way, due in January. He is very much dead, the look on his mother’s face said it, if nothing else. Some of these celeb events Hugo touched on may well be lies to desensitise us and normalise things that were once rare, but something is happening to normal people.

      • That’s really sad, and I have a 30 year old son with a baby who took the vax while his wife was pregnant. He wouldn’t listen to me since we have been at odds since I got born again and on fire for Jesus Christ. Most of us who are in love with Jesus and obeying His voice have been shunned by our family. I will pray that the family of the 31 year old will find Jesus and go to heaven in the rapture which is very soon.

  22. Well said Hugo, love specially the Scriptures you quote. Truth is not inherent in us, Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. Follow Jesus for He alone is the truth. He said “what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own sou?l Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” (Mark 8:36-37). This was a warning from the One who knows, our Creator, that the soul was too precious to lose to another, our soul belongs to God and He alone can prosper our soul. Otherwise the devil wants to enslave it and lead to hell to eternal torment just like him. Keep up the good work, bro.

    • Today is my first day at Hugo Talks, but I have been on YT for over five years doing videos about the Lord Jesus and His coming to rapture us home. Hoping every day to see Jesus face to face. Maranatha.

  23. In my day any self respecting pop star was dead at the age of 27. Seriously I don’t think it’s any big deal for people in “entertainment” to be dead b4 they reach old age. The industry is rife with pharmacopeia of all kinds & you’re probably expected to partake

    • ****Subclause 11a – in the event of death of the principal artist, all revenues from sales and broadcast royalties shall revert to the undernamed management company. This includes, but is not limited to, drug overdoses, falling out of windows, autoerotic asphyxiation, being-found-dead in the hotel room, and suicide by shooting a gun to the head twice.

  24. this is too much, my landlords brother (48) had heart atacc and in coma for 2 months now after having 2 doses and a booster, my landlord don’t bealive it’s from the shots he also had 3 shots and even now he wants to get fourth one, unreal whats in peoples haeads…maybe this first shots make them not to think any more

  25. Absolutely top class reporters have been a member of uk column for a long time.

  26. TPTB are not slowing down on pushing the clot shots despite the well documented side effects, the reality that thousands of otherwise healthy people are dying suddenly, and the drug manufacturers finally admitting that he Covid shots are not safe .

    Just today I got this in an email from my state’s Blue Cross Blue Shield plan, titled “Vaccines are Safe and Effective”- shamelessly hawking the flu shot (which is almost 100% useless) and the Covid shot:

    “Why get the COVID-19 booster and flu shot?
    Flu and COVID-19 vaccines have a solid safety record. Millions of Americans have safely received these vaccines. If you’re due for both, you can get them at the same time.
    Both the flu and COVID-19 can be serious, especially for people who are over age 65, pregnant or living with health conditions like diabetes or heart disease.
    Getting both shots lowers your odds of getting sick. If you do get sick, your illness will likely be less severe. That’s less time lost from work, school and fun.
    Your vaccines don’t just keep you safe. They also protect others in your family and community.
    Who should get these shots?
    The flu vaccine is recommended for everyone age six months and older.8
    The COVID-19 vaccine is also recommended for children six months and older. Learn about the benefits of vaccinating children.
    The COVID-19 booster is available to Blue Cross and Blue Shield members five years and older who had their last COVID-19 vaccine dose at least two months ago. Learn more from the CDC.”

    Normally, I avoid any interaction with BCBS, but I have had it with all the lies and cover-up around Covid, so I told them they were lying and that it’s It is unconscionable that they would send such obviously false information to their members..

    • So they make this claim…. ” Your vaccines don’t just keep you safe. They also protect others in your family and community. “.
      How do they work that line of BS out?? How the fcuk does the Juice ‘ protect others’ when it doesn’t even protect the jibbed person??? Perhaps I’m not following the science! 🙄

  27. Some days ago there was a debate about the vaccines in the UK parliament. Andrew Bridgen MP, one of only a handful of MPs who deigned to turn up, presented some shocking facts, which included: there have been half a million yellow card reports of serious adverse events since the launch of the experimental mRNA vaccines 2 years ago (it is thought that only 10% of people actually report them, so multiply that by 10); by Pfeizer’s own admission, the vaccines don’t stop transmission and only offer full protection against the virus to less than 1% of the people who take them; even initially, when the virus was far more serious, those who had the vaccine were more likely to suffer a serious adverse event from the vaccine than those who were not vaccinated were to be hospitalized because of the effects of the virus….

    What a sick joke!!

  28. This article was in the Mail Online on the 7 December 2022 – Problem, Reaction, Solution.

    ‘Soldiers could be brought in to drive ambulances on paramedic strike days, amid fears 999 teams won’t attend heart attack victims.

    Senior officials from the Department of Health and Ministry of Defence met today to discuss making a formal request for the military to work as paramedics, which could be made as early as today.  

    It comes as the three unions representing ambulance workers yesterday confirmed that they had coordinated strike action across England and Wales for December 21, accusing the Government of ignoring their pleas for a decent pay rise.

    Unite, Unison and GMB have not yet confirmed which services will be ring-fenced — but the Health Secretary warned heart attack and stroke calls, along with those from elderly people who have fallen, may not be attended.’

  29. Because the jab deaths can be so sudden, we’re seeing a lot of “died at home” now. In the US before the jab, “died at home” in an obituary was a term only used when a person had committed suicide.

  30. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke James Whale Karma is a bitch

  31. People’s misplaced trust is incredible! I remember when masks were compulsory a friend of mine said, “the government wouldn’t recommend wearing them if they were dangerous.” The only helpful pill is the red one!

    • Indeed this misplacement of trust is incredible. But it’s amazing that the banksters and corporations have lifted the vale themselves to show us the governments are such a corporate theaters.
      I think these maniacs no longer care as one of their main objectives is to finish off these governments to push NWO. And what is going on is not helping the government’s reputation but how can they object if there are trillion dollar unregulated banks BlackRock and Vanguard standing behind their backs.

  32. I’d honestly not heard about Mark Steyn. Says he was 15 minutes from death so there’s your 6 in numerology (1+5). I don’t believe any stories regarding these so called celebs for good or ill and particularly in the music industry. They’re found dead (usually in a bath and often aged 27, so there’s your 9 or 3+3+3) but probably just go on to other things or, in the case of the older ones, to enjoy retirement. We live in a fabricated reality. There’s no one enjoys football more than me but the truth is it was created and is played by freemasons – certainly at the top end. The World Cup was one big ritual, particularly the final.

    • Yes, going on strike on 21/12, the Winter Solstice, a palindrome date, and 2+1+1+2 = 6.

  33. “We Jews have spoiled the blood of all races. We have tarnished and broken their power. We have made everything foul, rotten, decomposed and decayed.” (The Way To Zion, Munzer)

  34. Nhs paramedics striking , potentially put life at risk on the first day of the winter solstice … dates are chosen for a reason . How many of the participants realise this … I feel it will be very few .

  35. Been thinking the same…..

    Lad at work jabbed same eye thing as mcfly.

    Me + everyone jabbed and unjabbed can’t shift this cold, I’m on 1 week unjabbed, kid 3 weeks 7 unjabbed, it’s the mk1 convid cold they told all was the plague I swear only worse.

    Why aren’t they claiming this is convid andgoing fear booster fear booster fear booster like normal.

    Something is up isn’t it, is this going to turn into a high fatality cold?

    James Whale lol and lol and lol

    They’ve proved jabs get to brain and cause brain damage, why my dad and 2 heavily jabbed mates are both damn near zombies.

  36. Hey Hugo, I like the way your videos show a flat horizon. Stationary Earth has some stunning evidence but the globos have fooled so many. Thank you for your interesting and informative videos.

    • Yes, flat Earth – the elephant in the room!!! Great work,Hugo.

      • Our beautiful flat earth with a solid firmament above us. God is great

    • Personally I think it is spherical. Coriolis force, star rotation, depending on latitude. Early Antarctic expeditions. The race to the south pole. Both Amundsen’s and The Terra nova expedition were documented through journaling. Can you have a singular “South Pole” on a flat earth? Not to mention “Perfect Circles” for flight and sailing. Reading charts/maps for sailing and flying.
      Flight’s from Sydney to Santiago in 12 Hours. With a speed of ~900 Kmph at cruise.

      The is always something interesting, I haven’t seen elsewhere on HugoTalks… I would have never seen the “Holy Spirit OuiJa Board.”

      Too bad the masses don’t see or care about all the people “Suddenly Dying” … Even after that phrase was banned, on whatever social media site.

      • Amen Matt. Its Flat with a solid firmament above us. And water above the firmament.

      • Ok! It’s flat, or maybe not!
        Did Jesus Christ, the son of God. Sacrifice Himself for the sin’s of all mankind here on earth? Yes.
        I don’t understand why shape of earth is even a concern. It doesn’t matter when it comes to Faith in Christ and salvation, does it?

        Romans 12:1-2, Luke 1:37, John 8:12, John 18:36, Colossians 2:8, Colossians 3:2, 1st Corinthians 3:18, 1st John 2:17, 1st John 5:4-5, James 1:27… Isn’t reading great? I like to pull out my bible with a concordance.

      • 404’d… Broken link. “The Wayback Machine” has not archived that url.

        Much of the International Space Station footage is fake. But you can see it with a telescope. It’s up there.

        I’d love to see some solid evidence for a flat earth. I’m no physicist, but I don’t understand how the ISS orbits, on a flat earth.

        Like the Moon and Sun do? Pardon? Communication satellite’s have crazy orbits.
        Where are the Sailor’s? Pilot’s, Astrologist’s? Tuned out of this flatness.
        Hey, “STAR WARS” might be up there commanded by the United States Space Force. That sound’s more likely to me.

    • Because most politicians are on it.
      The famous ones who died unexpectedly were these five African presidents/prime ministers who made fun of the COVID Plandemic.

      • All poLIEticians are in on it. Why do you folks always want to believe 🙄 that a few of them are good. They can’t get where they are without being part of it.

    • Let’s be honest (🤣) the MSM told us that Doris was very near to death ( 🤭😂😂🤭) at the start of the scam to make the Normies think that it was real.

  37. Here is a new super plan – Catastrophic Contagion simulation… (Hmm, where have I seen very similar one…201..and the month the same -October???.) “The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, in partnership with WHO and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, conducted Catastrophic Contagion, a pandemic tabletop exercise at the Grand Challenges Annual Meeting in Brussels, Belgium, on October 23, 2022.” You can find and see video of it online.

  38. Keep in mind that Ephesians passage you mentioned, and apply it to the mark of the beast’.
    This is what I tried to explain to you; that ‘mark’ will be [is] a SPIRITUAL mark… not modern technology, not ‘chips’ or ‘microchips’!!!

    David Spangler, freemason and outspoken luciferian new ager, UN director of Planetary Initiative:
    – “No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to WORSHIP LUCIFER. No one will enter the new age of aquarius] unless he will take a LUCIFERIAN INITIATION.”

    • I cant imagine anything more of a pledge than sticking a needle full of filth into your body as a type of inititiation

    • The Mark is not spiritual. Quit deciving folks. It clearly says in the hand or in the forehead

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