King Charles New BANKNOTES / Hugo Talks

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73 Comments on “King Charles New BANKNOTES / Hugo Talks

  1. I think the notes will be released, the 50p coins with him on are in circulation I have one.

  2. He does look 20 years younger with that funny eye. Good explanation Hugo. Yah bless..

  3. Lots of famous people have that funny eye. I found a photograph of myself as a kid in my mum’s belongings, and I had that eye, too. It really freaked me out. Some people say it is caused by trauma as a child.

  4. The actual name is sterling pound. The pound means a pound of silver which was used to mint coins. And the word pund comes from latin. Another word was libra, which in some latin countries is still used hence the £ sign.
    Also if you think about it you really can’t buy food or other things without money, cash money. So… Yeah…

    • I’m being pedantic here, but it is pounds sterling, not sterling pound. Our notes used to say, ‘I promise to pay the bearer, on demand, one pound sterling (silver)’.

      It was silver, never gold, that we used for trade.

      Hence, in Scotland we used to talk about, ‘siller’, and in France, ‘argent’, is still a colloquialism for ‘money’…eg. NL stands for, ‘NiL argent’.

      Libra is, of course, the balance – ie the weight of silver.

  5. These people are all about their silly symbols. They paint them all over the place likes a secret club of pretentious children. There are a ton of these petulant markings all over the world:

    Good old anti-christ candidate King Charles… Thanks for the video Hugo, your work is fantastic!

  6. Well if by some miracle they ever do get to release them the following serial number will be worth a fortune:

    GR33 666666

  7. Regarding Charles’ eye. As they have taken such artistic license in deciding to make him look a lot younger than he is, they could also have ‘fixed’ his eye. They didn’t, so I think it is sending out a message.

  8. Cash is King.. of FIAT currencies.. but FIAT currency is a scam.. It has no true value backing it.. So Government/Central Banks can print as much of it as they want, whenever they want.. as they have always been doing… thereby constantly diluting its alleged value, causing sky-rocketing inflation, that makes its value inevitably constantly diminish as to what you can buy with it.

    Not only that, but the Legacy Banking system can and does limit your access to it, and how much you can withdraw, as in Nigeria last week, ($225 per week aATM withdrawal limit) if and when they want.. until they introduce their planned CBDC’s, which will be digital currency that they will be able to program restrictions directly into , as to how much, where, when and if you are allowed to spend it.. providing you are deemed a compliant, fully-“vaccinated”, carbon-compliant, EV-driving, government police-state-supporting, model-citizen.

    This is why decentralized, permission-less, anonymous, fungible, untraceable, un-taxable, privacy crypto currency coins like MONERO & Pirate Chain exist, and will skyrocket in value in future, as the masses realize they can have absolute control over their own funds and private financial affairs, accessible only by themselves, whenever they want, with their own private keys to their own digital wallets, and take control of their financial freedom, thereby removing themselves from intended enslavement by tyrannical criminal governments and their agendas of total control..

    • That Nigerian story may be one to watch. Ordinary Nigerians don’t trust banks because of the levels of corruption in their country and they can’t trade with each other using plastic. Ordinary Nigerians are not shopping in Western style shops which take plastic cards – they are buying and selling in markets, using cash and haggling. They can’t extort each other using plastic either.

      I lived in Lagos for a year because my husband had a contract to work for a Nigerian company and he was paid in cash every week. We had bundles of Naira on the kitchen table every Friday night. It looked like we’d robbed a bank. I would keep 3000 Naira in the glove pocket of the car at all times in case of being shaken down by the police – especially around Christmas time.

      I’ve never seen anyone able to count large bundles of notes as fast as a Nigerian.

    • If you believe anonymous cryptos like Monero will save you, you will be in for a rude awakening. There is a research paper out there showing how RingCT is flawed. Don’t even start with RandomX. Go and read their own in-house research lab from the beginning and you can see how they never directly addressed the concern the researcher highlighted himself.

      • All are trackabpe by the Alphabet agencies and the one representing the “star” country. All of them.

    • @ davidjcaron Another repugnant crypto ramper trying to scare people into buying your worthless ‘tokens’.

    • @:davidjcaron ‘will skyrocket in value in future’ 🙂 Better ‘get in there at the ground’ and ‘pump my bags’ 🙂

  9. Thanks Hugo, so true.

    Interesting, I lately noticed that for some time now at my local ASDA store are two Barclays ATM machines but neither of them have banknotes in them. Usually, if one of them runs out of cash, or for any reason is out of order, the oder one is working; but not here. So I can see the reason for it, they try to bring the sheep slowly but surely in line with the cashless society.

  10. Thanks Hugo and whilst I think they’ll start pushing CBDCs much harder next year, they will have an almighty task in bringing it in quickly. For example – I emailed you a link to a report from the Post Office recently, showing that use of cash is now higher than ever across the last two years, as people can better budget against the government-caused-inflation issues.

    Other commentators have speculated that in order for CBDCs to work properly, they will need to implement digital IDs…something else we can push back against and increase education on.

    The only way my unqualified mind can see CBDCs brought in quickly, would be a staged – overnight – collapse of the world banking system…no-one has access to physical cash of any sort (save for what’s under mattresses!) and CBDCs are then brought in as the salvation…

    Should we start writing to the C-Suite of our respective banks? CBDCs would mean the beginning of the end for high street banks; but then again, their board members have no doubt been programmed, bribed and / or threatened to go along with everything.

    • I think many high street banks are here basically just to create false sense of diversity on the financial market but the Bank of Rothschild England is tossing all the cards.

      • Well…the Rothschilds are, most certainly, at the heart of things…but, my! Don’t they create a perfect foil for the European aristocracy?

    • The technology is out there, it is not something that has to be invented, just implemented. Nigeria already has a CDBC – the eNaira. Nigerian banks are limiting the amount of cash that can be withdrawn to encourage use of the eNaira.

    • High Street banks are part of the CDBC ‘framework’. Also the talk about a ‘banking collapse’ is nonsense. You should ‘research’ this topic properly instead of listening to David Icke.

  11. I agree, I knew that after the Queen was dead, this would be an excuse to call in cash. Also, the prototype, does not show him with a crown. I don’t believe, he will ever be coronated.He ain’t my king, anyway.

  12. People want digital money, especially the youth with their smart phones and wireless ear plugs. They are totally not interested in our annoying warnings.

    • People have digital money already. CBDC is only more sophisticated form of digital money.
      I have many of these crypto people who denounce cash as anachronistic as apparently we need even faster forms of transactions than what we have today.
      IMHO local markets don’t need digital money to function. Only the merchants, big corporations, traders and speculators need them. The large retailers need them so they can process these thousands of customers a second.

      • Local markets? need? this has nothing at all to do with need or faster transfers for traders and speculators. You seem to have completely missed the point of everything they doing under the guidance of satan to the ends of satan’s taking as many of us as possible with him.

        Local markets matter not one single jot, how can they accept cash when no one higher than them will be accepting their cash? Barter? good luck with that, not enough produce will lead to the faithless taking whatever they like.

        Faster transfers? what transfers? they want less transfers, less people and less consumption until they are back to a supposed satanic version of their garden of eden (satan knows it’s just a lie but strings them along in their delusion).

        They have run population regeneration of most countries down to a minus, less babies born, not even enough to maintain those countries.
        That is why they then move people together to create new colonies (immigration).

        Here is a prime example why they know what they are doing is just to depopulate and nothing else.

        Ok they want everyone’s CO2 down to 2 – 2.5 tons a year by 2030 and it will be MANDATORY, great sounds a lot right? Well if you recycle, compost, walk, grow some of your own food and don’t even eat meat guess what your CO2 level is…. 9.3tons. No problem you can log into an advisory site and fill in your details and it will give you ideas to reduce it.

        1, Switch to an environmentally friendly electricity contract, load shedding anyone?
        2, Add extra insulation to you home
        3, Avoid long distance air travel because it releases 2 tons of CO2. So if 2-2.5 tons will be your mandatory limit per year and a long distance flight makes 2 – 2.5 tons, derrrr work it out.
        4, Switch to shorter domestic flights and save 1.5 tons per year. (still not enough to get you ‘legal’)
        4, Switch your shorter flights to land travel, train, bus, car or ferry. great you are down from 9.3 tons to 6.7 tons so far what’s next?
        5, Give up personal transport and join a car sharing scheme and use public transport. still not enough.
        6, Eat more plant based food but you should consider being a vegan.
        7, Shop less, do you really need that thing you are going to buy may be rent it, borrow it?

        Great you now don’t have a car, don’t go on a plane, don’t own anything, don’t eat meat, don’t even eat or own any animal products, they control your electric usage and you don’t go shopping for un-necessary stuff wooo hooo and your CO2 level is now (drum roll) 4.5 tons so double your ‘legal’ limit.

        You talk about God and you talk about the NWO but you don’t seem to understand either. I must ask do you want God to return and end Babylon and all its satanic blood rituals or do you want to continue it? There is only one solution and that is God and faith in God.

      • @ Loccie

        You are correct about what they WANT, but whether they are successful is up to us. Cast your mind back to the ‘threats’ of the past few years and think how many of those things actually came to anything. So much is FEAR PORN. If you have any understanding of their ‘Modus Operandi’, you will know that Psychological Warfare is their main weapon.

        You may believe we are in end times, and that suits their agenda perfectly; I choose to believe otherwise.

      • Sassenach
        December 21, 2022
        @ Loccie

        You are correct about what they WANT, but whether they are successful is up to us. Cast your mind back to the ‘threats’ of the past few years and think how many of those things actually came to anything. So much is FEAR PORN. If you have any understanding of their ‘Modus Operandi’, you will know that Psychological Warfare is their main weapon.

        You may believe we are in end times, and that suits their agenda perfectly; I choose to believe otherwise.


        Fear porn? they have a set series of goals and they are doing it right now while you sit there typing about the green grass just over the hill, what are you waiting for? What do you think will stop them?

        The thing is satan knows it is all a deception to take as many of you with him as possible. One side being convinced it can never happen if they don’t comply and riot etc the other thinking they will become all powerful and rule forever as gods with satan if they do satans will, the old black and white sin again. The people rising up and rioting and engaging in warfare with them suits satans agenda 100% because all that will come from it is murder and unrighteousness. The same consequences that always happen in every uprising in history poor people killing each other in complete chaos.

        How does what God says suit their agenda? Please enlighten me, God say do NO wrong, be righteous in everything and do NOT engage with their system. I know they won’t succeed because evil can not live with evil and as soon as their representative is destroyed they will all turn on each other in riots and murder over food because people are weak and sinful, even if they convince themselves they are doing it for the right reason, themselves.

        3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;
        4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.
        5 Remember ye not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things?
        6 And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time.
        7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.
        8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:
        9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,
        10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.
        11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:
        12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

      • @ Loccie

        I apologise if I wasn’t clear so let me explain. When I said they use ‘fear porn’, that in no way detracts from the fact that they have a very dark agenda and the power to implement it. These people have been doing this for decades, maybe centuries, so I am under no illusion as to their power. However the technology they had to introduce to control the people, also has the ability to be used against them. And as much as they try to censor us, for the first time in history millions of people now have the power to share ideas.
        You ask me what I am waiting for and my answer is ‘I am not waiting ….I am doing’. What do I mean by this? I educate myself about what is law and what is merely recommendation. And then I politely but firmly refuse to comply !
        I agree with what you say about them wanting people to get angry and riot, but there is no need. When people realise that much of this is one big bluff, they will also realise that all they have to do to stop it is just say ‘No!’. (And that goes for the Carbon agenda as well).
        And lastly, my belief is the End Times narrative is 100% being USED by TPTB to ….. 1) demoralise people, and ….. 2) to stop them rising up as they believe there is no reason to fight back as Jesus Christ is returning.

      • Sassenach

        satan is happy for people to sit on two sides of white sin and black sin and argue if anything really exists ad infinitum, over and over the same details until the heifer’s come home. It became impossible for satan to deny the truth of prophecy because it became more and more obvious, so satan came up with a simple delusion to confuse the unknowledgeable. The lie being; The TPTB are using The Bibles prophecies to draw people along with their plan. You even admit it has only become possible in ‘recent times’ to fulfil prophecy but still you say all these centuries of prophecies that came true from The Bible were somehow orchestrated by them, I mean come on. Made to come true in a time when there were no telephones and long distance travel took years, but hey they were really dedicated, sigh.

        Ok as satan’s deceptions always are they look great from a distance to those with no or very little knowledge of the beauty of Gods word until you dive in and examine it. So let’s go, satan’s followers believe if they can get satan onto Gods seat (The Temple Mount) and do a satanic ceremony (the second Abomination and Desolation) they will become as gods on Earth, rulers in eternity with satan. In The Bible this is referred to and The Bible lists the process from beginning to end with their destruction being the final step.

        Now comes the education, do you know how many times the satanist’s have tried to bypass the prophecies in The Bible and go straight to the second Abomination and Desolation getting their representative onto The Temple Mount? These prophecies are recorded in intricate detail and they follow a set pattern. That did not stop them they NEVER tried to wait for the prophecies in The Bible to play out they continually tried to FORCE them to conclusion. Any ideas how man popes of the Holy Roman Empire have tried to take The Temple Mount by force before the prophecies for The End Times were fulfiled? Depending on the historical account you read from NINE to SIXTEEN popes have tried and failed to set satan on The Temple Mount during the Crusades?

        First Crusade (1096 – 1099)
        Second Crusade (1147 – 1149)
        Third Crusade (1189 – 1192)
        Fourth Crusade (1202 – 1204)
        Fifth Crusade (1217 – 1221)
        Sixth Crusade (1228 – 1229)
        Seventh Crusade (1248 – 1254)
        Eighth Crusade (1270)
        Ninth Crusade (1271 – 1272)

        Note this is a very cautious list and I believe more took place as do historians, now please note these were very serious attempts via war to take The Temple Mount ,they were desperately trying to get satan onto the throne as QUICKLY as possible and BEFORE Bible prophecy stated they The End Time prophecy would occur. They were, and are desperate to get to their satanic Shangri-La, but ALL failed, why?. Did they stop here Oh no no no they continue with political cohesion, conflict and wars to try to take control of Jerusalem and so The Temple Mount. The Holy Roman Empire tried again, many people try to confuse the history and what the ‘Reich’s’ are, they were just more incarnations of Babylon and The Holy Roman Empire.

        ‘The First Reich was the Holy Roman Empire (the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, Heiliges Römisches Reich deutscher Nation, not the ancient Roman Empire), 800 – 1806. Charlemagne (Charles the Great) was crowned emperor by Pope Leo III in Rome on Christmas Day 800, this is normally seen as the founding of the Empire, but sometimes the year of 962 is used, that was when Otto I (Otto the Great) was crowned.

        The Empire existed almost in name only following the Peace of Westphalia at the end of the Thirty Years’ War in 1648, but was not formally dissolved until 6 August 1806 when Emperor Francis II (Franz II) abdicated.

        The Second Reich was the Hohenzollern Germany, from the unification of Germany following the Franco-Prussian War (1870 – 1871) and crowning of Wilhelm I as German Emperor at the Palace of Versailles, with Otto von Bismarck as the first Reichskanzler, to the abdication of Wilhelm II in 1919 following the German defeat in the First World War.’

        We know what the Third Reich was right? but few know it never went away, the satanist’s just carried on their Holy Roman Empire with a new ‘Reich’ with the goal of creating a NWO under one government ruled by satan. The UN, NATO EU all created as a new Reich with the Goal of getting satan onto The Temple Mount and creating their satanic Shangri-La. This again failed because they were trying to force it to happen BEFORE Bible prophecy was completed, they tried over and over trying to force their will over Gods will.

        Now is the time for God to show them what true power is and it is imminent, I will tell you now what will happen, you won’t believe me either because you don’t want to or deliberately try to distract from The Truth. A man will step up with solutions to your problems and people will accept him, He will go onto The Temple Mount to perform a satanic ceremony and he will lead the world into perdition and utter chaos and ONLY God will stop him. When you see it you will remember my words.


        Sassenach You said this

        ‘You ask me what I am waiting for and my answer is ‘I am not waiting ….I am doing’. What do I mean by this? I educate myself about what is law and what is merely recommendation. And then I politely but firmly refuse to comply !’

        ‘And lastly, my belief is the End Times narrative is 100% being USED by TPTB to ….. 1) demoralise people, and ….. 2) to stop them rising up as they believe there is no reason to fight back as Jesus Christ is returning.’


        Law? don’t be silly they own the law, they were killing my mom with midazolam and morphine as she begged to leave the hospital for seventeen weeks, they refused a solicitor entrance to the hospital under ‘covid’ rules and the solicitor complied. They performed their own mental competancy test on my mom and took control of her care. When they had worn her down to deaths door they allowed us access to the hospital then euthanised her secretly behind the curtain after we said no, grow up Sassenach no ‘law’ is coming to save you.

        Rise up and fight back? or politely but firmly refuse to comply? or do you mean you are going to politely refuse until someone else does the violence for you? There is no solution in violence only more violence as has been proved by every conflict in history.

        I will tell you how to gauge which side someone is on with one simple question

        Do you denounce satan/lucifer/devil as the root of ALL evil?

      • @ Loccie
        I am sorry to hear about your mother but you are wrong about knowledge of the law being of no use. I’m not sure where you are but in the UK it has worked for me . And yes, I was in a similar situation to you, with my mother having dementia and also being in a care home during lockdown. You have to be smart and use their own rules against them. We have something called ‘Deprivation of Liberty’, which my mother had been granted, and I used those guidelines against them when it came to Covid rules. This is why I can’t stress enough, people need to educate themselves about what is law and what is only recommendation. It’s not easy but it can be done.
        And you may be surprised but I agree with you about a false saviour. You seem to think I am against the bible and that is not true. I myself am on a journey and whilst I disagree with many things in the bible, I do believe in the values of Jesus and the Gospels. Where we disagree is the idea that TPTB are using scripture to advance their plan. Why do you think there are so many Christian channels all of a sudden. If you are truly guided by God I don’t believe you would even want to comment on this site. Look up antinious, and then consider that this is the main image H has on one of his alternative sites. If you are Christian you are definitely being fooled. Do your research into what I have mentioned if you want the truth about how you and others are being misled.

      • Sassenach

        I am glad you managed to get you mom to safety.

        Unfortunately were dealing with a very different beast, they accused us of abusing our mom because we questioned why the first thing the ambulance crew wanted to do was give a large dose of morphine, even though my mom was showing no signs of extreme pain. The ambulance crew then used our questioning of the use of morphine to raise a protection order on my mom. The next thing the hospital did was sedate her and do their own mental health competency test and declare her unable to make her own decisions. They then put their solicitors into overdrive to obstruct us in our effort to get our moms wishes on record, even to the point of security threatening us with violence as we tried to gain access to the ward, and police refusing to attend informing us if security hit us it is self defence but if we hit them it is assault. The protection order was used to state we were not acting in my mom’s best interest and not suitable guardians so it was not in my moms ‘best interest’ to be sent home. They then put her before the death panel and put her on nil by mouth and only allowed her sponges soaked in water to suck on. Interestingly the hospital involved was one of the first to be directly tied to Babylon Health and all their interesting new ideas and connections to The B&M F.

        I am rather confused by your statements about God, The Bible and ‘Christians’. The fact there are false prophets who profess to be ‘Christians’ while worshiping satan is nothing new and in no way affects the truth of Gods word as in The Bible. Why would God not want me to offer the truth of salvation to people on this site? I presume by H you mean Hugo? Whatever Hugo’s affiliations are does not detract from my ability to tell the truth of Gods words and in fact if what you are hinting about Hugo is true where better to give the truth of Gods word? I just wonder If you distrust his motives so much why are you here?

        You labour under one very big misunderstanding this is not their plan, it is Gods and they are along for the ride until their destruction. God does not want those people who do not want The Truth and so sends them a delusion so they go oblivious to their destruction.

        7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.
        8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:
        9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,
        10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.
        11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:
        12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

        One thing that did surprise me was the fact you never asked me the question you wanted to. I will answer it anyway, God knows the consequence of any action he takes and so can never make a wrong decision. Obviously you have your opinion that noncompliance will save you and it’s all a delusion, and may be for you that is just what it is.

        Remember that simple question it tells you a lot about a person.

      • @ Loccie
        I am here for the same reason as you in a way. Hugo has a large following and this comments section gives me the chance to get certain information out that might be censored elsewhere. Whereas your information is spreading the word of God, mine primarily is to highlight the atrocities of human trafficking and SRA.This I believe is the only thing that if truly revealed, would have the power to bring the elite down. However, I have now found enough evidence that proves that H is at best a charlatan, and at worst controlled opposition. I could give a name and links but that would be censored. I must say I am surprised that it doesn’t seem to bother you he is not telling the truth about ‘the conversion’ and is in fact invested in paganism. But that is your right to decide. I just feel sorry for the many Christians here that are being deceived. On the facebook page there are links to all of the proof, but I sense that would be of no interest to you. I suppose at the end of the day we continue our fight… yours for people to turn to Christ and mine to save the children. I genuinely wish you the best of luck.

    • This system will be welcomed in 95% of people will not even question it this is the difference between the forced compliance in Orwells 1984 and accceptance in Huxley’s Brave New world, as you say for the younger generation who have known nothing other than smartphone’s and the internet it will not even register with them.

  13. What’s the point,they want rid of cash anyway. People please use CASH keep your identities don’t let big brother take over

    • The point is to make sure that you can’t buy anything without access to your bank account trough your bank card… Which they can switch off with 1 single click.
      And if you don’t have dash, you won’t be able to buy an egg from the nearest farmer. Especially they are taking card payments now 😂😂😂

  14. The Reason Two Years ago I Said Shop in Tesco, Talk to OUR Staff etc was exactly this… they have now turned OUR stores into digital ration centres and 90% inc the staff still have no clue what this is all about… only when those that know what is going on, get in these stores and communicate to customers and staff (without bull horning etc) will anything change! It is most likely too late now and Tesco will be wiped out by Amazon eventually leaving you no store other than maybe ALL DIE which you can join the Que at when your Credit Card (CC) no longer works!

    Thank Our Staff for their hard work Today
    Shop in Tescos – Buy Shares in Tesco
    Join us at the

  15. Just a stab in the dark here…
    But! What if Charlie Boy suddenly and unexpectedly ‘died’ sometime in the New Year?
    Naturally, of course I wouldn’t wish it on him…but, mid Jan, a time when people are at a low ebb due to the continuous manufactured crisis’ after crisis’, a lack of sun with ever higher and more bills to pay. Strikes. Confusion. Misery. Fear Porn at every level, what an opportunity.

    ‘Another Royal death’, we hear cry.
    ‘Oh, no! Poor Wills,’ as he’s thrust into an untimely role as King.
    How the masses would love that, follow and be 100% behind him.
    Diana’s boy. “Aww… Will’s for King”! Harry’s a wastrel. Charles is ‘dead’ ( I use the term loosely here as he could do a Lucan/Maxwell).
    And, whilst all the melee continues, it could all dovetail very nicely to tacit acceptance of whatever Willy wants and says.

    “Whenever The People Need a Hero We Shall Supply Him”
    Albert Pike

    (But then again, I’m just a tin foil conspiracy theorist)!

    • Good one 😂 I jast said the same in September. After the cemetery of the wh*ch… I said that Charlie is an old git, also they delayed the so called coronation, so he is NOT a king at all. So who is he btw… But if he “unexpectedly dies” , than the slivery hairless womaniser going to be the king, and the people will eat it, because of the respect of Diana.
      How fool and at the same time ridiculous this all. 😂😂😂

    • I thought along the same lines. Harry and Megan are obviously a distraction and it’s working…that’s all you hear people talking about, even I was taken in for a while when the Queen died and lost my way for a minute. Not sure what’s going on but I like to think I’m not living in fear. Even this power/ no food etc is to put fear into people like the 91 divoc did. Yes, prices are high but you can cut back if you want to. Throwing out your TV will be the best saving ever…for pocket, mind and soul. ( in my opinion anyway)

      • I didn’t know that! Makes sense now why they want to destroy the Monachy.
        I thought there was more to it than her banging on about racism.
        Thank you for your reply. I love learning.

        Ps. It’s always been the Lion and the Lamb. Why it’s evolved into Lamb and the Wolf, I do not know.

      • @Lucy, She is a very evil creature, not to be treated lightly, nor trusted at any time. Yes, The Jews assassinated Charles I and then The French monarchy and all the French nobility using Jew controlled Freemasons and finally the Czar and his beautiful family.

        “It was fated that England should be the first of a series of Revolutions, which is not yet finished.” –

        — The Jew, Isaac Disraeli, 1766 – 1848, the father of Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister.

        On the English Civil War:

        “No English lawyer could be found to draw up the charge (against King Charles I), which was eventually entrusted to an accommodating alien, Isaac Dorislaus (A Dutch Jew).” (All brackets mine) –

        — Hugh Ross Williamson from his book “Charles and Cromwell”

        Cromwell was 100% financed by The Jews in the Netherlands, with the longer term aim of setting up THEIR Bank of ‘England’ in 1694.

        “In return for financial support will advocate admission of Jews to England; This however impossible while Charles living. Charles cannot be executed without trial on adequate grounds, for which do not presently exist. Therefore advise that Charles be assassinated, but will have nothing to do with arrangements for procuring an assassin, though willing to help in his escape. [King Charles I was in prison on the Isle of Wight at the time].”

        — Oliver Cromwell

        “The Jews ate the English nation to its bones”

        — John Speed 16th century English Cartographer

      • Wow….I’ve really had my eyes opened today, thank you for your replies.
        I really didn’t have a clue about the Jewish connection.
        I had to do a bit of research and came across this blog . You’ve probably seen it already but I found myself reading it open mouthed and nodding ,as it all makes sense. I may be a little green when it comes to the royal family!

      • I will take a look at all on your site as looks very interesting!
        Thanks again for you insight, thetruthnotdoctrine

  16. I had thought that Charles was already changed to the defender of faiths sometime ago now.

    • No, he is the ‘defender of THE faith’, the Protestant faith. It is probably the reason a lot of people don’t like him.

  17. LOL, queen Elizabeth II also had a ‘younger’ look on notes!!! “He looks worried”??
    Hugo, what on earth are you talking about?
    It will be a new world order, but it will function with ‘regional governments’… just like with the myth of Atlantis and Plato’s “Republic”; so Charles face on notes won’t make any difference to that NWO.

  18. The effigy of Wingnut Winza is already on the coinage. Just got a 50 pence coin in my change and the tampon-sniffing wife-slaughterer is on the Head side.

  19. On the opposite side to the large portrait of Charles is a smaller one overlapping an emblem showing in all four denominations a (different) yellow structure super-imposed on a blue background – regardless of the colour of the note. That Blue and Yellow again, Hugo, what do you make of it?

  20. I am sure the new notes will be released and this is much ado about nothing.

  21. £50 notes!!?? Don’t make me laugh! I never saw one of those with The Queen’s head on it, let alone that I should expect to see one with Charlie boy’s head on it!

    And all that when we consider that a £20 note has less purchasing power than a 1960’s pound note, and likewise the £10 note less purchasing power than a 10 bob note, = monopoly money has more value!

  22. Banana Republic money at its finest! and we’ll soon need wheel barrows to carry it around to purchase a loaf of bread = Commie Wiemar Republic Germany revisited.

  23. The C.D.C. website declared their will be increased cases of Deep Vein Thrombosis for the next 50 Year’s. Huhm I wonder why? I better go get my Vaccination’s LoL

  24. I’m no expert, and I have some information yet to listen to and read through on the subject, but apparently 5G does have an affect on several bodily functions, especially the heart. I can’t say my condition has been caused by 5G, but it could be a significant contributing factor. What Hugo says is true, because all I seem to see these days is sickness, so many people are unwell and I can’t help but get the feeling the psychopath/sociopaths in government want it this way. Put your faith in God because he is the only real, true power you can trust.

    • @paulster1967 (((Tim Cohen))) There is no solitary anti-Christ – there are millions of anti-Christs. King Charles is just one of a long line of reprobate kings of Israel from whom he is descended. ALL the kings of the northern kingdom of Israel were evil back sliders and led Israel astray and Charlie Boy is no different.

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