Netflix Poisoning Minds / Hugo Talks

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127 Comments on “Netflix Poisoning Minds / Hugo Talks

  1. Well its no surprise when yiu look at who the father of the main Netflix founder is…

  2. sordid and warped shows on tv, cinema etc have long been the demise on human psyche, people get used to abhorrent things, don’t find them strange anymore, and unstable minds often think;”that looks easy, I can go one up on that.” You are quite correct Hugo – using your natural imagination is far healthier and more creative. Just read a book instead.

  3. Excellent video. So so true Hugo. Netflix is just poisonous propoganda!
    Jesus Christ is THE way, THE Truth and THE life. Godbless everyone on here

    • If there is an alternative to Netflix, please share. Netflix is like the MSM. Garbage!

    • Why not to get some fresh air instead? Autumn is a lovely season. Travel folk, even short distance and enjoy this last freedom while it lasts..

      I am glad we never had this trash, nor sky…Ditched TV licence over yrs ago. Watching bbc garbage while on night duty makes me realised how impoverished my life was when I was mesmerised by Strictly.. baking.. property buying ..nonsense. Even innocent Coutryfile or Songs of Praise became permeated by social justice.
      Unfortunately media is so powerful. People will be drawn to it more and more. They already look the same..body clutter (tattoos, injected lips under the muzzles), like the same things. Netflix is a big topic in nhs setting.

      BTW: an interesting analysis of Freud’s frauds by Theodore Dalrymple, prison psychiatrist. On Psychoanalysis

  4. I used to have a Netflix subscription, Jeffrey Dahmer the LGBTQ Icon, hahahahaha

  5. Each of us is our own censor. You are in charge of what you watch. Use your common sense. I’ve never seen anything on Netflix that I wanted to watch. I’ve searched, but no joy. You are quite right, Hugo.

    • Hi ya
      It got rid of anything Actually worth even bothering with few years back .

      All tv has been bad for us
      I remember when they launched channel 4
      I started to worry more then!
      What load crap tv has Always been

      Make someone laugh and enjoy ya selves
      Worlds gone loco loco!
      Crazy crazy!
      Don’t let theses loons running this ridiculous show put you out of your own lane.

      Thank you Hugo
      Enjoy your day All

  6. I felt exactly like you do Hugo back in the early 80’s when videos first arrived on the scene, along with the awful snuff movies etc. I should never have watched them, but fortunately I “woke up” when I started studying the Bible. Listening to this latest talk I felt like I’d just been to a Kingdom Hall and this was the public talk! If I was a betting person I’d say it was 100 to 1 that you’ve spent some time learning the truth too 😜 keep up the good work 🤗

  7. I agree Hugo. I used to have a Cineworld unlimited movie card and used to watch everything going. I used to watch Law and Order on tele and loads of thrillers, horrors etc and I gave it up a couple of years ago. All of it. I absolutely refuse to give these actwhores a penny more. I suppose it takes a while to detox but I used to fall asleep to all that garbage. Who knows how much crap I fed my subconscious mind. Luckily I woke up.

  8. Jimmy Savile a horror story ? are they telling the truth here though and is Charlie and co in it. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. It’s only propaganda if you let it be. If you are awake to what is going on in the world, it does not matter whether you watch Netflix or not, it’s what you choose to watch. I watched an English mockumentary on Netflix recently about some lads in London who has a pirate radio station, it was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in ages lol
    So even though the subliminal messages are within the “programme” it’s your choice to watch and decide if you let this affect you or not.

  10. What we need is a great reset…just not the one currently being exectued..

  11. VERY intuitive again hugo.
    You do seem to notice things most people don’t ! The extent of their propaganda is hard to contiplate without a subjective mind. I remember these films as a kid
    Freddie cruger, hellraiser, Halloween.
    Evil nasty shite. Iv seen some things on-line that have seriously hurt my mind. Like Ken biggly head chopping off. And in hindsight most probably staged ! ….its hard to contemplate the extent of the mind fuk we have been subjected too……
    But I would like to add that I loved breaking bad !!!! Omg lol
    with walt and Jesse lol . Very memorable. Makes me want to get into chemistry!!
    Hmmm 🤔 ttfn

  12. I agree with you Hugo 100%
    All these horror stories are desensitizing us – the result of this will ultimately be thinking it’s ok to do what the monsters do in these stories, or empathising with those who go down that path. Even with the fictional horror stories, there’s still a real life monster – the person who came up with the storyline and plot.. and all those who agree to collaborate and produce the film/series.

    Definitely we need to remove this garbage from our lives but not only that, we need to fill the space left behind in our lives with the opposite of this crap. Instead of watching Netflix each night now, I pray to God, do creative activities like painting or dance classes, cook healthy dinners, do a park run or gym. It works wonders for my mind (and social life!).

  13. Your mind has been fully opened up to the Evil in this world Hugo, your content just keeps on getting better and better as you become more and more enlightened. Jesus really is the answer, and Satan is real.. Stay blessed brother 🙏🙏🙏

  14. I do think you make a valid point Hugo! What we watch most will have an effect on us, either corrupting or uplifting.
    I have noticed that certain drama programmes, which I would have liked a few years ago, are now sickening me. Most notable recently for me are “Pistol”, based on the memoir of Steve Jones; I stopped watching because I began to feel repulsed by those people depicted in it, yet I was into punk music in the late 70s and very early 80s. I can barely listen to it now.I have since read evidence that indicates the whole punk rock thing was occult social engineering to corrupt my generation of youngsters, so that put me right off as well!
    The other that stands out as having repulsed me is “Bad Sisters” about 5 Irish sisters who plan and commit the murder of their brother-in-law. I have only watched 1 and a half episodes and halfway through the 2nd one, I couldn’t stomach it, nor the sisters any more! The way none of them has mentioned that murder is a Mortal sin, and indeed, one of the Four Sins Crying out to Heaven for Vengeance, struck me, but as today’s Irish media ( and our government!) is so virulently anti- Catholic Christianity and even anti-Christ, I was not too surprised. Then they told the very young teenage daughter of one of them ( I reckon she was 13 at most, maybe even only 11 or 12) to see that Lizzo! A woman who prances on stage half-naked, wobbling and baring her bottom! What in the name of all that’s good is anyone doing taking a child to see the likes of her??
    What really finished it for me was when one of the sisters said “Oh but that’s a PRO-LIFE pin!” as if pro-life is a BAD thing!? I just stopped watching then as it made me so sick and angry! There is nothing of any merit in this rotten programme that the writer seems to think is a “black” comedy! It’s not remotely funny to me and the moral bankruptcy of it is utterly repellent!
    I would hope this means I have a least some Grace from God and yes, I would advise anyone to be selective in what they watch. We are too suggestible as a species!

    • Our minds are like sponges. What we dwell on is what we end up feeling. “They eyes are the mirror of the soul”…it’s meaning can also be reversed to what we focus our eyes on affects our soul. David Mitchell posted a wonderful verse that says it all. Phil 4:8

  15. Hi there Hugo, for her sins my wife subscribes to Netflix. Were unvaxed, unafraid and totally awake but we just use nestflix to watch any old movies that take our fancy. I will admit to watching the Darhmer mini series fascinating and that’s about it. Netflix is only a mind programming tool if youl let it become just that.

    • Most people are not aware of the propaganda they’re exposed to in tv and films. It’s great it doesn’t affect you, but that’s missing the point really.

      • @Rob, True, if you told the plebs that Constipation Street and East Benders were sheer mind controlling government propaganda, they would consider you totally unhinged.

      • Yeah, I ditched the tv 5 or 6 years ago when it broke. If I catch any of those soaps when I’m out somewhere else I find them completely unwatchable.

  16. I have noticed how many horrendous child abuse / murders by parents/ step parents have been reported recently, along with cruelty to animals in the extreme. Only yesterday one headline was for violent crimes against the elderly rising way out of proportion. It is cruelty done to the most vulnerable in our society – is this the result of these types of programmes ??? Satin is real and amongst us and the darkness tangible at the moment. TV is part of this brain washing and we should all be very discerning what we allow into our homes and our minds.

  17. I was saying just yesterday it’s strange the amount of war films and war documentaries on their too.
    Plus all these serial killers, definitely some sort of programming going on

  18. Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.
    Philippians 4:8

    • Those kids will have that frightening experience etched on their brains for a long time (psychological damage). Awful woman!

    • @Mazara

      The 20yr old did that on more than one occasion, moving room to room. As did others at the same nursery. To laughing de-mon colleagues.
      What they wear on the outside is inside.
      The tiny children have endured the terror how many times (?)

      Calling itself ‘Lil Blessings’. Staffed by de-mons that would scare adults, let alone to intentionally split the minds of 2yr olds.

      Terrorising children is what the s@dist pedos do for adenochrome, allegedly. The mainstream telling us without telling us.

      God the Almighty, protect the little ones. Wake up the parents to keep their under 7s with them to home school. Close the gulags.

      • I would add keep your over 7s at home too. The battle intensifies as they get into secondary school. With most children having smart phones by 10 they get exposed to dangerous things online from an early age. I’ve seen the friends of my sons transform from outgoing, friendly children, to ones who just sit on their phones when in the company of other children. My two will happily chat to people, despite not being socialised at school. I know it’s not for everyone, but if you can do it then do.

      • @H

        Yes, I agree with you, and especially re the phones. A wifi outtage for more than a few days might break the spell over them …
        In the current environment, and looking at the direction of travel, home schooling is the only means for parents to protect their children from the govt agenda. Parents pooling their resources and setting up their own home group childcare – and mentoring for the older children (on a rota basis) is something parents can achieve as a team, and socialising for the children. These groups will likely increase over time, and produce brighter, engaged, happier young people.

        U7s being home schooled takes them out of the environment that’s being hothoused for them, as we see. “Give me the child for the first 7 years, and I’ll give you the man”, said the old education maxim.
        But that depends upon the teaching, doesn’t it.

  19. Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things
    Philippians 4:8

  20. Thinking about all this horror, abuse, immorality etc in films and it teaching us to mistrust eachother, it makes me think one of the worst side effects (for want of a better phrase) is that normal, kind men daren’t even comfort or help an upset child that isn’t theirs for fear of being accused of paedophilia. It’s sad. What’s even sadder is that they are possibly right because the parents who lost their child would be quick to accuse you of all sorts when you were just trying to help, having been trained to suspect everyone is a serial killer, rapist or paedo themselves!

    • I think that’s exactly why these stories and characters are created.
      What if even the stories about Jimmy Saville aren’t true?

  21. In a biblical world view…this is all the ramping up I see EVERY year during the season of the witch/demon worship festival of unhalloween. (nothing holy about it). You all agree this is filth on the T.V. yet how many of you participate in the halloween event? How many include children and brush it all off as harmless fun? Putting sugar in it doesn’t make it less evil.
    The origins of this satanic ritual go way back in your own countries(Ireland /UK) history. Druidic sacrifice of children rituals at Stonehenge.If you think for a moment that child sacrifice doesn’t happen during the most important season of witches and demons then you are sadly ignorant. All the while you symbolically participating in that ritual by practicing halloween the celebration of all things dark and evil.
    The highly guilty of this also and as a Christian I have stood against this nigh on 35 years now. Yet still people don’t realize their complicit in it all. Which in my view is the bigger psy op of all time by the dark lord himself. It isn’t about just stop WATCHING this filth stop PAERTICIPATING in it at all! Time is short and the God of heaven will not wait much longer. Purge the sin from your life before He returns.
    I Corn 6:9 Do not be DECIEVED……. nor IDOLITERS will inherit the Kingdom.
    There are 12 verses in the Old Testament of God condemning DIVINATION..
    What does divination actually mean? According to Strongs Concordance H7081 it means…… witchcraft.
    What do you and your children dress up as? Again what kinds of decorations are a feature of this morbid activity? Ghouls (the dead) tombstones, witches, vampires, ghosts, carved pumpkins(harkens back to the Druid practice of a carved turnip as a curse on a family who didn’t offer a child for the sacrifice I referred to earlier.) all these things attached to this yearly ritual are of the Satanic Order. They try and make it so innocent by sprinkling a little sugar on it (giving candy). JUST like Satan always does to make it seem appealing. IMHO you can cover a dog turd with gold but inside it’s still a worthless turd.
    Please for your very souls just stop. It is less painful than the fires of hell for eternity.

    • Absolutely! If people only knew! There is nothing harmless about it! Demons do prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls!
      I had my awakening in 2019 through the “Holy rosary”. I turned from sin, this made the devil angry and I was attacked halloween that same Yr… I had to fight with everything I had.. Blasphemies swirling in my head for 3days exhausted, walking around the park for hrs praying “Jesus loves me”
      “Hail Mary” clutching the rosary close to me! After hrs as they subsided I was walking over the bridge and a white dove landed on a railing next to me and I knew God was watching over me, and had sent the “blessed virgin Mary” to help me!
      I tell you all now!! The rosary is a powerful weapon against demons, they cannot overcome you, if you believe and have a rosary!! I lived through it!! Which brought me to the foot of the cross!
      “Out lord and saviour” My rock! My salvation!
      Angels and demons are real!
      I was in a spiritual war for my soul and life! The spirit world is real and how you live your life has consequences! Flee from sin! I warn you all!! Jesus christ is the only saviour!! There is no other!
      Call upon him! And the “Blessed virgin Mary” until you have seen what I have seen and fought a spiritual war! Truly! You have no idea the perils people put themselves in… I pray the Holy rosary everyday, fast! Pray at the foot of the cross everyday, morning, noon and night! Because I know the truth!! The gospels are the bread of life! I rebuke Halloween in Jesus Christ’s name! Hallelujah!
      God bless!
      Christ is king!

    • You’re absolutely right. It pains me to see Christians take part in a Satanic holiday. Most really think it’s harmless fun. Even the fear aspect of it is to illicit fear in people, that the shadow people feed off of. I also heard, don’t know if it’s true, that witches go to the candy factories during October and place spells on the candy. So not even the sugar is harmless. Do not be unequally yoked with the works of darkness. What fellowship hath darkness with light? Or Christ with Satan?

      And Halloween is unfortunately only one of the many evil things the Church ignorantly takes part of.

      I don’t celebrate any holidays, not even Christmas as December 25th was Nimrods birthday, not Christ. Everything has been hijacked by paganism and Babylonian religion. And most are decieved by all the lies of this world, except the very Elect of God. The deception is huge and I’m just waking up from it myself. But pretty much everything you’ve been taught about this world and beyond is a LIE. The only truth is Jesus Christ. May God be true and every man a liar!

      • My goodness Ttd
        you really have done a fab job on your site

        I have said it before so excuse me repeating myself lol
        But credit were credit is due
        You have worked hard on it.

      • Thank you Janie, yes it represents many years study work, and learning from hard lessons, which included religious cult induced fear based trauma unmentionable, large financial losses (bankster thefts twice), and other assorted experiences. However, with Yashua Messiah’s strength and support I have survived to tell people The Truth today – onwards and upwards.

      • Hi
        Your site shows the years of your dedication.

        I admire people who ‘try’

        I not to bad thank you
        Few family issues to address
        But other than that I am well thank you so much for asking.

        Have a great rest of your day now.

      • Thank you for your words of encouragement. Yes I had a good morning on my allotment today, finished the digging, so it’s already for winter now. Always glad when that’s done. Now it’s coffee and feet up time – have a good evening Janie.

      • Your welcome
        Sounds the perfect day
        Good for you
        Been beautiful weather were I am
        so I hope it was for you in the allotment
        I think gardening is most therapeutic thing.

        Enjoy your cuppa & the rest of your night to.

  22. The propaganda, the selling of their message, is in movies like this, but also pervades all modern TV in subtle ways: most programs start with flashing images, on the screen for less than a second, the sequence is unnerving (and some say there are messages buried in the sequence). Take news 24 on the BBC, all the drumming, the sudden blasts of sound, all to make the ‘news’ more frightening?
    To appreciate what I mean go on YouTube and search Jack Hargreaves. From some 40 years ago, without music or fancy camera tricks he quietly explains things, and after ten minutes of him you will see the scale of how our TV has been taken over by the propagandist.

  23. Yes, they are all about messing with peoples minds – Netflix and nearly all the MSM shows, i have been very aware of this for a long time. Now when i am living alone in my home my Tv gets unplugged ! However when my family and my partner come to stay i soften and allow it to be used. I can get drawn into some of this stuff at times, but i am very aware of the programming they are doing. I guess for me i trust in my protection from our creator, but in saying that i know the time is coming when i need to stand my ground with my loved ones and my partner, son and daughter and grand kids. They wont like it much if i ban the Tv i know and maybe they wont like coming as often to stay which would make me sad but i need to take a stand at some point as I really dont like watch is being put out there. Much love to you all.

  24. Netflix is better than MSM because it doesn’t have 247 fearmongering news.
    But they will brainwash you anyway with their selection of series but what is more important psyop documentaries about rapists, murderers, serial killers, pedophiles and viruses.

    • By the way thanks for pointing out to more Joos.
      Ricky Gervais (an atheistic Joo-boy) has been tasked to carry out this fake offensive on Hollywood by joking I believe at the Oscars that these famous actors have been replaced by Netflix just to virtue signal the new imposed trend to the naive audience.

      Dahmer is 99% an Intelligence job very useful at the time same like other fakes (e.g. Joo Ted Bundy) to scare the shit of women so they don’t trust any men and stay home and there is less babies – depopulation agenda.
      Now they reuse these fakes and televise them like it’s history but they mostly make movies about fake or manufactured events (false flags).
      Bernays are the Joos very close to the epicentre of this Jooish “Anglo-Saxon” mental reign over Western minds.

      On Netflix good luck searching for good content (free from agendas). It’s almost like going through 500 channels on the old telly.

    • Of course Joos will want to undermine Christianity. Again are these evil Brits or evil Americans? They just start some non-Jooish looking actors but if you dig deeper it turns out actually most of them are Joos or some Goyim proxies.

      Anyway I have 3 options for you:
      1. read books, read the Bible, meditate, pray
      2. watch old movies and old movie series (surprisingly you will notice that some series from 80 or 90 were already subverting the audience but they were doing it very carefully, now the evil Joos spit straight into your face because they assume you are no longer their opponent but a victim)
      3. the cheapest buy yourself a lava lamp and just look at it

  25. Netflix is just a modern example of a force that has been poisoning minds for decades-Television and screens in general. What a tool for social engineering! So far reaching aswel, google estimates that even in the developing world 69% of households now have a tv. So the percentage of the world’s population still uninfluenced must be tiny.
    For most of us ( myself included ) its perceived normal to stare at a screen for hours everyday, but it is important to be aware of how this affects us. As we watch our brain chemistry changes, our minds become less active, like hypnosis. Critical thinking becomes impaied.In this state we are more susceptible to predictive programming. ‘The new normal` was largely delivered by screens and not a result of our authentic experience of reality.
    Not good to see the influence sreen exposure has on children either. Mesmerized when they should be at their most imaginative, creative and active stage of life.
    There is good content though. Problem is we often have to wade through a swamp of ghastly adverts promoting greed and vanity to access it.
    Then there’s the issue of the decrease in quality of entertainment, especially recently. For example, most recent films seem more about reinforcing social norms rather than actually telling an interesting story. Critical drinker on YouTube makes excellent observations on trends in recent movies. ‘Why modern movies suck` is great. Sorry cant post link. What happened to comedy aswel?
    Anyway, Eastenders just started so im off.

    • Most people as Hugo said are binge watching and there is no chance to produce quality content to people at that rate if some watch 6 hours straight. The Joos know that eventually people will be forced into watching these anti-Christian. That is the whole point.
      Old TV was at least better in this respect that people had to wait like a week for another episode but now they binge watch.
      But in both cases we are dealing with some sort of addiction. Someone who watches and is addicted to crap including pornography is no match to a Joo. Only those that go to the church, pray or have any form of spiritual life are a threat to them.
      But most Brits don’t go to the church on Sunday instead they go shopping. I remember that extra bank holiday we got because of Queen’s death. That Sunday Brits were swarming around all the convenience stores like this single bank holiday with all shops closed is such a challenge that they needed to stock up on goods. Crazy

    • Well glad I don’t watch TV constantly anymore. Its just another addictive behaviour. Try to free urself of these things in life and see how good life feels again….hmmm. maybe that includes watching these posts ? Lol ta ta im going to have another beer 🍺 😅

  26. Got to admit.
    I love a propaganda films. Same with books. These entities are so up them self’s that they consider themselves untouchable. Hmmmm….. and because of this these predictive programing editions usually have some valuable withheld information that is unknown in a real life scenario.
    Michael Lawrence extinction agenda trilogy a very good read …. but tbh honest nothing can compare to “years and years ” on hugos last post. Unfortunately I won’t watch it as I’m not impressed with the gay scenes throughout. … but no disrespect to the lgbhtq’s .

  27. Made a conscious decision not to watch this as so obviously being pushed ‘subtly’ by Bits on my news feed !

  28. People wasting their life’s sat in front of television adsorbing propaganda. There could have been no false pandemic without it. The sheep would prefer to freeze to death with no gas, rather than turn off the TV.

  29. It’s not just Netflix poisoning people. The so called truth movement is absolute poison and probably worse than any of the crap on TV. So many people fall for so much because someone seems like a nice trustworthy person. People are addicted to watching and listening to these liars spew out crap. Gullable fools believing everything with no proof. I’m absolutely sick of this world because of the people in it.

    • @Samantha Hergest Unless you have Spiritual Discernment you cannot expect to unravel the lies of the Alternative Media. However, here’s a couple of tips: 1) if they never mention The Jews directly, or even indirectly, then you KNOW they’re shills and dissos. 2) if they have big flashy web pages then you KNOW there’s money behind them, and that means they’re highly suspect. Just those two signs eliminate a HUGE number of Alternative Media websites.

      • I’ve always trusted people until they gave me a reason not to. I felt like that was the right way to be. I was stupid and naive. 5 years ago I switched that and trust no one until they give me reason to trust. I was sick of the hurt people caused me but I learnt a valuable lesson and I’m much stronger for it so it wasn’t in vain. I trust my son because he is as innocent as they come. I trust God. No one else.

    • Hi Samantha

      I feel like that myself some days believe me
      I lost one family member last year
      I just found out in last couple weeks my parent now has cancer
      It doesn’t run in the family
      but it seems the family i do have
      that took the death jib are getting ill and more ill

      Please stay strong Samantha
      It’s tough times but don’t let this craziness let You stop living a happy life.

      Have great day now

      • Thank you Janie. I’m sorry to hear about your family. I’ve also lost 2 aunts but they were murdered by the NHS. Put on end of life care over very treatable issues. I really wish I could just buy an island and live the rest of my life alone. The human race is completely lost. I know it’s not all but a huge majority. Its tiring as you know but I’m carrying on trying to live my life and enjoy it. I just keep to myself nowadays. Sending you love and best wishes x x

      • Hi Samantha
        I am so sorry to hear you also have lost – amazing loving family members to.
        It’s very difficult isn’t it,
        and I thank you for your kind words and insight that you to
        are having the same problems with the Nhs.

        I would come to that island with you Any day!

        Have a great rest of your eve Samantha
        All the best now x

  30. I think there is, and has been a growing trend in generalized forms of sociopathy, psychopathy and outright asocial narcissistic traits in society over the past century.

    A collective madness if you will. Murder is normal, abuse is normal, all forms of abominable behaviour – normal.

    Neighbours pissed you off? Just burn the whole block down. Got turned down? Just go on a stabbing spree. Got fired from your job? Just return fire with a mass shooting.

    It’s like as if the piece of societies mind that regulates morality, is being strategically lobotomized. It starts with the young minds too. since about the end of the 20th century, since the gateways of media entertainment have really been advancing, the minds of people, (especially the young minds) have been exposed to, and bombarded with the normalization and glorification of all manner of detestable content.

    The reinforcement of ideas of killing, sexual immorality, absurdity, nonsense and confusion is taking society on a downward spiral, and it’s only getting worse…

      • @Obvious Lee, Thanks for responding. Because as I read your previous comment you sounded like a man who had run out of ideas, or places to go, or as a man who could see all the rottenness around him, and also realised you could do nothing about it – the problems are too vast and left you feeling powerless.

        To put it another way, you came across as cornered and could see no way out. There was also an air of hopelessness to it (I won’t say desperation for that is too dramatical), and most potential converts come to this dead end in their lives, myself included when I was called.

        I therefore thought that I would sound you out and see what reaction I might receive.

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine, I see. Well it’s just what I consider to be an obvious state of affairs is all. I’m familiar with teachings of the Bible and and Jesus Christ too, yes.

        I’m still learning, and my life experiences have let me to seek answers, and weigh up the information and reflections that are available from direct experience, and from the teachings that include moral and spiritual lessons.

        It’s the current state of affairs that have led me to those conclusions, but yes, I also hold to the options of hope in this ever darkening world, as has been prophesied, according to the good book.

    • Look up the mouse utopia experiments.

      They were designed to study overpopulation. But in none — NONE — of the replications of the experiment did the populations ever reach *full* population, let alone “over”population.

      The mice had everything: all the food & clean water they wanted/needed, & a hazard-free habitat to explore. Every single time, they died out *to the last mouse* within about 12 generations. Before then, they exhibited all kinds of bizarre behaviors: mothers abandoning, or even eating, their young; mice grooming themselves but never seeking mates; mice who would only go out when everyone else was sleeping ….

      I think they died of *lack* of stress, of challenge.

      • Hi Mellyrn

        Good comment
        I don’t like the fact animals have been used to ‘see how we behave’ for so many years
        Had they left natural nature to itself
        We would be in a better place.

        Thank you for comment please don’t think I am being rude above,
        I just can’t read about animals being used for science,
        Thank you for great comment and info

        Have good day now.

      • @mellyrn How very interesting, this is just proof that ‘utopia’ – The Kingdom of Yahavah (God) is only reachable through man being regenerated, being born of Yah (God) and resurrected. Then ‘utopia’ will begin.

        Fallen Man cannot produce ‘utopia’ for himself or for animals, for when he fell the animals suffered, too, from that fall, and there was/is NO WAY back to The Garden other than through Yashua Messiah (Jesus Christ) – hence the Spiritual Two Flaming Swords mentioned in Scripture guarding and stopping re-entry into The Garden by fallen Man.

    • @Obvious Lee
      Inversion by deception of everything in creation – nature, mind, body, and the soul. Up is down, male is female, wrong is right. The people can’t see that the reading instruments are wrong because they’re flying upside down in the dark – told that’s ok because they’re in a hurry – and they’re pulling up as they’re crashing down. If only they had a little light in the darkness.

      When is shown on the virtual light of TV as something glamorous and
      aspirational – and the Almighty Creator has been ditched long since – the time to bail has passed. The parachutes are few (and if they’re over the ocean) some strong swimmers are a must to survive this.

  31. I have had people I know who have voted it’d watched this and still carry on … help

  32. I have to admit that I have always has a fascination of serial killers even when I was young I think a lot of ppl are intreged about nature/ nurture I think it was another thing to turn us against the police but that’s just my opinion

  33. Amazon prime produced a drama series with the guy that played Hellboy ass delusional Judge fueled by Christian ideology
    Their was even news coverage on getting Judges vaccinated with the V-mat2 gene expression neutralization to prevent & or inhibit passionate and fervent thought of a religious fundamentalist religious sort & or race based Hate.

    • @Curtis
      So the ‘fun vax’ gene 8 neutraliser has reached Amazon…. There was a video clip out there, dating from around 2008, I think, showing a US scientific-govt Darpa person presenting on what that stuff could purportedly do – when sprayed into the air. All very clever and fun for the willing-to-pleaser standing at the front of the lecture theatre, very happy to explain the subject.
      Nothing happens without order followers.

  34. There are some great shows on Netflix – there was one about fungi and it’s health benefits, so interesting. I think many people are naturally drawn to dark shows at the moment – you’d be surprised by the kinds people who love true crime – many are women who have children. I feel that the reason they may love these shows is because they are trying to understand the psyche, they find it fascinating, as they haven’t explored their own shadow so it’s repressed and they have also lived sheltered lives. There is a market for it. Instead of victimising those who watch those kind of shows perhaps look deeper as to why they do it in the first place. As a prev commenter Rob said : ‘Netflix is only a mind programming tool if youl let it become just that’ I agree 😀

    • Netflix directors know very well that their audience is diverse and their algorithms probe any human entity that interacts with their system but really how many are there conscious viewers on Netflix? These that can read between the lines and refuse to be brainwashed while watching it?

      And even if you consider yourself conscious how do you know that they are not conducting very sophisticated techniques to brainwash you?
      What I have found from my experience is that even if you keep up sooner or later they will undermine someone else in your house either your partner (women are much weaker to resist this) or children and soon you will be arguing with them over these manufactured issues and superimposed fears. A woman even if she agrees with you that it’s a psyop will internalise some of the fears and keep them secret.

      Man supposed to protect women and children from this shite but then “what are we gonna be doing this evening, my love?” Looking at the wall or ceiling?
      Let’s assume that you watched all the movies, series and documentaries on Netflix and you came out fine. Your or my win over Netflix is of no use really – yes on personal level but who cares? What are you gonna do with it? Are you going to do a TED talk about it? There is tons of inspirational / motivational talks on TED about all sorts of depravities of our “modern” life and I reckon it had 0 impact on the steaming Agenda.
      This war is about the minds of these poorer people including children (some already in Metaverse) because they are the people who will be receiving the Mark of the Beast in first order. The shysters know very well that there is a substantial number of older people that resist this but they will be replaced by new generations that do not resist it.
      For Netflix it’s a win-win situation.

      I think the best option would be to adopt some rules of Amish people – telly in any form going over the window but for that you need a healthy community that demonstrates better life attitudes.
      While the shysters are slaughtering small business there will be more people hooked up to this crap because people use telly to relax after 8-10h of work they don’t like or subconsciously think it’s meaningless.
      People who do what they love or enjoy they don’t have to relax after work.
      These many people would prefer to run a small business instead but the banksters are denying it to them, corporations are taking over and people are being converted into bio-robots picking up goods from the shelves.

      • Hi Flavius

        Had a look
        TED is interesting
        Thank you for letting us know of this site.

        Have great day.

      • You want to live in cosy fantasy Disney land where people aren’t responsible for their own minds? Where people are treated like children? Where you think adults lack the awareness to fully comprehend what they are watching and what it does to their mind? Where the only ‘bad’ people are those behind the curtain and not the person sitting next to you. People need to figure things out for themselves.

    • Exactly who creates those markets? Are the people living sheltered life creating these markets? Or have they been put in those boxes to establish a new market.
      “There is a market for it” is basically a Joo talking.
      Let’s say even if the markets established themselves that this mean you have to keep pushing the envelope to the point a customer becomes a victim? I don’t think people are so into exploring their shadowy stuff.
      How is shadowy stuff repressed in today’s West? Everyone does whatever he/she wants.

      With your line or thought we can say that prostitutes and female porn stars have established the market for prostitution and pornography the problem is I don’t see some old female porn stars becoming the directors and producers of these production but some Joos.
      It’s exploitation, that is how you want to call it.
      And with banksters wrecking havoc and pushing their shit corporations from all direction push more people into poverty which also leads to more women exploited into prostitution.

  35. Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. Philippians 4:8

  36. people should use their time wisely and not fund evil. nobody should give money to poirn hub, netflix or the BBC for example, by the way i did an upload on the Thai school ‘massacre’ that I consider fraudulent , maybe afew of you could take a look if you can spare ten minutes

    • Hugo could you do a video on background music , its infuraiting that most videos regardles sof content have a mood altering background music track that is a Propaganda technique , we should not use underhand subliminals when trying to discuss factual issues , its an own goal

    • Hi hoaxashian3

      I would have a look
      But i don’t do know were you have uploaded?
      I don’t have social media
      I only use here and vids people suggest.
      So I take a look if you could give me were.

      Thank you
      Hope you having good day now.

    • Look into Jack the Ripper. The real Jack is of royal Jewish lineage with a family crest. Same for the Belgian Dahmer lineage.

      Could it be a position that is taken up. A mystical practice?

      • Hoax3

        Found it now with the link it did not show with your comment on my link.
        But never mind
        Thank you just taking look now.

    • Hi I just watched that video and exceptionally informative definitely am to be true what the guy saying about the the Thailand false flag looks to be that are trying to build an agenda to try and get rid of obviously weapons by the sounds of it and I was like this last suss myself when I heard of the explosion I’m in Ireland choose that a curiosity what is the name of the guy that does that and what’s his channel details maybe be worth having a look at to see what else he’s done

    • I wanted to point out as a teacher it is common practice to send photos each day to parents of children in the early years and most schools and nurseries have an electronic communication system in place to do this. Also in this part of the world it is very common for grandparents to look after the children while the mother works away, often in a different country.

  37. detectives interesting to see or abnormal biographies…but was always indifferent to social networks etc. so there was never a netflix either.(as you rightly said)I’m disgusted. I can’t listen to new music or all these films.these bastards entertaining us – singing songs to us or playing a role in a movie – they are all involved in this 3 years long circus.and I’m vomiting from all this falsehood!!!!

  38. Right again Hugo. The eye is the entrance to the soul & people should be very careful what they watch and listen to. Netflix is most definitely with the antichrist/messiah programme. Especially concerning that movie about Christ being gay. These are dark times and they’re getting darker. So people of God/Elohim, “put on the full Armour of God, that you may be able to withstand in this evil times, and having done all to stand.” Be blessed all!

  39. Another fascinating video Hugo definitely the Bible says that the eyes are the gateway to the soul so you have to watch basically what you are taking on board and viewing I’ve not got a Netflix subscription I haven’t even heard of this particular killer but I I don’t wonder what the fascination is in his particular types of series why would you want to sit and watch something is glorifying something is done so evil also the fact that it is some fuel in peoples fear as to these things are possibly happen today you can quite see why they’re doing it as a trying to frighten people through another extreme anyway well said and she’s basically we just need to stop watching these things if possible

  40. And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. – Genesis 6:5 describing the days of Noah.

    We’ve come a long way since “Leave It to Beaver”. Although the name “Beaver Cleaver” has an obscene meaning, so I think the same forces were at work behind the scenes even then.

    It seems that many of the famous serial killings may actually have been psyops. See David McGowan’s book “Programmed to Kill”. (And his book “Wierd Scenes Inside the Laural Canyon” is also very interesting.)

  41. I despise Netflix today but was once a subscriber. It was the series Santa Clarita Diet which premiered in Feb 2017 which finally threw me over the top. I was so utterly disgusted within moments of watching the first show that I canceled shortly thereafter vowing never to support Netflix again.

    Like Hugo, before cancelling I remember checking for Christian documentaries and was shocked not to find a single program. There’s little wonder why the world seems so consumed with itself, so careless with others, and so damn stupid. We are products of a depraved environment based largely upon what we consume for entertainment and news from a corrupt mainstream and a largely sold-out alternative media. I can’t stand to watch anything on TV or listen to the radio any longer.

  42. It’s curious that Sigmund Freud’s nephew promoted the consumption of bacon for breakfast. The practice of eating cooked hearty breakfasts goes back hundreds of years in the former kingdoms of the UK, which began as a luxury of the wealthy who could afford meat, and later became an essential sustenance for labourers who started the day early and would need something to see them through their work. Unless it’s a cultural or religious taboo, I don’t think the odd bacon sandwich for breakfast is going to do anyone much harm – as long as it doesn’t come from pigs reared on the recycled food waste I hear gets fed to mass meat production in the US.

    That said, I get what HugoTalke is saying about the darkness that pervades Netflix and the morbidiity of cinema movies showing gratuitous violence or themes of the occult. We need to be enriched and uplifted by our senses, and what we think is eventually what we become, so it’s much more profitable to set our hearts and minds on higher, more Godly things. I think St. Paul said something like that anyway. Have a good day all.

  43. To counter the darkness of Netflix, here’s an example of the work of Lisa Gerrard, who with Hans Zimmer co-composed the theme of Gladiator. I just find her music enriching and uplifting

  44. Agree with all of the wider more important points. But this and many other serial killer narratives are fake. Dahmer was a fiction but the Netflix show is as described + soft gay porn.

  45. Completely agree Hugo. I stopped bothering with msm ‘intertainment’, decades ago; when I noticed it was 99% either cheap dross, like ‘get me out of here/ home makeovers/ richest this, richest that/ cookery or mind numbing soaps, crime/mystery shows…. fact or fiction, and cheap crp game shows.

  46. Totally agree Hugo, I find the same problem now with books. I love a good book but am finding that there are really some dark themes that before I wouldn’t have noticed but now I feel uncomfortable reading the words in my mind.

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