The REAL Reason Elon Musk Buy Twitter / Hugo Talks

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58 Comments on “The REAL Reason Elon Musk Buy Twitter / Hugo Talks

  1. Having had shares in Large Tech companies in the past including Twitter which I sold off months ago because I could see this coming, you are correct. Well done Hugo !! 😉😉

  2. Hugo Hugo. You have been consistent from day one. Your observations are always correct and come to pass. Thank you very much Hugo.

    • Hey Shane…
      thanks hugo 🙂
      and good video shane…makes you realise the implications. Unfortunately 70% of the sheep will think its a great idea…and all the people who have lost their jobs and are receiving welfare will have no options but to go along with it. To me it will render digital money a second rate system to bartering with actual products in a black market scenario. No dought punishment would be severe but everyone will be doing it. Hmmmm…might get some tobacco seeds soon 🙂 and alcohol can be homemade. They would have big problems trying to enforce any punishments !!

    • yet another video that is spoily by a music soundtrack . wish people could wean themselves off that , it really deetracts from a factual presentation

    • CBDC is basically another name for Communism. Communist countries have a single central bank.
      To be in a better position have at least an account with a building society or a credit union but first and foremost use cash.

      Can you imagine in the last 20 years these mfuckers have destroyed 20000 different smaller banks in Europe!

      Rothschild owns the Bank Of England, EIC and the FED.
      The slavers use communism to starve the slaves a bit as they know they work hard when hungry.
      This is what they were doing in Africa, Caribbean and the Americas and for the last 2 centuries also in China.

  3. i lived in China for about a decade , at the tiem i felt quite free and was pleasantly surprised by the lack of crime, vandalism , cheap and efficient public transport and rapidly rising living standards , even though i knew China was a ‘communist state ‘ it had a very large private sector , it seemed to me at that time . i left in January 2012 to be apragmatic state which focused on geneally improving ther economy , there was at that time very little overt surveillance, very few visible police and far less CCTV than one would find in the UK , in the last few years China has gone into a high speed reverse . Covid was the cue , i weas able to upload t YouTube via a proxy but had all my work taken down due to Google censorship , as for wechat it was a bit ofa meetup tool especially to meet girls , its now very difficult to open an account . unfortunately the type of people who will see this video are not the type of people who really need to see it. as for Musk his Space X is a cartoon fraud and he is on record as talking about transhumanism , he is just one of many frauds pretending to be opposition figures , i dont know any well known politicians with any power who are really on our side , the decent ones either get assassinated like Jorge Haider or put in prison like the Greel leader of the Golden Dawn party , in my opinion and even at the risk of being negative I can see no hope , we are trapped in the Titanic engine room. all we can do is try and maintain our sanity as society regresses

  4. I subscribed to the Dreizin Report and an ebike website. Emails from both of them seem to have stopped. Never had this trouble in the past. Very strange. (I get lots from London Real!)

  5. A friend of mine who’s an engineer worked with a colleague who use to work for Space X. He said that new starters were told not to walk past Elon Musk’s office if he was in. He would leave his office door open and anyone who would walk past his office, he would find out their name and tell their manager to fire them. Very strange. If this is true, then he’s definitely not a man who wants to help people. He’s just some oddball rich guy who gets off on power.

  6. When I first heard about the little respect that Musk has for his employees, my opinion of him (hitherto very positive) took a big turn for the worse. With just about everything I have since heard about him, it has continued to get worse and worse.

  7. by the way Hugo ( who i like a lot and who was kind enough to publish one of my videos) also uses some dodgy platforms , maybe because there is not much choice but

    brandnewtube , bitchute and gmail are all bad platforms in my opinion and I have had horribel experiences with each of them

      • @Sara, All depends what you want the platform for. Be warned, for there are very few that are not controlled opposition. I would never trust a platform that asks for your telephone number when signing up, e.g. Odysee, Rumble and Telegram.

      • That is the thing. You don’t really want to be on any platforms unless you are a creator.
        Otherwise READ ONLY use of the platforms to watch videos or listen.
        DO NOT get tempted to put comments as there is tons of trolls on Bitchute or Youtube.
        Telegram is cleaner but again it’s to monitor the opposition (I reckon NSA again) so don’t spin your wheels too much over there.
        Signal is pure NSA.
        YT will most likely shadow ban you anyway so your comments are not visible.
        I think Odesee is good for creators. Bitchute is a bit clunky but also good.

        Brendon O’Connell explains well how this psychological warfare on the Internet is done.
        To have an impact it is better to set up a stand in your local town or a village and convert local community.
        Otherwise put stickers.

      • It’s interesting that you talk about READ ONLY mode. I had a Fakebook account in READ ONLY mode (save for a very occasional ‘aw, cute’ on a cat video 🙂 ) that just went *poof* the other day, no warning, nothing. Not even a by your leave. Just imagine your ability to function in day-to-day life was tied to these faceless, monstrous, devilish ‘platforms’. Scary! Anyway, maybe they have ‘algorithms’ that detect accounts in READ ONLY mode, or ‘non-engaging’ as they would say. Maybe folks are getting wise to posting on these crappy, intelligence gathering spy ‘platforms’. Also, I have heard that reading comments can drive you insane.

  8. Any comment on the Pope giving Apple’s CEO Tim Cook an audience again this week, Hugo? Just having a catch-up I expect.

    • Yes, this Pope Francis of communist background is behind all of this. Not only he controls the whole Catholic Church and brainwashes all the Catholics gathering on Sunday through big screens and speakers he also via Jesuits and Bank of Vatican controls World Bank, all the world central banks. Rothschild and other Joo banksters clearly look like his pawns. The Pope is behind the Illuminati, Order Of Malta, Freemasonry and Reptilians.

      IMHO an invent of very low importance. Tim Cook is a corporate front like Zuckerberg, Bezos (all Joo fake billionaires) and Francis is a plant of Rothschild in Vatican. As long as the Catholics know this they should be fine.

  9. Did you expect anything other than from Elon Musk no anyway. It is a pity, but these kinds of people have nothing to do with the working class.

  10. Rumour is that Elon Musk is dead. Amber Heard was dumped by Elon in early February 2018 after he found strange brown marks on his luxurious Egyptian cotton bedsheets. It was on the eve of the Tesla Roadster SpaceX launch that he confronted her about the stains and they got into a furious fight. Tragically Elon did not stand a chance of surviving the vicious onslaught she subjected him to that evening inside the payload bay of the Falcon Heavy Rocket. Amber disposed of his body within the spacesuit that sat in the driving seat of the Roadster that would later be ejected into deep space. Elon’s untimely death was caught on CCTV but Amber was able to evade criminal charges by the intervention of the deep state who realised they’d be able to benefit from his death by using an AI clone of Musk and then assuming full control of his many companies including the later aquisition of Twitter. Heard is now a controlled CIA operative leaving a trail of evidence on bedsheets around the globe.

  11. Yes Hugo, at some point your Telegram channel has been restricted. I thought it was you who made it “private” due to spammers but it looks like it’s the Intelligence.
    Don’t trust any of these platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal (recommended by fake dissident Edward Snowden), use the chat on the website I link to.
    Telegram is created by a freedom loving Russian billionaire exactly like Elon Musk. It happens this Russian billionaire also shows up at WEF meetings.
    What the Intelligence also does on Telegram is spoofing known accounts and asks people if they know about incoming event. I reckon they gather people’s opinions about the crash perhaps they want to detect any resistance groups that plan something out of ordinary.

    • On the other hand your Discord channel is overrun by that man who hammers people with impending doom and Canadian Prepper stuff which I honestly don’t like. People who go there will end up with even more anxiety so avoid.

    • Yes I got banned from commenting on disclosure tv and vaccine injuries telegram channels so I just deleted them

  12. Frontman for the Luciferians think the opposite what he says inversion

  13. I want to know your opinion about Mark Devlin.
    I like what he says but I think he is a plant. He spills the beans a lot but I think he is a plant, an enabler of all sorts of psyops.
    He invites to his show Flat Earthers and obvious frauds like Richard Balducci – some Joo who turns Jesus Christ into some myth referring to some pagan gods and celebrations. As far as I know this was part of the Frazer’s book “Golden Bough” a psyop to undermine the Christianity but it was quickly dismissed but they seem to reboot this psyop over and over again.
    He also promotes shirts of Sophia Fifi Rose the founder of the Stand in the Park, lady who did that silly pike video with Piers Corbyn. I think it was proven he is a fraud – he covers controlled opposition while his brother Jeremy marches with controlled controlled opposition (Insulate Britain etc).
    But going back to Mark. He uncovers a lot of stuff but never mentions Joos. He also seems to stop at the government being behind all of this. According to him all boils down to some Freemasons and Satanists.
    I think he is to blow some leads but spin you into ready dead ends.

    • @Flavius
      He is ‘ex’ 3-letter BBC. Ditto, Anna Brees – also on the David Icke circuit. What they say, as with everything in the alternative media, should be regarded selectively and intuitively.
      Check some of the YouTube comments for Devlin. There aren’t too many critical comments on his channel but one or two reference him jumping onto the corporate music *truther* bandwagon a long time after the lid had already been lifted. Of course he has carved a niche in that area over the last few years, given his music radio background, and his followers appreciate his laid back personable delivery, and he comes across as sincere and forthright and reassuring in equal measure.
      … Does his website still sport the bright purple colourway with the large no ‘3’ in the logo … He uses a lot of the new(old) age *crystal* phrases: ‘light’, ‘force’, ‘vibrations -that fit with his participation in the alternative health online industry, and the Rise series of events that also has guest appearances from the circuit that includes the UK Column presenters.
      … Is his ‘One Global Network’ (reversed NGO) news initiative still running(?) He had founded it a couple of years ago and appeared onscreen wearing a white T-shirt (clothing was usually black & white (duality), with one hand clenched around the mic in the middle of the screen) – in the (surprising) logo of a black pyramid with an all-seeing eye at the apex. Very similar to that on the US dollar bill.
      It seemed an odd choice for a ‘truther’, as he encouraged his new venture – pulling at the front of the T-shirt to better display the imagery – he was clearly very excited then and was eager to get subscribers on board. But – and this was my take on his presentation on that day – his demeanour appeared to be heightened, exhilarated (compared to other sessions). His eyes were dark, and narrowed and he smirked to the camera, inappropriately it seemed. An in-house joke not known to the viewers.

      There was another session where in he was joined by a guest (can’t remember the name) – another truther (seer/astrologer).. Very long dark hair, and it seemed a darkness hung around her.
      Enough to switch off.
      That was a couple of years ago.
      His sessions were more entertaining than informative, and taken selectively he does have some useful insights.
      As with everything else, being selective is key.

      • Thanks for the insight. In one of his recent videos he pointed out to Hugo Talks, UKColumn for good job they are doing.
        He also pointed out to the Stand in the Park and Rebels on Roundabouts. I am fine with the RoR but Fifi @SITP is a bit suspicious. She was also pushing that initiative for people to challenge council tax. They shared those letter templates to fight the council. I don’t remember the name of the website but I have not seen any followups since then.

        Devlin must be some New Age buff or an atheist otherwise I would not see the point in inviting spooks like Richard Balducci.
        The controlled opposition network is much bigger than you think and most of the could turn up to be some anti-Freemasos, anti-Satanists but what is Devlin giving you in exchange as you said some New Age phrases “light”, “force”, “good vibrations” then does an interview with Balducci to steer naive viewers off Christianity by pointing out Jesus Christ is part of the problem, part of the script.

        You need to be pro to be selective otherwise the encounters with controlled (or not) opposition will cost you more headache than it is worth.
        Anyone who is new to this stuff is going to be soon lost in the maze of these fakes, frauds and spooks and end up in a dead end.
        I don’t think distilling the truth should be that hard – reserved for some pros.
        So IMHO Devlin is a disinfo but as you said he is a good speaker
        Our Interesting Times and Restoring the Faith is

        UKColumn is a good entry level news channel but as I said they are on Rumble which is IMHO another NSA platform to contain the opposition (Russel Brand is also there). It’s run by some Russians. In the past you could see the whole list of names and faces of people working at Rumble – all Russians but they buried this information since then you only see the CEO Pavlovski. The company is based in Florida which is where NWO/NSA spook DeSantis is the governor.

      • Moreover in his recent video he recommended SheepFarm guys but when I checked last time they are kind of like Joe Rogan will spin you in any direction and have invited all sorts of spooks.

        Devlin also complained that people who turn up at his (their) events are all over 50.
        He said that it’s due to the fact that these younger generations are either brainwashed by MSM and/or on TikTok, Insta and such.
        I agree with a lot of what he is saying but THE MAIN PROBLEM is that what he uncovers yes it is interesting but have no use.
        With this “truth” you cannot build anything, you cannot build any culture but become some pirate, a rebel etc.
        And younger people don’t have time for this “shit” as most of them have to work harder to pay the higher rents to make the landlords happy. I mean a lot of the people I promote are the outsiders but again rebelling is not something people want to be in on a permanent basis. This cannot be a hobby either. Maybe it looks silly to some non-believers there but I cannot see truth flying without Jesus Christ because there is millions of Joos and their proxies who would love to spin you into oblivion. But because for the last couple of centuries Catholicism has been heavily disfranchised in this country what we end up with is a bunch of semi-pagans who try hard to make the sense of this world.
        But there is a whole legion of Jooish “deceptors” to spin you into oblivion.

        Don’t get me wrong the Joos do it to themselves as well if not first.
        Whoever wants to leave these ghettos have to go through a firewall of lies that is why I am impressed with people like Rachel Tobias – a Jewess from NY who has managed to penetrate the ghetto walls and now have a very good understanding of the world. I recommend to listen to her.

        I like Devlin but to be on the safe side I prefer Timothy from Our Interesting Times or Restoring The Faith. I don’t mind they are based in US and I don’t here that much about UK but we are pretty much in the same situation.

      • That would mean people Devlin promotes are at least questionable OR he is trying to rope them into their disso network OR are part of this disso network from the start. Once people are more aware of Devlin’s real background they will be suspicious of other creators he promotes.
        And recently he mentioned (promoted) Hugo Talks. I keep UKColumn on my list but I know they are Russia Today minor which is some Intelligence enterprise that works hard to look cheap so people trust it’s organic. Their criticism of the West while whitewashing WEF fellow Putin and Russia makes it clear.
        As an entry stuff for the sheeple it is good. They talk a lot about vaccine adverse effects which is good.
        Is Hugo organic or part of the same crew?
        I remember Hugo was saying that he was showing up at early protests in London. I reckon he met or at least come across some UKColumn people (Brian Gerrish) who were also there. Or maybe they came together?

      • @Flavius Stilicho, I wouldn’t put Hugo in with UK Column. The UK 5th Column forum that was: Gerrish, Robinson, the Jewess Lou Collins, and the disso/shill Patrick Henningson, banned me from their platform more than 10 years ago.

        Hugo doesn’t name the Jews, but then he doesn’t ban me, and that speaks volumes.

      • I take it you never saw this on their show – UK Column talking about the Hugo Talks ‘New Age Doctors’ Videos for 16 minutes, well no not really, they never address any of the key elements or questions posed in those videos, sounds like they are avoiding talking about the actual videos themselves, and make some quite bizarre comments, like I am a Darwinist????.

    • Here is the 1 Bitcoin (Minimum) Globe Earth-proving challenge for charity, if you would like to fail it in total embarrassment, same as all before you..

      • @davidjcaron, “Flat tard Earthism was started by the CIA & the Mossad together to divide people who are seeking the truth to the extreme. We want the truth & are willing to give everything a chance. I’ve been researching the Flat Earth crap since I learned people were actually buying into it around 2016. That is when in around 2018 I came into contact with information & people that were agents getting paid to push the agenda.

        “Flat Earth is Kikery! May as well go put on a yamaka, light the 8 candelabra, kiss the wailing wall, tattoo a Jewish star on your head, buy a copy of Ann Frank, cut off the tip of your penis, write DUNCE on your yamaka, & eat some Gefiltefish!”

        — Eric Blood

        Flat Earth Stupidity Exposed:

  14. If you want to know who wants total control of those left in the world, read NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY. Tbf it was written back in the 70s and shows how we are where we are today. Most know about Rothschilds, Bilderbergers, Rockerfellers Wakburgs, Collins etc, but it’s interesting for any who think there is any difference at all in political parties, but you will see how much they despise ordinary people. Only the people can stop the tyrannical takeover ahead, but are there enough of us willing to stand up and fight?

    • Yes, and 4+2 =6, 5+1 = 6 (twice) = 666 – The Number of the Beast!

  15. I’m surprised the bible hasn’t been typed out again in the comments

    • yeah, these bible trolls are everywhere and you would think they bring you closer to God. They usually don’t. Some Jooish sectarians which is more likely Intelligence to hammer you with Bible quotes so you have enough of Christianity for the rest of the year.

  16. Thanks for this! I come over everyday to see what you’ve posted.

    Friends of mine do too but still don’t think any of this duality (good public figure/bad public figure) applies to Trump. Until people make that connection they will keep placing their hope in this system.

  17. There is a reason MORON MUSK is being propped up as a Free Speech savior.. TO PROTECT THE GLOBE LIE

    The greatest ever deception they must keep hiding and ridiculing at all cost.. or the whole New World Order Control system and its child-abusing deceivers, comes crashing down.. totally destroyed.. This is why the undefeatable proven level earth realization is more than ever, so vitally important to awaken to and SHARE….

  18. Apparently Musk is planning to charge for his new ‘social network. Count me out! 🙂

    ‘On 9 April, Elon Musk texted his brother, Kimbal, to share his vision for a new social network. The platform, like Twitter, would provide space for hosting “short text messages/links”. But, unlike Twitter, it would also allow users to send payments to one another, and it would run on a blockchain – the same shared digital ledger that underpins cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

    The network’s users, Musk told his brother, would have to pay “a tiny amount” to register their messages on the chain. This would “cut out the vast majority of spam and bots. There is no throat to choke, so free speech is guaranteed.” Musk believed that he had landed on a solution to what he sees as Twitter’s most significant problems: censorship, fake accounts and slow user growth.’

  19. Thank you Hugo for all the time you spend keeping us all up to date with these issues.
    I have never been on Facebook or Twitter or any sites like this. No need. I have e mail so people can contact me.

  20. First of all thanks you for all the videos and work you put into them second of all even if there were some biblical comments on here it doesn’t really matter you can either take them on or just ignore them so it doesn’t really matter and I quite like them anyway no you can see what these guys are all try to do obviously they just try get on the digital system in place first before they try and get us all onto it the best thing everyone can do is just basically completely stay out of it and not get involved with any of these digital currencies et cetera et cetera anyway thanks Hugo

  21. Musk – a greasy secretion with a powerful odor, produced in a glandular sac in the abdomen of a male musk deer and used in traditional medicines and formerly in the manufacture of perfumes and a similar secretion produced by certain other animals, such as an otter or civet or perhaps an Elon.
    Whatever the case may be, any venture having anything to do with Elon Musk stinks!

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