Netflix Poisoning Minds / Hugo Talks

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127 Comments on “Netflix Poisoning Minds / Hugo Talks

  1. Anyone else notice the lack of “diversity” as Hugo was scrolling through….

  2. I totally agree with you. I learnt that long time ago that even I was watching the news, I felt frustrated for days, so stopped watching anything disturbing things. It is freedom now. I don’t have to poison my mind. I think you should learn more about the bible, as what you see around here is not a coincidence, God saw this all, and wrote us the signs, which we can clearly see now. Hopefully won’t be long and he will acting, otherwise we would all die because of the evil and his fellow people. Love to listen your videos as it sounds like I am listening myself ha ha x Gabriella

  3. I feel rather uncomfortable about something on Netflix. Have you noticed that the coloured stripes displayed during sign-in resemble a barcode? You might want to cover you eyes.

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