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155 Comments on “They’ve Fallen IN LOVE With THE LIE / Hugo Talks

  1. The Queen dies. . the workers swarm around
    The emotional programming by mass media…
    Is about trying to create THE HIVE MIND.

  2. 8And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: 9Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, 10And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 12That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. 13But we are bound to give thanks always to God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth: 14Whereunto he called you by our gospel, to the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  3. Seems like Israel are preparing to build their 3rd temple by April next year. This is built in the Tribulation period (the last terrible 7 years before the return of Christ). That means the Christians are about to be raptured home (taken to heaven) and the Antichrist will come to power.

    If you are NOT a Christian, you have very little time left. Get saved NOW. Repent and believe in the One who gave His life for your sins.

    God bless you Hugo and all the people reading these comments. Time IS very short.

    • In Israel they are preparing the red heffer for sacrifice… Been telling people sinse this began, we are in the end times.. The signs are all around us..
      “when it is evening, you say, It will be fair weather, for the sky is red, And in the morning,” It will be stormy today, for the sky is red and threatening. “You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times. An evil and adultress generation seeks for a sign, but no sign will be given to it except the sign of jonah.”

      “This people honours me with their lips, but their heart is far from me, in vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrines the commandments of men”

      “Repent ” for the remission of sins in Jesus Christ’s name ” time is short! On your kness at the foot of the cross, with a humble spirit and contrite heart!
      ” God gave them a spirit of stupor, eyes that would not see and ears that would not hear, down to this very day ”

      God bless!
      Christ is king!

  4. Media and News and goverments have always bullied and blackmailed people and made people feel like shit or victimise them for doing the opposite too what they want you to do…
    Its like things HAVE to be done to make you look like a good citizen helping others…
    China have that kind of thing going on with there social credit system…
    You dont behave or do as you told or be a good obiding citizen you get punished for it…
    This type of behaviour people have been showing is almost there comfort zone and dont wany to go against the grain yet actually mentally and physically they are doing themselves no good whatsoever…
    I used to hate these people but nowadays i just let them get on with it…
    As for the queens passing?…
    I would say a majority of those people in them queues probably before she died didnt give shit about the royals before…
    People just like the drama and like making themselves look good just like the false pandemic wearing face gags and having jabs and ukraine “war” hanging out flags outside there doors and following the media narrative and the funny part is some of these idiots didnt know it started 8 years ago😀
    Its all bollocks

  5. Seems to me that those who control the media, banking, central banks, pharmaceutical industry, military industrial industry, food supply, energy supply… are making a full frontal attack on society with the aim of killing as many as possible. These people are called the Ashkenazi Jews, the Khazarian Mafia and just plan Jews. They are not jews from the tribe of Abraham. They have no Hebrew blood in them. They are evil converts to Judaism. They are of Turkic and Slavic descent. They have ALWAYS beed evil, murderous, liars, thieves and deceivers. We must fight them head on or perish. This is ancient history repeating again.

  6. Worship of the wealthy class is proof that you want to be ruled over. Governments around the Western world are creating a dichotomy of choice so that there is someone you can hate, rather than the wealthy class, who gain the upper hand by creating a system to steal your money.

  7. But what would the opposite look like?A sovereign nation has some clout on the world stage especially in the case of QE2 who has been a figurehead for 70 years while politicians take up cudgels in parliament. The queen had spoken of “dark forces”. Westminster Hall is a historic building where frightening events once took place and with the pageantry and sorrow,which grabs you unexpectedly in the funeral situation, people wanted to be part of an historic event. I guess the alternative is either a communist dictatorship or when the kingdom of God comes to earth and the Beast system rejected.

    • “I guess the opposite is …”. Which is what the new monarch & his WEF pals is ushering in. In cahoots with an unelected world corp-govt U N shop window. Feudalism v.2: technocracy overseen by corporates – and with the historic boundaries and protections of govt & monarchy hollowed out. That is what all *our people are in place* Bliar meant by his remark.
      She was the last of the old order, the face people recognised all their lives (under 70yrs), and she helped to secure the new order, with every Act she did not use her power to veto. The people are left to carry the can, as per. That’s the heartbreak of it.
      And no President Bliar or a Trussed-up Johnson govt won’t do. They need locking up.
      The people have always deserved so much better than the treacherous hand they’ve been dealt.

    • Yes, if you get rid of the Monarchy what will replace them. And they will be replaced. I suspect that those who are gunning for their abolitionism don’t want them abolished per se. They want them replaced, but by what? The Pope? An Ayatollah? Be careful what you wish for for you might just get it.

      • It might be green religion = watermelons aka zero carbon footprint corporations and the mob that reveres them….
        “When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything.” (Chesterton).

      • The French Revolution 1789-1799… Monarchy decapitated… Shortly after, Napoleon rises. There’s a pretty close historical parallel.

  8. I wonder where the GP/ hospital appointments were cancelled…. Not in Yorkshire hospital which serves several towns and villages where I work. Outpatient clinics and theatre operate tomorrow as always. My private practice unrelated to physical health was open during the Platinum Jubilee – some clients chose not to participate in bread and circus, but some did. I understand the elderly people who aged with the queen, someone I know was only a child when she was crowned. A chapter of history has closed for that person but they won’t travel to bow to the ….coffin. Human being has an innate need to be oblivious to the truth, as truth can be too difficult to bear. This is my private opinion. Also there was always a demand for bread and circus not just in this society. We had our Pope as a source of comfort under difficult times. I am still reluctant to take him from the pedestal. Old habits die hard…. Good parable of this pantomime is a tale by J.C. Andersen ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ in which only child speaks the truth.

    • I’m in Norfolk, checked earlier on FarceBook and my surgery is closed

      Ridiculous because on the 12th and 13th they’d posted that they’d be shut over lunch because of ‘staff shortages’ yet somehow it’s a clever idea to then close for a whole day, putting them even further behind?

      Further irony, every time you call you are treated to a recorded message about CONvid, then a scolding about how ‘every month X amount of patients didn’t attend their appointments, amounting to X amount of wasted time…if you no longer require your appointment, please help us to help others and let us know’ – all well and good but it’s nothing unusual to be on hold over 40 minutes before you can speak to anyone!

      They are a joke, they weren’t good before the scamdemic but now I don’t even have words

      • 40 mins your lucky here where I am gotta phone anywhere between 100 – 200 times just to get through & all
        – call back – appointments are gone in 10 minutes flat coz it’s not appointments to see dr/nurse oh no it’s just to get a call back to see if you can get to see a dr/nurse coz they think they can diagnose my chest from hell through a bloody phone now – not – and it’s a waste o bloody time anyway coz they don’t give a shit n they say they’re busy but waiting room always empty n your told phohe at 8 am on the button but get vm saying they’re shut but call straight back and it’s engaged ffs it’s a fucking joke & its 2 surgeries in one here & it’s gone all nhs now not private anymore n they were crap before but now it’s worse

      • Dentists or ‘clinicians’ as they call themselves nowadays have also adopted this practice. Back in the day you could phone through opening hours to book an appointment. Now the line opens at 8am for a short while. And like the doctors or ‘clinicians’ as they too call themselves nowadays this is just to try and ‘win’ a callback.

      • And the most annoying thing is those damned adverts urging us to ‘get it checked’, like they are trying to make out that the fault lies with us for not ‘getting it checked’ yet when you do present with any symptoms the scumbags don’t want to know. The NHS is a crock. I wonder if old Lizzie had the same trouble getting an appointment at the Ballater Medical Practice.

      • I can’t even request meds anymore when a phone up drs surgery so av gotta go through whole fucking carry on as trying to get an appointment just to try – and I emphasise the word try – and get meds which av always gotta fight for in the first place which is defeating the whole purpose of a fucking drs surgery in the fucking first place it’s a fucking nightmare and it’s completely unacceptable & unnecessary

      • av got the chest from hell but it’s not – covi crap – or whatever they’re calling covi crap nowadays it’s stress overload coz of serious abuse for yrs – asthma heart thing fucked ribs etc but yet you get told you have to get it checked but when you do they act like there’s nothing wrong with you oh the fucking irony is off the fucking scale it’s absolutely unbelievable it’s all for show they’re full on covi crap gloves mask apron etc but yet I go in fucked chest & nothing wtf no covi swat team – lol – and that was after me bien really Ill in feb for 2 months due to shedding after getting smacked in the eye in butchers – accident my ass – anyway 4 days later had the worst throat infection av ever had – even worse than Quincy throat & tonsilitis off n on for whole yr – and chest cold for 2 months but still nothing wtf seriously infact that dr didn’t even look at my chest throat nothing wtf seriously you couldn’t make this shit up

  9. As always, I love your vision of everything that happens👌 «for more people to wake up»- but what I see and feel around, they don’t need it. they don’t want, they are not interested, they are so comfortable and better and more most of them do not make any sense to show or explain anything.I don’t feel sorry for them at all, I’m just disgusted that people are so in all their lives they did not have their own thoughts, intuition, knowledge, or inner you think they will appear now?!?

    • Yes, that is my observation of the people round here. I did actually have a hard-looking bloke come up to me, when I was outside my house, and say that he always came past to see what was new in my front window! That really cheered me up. He said his dad was slowly waking up, but if they have had the shot, it’s too late really.

  10. In this game, a dead member of a family with instant access to private medicine trumps the needs of tens of thousands who rely on the NHS.

  11. The 64 million dollar question is what did the old had die of oh let me guess covi ???? or old age more like hmmmm

    • Some kind if blood cancer i think?…
      Never covid as covid never excisted anyway only by them false swabs

  12. Queens funeral isn’t worth getting out of bed for, I’ll be having a nice sleep in tomorrow thanks to her death, all electronics off so to not mention that old lizard.

  13. Not at all organized religious but the “pleasure in unrighteousness” quote strikes a bell. When a major newspaper in Toronto, Canada had the headline “LET THEM DIE” the people who repeated it seemed almost gleeful in their condemnation of “other”, anyone who disagreed with the main stream narrative, anyone who made them doubt their own compliance. I know it was fear based but so creepy how they enjoyed the idea of wiping out all opposition.

  14. The NHS is supposed to be there to preserve life, instead they’re shutting up shop to thousands of patients for one person who is already dead. Clown world.


    18th September 2022

    To: Hugo. Your continued devoted social media coverage of Her late Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II , his Royal Highness King Charles III and the royal family in general.

    The palace wrote to you on 1st September 2022 informing you that you were to be commended for your loyal services to the crown and awarded the title CBE. This was to be given during a ceremony at the Palace at a date yet unspecified. The Palace also wrote to you regarding a separate invitation to a garden party to be held in your honour. King Charles III has recently viewed your content and wishes to extend his most profound aggrieved displeasure. Regrettably , he has decided to withdraw your award for CBE. He has also cancelled the garden party.

    Yours Sincerely ,

    Anya Neeze ,
    Lady in waiting.

  16. Love you Hugo, it’s refreshing to read all the like minded comments here. I alternate over to the other side of the Atlantic with Jimmy Dore calling out the Panto in plain sight. Safety in numbers! Can’t fathom why anyone would want to walk for miles to view a box with a crown on…..

  17. they queued up to get the jab… they que up to see the person whos been parasiting off them all their lives.

  18. Well done Hugo.
    They are going down with the system,they have had free choice and decided to belive the narative.
    It reminds me of when the devil spoke to eve to eat from the apple of the tree of knowledge.
    ” For you will truly not die,but become like god knowing good and evil…..deception from the begining to now the end days.
    There is now second chance now,the second death ( The endless cutting off )
    You had free wiil,you made your choice,,,,,thats it.

  19. Bet all but most are jabbed and followed all the “guidelines” the news and goverment gave them in the past…
    But on the other hand the others that not fallen for this mind control MSM have probably not gone up there and just living there lives as normal…
    We live in a state now of control through social media and news etc…
    People have no own self train of thought anymore…
    Now biden and the chinese president is coming over which both sets are morally corrupt like the rest of them…
    Society is now a horror show and full of robotic people..

  20. Yes Hugo, we understand exactly what you’re saying, please continue to make these thought-provoking videos. Nothing else like them anywhere else.

    This is and always has been a spiritual war. The freeemasonic agenda is Satanic in origin, they have a serious hatred for Jesus Christ, hence they’re attempts over the last hundreds of years to turn everyone away from Him. They lose 🙂

  21. The actor Doug Henshall ‘tweeted’ the other day “Do you think the Queue would be so long if people knew that the Queen isn’t in that coffin ? Or do they know and it’s just symbolic ?” I have wondered that too.

    • Them masks are symbolic of being subervients….
      Who knows of shes in there?…
      People have been played for years and still give up there freedoms and moral dignitys for just misinformation from media etc…
      Nobody can help them now as they are too far down with it

  22. Great commentary, but I disagree with one point: believing in science and believing in God are NOT contradictory, on the contrary, true science irrefutably confirms the existence of a creator. What they parade as “science” is actually a mockery, an inversion of science, they completely corrupted the term to mean whatever lie or illusion they want to push onto the masses: “scientists warn”, “scientists agree”, “scientists find”…

  23. Why does life-threatening cancer treatments need to be denied? Surely doctors can watch the funeral footage outside office hours. It will be repeated over and over on mainstream TV, and you will be able to watch it online to your hearts content. It is not the 1950s we are living in.

    • Blood sacrifice (deaths) to mark the occasion. By consent of the drs, and *silence means consent* from the patients. ….*Blood oath* as Blair called the sending of British troops to Iraq. And so willfully ill equipped (and vulnerable) were they that their US brethren helped out by donating boots suitable for sand terrain. And British mothers scoured the internet for flak jackets.
      Blood sacrifice (fear) being what the power base runs on. The contract with their *boss* requires blood in return for continued control. For that power to have free reign to crush and reduce living souls to their impoverished demise. That’s the deal, and the parasites keep their side of the agreement.
      .. But all *good* things come to an end. And it’s heartening that more people see the performance for what it is. The veil is falling and their time is short. So things will turn nasty very quickly. Those hypnotised queuing in the queen bee octagonal hive (guarded by 8 drones), are permitted to indulge their sad reveries now – but won’t comprehend the 180 in demeanour from those helpful uniforms on sympathy duty along the route when the event’s past, and next steps kick in.
      .. A *very rare* typhoon has just hit southern Japan with winds of 150ph, putting 4m people at risk of losing their homes, reportedly. A very rare event to mark a special event perhaps. Nanmadol (not to be confused with Panadol) is bringing on a huge headache as it moves eastwards. Do we expect the arrival of the windy climate change god to reach these shores at some point after the funeral has passed. And what might be the upshot in terms of roofs, supermarket deliveries, and the level of helpfulness from the uniforms on duty.
      Very unusual and unexpected thunder and heavy rains happened the night before the announcement of the Queen’s death, and the night after. Unusual because the thunder was so loud and sudden, and after 15 mins was gone. And the next night. As though the *heavens* were heralding the supernatural to the cosmos. Or maybe it was something more in keeping with a button pusher down at the Haarp office.
      Watch the skies tomorrow.
      And for Nanmadol fall out in the coming week

  24. It’s the UK, people here are bred to queue up for things, the chance to look at a large covered box, the chance to take a potentially deadly jab, hey they could kill two birds with one stone, jab them as they’re waiting to go in to see the box.

  25. Is John Lyndon preparing to record a new version of the national anthem?

  26. Hugo, I’ve just been looking in your shop and I’m not seeing any Royal merchandise to observe the event. I just cant help thinking youre missing an opportunity to cash in on the mood of the nation and the notion that any of us cared, so come on bud its time to start selling sterling silver bullet necklaces, hardwood stakes inscribed with the family tree and commemorative jug eared funerary urns with a picture of Diana and Dodi grinning on the lid and yes I know it’ll all be worthless tat for sale in a charity shop in a few months but don’t let that put you off, think of it as Her Majesty keeping you warm this winter and helping to pay the bills.

  27. In the garden next to the House of Commons: people bedding down for the night. (Celebs who *waited 12hrs* not visible.) Note the pens, roped areas. Where did we see this before … at outside gatherings during convid for music concerts.
    These queues are mind & body training opportunities.
    Soon enough they’ll stand for 14hrs to collect a loaf? But only if they qualify as *essential*.
    God bless the scouts handing out blankets; trained to think they’re usefully doing right. For wrong.

  28. For the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.. For it is written,
    “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and the discernment I will thwart”
    “What no eye has seen, nor ear heard nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him”
    “As I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bow to me and every tongue shall confess ‘to God”

    God gave them a spirit of stupor eyes that would not see and ears that would not hear, down to this very day ”

    Believe in your saviour! Jesus Christ! He is the light of life!
    Or forever walk in darkness!
    God bless!
    Christ is king!

  29. The Followers sadly being led down the Dark path to their eventual Demise on this Planet.

  30. Once again you have pointed out a topic that a lot of people don’t want to look at or admit. You used an excellent scripture about God allowing that operation of error going out to deceive because they take pleasure in unrighteousness (PIG personal immediate gratification). I also appreciate the fact that you pointed out that people are close minded. They don’t like to think that they are being deceived or that their way of worship that their fathers and mothers taught them in the churches that they grew up in was not right. It’s called Cognitive dissonance. A lot of people have never read the bible for themselves. They say, ” My preacher tells me what I need to know, that’s what I pay him for!” They don’t realize what Jesus said at John 17:3 and what the apostle John said at 1 John 4:1. I know because I was one of those people for most of my life. The time left is short as you pointed out at revelation 12:12 and Isaiah 60:22 lets us know that God is speeding up that time for his appointed day (revelation 11:18) Hugo, I appreciate your research and I appreciate your heartfelt way you reach out to people. Take care.

  31. I am barraged with enough Queen talk. This is a non story. People are programmed. We knew that.
    Might as well watch the MSM spin of my choice. Bye for now.

  32. Spiritual wickedness in high places.. For those that have eyes to see! They’re Imposters, not English. Saxe gotha coburg, her sons are circumcised but not william, Harry, Diana refused it!, God bless Diana! We’ve been living under an illusion for at least 200yrs. All fake! They worship morloch!
    Henry 8th did so much damage to England! People don’t realize he eas/is a wicked man, his church is built on lust, greed and power.. Plunged England into chaos to this day! Freemasonry has infiltrated the Vatican. The jew has made the church stink to high heaven, so the faithful will depart from the true magisterium of traditional Church teachings.. Devil likes to divide and conquer, confuse… Hold fast to the true teachings of the gospels of christ the word of God through his son Jesus Christ. The Bible is the food of life… So much wickedness abounds for the unwary! Be vigilante in these times, truth is knowledge!
    Believe in Jesus and his word, walk in the truth of the gospels and be saved…. Do not listen to any man, for many will lead you astray!
    “Seek the truth and you will find it”
    God bless!
    Christ is king!

  33. People were praising Beckham for (allegedly) queuing up with the peasants (he’s after a knighthood), but Phillip Scholfield and Holly Willywallaby got slated for jumping the queue! As if people expect any less from those two who have been laughing at the masses doing as they are told through the whole plandemic.

    • says it all really huh beckham the ass kisser & Philip n Holly the piss takers & the dumbasses following suit

  34. It is a farce. All those controlled people looking glum as they amble past their idol. Why have none of them even broken a smile my mistake. It’s so fake.

      • Yes, in Hugo’s video here, a woman is shown bowing, then ‘crossing’ herself, and then blowing a kiss [at the coffin]! They have no idea how pathetic they all are. So ‘cringe-worthy’. As you say, all the people bowing is just horrendous. How can people allow themselves to be so brainwashed? (I’ve been a passionate anti-‘royalist’ for 40+ years)

        What has the human race come to…?

      • There happy to risk there health longterm with jabs and do what they are told…
        Bandwagon jumpers with a inflated sense of there own importance…

      • I’m still laughing from her children marching around with their costumes & medals on at the vigil…Anne looked particularly ridiculous… thankfully the benevolent king allowed harry hewitt to wear his costume…the prince’s dads must be proud…it’s such a farce…the herd are lapping it up.

      • Vigil of the Princes. A grand label, from the medieval past of chivalry and high honour.
        When men swashed and damsels swooned. … Princely vigils would have required overnight attendance in Church, lying prostrate upon the stone floor of the nave. Not a 15min PR performance in the pageant. That the character of these princes doesn’t meet the medieval rigour, doesn’t seem to make the show any less enthralling for the gawpers.

        15mins. Takes longer to eat a sandwich, if you want to avoid indigestion. .

  35. So fake pathetic embarrassing worshiping that evil old hag is disgusting beyond belief the ignorance is unreal absolutely unbelievable slaves to the slaughter

  36. Good post Hugo. Truth, thank you. Bless you for continuing to try to open people’s eyes.

    I do believe though that the ‘ falling away’ is referencing the rapture.

    So don’t you worry about sounding crazy!

    Keep posting.

  37. The mass formation techniques have been honed to perfection over the last couple of years. They can make the sheep accept anything from this point on.

  38. I’ve always liked you’re videos you’re doing a great service👍.This one has to be one of the ones right up there,it resonated really well.God bless you.

  39. So many people are completely unaware of sausage fingers’ connections with the WEF it’s unbelievable! He’s going to make life absolute hell for everybody now he’s become king. God help us all!!

    • Yep hes at the front of the WEF with schwab on climate change and longterm reset…
      WEF is soiled with corruption like the WHO…
      Blair,gates,truss,macron,trudeau,gates,biden,arden,levensky and much more are part of it and the WHO is run a by a facist with no medical background whatsoever….
      These people dont care about the public as they see them as expendable to push there own agendas..
      And also in the background rockefellers and rothschilds and other highly influencial familys behind it

      • Oh they care about us – they’re totally committed to us. To getting rid of us. Was there ever such a merry band so utterly dedicated to carrying out their tasks come what may

    • You are so, so right! I’m aghast at just how gullible, brainwashed, servile, subservient, sycophantic, these people truly are.
      And they have less than no idea of just how foolish they’re proving themselves to be.

      I’ve been a passionate anti-‘royalist’ for 40+ years. These people fawning over a woman who was not worthy of this reaction make me sick.

    • Well brainwashed idiots basically who would rather believe what they are told than actually stand against something…
      Sheep?…well even sheep had bigger backbones than them

      • Sheep evidently have a better cognitive proses our calling dumbed down brainwashed humans sheep is a massive insult to the woolly sheep

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