They’ve Fallen IN LOVE With THE LIE / Hugo Talks

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155 Comments on “They’ve Fallen IN LOVE With THE LIE / Hugo Talks

  1. What an uplifting video Hugo I was very touched by the things you said. The holy spirit is with you.
    As you said pharmacea is sorceries .Deceiving the whole world. Believing a lie is the convid and the terrible things happening to people after they take the jag setting up the abomination of desolation in the temple.
    It is not a literal temple it is your body. Do ye not know that you are the temple where holy spirit abides. Jesus said i will destroy this temple and in 3 days I will raise it up. People are looking for a literal temple.
    It is all about changing the D N A that God gave each of us. Planting luciferase into you changing everything

    The seals are open the white horse with crown” corona” next is red horse where people will be against one another and the black horse is the famine which we know is coming. Everything is planned for this to happen brexit fake war grain shortages trying to tell us Ukraine is worlds supplier of grain and sunflower oil i dont think so after Chernobyl.
    All energy prices we can supply our own energy.
    The carbon footprint is us””.
    Well just wanted little bit.
    Thank you again Hugo
    God bless.

  2. The name of GOD is written on the DNA scroll oof life of every human being as we are created in His image. The 2 chords of the helix are connected by sulphide bonds in intervals of every 10th, 5th, 6th and 5th. This sequence is continuous. This numeric sequence in the Hebrew alphabet spells YHWH, or Yaweh in English which is the name of our devine creator. The genetic injections of the Farmakia are designed to erase the name of GOD from the scroll of life and replace it with ‘something else’. Once changed, then we are no longer in His image and can no longer be a child of God.

  3. Well said dear Helen! God bless you. You are clearly someone who knows their bible hun, and people need to hear the truth how ever much it hurts. You have expressed this very clearly for everyone. Xxx

    • Thank you Carolyn. So much to say so much info to try get out to people.
      Hugo is doing a great job i cant believe how far he has come in last few months too see that change is so uplifting
      All this is planned and will play out as God wills it.
      I am still so shocked at the no of people that still believe all this bs sorry had say it lol.
      What do any of these so called royals do for anyone NOTHING steal our children steal our money but they will never steal the truth and our trust in GOD and our SAVIOUR
      Such a scripted staged pantomime.
      People have lost their way.
      Evil is Every where and terrible things are coming upon the earth mens hearts will fail them.
      Time is short wake up wake up from slumber…

  4. Well said Hugo. You are making a whole lot of sense & you are spot on. The scripture you quoted regarding the Lie & God sending a delusion, couldn’t be more true than now.
    Thank you so much for your videos. I pray a lot of people will come into the light of Yah & be saved from their delusions. Stay blessed everyone. Believe on the Father & His son & thou shall be saved.

  5. On a different topic, its been interesting to see how once bellfield was convicted of expressing his opinion online, without ANY physical stalking at all for 5.5 years in jail. The same day and just after literally hundred of anti-bellfield videos were uploaded on YT, literered with ‘people’ saying the same kind of what I assume to be scripts, majority of them new accounts (2021/2022) and many of them even created specially for bellfields jail date. This is the world we live in now, you fight the wrong people and they will rip your life apart under a corrupt court system.

  6. At least Jackinda Ardern NZ transgender puppet PM has learned to secure his bit & pieces…allegedly big Mick Obama gave him a hand!!
    Freak parade

    • Glad someone else is awake to the transgenderism which is essentially worshiping the baphomet and all celebrities are in that cult. No one reaches any level of fame if they are not. My litmus test for any of these so called leaders or gurus is always whether they mention this aspect of this cult. If they don’t, then I know they are telling half the truth and are probably members themselves or controlled opposition like Icke, Novak D, Niki Minaj, Russel Brand etc who are all transgenders themselves. It’s always important to listen to what someone says as well as what they don’t say. Most public figure are actwhores (literally sold their souls for a bit of fame and riches). Transgenderism is a big part of satanic worship and everyone doing the so called V or peace sign is showing allegiance to their satanic god. Monkey see monkey do. It’s the androgyne sign and has nothing to do with peace. It also shows the so called globalists just how easy it is to manipulate the masses.

      • Completely agree Lisa…the satanic influence is all over transgenderism, great information.
        I’ve heard about minaj & brand looks it…Icke & Novak d?? Nothing surprises me really…satanic Hollywood is riddled with them….Megan fox was another I wondered about…lots of rumours she is male, sketchy backstory is usually an indication & more importantly as you say…it’s what they don’t say that gives them away.
        Mick Obama has been in our face for years.

    • Johnny, their aim is to invert everything that is natural so yes, they all are. It starts at a young age when they are pumped with hormones etc but the male to females start to fall apart at around 40 years old and the masculine is just pouring out of them. Have a look at top model Stella Tennant for example who supposedly died 2 years ago at the age of 50. Couldn’t hide it anymore and was probably moved to an island somewhere. They are all inverted. I know people on this platform don’t like to hear it but they all are and that includes Kate Middleton and Megan as well. The reason we have been blind to it is because the constantly in our faces images have formed our concept of beauty but it’s all been manufactured. Do a little bit of research and you will uncover more. Pretty men like Alain Delon, Paul Walker etc. All women. These people exist only to deceive us.

      • Far too few people risk touching upon this subject. I suspect Princess Diana was a made up character, often played by a male. There’s always a cover story. The tragic car accident appeases the sheep and the implication of foul play is for the wolves, whereas, in fact, she/he is probably alive and kicking. If you’ve not come across his work, I thoroughly recommend MrE, the apocalypse watchman, on bitchute.

      • @Adam, I suggest that you have a rethink, for I have seen salacious snaps of Lady Di on the OLD website of a certain Chris Spivey (now taken down) and I can assure you that she is no man – as for being played by a man – for what reason?

        That MrE cretin is a sensationalist disso.

  7. Funny enough more people are questioning if shes in that coffin after all and if its just a signalling tool…
    Shes obviously dead but when did she really die?….
    Saw facebook knob heads selfies i was told took of themselves in the queues…
    More “oh look how great i am”…bullshit…
    Diana’s death wasnt a accident as most knew with a ounce of brain power…
    Doubt anybody will ever know really but the public i learnt are just gullible idiots that believe anything if it makes them feel righteous at the end..

    • I think Diana’s death was faked. The Families every so often have to come up with all sorts of big stories to hypnotize the public. Spencer family same as Middleton family are as rich and powerful as Windsors. Read Miles Mathis. He wrote about this.
      The Families use beautiful and charismatic people to charm the public while their war and drug business runs as usual.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised.
        They pull wool over peoples eyes doing it for so long
        They have raped and pillaged lands all over the world.
        Its time to waken from slumber..

      • Diana had rothchilds family connections as well like jucinda arden has…i think she got taken out personally like JFK did and marilyn monroe…
        All covered up…
        Even saddam hussain i think had his double photo done instead of him as he had one like many leaders to con the public..
        The public are just plebs too these people and just on a basis what they should know and never been what truth they need to know…
        Bit like Covid 19…
        It was implemented to destroy the economy and for the great reset…i never met or know of anybody that has had covid 19 properly as the swab test dont show that or even was designed to do that as a actual diagnostic tool…
        So nobody has ever had it basically…

      • @Paul
        interesting because I hear a lot that people had COVID.
        If their synapses have lost memory of flu and cold in the past years I have nothing more to say.
        Surprisingly a lot of people I spoken to got COVID only end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 like 15 months into the Plandemic.
        I suspect an additional poison (air, water, food) outside of the poison vax as unvaccinated have also been affected.
        Or it’s basically psychological. Many want to impress and because everything else went to shit, it’s better than nothing so they claim COVID sickness. I reckon it’s also because the employers supposed to look at you differently when you have COVID, show more compassion and pay sick pay without asking questions.

      • @Paul, Diana was Jimmy Goldsmith’s daughter, not Earl Spencer’s daughter. Spencer was an alcoholic and allegedly knocked his Mrs (Frances Shand-Kydd) about a bit. She then had an affair with Goldsmith, with Diana BEING the progeny of that affair and then raised as a Spencer.

        For the evidence all you have to do is look at the pics of Diana with her half-sister Jemima Khan who seemed to like each other’s company:

        I believe Diana is still alive with a new identity – far too many anomalies that night in Paris.

  8. I mean people standing in that very very long queue are ridiculous. The other day when I checked at 7:30am Google said 13.5h wait time so over night the queue didn’t even catch up. And it’s more ridiculous when you hear that the VIPs are skipping the queue. Wondering where they join the queue.
    I think it’s a great opportunity to prepare sheeple for Communism 2.0 queues.

    Hugo where did you get this definition of Medea from?
    The Wikipedia does not say she is the goddess of illusion. Maybe they redacted it since then.
    In any case it says “Μήδεια, Mēdeia, perhaps implying “planner / schemer””
    The definition of “schemer” from Cambridge Dictionary is “someone who makes clever, secret plans, often to deceive others”.
    I think anyone who uses this term to describe their “media” activity should abandon it including the term alt-media but considering most of alt-media is controlled this is not far from the truth.

    Re this comment from gutindra.
    The Church of England was / is finished because it’s a state religion and it’s very close to religion in Ancient Egypt or Roman Empire where the head of state, the pharaoh and the emperor were considered gods.
    The Vatican may be done but it does not mean the Catholic Church is going to disappear.
    Definitely it’s a big test for the hierarchy and cashless future is most likely going to kill the Church we know as people are not going to be registering to go into church (because of another plandemic) or tapping their credit and debit cards. I don’t think so.
    I don’t really mind as I want to see new churches emerging so Latin mass is back as the Novus Ordo mass was put in place to break it down to national Catholic Churches (clever eh?) praying in their own languages. With one Latin Mass anyone can attend and participate especially in this mixed ethnic setting.

    But gutindra should be honest and cover other organized religions as well e.g. decentralized Pharisees, decentralized imams or highly organized and closed communities of Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons or Scientologists because many people who depart these mainstream churches are most likely going to fall into these smaller but steadily growing sects. Is it for the better? I am not so sure.
    Not many are capable to remain just as a spectator of events.

    “thy merchants” here you have Radhanite Joo Phoenician oligarchs you can find in any country – who always think are above the (common) law (because the law of the sea applies to them).
    You don’t see any truly Christian oligarchs around.

    For not only those who go through hard time I recommend to get an audiobook of “The Imitation of Christ” Thomas a Kempis and listen to it.
    On top of that get yourself a copy of “Quo Vadis?” (1951) movie and watch it.
    A Hollywood production so unsurprisingly directed and played by many Joos but they did a great job as this was at the time when Christian code of decency was in force so the Joos had to behave).
    Things changed when the code was broken with the Holocaust narrative and nudity / porn introduced in the movies like “Pawnbroker” 1964 but you can find many more examples later on e.g. “Once Upon a Time in America” with Robert De Niro and young Jennifer Connelly (Jewish) in nude scenes. Basically they put everything into that movie crime, murder, brutality, poverty, nudity, prostitution, opium den, Prohibition and the Syndicate. Recently Connelly played with Tom Cruise in “Top Gun: The Maverick” (2022).

    Before I forget I tell you why a person cannot easily admit that he/she is wrong. I think most often it’s because his/her whole life was kind of a lie and/or their family has a long history of conspiring, conducting twisted agendas so it’s kind of a norm.
    It’s extremely difficult to deny your past that is why most people for that to happen require a near death situation (a car accident, a severe illness) to reset their consciousness.

    That is also why most of the richer half of the Catholic Church went for Protestantism because
    1st they didn’t like to mix with people of lower classes
    2nd Catholic paradigm it too difficult, too heavy on their consciousness

    The strategy of the Elite is to corrupt the people beneath so it carries over to the bottom of societal ladder.
    At every level there are gatekeepers put in place to maintain the agenda.
    It’s easier to maintain different forms of bondage throughout history than to free the slaves.
    Jooish slavers always had problem with it that is why they came up with new forms of bondage (e.g. mortgage debt) before the slavery was finally abolished. And remember Catholic pope has abolished the slavery 200 years before the Protestants did it but in media you only hear about them abolishing it so it must be true.
    Exploitation is an extension of narcissistic tendencies and Jooish mentality is prime in that.

    Also a Catholic priest Georges Lemaitre was behind the Big Bang Theory
    but like most things sooner or later is hijacked by the Families and integrated into their agendas so you hear little about the real Big Bang Theory.

  9. “In a totalitarian society the population is divided into two groups, the rulers and the ruled, and both groups undergo a pathological transformation. The rulers are elevated to an almost god-like status which is diametrically opposed to our nature as imperfect beings who are easily corrupted by power. The masses, on the other hand, are transformed into the dependent subjects of these pathological rulers and take on a psychologically regressed and childlike status.“

    • SaintClare That’s nothing, 1 million of our finest went and laid down their lives for nothing, thinking that they were serving King and Country in 1914-18. Then a mere 450,000 followed suit in 1939-45 – The so-called “Good War”.

  10. Another thing the expense of all this charade.
    Children in uk going hungry while thwy swan about in their designer clothes and flash cars all energy that goes heat and keep lights on in their massive palaces and homes . Who’s creating the so called carbon foot print then”” . Their so full of it makes me sick.
    All over the world these things are in charge can’t call them people surely cant be human?? I just don’t know so many children being killed tormented by these scum .
    Murdering old people with injections sick and vunerable babies are dying children young people it is a geonocide . Lot information bitchute.
    These evil scum in control will pay one day you cant hide from God.
    All the dear animals they are killing the floods and fires they cause with their weather manipulation.
    The love of many will grow cold parents against children etc this has been happening with this so called vaccine ithas caused so many problems in families.
    Something big is coming they havent finished its too quiet.
    If they think im EVER going wear a mask or submit to their tyranny well can think again faithful unto death even at 75 .
    Theres just so.much to say.

    • The enormity of the evil is enough to make you sob, and the unwary would take pity on you, at best. It’s very hard to see the lies, and want everyone else to be awake to it all. Those loyal boys shouldering that lead box wouldn’t have touched it if they had a clue. None of the royal princes could or would throw their lazy backs into it. Luxury cars creeping along the Mall, and people penned into serf enclosures to cheer them on. The past auguring the future that no decent soul would ever want to revisit.

      Last night over Buck House was a double rainbow. And over Windsor Castle a single rainbow. Not naturally occurring, but people will think they are. (Courtesy of Haarp. Not even the word of such a beautifully musical tool is safe from the freaks.)
      Noah’s post-flood rainbow doesn’t belong to them – it’s ours, every living soul and creature and flora and fauna.
      Whatever brand of *new life* they have planned, they can royally shove it where their paltry sun god don’t shine. Nowhere near me.

  11. Hugo you have grown in the faith of our Lord.. Glory to God for opening your eyes to the truth!
    “We must choose to use our eyes to see truth, our minds to think reason and our hearts to create love and beauty.
    This freedom is given to each and everyone of us with the hope that the light guides us. Just as we were born as men and women with freedom. Our world is that of lies and slavery the other is of God, truth, justice and freedom. The choice is yours and mine..
    God bless!
    Christ is king!

    • riverhope99 “This freedom is given to each and everyone of us with the hope that the light guides us.”

      Yashua Messiah in The Holy Scriptures says otherwise:

      Matthew 13:10-11 (MCV) And the Learners came, and said unto Him, Why speakest thou unto them in parables? 11 He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of The Kingdom of God, BUT TO THEM IT IS NOT GIVEN.

  12. Me again
    There is a book in circulation the antichrist and a cup of tea. Its unavailable but can read few things about it. it tells you about charles coat of arms and he is the 8th charles of holy roman empire.7 charles before him.
    Very interesting.
    If you google these things will find lot of information.

  13. If you were a christian queen why would you participate in a druid ceremony”” black and white footage..

  14. Spot on Hugo x the only king to worship is the real king. Yahushua Ha’Mashia (Jesus the Messiah) Keep studying the bible, every word is true x

  15. There was a young farmer named Clyde, who fell in a dung heap, and died. Along came his brother and fell in another, and now they’re interred, side-by-side. I just thought I would lighten your load, as this lot goes on into the evening.

  16. wtf this has got to be the longest funeral in history av never seen such a huge fuss and all for one evil old witch that spent her whole life sucking the uk dry and not least her bloody funeral that’s gonna cost a bomb no wonder it’s bien dragged out for as long as possible when it ain’t the royal family that’s paying for it what’s in the buffet I wonder we’ll knowing them lot it’s gotta be Champaign caviar smoked salmon lobster etc etc and all at the uk Public’s exspense need I say more they’re fucking milking it on an absolutely huge scale evil buggers deserve hanging – when is this circus freak show ever gonna end

  17. Well I’ve had a very useful, uplifting and extremely positive day today. Instead of moping in front of the telly watching the ghastly circus, I did some physio exercises in my garden and then went for a walk with my Fitbit and wheelie walker right round the block of our council estate. This afternoon I cooked a casserole that I’d not done before. I’m teaching myself to cook better, so did pork casserole with cider. It will be ready shortly for supper. All my friends however have been glued to the telly watching the crap and have wasted their whole day on something really pointless and stupid! Oh well that’s their problem!! Hubby and I have done the polar opposite and had a very happy day!! Have a real good night you all. God bless, lots of love, Carolyn XXX

    • Good on ya, Carolyn! Leave them to their collective misery and get on with life. Seems like the tv and media have been trying their hardest to tell us what to feel by inducing mass formation psychosis for far too long (inducing stress, fear, worry, sadness, guilt etc), I’m not participating. I prefer to save my compassion and energy for family, friends and neighbours. If I meet a stranger who needs help I’ll do my best to help because I want to, when only God is watching, not a hundred cameras! The worshipping false idols, virtue-signalling stuff based on lies makes me feel sick. Have a good night! X

  18. So while my friends have been mourning a completely stranger and completely lost their marbles wasting a whole day on a complete load of crap, we’ve had a very happy day here! We’ve just had supper, and my casserole has turned out well, so I’m very happy. All my hard work this afternoon has paid off! Life is what you make it, and I don’t want to waste it on something stupid like the royals who are a bunch of self serving bastards. Best to ignore all of this crap today, just get on with your life! Like I said earlier, off with their heads!!

  19. No not really. I did some searches earlier on Google and DDG about the country being shut down because the funeral and there was a fair bit of contrast.Google had censored articles about the negatives the funeral has caused.

  20. Had a great day here Hee heee. Made the last part of of my wooden greenhouse (the roof). All I have to do now is cover it with clear plastic sheeting then can grow more food over the winter.
    Who knows with the price of electricity I might end up living in the greenhouse to keep warm this winter. Already not able to afford to turn the heating on. Just for hot water it’s costing over £2 per day. Last winter is was costing £140 per month. This year if I turn it on it will be at least £226 per month, more than I take home monthly. Last year it left me with just £8 per month to live on and feed my two kitties. Good job I’m a crack shot with a catapult and bow. Thankfully, some local farmers have agreed to let me hunt for rabbits on their land this year.
    It’s really pissed me off expecting the people to pay for this funeral. So what’s that at 9 mill? 13.4 pence each. Those few coppers are better in my pocket. The added cost burdens that have been piled on this last year are outrageous. Then they expect me to pay for this as well. Feck OFF you despots.

  21. Well while this time of “mourning” the old hag carries on, I will ignore it completely and keep mega busy being a loving housewife and doing what makes me happy, keeping chirpy and upbeat! Instead of wearing mourning clothes, I will wear bright pink!!! Lots of piano practice tomorrow, as I’m preparing for a Christmas Fayre which will happen at church at the end of November, and I need to prepare and plan what to play! My thoughts and fears are that another lockdown is looming on the horizon, and this Christmas Fayre may therefore not happen, but I’m going to carry on anyway as if it is! That way, I will keep occupied and happy whatever the outcome. As I said earlier, life’s too short to throw it away, you gotta live every day as if it is your last, and find plenty of uplifting activities to do. Then you will have achieved something good. Clown Planet won’t beat me!! We’ve all got to be strong and live the best lives we possibly can, whatever insanity is going on around us. God bless everyone here. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

  22. Evening all really enjoyed this sort of video Hugo love in the comments on the page yes our body is the temple of the holy spirit and I do believe in A&E is that he is your said a strong delusion and that’s what’s happening cheers now I think that the partition with the public however Hugo is that they would be able to handle the truth that’s why they rather live and believe the lie or so with my mum this weekend and had a horrible position of being stuck in a hotel and particularly at night and all she had was awful telly and she was watching it all the time driving me nuts I just put my headphones on and listen to other stuff but it just shows you the grass but this has on them and you try speaking to them and they don’t wanna know I said I’d rather believe the lie it’s easier to believe and also biblically it’s true he sent them a delusion a delusion

  23. well first up wtf is all this rainbows & the queen snuffing it what’s the significance ??? and 2 we’ll am going through hell so my day was usual crap but apart from that suppose could say a quiet day considering hell am going through & usual crap av gotta go through everyday – but – a quiet day all the same a pj day infact did washing put rubbish out cooked pizza that’s it basically then tonight I escaped into fairytale land once upon a time love it but definitely not balling my eyes out over that old hag that’s for damm fucking sure definitely not am not gonna trigger my acid Bastard reflux over that old cow my chest is nipping like hell tonight as it is but definitely not covi crap noooo it’s heart issues chest from hell and serious stress caused by serious abuse anyway am glad that bloody funeral is over coz you’d think nobody had ever died before the way this circus freak show has been going it’s fuckng unreal

  24. by the way did they provide mobile toilets along the the long queue route? That would be one of the reasons I would want to skip the queue like Beckham who can easily soil his expensive long jacket in a ToiToi.

  25. Hugo has taken the day of for the Queen’s funeral how sweet Wake up Hugo followers

    • Give him benefit of the doubt, you can see he’s been studying the day’s goings-on, as his next video shows.

  26. I noticed Jupiter was very bright in the sky this evening. Or maybe it was the Queen looking down on us?

  27. I personally think the Queen was a diligent sovereign, and did devote herself to public service as she pledged as a 21 year old in Cape Town. I do believe her to have been a Christian, and I don’t think it amounts to idolatry if anyone chose to pay tribute on her passing. Paying tribute happens very often at funerals, in which the departed is well known, perhaps someone you might not know very well personally, but still know of, and know that they performed a significant and beneficial role while they lived.
    However, I do think the media coverage has been relentless and ongoing for too long, and probably the Queen herself would have wanted something simpler and of shorter duration, and without suspension of vital services such as medical treatment, while it lasted.

    I’m not a monarchist but I still respected the Queen as an individual. However, I prefer the presence of a monarchy as a counterpoint to the elected government. I’m inclined to think that we would have seen even greater tyranny in the UK over the last couple of years had we had a republic, with no checks and balances.It’s not a perfect system, but one I would prefer to with President Johnson, Truss or Starmer, or whomever.

    • Very good comment.
      I agree with you that we should respect her, me personally respect her like anyone else but because she is a public figure we let go our anger towards her.
      If I had to choose I would prefer Diana to be the queen at least she was expressive, showing emotions while the Tudors are frigid, emotionless. And please don’t tell me that’s normal for a monarch.
      Without the Queen and the Commonwealth as an envelope it would be harder for the East India Company to pillage the colonies and the rest of the world.
      Basically monarchy is very good for improving PR but it also costs. Basically it’s double spending to maintain 2 theaters: one in Westminster and one in the Buckingham Palace. If I had to choose I would definitely suspend or cancel theater at Westminster. Let the City banksters talk directly to the Queen via Privy Council. We don’t need these proxies.
      Which TV do I have to subscribe to to see the puppet masters?

    • Paul Marsland, The Queen, whatever we think of her, whether good or bad, makes no difference, because she was Yah’s (God’s) Anointed here on this earth. THAT is what the Coronation Service is ALL about! Not the crown, not the robes, not the pomp and ceremony, just the Anointing and her Royal Oath which she has broken more times than I can remember.

      Her Christianity was very much a nominal Christianity, some might say faked, but certainly not genuine. Had it of been genuine she would have restored Absolute Monarchy and ruled by Divine Right, and sacked the criminals in Westminster and arrested them for treason. The City of London would have been abolished and all Jews thrown out of her realm, as Edward I did in 1290!

      There you have it – just for starters!

      • You mean something like the Pope? 😆
        I gotta love this comment, except I couldn’t justify as God’s Annoited kicking all the Jews out of my country.

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine  Why did King Jehu maintain the practice of worshiping the golden calf?
        I’m not denying that it wouldn’t have been a tempting opportunity to kick them all out.

      • @CharlieGoy King Jehu was an Israelite, not a Jew. Jews are Hamitic Canaanites, NOT Semitic Israelites. Furthermore, Jews have no Royalty, nor any Levitical Priesthood – period.

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine Thank you kindly for that explanation. I brought up King Jehu as an example of kings going beyond their “anointed” status. But your statement that Jews are Hamitic Canaanites deserves more research on my part which should be interesting. Peace.

      • And who said that God choses the kings and Queens? The kings and Queens themselves say that! Only person God Chose Was Jesus!

      • @Caty He doesn’t, they are kings and queens because they are descendants of Judah and The Scriptures tell you it is so:

        Genesis 49:10 The Royal Sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh (Yashua Messiah – Jesus Christ) come; and unto Him shall the gathering of the people be.

        Jeremiah 33:17 For thus saith The LORD; David shall never want for a man to sit upon The Throne of The House of Israel;

        Britain is Israel!

        And The Father didn’t CHOOSE Yashua Messiah (Jesus), He BEGAT Yashua Messiah (Jesus)

        You need my blog urgently – go there immediately and start your education!

  28. I see that all the controlled opposition that Hugo has pointed to in the past have gone with the narrative re the Queen’s death, and chastised those refusing to do so.

  29. the queens dead & buried get over it and change the bloody subject it’s getting boring now and loads o comments going all religious now seriously it’s getting too much now it’s like a tale of 2 sides your either religious or your not & it’s almost every video now Hugo seriously n everybody’s entitled to they’re own opinion obviously but enough already am staying out of all that n folk saying if ya don’t go religious your gonna go to hell well first up that’s emotional blackmail abuse & we’re already in hell incase you haven’t noticed & now they’re showing re-runs o queens bloody funeral on Fb ffs there’s literally no escape it’s fucking unreal

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