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  1. yeah a seen that Druid clip before & yep choc a block full o Masonic symbolism right in your face evil satanic ritual disguised as a funeral – a satanic funeral – n yet the uk public has absolutely no idea that they are paying for this circus freak show at a cost of at the very least 9 million did you say Hugo but a hell of a lot more definitely absolutely unbelievable n yet folk are balling they’re eyes out over this ignorance on fucking steriods

  2. Thank you Hugo God almighty v 😈 and demon’s the end time’s

  3. I really feel so sorry for the ignorant and gullible British public who haven’t the faintest clue about what’s happening right before their eyes. All glued to their television watching this rubbish and packed outside like the sheep they truly are

    • I think like that covid crap its almost like a experiment…
      strikes me people are easily lead and can be got at and controlled..
      they dont think outside the box and just simply can be manipulated..
      i still have a relative that even if she has a cough gets her daughter to go out and get them swabs😃…Its pathetic…

  4. We are ruled by satanists and have been for a very long time… Two world wars, blood sacrifice.. Christians against Christians, Anglo saxons, Germany, England and for what? Exactly! So the rothschilds banking dynasty (city of London) got richer and christendom weaker…
    Hitler fought in ww1 he knew the role of the jew.. Judaism is bolshevism is communism…
    Hitler fought communism, communism won…
    Eissenhower USA ordered general patten stand aside to allow, Soviets to take Berlin, with orders to rape the German women, girls…
    Soviet army was made up of Mongols, tatars, Jews…
    Patten said :the women who ran were shot, those who stood were raped… He never made it back to USA.. Suicided.. His letters to his wife survived… We live in a matrix, ruled by the synogogue of Satan, England is on its knees! When we turned away from God! The devil took his place!
    We need a mass awakening turn back to our Lord Jesus Christ!! Retribution is coming! Tribulations are here.. All we can do is convert to christ and clean up our ways and pray for forgiveness of our wayward Ness.. I’ve known for a long time who they were and I thank God he lifted the veil from my eyes… You’re right!!
    Nothing new under the sun.
    God sees everything!! And those who see the truth!
    Harry Potter is demonic!!
    God bless!
    Christ is king!

    • The Jews are God’s chosen people and when Jesus returns to this earth they will see Him for who He is and all Israel will be saved. Of course after the tribulation there will only be a third of the people left. We are commanded to pray for the peace of Jerusalem in the Bible.

      • savvyshaz

        The Jews were entrusted with Gods true word but unfortunately many Jews fell to satan and abused their covenant with God. God sent his own son to remove The Physical Law (physical circumcision into the family of God) so all people could be equal. their hearts circumcised in spirit. Repent to The Son, keep the Commandments and God will look on anybody favourably.

        28 There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.
        galatians 3:28

        One thing I will say is as a Jew the path is harder because God personally gave a covenant and it was abused. The proof required by God it will not happen again will be stricter than the path given to a repentant Gentile/Pagan/Heathen.

        satans clever trick of convincing most people the ‘Jews’ are responsible makes it impossible for many to ever understand what they need to do to be saved. They won’t even see the true evil coming; their mouths still wide with insults for ‘Jews’ ash in their mouths as they are struck down.

      • @savvyshaz Oh yeah! The Jews are god’s chosen people alright!

        “We are a chosen people. Most Jews do not like to admit it but our god is Lucifer and we Jews are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive.”

        — The Jew, Harold W. Rosenthal

        @Loccie “The Jews were entrusted with Gods true word.”

        So Yah entrusted His Word to those whose father was The Serpent creature, eh?

        John 8:38 (KJV) I speak that which I have seen with my Father: and ye do that which ye have seen with your father.

  5. DH and I watched the whole bloody thing in the hope that we would see very few crowds and maybe a bit of back turning but no. I noticed the black and white flooring in both churches and the wand reminded me of Dumbledore being buried with his wand. Everything from start to finish was theatre and a so called royal expert was saying how she believed in the afterlife. I said to DH, I’ll just bet she did with all the satanic rituals and everything, that’s if she is even dead or maybe she was helped along so that the next phase of the reset could be hurried through. I bet all the heads of state were glass clinking last night and planning what to do next!

    • Anybody find it interesting that our National anthem says “God save our queen/king”? With all this luciferianism on clear display, perhaps only God can choose to save them, or cast them into the lake of fire. The archbishops words were from the book of revelation. 

  6. Thank You.
    Just curious, the WHO symbol shows flat earth?
    Do they have more symbols showing it?

  7. 2 THESSALONIANS. 2:11
    10. And for every wicked deception directed against those who are perishing, because they refuse the love of the truth that would have saved them.
    12. In order that judgement come upon all who have disbelieved the truth and delighted in wickedness.

    Anyone still not awakening needs to really worry, because God may have already handed them over.
    With regard to the funeral I didn’t watch it for many reasons. First and foremost it was a wicked ritual and satan is THE PRINCE OF THE POWER OF THE AIR so that spell will come into you and your home.
    Radio, tv, online are all through the air.
    You must be born again, and even then protect yourself and each room in your house before watching.

  8. Lizzi was the head of the church of England a man made church built on lust, greed and power, Henry 8th
    It is false!
    There is only one true Church!
    Founded by St Peter and apostles Catholic Church. Sacraments, Holy Latin mass, eucharist (body, blood) of christ, confession to cleanse your soul… It is the one and only church.. Christ is the head church is the body of christ.. “Blessed virgin Mary”
    Has a special place on heaven the chosen daughter of God,
    “For behold from now on all generations will call me” blessed”for he who is mighty has done great things for me ”
    Angel gabrial said to her :
    Hail Mary, full of grace…
    The rosary is a godsend to us she is truly mother of us all..
    I baptised church of England, had a calling in 2019 to get a rosary which changed my life forever the pure love and joy I felt made me cry a river!! Mary so pure and true!!
    With God! All things are possible, he made each and everyone of us and blessed virgin too.. The rosary is a powerful weapon against satan, Demons they hate her and the rosary… Biggest truck the devil played is turning people, from the rosary it is a pathway to Jesus her beloved son.. Mary took me by the hand and lead me to the foot of the cross…
    All glory is to the father in heaven for Jesus, Mary!!
    I don’t care what the haters say! I know the truth! I lived it and am living it!! The truth will set you free!
    Jesus, Mary I love you! Save souls!!
    The Vatican has been infiltrated by freemasonry! As foretold by our mother! But the gates of hell will not prevail against the one true Church.. Chrislam will be the new world religion, but stay true to the church and its traditional teachings, the church will go underground and the faithful will satay true! Testing times are coming!! I have no time for Scoffers and mockers! What I tell you is the truth! Take it or leave it!
    God bless!
    Christ is king!!


      • God should be worshiped in our hearts and minds, there is only one true God.

        How can any ‘church’ that willingly took sun (satan) worship and the vile child sacrifice religion of semiramis aka ishtar (easter) aka the queen of heaven aka the moon godess that commanded orgies at ishtar (easter) and the devouring of those babies alive at x-mass? This is not speculation, this is historic fact it even states it in the catholic bible my father has ‘easter replaces Passover’.

  9. Yup and they literally ‘forced’ the country to ‘mourn’ by shutting shop. I did not watch any of it and even if there are many others that didn’t, it was still a situation forced on us in some way or another.

    Thank you for sharing the info re the wand Hugo, though I am not at all surprised as these people are nothing but worshippers of the devil.

    • Yes, same with lockdowns, even those who wished to ignore the nonsense couldn’t go about business as usual completely due to closures of places. No doubt climate nonsense will be forced on us more and more too.

  10. Did you notice the obelisk behind the Houdini grave scene? No escaping their evil!

  11. Membership into Freemasonry across the US has been in steady decline since 1960. I’m thinking they are probably far more choosing of who they let in Lodge nowadays, boy brides being an exception to the rule.

    • I believe that there was a spate of fires in masonic halls in the US a while back – not sure when but after the ritual burning of Notre Dame in Paris.

  12. Another informative video Hugo yes I never watched any of the circus or sorry the funeral I mean I’m not a betting person but I would’ve gambled on there being lots of issues with him it’s very hard to talk about site as a blind person but when you can see what’s happening it’s really obvious as the Lord says there is nothing new under the Sun and all these things are for told definitely in the last days particular and seeing the Pope signing a new one world religion last week to as the guy said to be called Chris Lynn for definite in these days thanks for all the work in the videos you got

  13. There was a part of the coronation of the sovereign and a part of the funeral yesterday that were not shared with outsiders, even though these are public ceremonies. Why is this simply accepted? What exactly takes place?

  14. Very interesting Hugo. Yeah the same same secret service that would definitely have known about Saville, even if no one else did. Though strongly suspect this is not the position.

    • The same secret service who protected PM Ted Heath, Lord Mountbatten & Janner, Sir Peter Hayman, Sir Cyril Smith etc.
      The clergy nonce list must be never ending.
      They would often use their knowledge of MPs disgusting abuse of children as leverage to own them, obviously with no criminal charges unless they don’t play their game.

  15. 24th, only things that would make sense as future news being released, not an event happening on that day would be….

    1. UFO/Aliens Time, my bet would be the huge comet, they’ll reveal it’s a Ark Ship here 2030 ish.
    2. Asteroid, they’ve found a future earth killer.

    Either way, likely BS distraction and to get us to all work together towards the 1 world government.

    Independance Day 2 they entire world joined against the alien threat, hollywood programming.

    Or it’ll be a nothing and we’ll all be thinking that guy was just nutso, find out soon!!

    • I’m more inclined to look closer to Earth for the planet killer, Nukes from Russia or fired at Russia, WW3 is about to kick off bigtime!

  16. in one of the royal documentaries , lizzy taps letters she has signed three times before they get taken away

  17. Houdini ( Erik Weisz was a jew. Andrew Parker probably too, because Parker is a Jewish name. D. John Dee probably too, because he was heavily into Jewish kabbalah. According to Jewish Press king Charles III was circumcised by a rabbi ! Freemasons do the work for the international Jewish ‘elites’, not the other way round.
    Stop ignoring the obvious.

    • Parker is NOT a Jewish name. All the sovereign’s male descendants are circumcised by a rabbi on the 8th day after their birth.

      • AC,
        There are many jews who call Parker and there is for example the Parker Jewish institute. 
        All the sovereign’s male descendants are circumcised by a rabbi. Of course, nothing to see here. 

  18. Woww….All is being revealed right in front of our eyes, but many are still asleep and don’t want to see the wizardry and deception. But as mentioned before, they will be given a strong delusion to believe the lie and woe are they.
    Thank you Hugo for bringing these atrocities to our attention, as I do not watch tv at all. May the Almighty help all who believe to keep believing His truth which will lead us to Redemption.

  19. I like it. I believe it. But I don’t respect superstitious people who practice nonsensical rituals and believe in foolish symbols. They have no magical powers, except perhaps power over likeminded superstitious fools. There is no devil. Evil only exists in the hearts and minds of men. Ignore them. Keep them away. Do not empower them with attention or obedience. Laugh at them for the ignorant dolts they are.

    • That’s just what satan wants people to believe, that he doesn’t exist.  

  20. It’s a world wide cabal of demonic family’s who have been running shit for decades, all blood lines and kissing cousins. Don’t think for a second this was all back in the day, dark age shite, its here you go in your face what you gonna do bout it peasant.

  21. Barely watched it myself…
    Full of corrupt politicians…
    Now we will get the energy crisis but in america biden has said pandemic over and fauci is retiring…
    He should be hung drawn and quartered…
    Its unlikely as that “pandemic” was just too crush the economy with the lockdowns basically only and to reset it..
    Whatever they have up there sleeve next who knows?..

  22. The Masonic set square and dividers between the two pillars are the Roman numerals IXXI. This is the number 9 (IX) and number 11 (XI) (9/11). The 1st President of the US, Freemason George Washington made his Presidential speech on the steps of NY City Hall on 9/11 1789. He then went to the Chapel in NY which is at the now Ground Zero. This chapel survived the controlled demolitions of all 3 towers in 2001 and still exists today. The cornerstone of the Pentagon was laid on 9/11 1941. 50 years later George Bush snr. made his NWO speech on 9/11 1991. 10 years later the towers are brought down on 9/11 2001 which ushered in the NWO Patriot Act. All an absolute coincidence I’m sure.

  23. The Druids are the descendants of the backslidden Levitical Priesthood that administered Ancient Israel up until they were taken in captivity by the Assyrians 740-725 BC.

    All cathedrals and abbeys are Freemasonic structures built by masons and nothing to do with Christianity.

  24. The saying “knock on wood” also comes from the Druids. They believed spirits lived in trees, so if you knock on wood you are asking the spirits to enter your life and solve your problems. The Catholic church believe it’s an opening to possession. Now, I know a lot of people don’t like religious undertones and etc, and don’t believe in spritis, but a) the PTB do, and b) if you can’t feel that this is a spiritual battle between good and evil, then you’re not awake, and c) whatever you believe why take the risk – just in case. Keep your soul and mind pure, just in case there are evil influences that could get into your noggin.

  25. The Druids considered the holly tree to be magic. So they made their wands out of holly-wood. Get it?
    The show must go on!

  26. Here’s a strange thought I had the other week
    Freemasons like the number33
    We are now on our third female prime minister, we had Margaret Thatcher, Theresa May and now LIzz Truss who’s first name is actually Mary
    So three with the initials M T, and M is the 13th letter of the alphabet and T is the 20th. Add them together it is 33
    What are the chances of that, once okay, twice is a coincidence but three times I find strange.

  27. Spot on Hugo.
    John Dee was the real brains behind the success of the English and later British Empire.
    Miles recently debuked that Elizabeth I was really a dude, a transwestite, a crossdresser.
    And in recent movie “The Queen of Scots” they employed Margot Robbie – one of the hottest acressess of Hollywood to play Elizabeth I so it never crosses anyone’s mind that she was actually he.If you see that in history and later in movies they promote certain characters or events you can safely assume it was the opposite.Powerful king Charles the VIII wasn’t cocky, womanizer but he was gay.Queen Elizabeth I wasn’t a strong ruler but a puppet crossdresser, a transvestite son of Charles the VIII.Titanic wasn’t hit by an iceberg but it was sank on purpose.And on 911 3 buildings collapsed not because they were hit by 2 planes.

      • You are full of shit with your anti-Christian bullshit on your website.Are you transmitting from Vauxhall or directly from your HQ in Ashkelon?

      • In what way is my material anti-Christian you lying whoreson of The Devil with your Miles Mathis dog vomit. 

      • I think this Flavius Stilicho wretch (which is a Roman name) is a Jesuit, with his ‘Jooish’ this and ‘Jooish’ that. 

  28. Oo like the new set out Hugo .
     Thank goodness last weeks ‘show’ is over !

  29. Date of the Funeral = 19/09/22 
    First section is the day which has a 9, 9 upside down is 6. Second is the month which is 9, 9 upside down is 6. Third is the year 2022, 2 + 2 + 2 = 6. There you have it 6/6/6. 

  30. In full view … “signs” and “lying wonders” that the world has gone after. Be not deceived.

  31. Please see my twitter page I did notes I believe u can make sense of
    It’s all on my page but at the start
    Evidences of everything I said
    Healingmillions at twitter

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