Zelensky is In the Club #Rotary

Check out my video about Rotary / Freemasons – https://hugotalks.com/2022/05/19/rotary-research-hugo-talks/

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  1. Mercy !!!
    Thanks Hugo, psychopaths running the world. They all in this together.
    I new it from the get go that Ukraine president seems shady, things don’t add up with he and Putin from the time he said only the Pope he will listen to pertaining to the war in the Ukraine I suspect that this was a plan thing to bring the world’s economy to ground zero so that they can pass their laws and enslaved humanity.

    Please check out this potent video on what’s going on when the new plandemic with monkeypox.


  2. Thanks very much…what a great club…there’s nothing going on there…nightmare these people eh?

  3. Is anyone really surprised that Zelenskyy is part of the blue and yellow club?
    All of these esoteric clubs love their colours, love their numbers, especially 33, and geometry.
    Of course, it all just a conspiracy, right?……

    • Well 33 comes from the Scottish rite of freemasonary, which is much closer to the mark than the seemingly more innocent Rotary club-which I think is just a nothing sandwich.
      11 is more interesting a number, because Jewish kabbalah sees it as an imperfect number, the number of Da’ath or Knowledge, the shattered Sephera that links this world to the trinity of god.

  4. I tried posting before, so forgive me if I repeat myself. I spent quite a bit of time in Albania off and on as a nomad getting out of Schengen. This one girl looked like she might wake up, so I talked with her about the lodges being everywhere. She said NO WAY in Tirana. So we googled it and up pops a picture of the top brass in full regalia. That is how these demons are. Hiding in plain sight.

  5. I saw him when his photo was in the WEF site with macron and gates and blair and and all other other turds months ago…
    Yet i tell people and they think hes a bloody hero😀…
    Putin got kicked to the kerb by the WEF as he made a unannounced speach there saying he was against restricted freedoms…
    I gurantee you when you mention the WEF to most people they never heard of it…🤷🏻‍♂️…
    There blinded by media and news only and one way narratives…

    • I can’t decide, with Putin being a young global leader graduate of the WEF, whether he’s still with them (even though they’ve removed his details from the site), or if he’s rebelling against them.

      Then again Putin being an expert KGB agent, maybe he was just infiltrating them to discover what they are planning, so he could plan to stop it. I hope that’s the case.

      I did think early on that Putin and Xi had decided to play a blinder and to agree to the plan for the West to destroy itself, then to pull away at the last minute and go rogue, so the West collapses, because it’s too far gone, so Russia and China come out as the new world super powers.

      That might be what’s happening, and I hope it is, because while the media paint him as some kind of villain, the WEF and all of their acolytes are nothing less than Satan himself.

      Anything standing against them is, in my eyes, standing for me, and I’ll happily stand alongside them, because there is no greater evil than Klaus Schwab, that gay Israeli nutcase who thinks he’s so smart he can “hack humans and turn them into what he wants them to be”, and Adern, Macron, Boris the banana, Biden, and all of the rest.

      If it comes down to being ruled by those cnuts, or dying in a nuclear holocaust, I choose death. But overall I’d rather be ruled by Putin.

      • Sorry to be picky on a good post but it is Ardern. Easy to remember because sometimes ‘she’ gets an ‘ard on.

      • I did read the post and putins speech against the WEF….
        Its just ironic that he goes against them and now hes made out to be some new hitler…coinsedence?…
        Besides alot of the footage the news show are from a longtime back and alot of people are oblivious to the fact that “war” has been going on since 2014…
        Just another case of people just believing what the media and news tell them which does not fill me with confidence in people as a whole anymore..

  6. Same old pattern always pops up at the end with these criminals. Send us your money! We want your money! No matter what it is it seems. The same scam’s been played for decades. They could try spending some of the $Billions they’ve stolen from the people over the decades.

  7. That voice sounded so familiar. It sounds like a lady I listened to a few years ago called Sheila Zilinsky if I am not mistaken. She has a distinct similar sounding voice.If it is, I think that is really weird. Zilinsky talking about Zelinsky . . . . . . . .twilight zone music plays . . do do do do . . do do do do

  8. Well wasn’t the Ukraine symbol also satanist? I mean that was what she said some time ago with the pope thing, that the trident is a masonic symbol…
    Again, not saying she is not true, just saying this isn’t proof…

  9. Is this just decoration with no substance? looking at the Rotary site, they do seem to work with communities and help in active ways, now it may well be connected with the Masons at the top, but this layer of the sandwich looks rather benign. Perhaps here we are getting ahead of ourselves, and defocusing from the real drivers of this world agenda, its like looking at the spokes and ignoring the engine.
    Now has anyone looked into Sabbatical Frankists? they seem nearer to the mark, not only do they want to turn the world into complete chaos to bring about the new Aeon, but have according to Wiki and other sources planted their agents in multiple cultures acting as whats known as ‘Crypto Jews’ pretending to be real Jews-hiding under their protections of anti-semitism whilst aiming to install their diabolical plan.
    I spoke to a German who also seemed quite well read on this global agenda and his conclusion were the same, it makes sense that this agenda is not just about money, greed and control, but has a spiritual aspect, a long term goal and these Sabbatical Frankists seem to tick all the boxes, what do you think?

    • I would also like to add, that Alistair Crowley, if you read his book of the law and other writings, aligns with that of a Sabbatical Frankist, now we all know the rumours about Barbara Bush being Crowleys offspring. I wonder what the Lucis Trust thinks about Crowleys work?

      • I once gave a talk at a ladies rotary club lunch. I had no idea who they were and I’m sure that they didn’t either.

        I think that, like the blue arches of masonry, they have no idea that they are what Lenin called, ‘useful idiots’.

    • You have hit the nail right on the head. The ultimate aim is to resurrect Nimrod ( Anti-Christ) you mustn’t have seen my earlier posts on this.


      Once the new world order is established, there will be a new world religion. You need to familiarise yourself with THE 7 NOAHIDE LAWS. and it’s implications especially for Christians. The first Noahide Law is of most significance .

      Do not profane G‑d’s Oneness in any way.
      Acknowledge that there is a single G‑d who cares about what we are doing and desires that we take care of His world.

      At face value this seems fair enough. But what . . . . ” A Single G-D ” . . really means, is their god, not Jesus Christ. You will be expected to reject him on penalty of death.
      people need to understands the reality of what this means.

      • I think you have things muddled there, Nimrod being from the outcast ham(after seeing his father naked) and so rebellious against god, but the Noahide laws are talking about the very god he opposes, so you cant have both. However as the EU building is modelled on an incomplete tower of Babel, I think your assertion he is their god or on their side is correct.

      • @John Siviter

        There is nothing muddled about it at all. These people are waiting on their messiah . .Mosiach ben Joseph( Trump?) who will pave the way for Mosiach ben David (Nimrod). These people worship Lucifer. Do you know anything about Freemasonry? These sabbatean ultra orthodox conservative rabbi’s are Kaballah believers. they do not believe in the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob make no mistake about it. Their religion is the old mystery religion of ancient Babylon. The anti Christ will be their god. The resurrected Nimrod. who will proclaim himself god.

        Daniel 11:36

        The King Who Exalts Himself

        36 “The king will do as he pleases. He will exalt and magnify himself above every god and will say unheard-of things against the God of gods. He will be successful until the time of wrath is completed, for what has been determined must take place.

      • They are all ‘sons of darkness’ the Pharisees who changed the calendar and refused to accept Jesus as Messiah. We are nearing the end, according to the Dead Sea Scrolls calendar, the year 7,000 starts in 2075, the millennial reign of Christ. The Lost prophecies of Qumran by Josh Peck or Biblefacts.org by Dr Ken Johnson explain in more detail. Jesus quotes a Qumran prophecy when talking to John the Baptist in jail. I believe it wasn’t a coincidence that they were discovered as Israel became a nation.

  10. Watch “Third Adam” by Spencer Smith, Part 1, 2 & 3. He’ll explain all of this symbolism in a 3 part documentary. So much information that will blow your mind. God bless you all.

  11. I think too much importance is given to him even in this video.I think behind the scenes he is completely ignored and joked in his direction. Even in meetings, you don’t have to be a psychologist to see how insecure and stupid he behaves. I’m sure it looks like he doesn’t fully understand where he got himself into and where he ended up, (because it’s in English and something cool😁🙄)but he clearly liked the fact that he was an important person😂

  12. It makes me laugh that he’s always wearing khaki ‘army’ clothing, and has a couple of days of stubble to make it appear he’s out there shooting Ruskis…it’s just a costume. People never question it.

    • James D I’ve been saying the same as you. Prez Z is always in that uniform with the jacket over it. The world is a stage!!

  13. No surprise to all awake really is it.:)

  14. Good exposing of the devil’s work (his crooks always use symbols to identify each other and also to create a narrative). The Rotary club by the way is the charitable arm of masonry and is used as a cloak to make them look good – you know charitable….so surely they will do you no harm!!). The head of masonry is the Vatican, if you were not aware, like so many other cult/political/financial groups – All roads led to Rome – or as the Bible puts it ‘ Rev 17v5 ‘Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth’ – that is why Prime Ministers, Presidents, and top so-called Religious leaders all windup at the Vatican bowing to the pope (Antichrist). The lady in Hugo talks video is spot on ‘Don’t trust man – Trust in God’ – thank you Hugo for putting this video on.

  15. The Ukrainian symbol itself is a version of the sigil of satan and the earlier version is embedded in the Duke university official shield- (2 diagonal lines going up from bottom center) also embedded into a vegas baseball teams logo . there are many many many layers to peel back. any gang and and secret society group are “G”ontrolled and started by the tip top families. all of them. even the USA as it was started by them . the truth about our history is very dark and all induced my the rich for total control . blackmail and murder and ritual sacrifice through every level of law enforcement . if anyone speaks out, they are silenced at some point. I went through so many symbols and have talked about it so much openly because im sick of it, people want to kill me. I started my journey investigating cheating in poker and ended up on the hit list. our government does not want us , the elite do not need us and its just not right to have the whole world deceived, to not care a single bit over life and relish in it’s demise. secret societies are choking us all from the top down and so many low levels are blinded and blackmailed that if peeps dont wake up soon and talk it out , choice will be gone for all.

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