You REALLY Won’t Believe What The UK Govt Are Doing Now! / Hugo Talks

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  1. This has been going on for a very long time.

    Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) was one of history’s leading pervert justice warriors. A reading of his philosophical tomes would give any sane person a headache. To a modern-English speaker, his work is unreadable — and I would suggest so even in his own time. Essentially, he was a purveyor of what today would be called, sex, drugs and rock and roll — plus lording over the poor to serve the chosen elite.

    This is the man whose severed head is in a glass case in University College London. One of the Hellfire Club.

    ps.There are lots of interesting articles (and conversations) in the, ‘hidden history’, section at winter watch. Well worth a look.

  2. Brave New World and 1984 are both set in London, Karl Marx is buried in London. London is the Belly of the Beast.

  3. Go ask Alice. Tell them a hookah smoking caterpillar gave you the call.

  4. Wow, Ipcress files, MK Ultra. Do they play any sounds. I find altered states of consciousness fascinating. When you are in these states you are vulnerable. You can be drawn by evil influences. The exploration needs to be controlled. That’s why I get to these states through the rosary and adoration of the host.

  5. Thanks Hugo, this is a mass experiment on guinea pig Britain, land of the 100 day vax!
    The full name for this is Frequency-Based Light & Sound Neurotherapy (LSN) . It has a 100 yr history and a good synopsis (meta-analysis) of relevant research papers was done by

    Frequency-Based Light & Sound Neurotherapy (LSN) Research: A Review of the Research

    Ed Pigott, Ph.D., Gregory Alter, Ph.D., and Dennis Marikis, Ph.D.

    This can be found on line.
    It is known that certain frequencies of light pulses alter brain EEG waves e.g. 9Hz alters alpha waves, 20 Hz can cause epileptic seizures in susceptable individuals.
    Main effects are mood altering hence types of questions asked after exposure in this video.

    LSN’s ability to trigger therapeutic dissociation makes it an ideal tool for disrupting the ruminative thought processes that are common in most psychiatric disorders.

    Increased sustained attention;

    Improved impulse control;
    Decreased anxiety and depression; Improved essential learning skills including:

    o Auditory memory
    o Mental processing speed o Verbal and non-verbal IQ

    Improved academic performance;
    Generated improvements similar to psycho-stimulant medication; and
    Maintained the treatment gains for up to 16-months following treatment termination.

    Are they making superhumans for robotosise or just want a better control of them?

  6. Its quite evident the puppets of the elites in high places including “politicians” like Johnson, Macron, Trudeau, and Adern, have had their own brains hooked up to this piece of AI bea*t technology and mind-fu*ked for some time now. This would explain the fact that they all share the same psychopathic traits and have all exhibited the same anti-human contempt and hatred towards their own citizens since the beginning of this whole covid scam.

    • What’s evident to me is that these puppets you mention are demon possessed. They are effectively alien entities given whatever humanness these people once possessed has been repressed and is no longer in control.

    • @Cosmic Happening, Johnsonstein is a Turkish Jew, Trudeau is a half-Jew, and the others you mentioned are shabbos goys who have been 100% Jewified.

  7. Considering a murderous vaccine agenda which the UK government has been solidly behind to this day, one would have to have rocks in their head to believe this program was designed for the benefit of the people. Case closed!

  8. This is mk monarch mind control 101, they are seeing who is responsive to this and who is not

  9. if it’s “free” it’s purpose must be very sinister.
    When there is no food perhaps that is how they are going to eliminate people’s feeling of hunger at least temporarily.
    And you can see different stars including the Star of David so you are programmed to remember who rules over you.

    The name “artichoke” is not a coincidence. People should check behind those curtains what is really going on. I reckon the government wants to improve their brainwashing capabilities because the BBC full of Jooish narcissists is not enough.

    Every year they will ask you to look into a swirling hypno-thing on TV to erase your memory of the plandemic the year before so they can introduce a new Monkey Pox or whatever. They dream about this device the Man in Black used. The life of the shysters would be so easy.

  10. WTF?
    The guy shot his wife “by mistake” and has the police bought it? LOL
    It’s MI5, MI6, CIA and Mossad combo.

  11. Triggers are being placed in the psyche… low and behold strange phenomena will start happening down the road apiece !!

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