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  1. Great work again Hugo!!!! More obvious than this, that they are part of a cult and a conspiracy, is just not possible.

    • I thought the rotary club was an innocent place where people got together to practice public speaking skills. My eyes have been opened. oooh

      • Yes there have been some very influential people involved with this lot, many authors and industrialists who have shaped and influenced the lives and minds of many people.

  2. I no 1st hand 6 people in the early to late 30s that have all started the menopause. They are all vaxed

    Is this something that is happening everywhere to womans would be nice to hear something bk

    • I think that’s what has happened to my eldest daughter, but nobody wants to talk about it. My daughter worked for a lady in her seventies, who started periods again….. Her friend in her mid twenties has two-week periods, and her body goes numb.

      • My hairdresser (41y/o) said after her jab she skipped a period and then the next one was “horrendous”. As wel as the usual feeling rough post-jab. I don’t even know or talk to lots of people and have heard odd things like this.

    • Yes, this is happening to women everywhere. I know of many to include a pregnant woman who lost her unborn when her neighbors came to visit. VAERS is a decent way to gather information.

  3. Superb work once again Hugo and says it all . Thankyou.

  4. Does this mean every time we give or donate to our local Rotary charity we are funding all those in your video, Hugo?

  5. Fingers in every pie that takes charity money – what a surprise. I thought the rotary clubs did things for the locals. Well thought thought wrong. Disappointing and disgraceful. Gives more meaning to charity begins at home. Time to look after ourselves and our families and our friends, but family always comes first.

    • I bought a loaf of bread in Waitrose the other day, and the screen at the till is still asking for donations to Ukraine. We have no way of knowing where our money goes if we do donate. It’s made me think twice.

      • Ugh! So many places to buy things from have the “donate to Ukraine yes or no” I say no. Just lately I’ve avoided the places that have that option – I would buy from you but I’m going elsewhere that isn’t brainwashed! It is getting more difficult though. Besides they are only interested in weaponry and not humanitarian aid – oh humans, forget ’em gimme tanks, planes and big guns, says the actor.

      • There is no war in ukraine anyway…
        Besides i am sick of the bloody flags i see and the idiots that have been brainwashed by something else now

      • But we just need to convince the rest of the (world) population of what we know.

      • If you look for Alex Christoforou, he is explaining how many billions are going to Ukraine from the USA. (and out again). Meanwhile, we are asked to donate to help the people. It’s sick.

  6. Wheels within wheels, find the crown wheel and know who you are dealing with.

    • “she” should be impartial and coming to our rescue. I bet there will be millions of baaaa celebrating the jubilant event in June. Maybe the SRAs will be out that day.

  7. Wow – all those famous faces – some whom we had never heard of 2 years ago. Is Dr Sucharit really a baddie now?? Very interesting

    • It’s sad isn’t it? The authors of “Corona: false alarm?” which showed in so many ways how it was a great big hoax!

    • As always said Trust no-one, But yourself! Instinct and heart and soul show and know truth and where peoples true interests lie before anything 😉

  8. Next week we are all so fucked, then all our human rights will be taken away! What shall I do, become a marter or take myself out? I WILL NEVER EVER COMPLY!!!

    • And unfortunately no point in a referendum coz guess what – the sh…p will all agree and demand the security from the OWG for protection. Meanwhile, I think we still have 18 months or so even though it’s being signed this weekend. The words ‘protection’ and ‘safety’ really now have such disgusting connotations.

      • Gov petition has 131,000+ signatures (meaning it must be considered for debate in parliament) but they just do what they want regardless.

      • But a referendum is different – that has to be organised like the Brexit one. Even if they set one up, that won’t change any thing either. Lost votes etc…!. I’m never sure whether we should be signing these petitions at all – you feel if you don’t then nothing will happen and if you do you think why do we need to ask (beg) for these things in the first place.

      • I’m inclined to agree. Petitions made no difference whatsoever. Paranoid me thinks they add you to the list of dissidents to be dealt with. I wouldn’t put it past them at all now, their intentions are cruel and cold – psychopaths the lot of them. Will never forget Hancock laughing and pretending to cry when the poison was being eagerly fought over by the brainwashed. The EU was a con from the start and a bunch of people that we never voted for made the rules and regulations. Did we escape the corrupt poop people? Nope, we now have the big Nato Union and soon to be What thE F Union that will just run roughshod over everyone that is left. I’m done with it all, besides I’m waiting for my ankle bracelet because they won’t differentiate between guilty or innocent. Everyone will be guilty before the act. Sorry to be doom and gloom, but I’ve accepted my doom – because it is the end game. Note to self, buy more vodka.

      • yes we’ve all accumulated lots of ‘dissidents’ points – I shan’t be able to board the train or walk 20metres from home until I kiss Rishi’s feet. ugh. I have to admit I voted for the EEC in my teens as I thought hey – I can go and work in France (never did!). I think the voting age needs to raised to 25 when we are fairly sensible. However I did made amends and voted for Brexit.

      • I raise your ‘note to self’ with buy more chocolate!

      • LOL! Chocolate wins!
        As for feet kissing – YUUUUUKKKKK! Made me laugh though.

  9. Good work Hugo, these organisations are interchangeable it seems!
    Years ago I did some casual waitressing … one night I waited-on at a Rotary Club Christmas function…if I’d have been clued up then I would have paid close attention to what was said during the speeches! What I couldn’t fail to notice though was the very poor treatment and lack of consideration for the overworked waitresses. My feet had blistered before the night was finished but still I had to contend with spray-on string being squirted into my eyes, coffee cups deliberately moved as I was about to poor the coffee near the end of a back-aching evening, inane jokes and flat out bad manners from many of them. I have never forgotten their rudeness in over 40years. I waited-on at many Christmas functions and over a few years for various companies but had never experienced the like before or after!
    Thanks for your eye opening research.

    • In about 1975, my boss, who was a Rotarian, got me to join Rotaract, which was the junior branch. I never fitted in! As someone else on here said, it seemed like a social club, but this video shows the sort of people who are members. As an aside, I have to attend a wedding in a couple of days, which means a bath and a suit. Any sympathy greatly appreciated.

      • Ha ha ha – made me laugh anyway!

  10. Thanks for the information regarding The Rotary Club. Funny how the same people are in the same club again. It’s clear to me that there’s nothing going on. Just nice people….really.
    Spot on Hugo..fab work.

  11. The rotary wheel is a six pointed star, of course, which is corrupted by the sabbatean frankist cult and chabbad lubavitch cult of which the Rothschilds are the most powerful. Non Jewish freemasons are usefull idiots for Jews like the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.
    Most of the occult symbols were explanations of our non curved stationary earth with a toroidal plasma dome around it, what the sun, moon and stars really are and how they took advantage of it like eather energy. All hidden for us by the rulers since 1800.

    • Lubavitch being named after the town in Uk raine where the cult was born – and both Zel ensky and Put in being very close with the chief reb be.

    • Why? He’s only exposing what these people are about. Influential people by the way who are working hard to make decisions on certain things in our world, that one day will affect how you go about certain aspects of your own life.

      Would you rather just pretend none of this actually exists? Do you not see the level of mindset that the elite rulers of our world operate by? Do you not realize that this is exactly what some of these scumbags want – for people to be in the dark about their “secret little thing”, while they operate under all manner of dark powers and principalities?

      Some of these people are serious about this shi, so Hugo hasn’t lost the plot, he’s exposing it – every dark, absurd, nook and cranny of it, so people like us can be better informed about the state of affairs and the mindset of the enemies of the common good. Know Thy Enemy.

    • Andy is probably a Rotarian/Mason himself. In chronic self-denial; unwilling to even recognise the wickedness in his secretive fraternal society.

    • Why? Hugo is clearly uncovering the many layers and off-shoots of theses Masons etc and club members! It’s obvious once you see the Parallel lines running through all….

  12. Jordan Maxwell exposes all the biggest secret societies. Some you probably haven’t even heard of. But New world order is communist revolution by free masons, the Zionist Jews and Jesuits (Jews in Suits).

    • We have so much information on these secret societies and even who the individuals are. What are we to do with this information though? No action is ever taken (on a club member). That’s interesting about jews in suits – I didn’t know that.

  13. Thank you Hugo, great research but no longer surprises me. Two plus years ago I cancelled all my charity DD. I was guilty of giving without caring where the money was actually going and how ‘they’ were helping. The whole system has been corrupted ,I do know that so many people who help with these organisations just don’t know what is really happening and their intentions are good. So very sad.

    • On the bright side, at least we now KNOW all these charities are corrupt. I just had an ad for Unicef flash up on the side of my hotmail. As if!

      • I know someone who works as a propagandist for UNICEF. Employed as a “senior communications officer” at the Geneva HQ of this bogus charity, Recruited by the international financier-oligarchy to pump out VAX propaganda across social media and the fakestream media. A ruthless woman who understands full well the truly sinister agenda to the entire “vax programme” – a plausibly-deniable mass human cull – mass poisoning disguised as medicine, a Malthusian plan to depopulate the human race by 10%? 20%? 50%? But she cares not. Since her (tax-free) salary, her kickback, her annual bung, is well into six figures. Will these Satanists stop at nothing?

  14. compass wheel of the rotary club

    The eight Tri-grams of I Ching on the compass wheel of the Rotary club. Eight being the hexigram, The hexagram represents Satan worship. It’s the most powerful symbol used to invoke witchcraft, demons and Satan. In fact, the word ‘hex‘, as in to put a hex on someone, derives from the word hexagram. Are we really surprised all these organisations use the same symbology over and over again. They are all connected Rotary, Lions, Round Tabler’s, Freemasonry, Kiwani’s. The hexagram, like the pentagram, is used in practices of the occult and ceremonial magic and is attributed to the 7 “old” planets outlined in astrology.

    The hexagram represents sun worship, which is Satan worship. The symbol is linked with sun worship and the sun god which again links back to the Mystery Religions of ancient Babylon the Rothschild family, Freemasonry, Zionism, the state of Israel, and false religions.

    Deuteronomy 4:19 says “And beware, lest you lift up your eyes to heaven and see the sun and the moon and the stars, all the host of heaven, and be drawn away and worship them and serve them.”

    Helena Blavatsky wrote that “Lucifer is the true God“, and she incorporated the hexagram in the emblem of the Theosophical Society, which she founded in 1875

    “No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation.” – David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations.

  15. I once got invited to a rotary club event. Loads of old men there and some beautiful young ladies delivering the drinks in amongst them – topless of course with little hot pants on (the girls, not the old men). Was quite shocking.

    • two years ago we might have been astonished at such behaviour from “upstanding” members of the community..

      • I’m sure there were plenty of upstanding members there.

    • For me, Bhakdi has called out what will happen from before it happened and been bang on the money with every prediction. So I don’t think he’s a shill at all. maybe he as part of his career joined the rotary club not knowing what it represented. There are tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of members, the idea that all of them, including Joe Bloggs the owner of the local garage is involved in a global conspiracy is laughable. The people at the top maybe, the people at the bottom no way. It’s like saying the Tories are evil, so anyone who votes Tory must be in on their plan.

      • Great sleuthing by Hugo. The Rotary Club, quasi-Masonic in orientation, like the Orange Order in Ulster. Another rogue private network, controlled by the Anglo-American Establishment. The Rotarian network, like Freemasory, relies on an army of flunkies, footsoldiers and useful idiots; those at the bottom of the hierarchical pyramid, to do the dirty work of the Elite. Most of the mindless ‘Rotarians’ and Freemasons do eventually realise that they are being played like fools. But they stick it out nonetheless, for ongoing enrichment; the crumbs that keep on falling from their masters’ table. Rotarians like Freemasons are quite happy to engage in serious crime when the call arises, which is why these masonic networks are so keen to recruit police officers and judges — to protect the illegal activities of higher ranking masons in the same network. The president of the local Rotary Club provided a cover story for a series of obvious arsons and insurance frauds. And in turn for that conspiracy of silence was rewarded herself. The unspoken motto of the Rotarians/Masons; “You scratch my back, and I scratch yours.”

      • @guaranteedcarfinancesite “It’s like saying the Tories are evil, so anyone who votes Tory must be in on their plan.”

        In ignorance they are a part of the plan, and it works the same as this: “Ignorance of The Law is no excuse!” There is no excuse for being a dumb dupe.

  16. For some reason, I always thought the Rotary Club was a Boat Club, which is interesting because their symbol looks like the wheel of a (Pirates) Ship – A mechanism for steering and control. A society of “old guard”, or just plain old creeps controlling the direction of major affairs in the world.

    “Its a big club, and we ain’t in it”. Now someone roll some wheels over their heads.

  17. Hi just wanting to know the name of the sublime tune at the start of this video.. can’t match on shazam at all!! Many thanks

  18. Damn it, I took about 10-20k funding from them over the years for my charity. I didn’t know, I didn’t know!
    I hope I don’t have to change gender or worship the depraved as a consequence.

  19. I am so laughing here. I was in Albania a few years ago off and on. Just being a nomad. This one girl in Tirana looked like she might be waking up, so I told her that Masons were everywhere. She said NO WAY in Albania. So I just told her to google it, and what popped up? All of the current political leaders in full regalia.

  20. Weird howbthe likes of Putin, Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Xi, are not present here. Well probably those are and were the good guys… 🙄🙄🙄

  21. Go and watch “Third Adam” by Spencer Smith. It’s a 3 part documentary that explains all of this symbolism and why it’s so important. It is mind blowing! God bless you all.

  22. @hugotalk I read what it said there about Sucharit Bhakdi and he was only invited to give a speech at the Rotary club, that doesn’t make him a member.

    Lots of people commented about the wonderful music in the video – please let us know what it is – I Shazamed it dozens of times (same with the Canadian trucker video, that had the same track) and it either comes up with nothing or the wrong song.

    Thanks for all your great reporting!

  23. Wow….obviously has nothing to do with political parties. Wonder what is the
    “initiation”other than invitation only. Thanks Hugo-I never knew this.

    • Got to say, I have mixed feelings about this research, fellow Hugo-ites… xx I, myself, have been involved, many years ago now, from a young age, in the ROTARACTS (young Rotarians) and ROTARY movements in Windsor and Eton (Berks) and Royal Windsor and Maidenhead branches. I have also been involved, albeit at the lower levels, in various Masonic Lodges, some years ago now. I must say that I am, arguably, the FURTHEST THING AWAY, IDEOLOGICALLY, FROM NWO, WEF, TYRANNY, AUTOCRACY, SURVEILLANCE STATE, CRONY CAPITALISM, CLIMATE/GREEN ‘EMERGENCY’ movements. I am, perhaps, a strange mix of creative, fairly-highly educated (>MSc), yet HUGELY EMPATHETIC towards others in circumstances where many are not. I also have many ex-collegues, friends and some close relatives, whom are so-called ‘leaders of industry’. Yet, I have, somehow, walked a very different path through life’s ups and downs, failing to become as ruthless and, let’s face it, psychopathic, as the Corpratocracy Intelligencia I left behind some years ago. In summary, maybe I’m the minority, however, I don’t believe the majority of Rotarians, or even Freemasons, are KNOWINGLY complicit in the crimes of their leaders. Even with decades of conditioning, square-pegs like me still retain common-sense and empathy for others in need and see straight through the Mockingbird Media, Tavistock/Pirbright/Intelligence Agency-run MSM lies on everything from Colour Revolutions to CONVID fear porn… My hope. My sincere hope… is for humanity to, finally, say “Enough!”, reject all forms of fabricated, manufactured hatred for one another, stop shining lights on each other and, for once, look up at those pulling the strings and say FOXTROT OSCAR!!! xxx

  24. No wonder Prince Edward never gets bad press either.

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