The Aquarian LUCIFERIAN Agenda / New Age Doctor Network Part 2 / Hugo Talks


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  1. Don’t trust Cahill (never liked her from day 1), Ardis, Stew Peters, Zelenco, Malone, Bigtree, Tenpenny, Madej, Ruby, Campbell, Fuellmich, and many others. On the fence with McCullogh, Cole, and many more but edging to not trusting them, although Cole seems plausible, maybe.

    I think a lot are out just to try make some money from it.

    Only ones I trust are Yeadon and Bhakdi. Perhaps also Van Den Bosch.

    Not sure on Vernon Coleman even, he’s been scaring people for years to sell stuff, so while he seems to make sense, it seems like he has an angle because of it.

    I guess some of them could be genuine but not savvy enough to realise they’re being played.

    Somehow I think they know though.

    • Yeadon more controlled op.
      Ex president of pfizer. Suddenly he goes against their policies, yet never mentioned he had any gripe with his trusted company, where he spent 30 years of his career.
      Start with their credibility and work from their. Glean but keep keen!

    • Yeadon worked for Wellcome Trust. The no. 2 ‘charity’. The no. 1 being Clinton Foundation. Yeah shall know them……by their fruits

      • #Caroline–I am interested in Dr Michael Yeadon being genuine and will do more–can you please send through links to verify what you have said? Much appreciated.

      • @Amber, Wake up you silly duped nit-wit!! If Yeadon was for real he would have been on a mortuary slab two years ago – snuffed out like a lab rat.

      • Hey Caroline — you are acting like such a know it all. There ARE MANY who would have been on a mortuary slab many years ago starting from 911. You seem to give and say a lot without giving sources.

        If the Israeli problem was taken care of in America–things would have been different by now.

        (is this mortuary slab worthy?)

        The people that need to be gone after in power and elsewhere are the Zionists and Satanists–the root cause of all.

        We need to stop judging people’s souls until they act demonic, inhumane and cruel and can be proved and known as liars. Zionists and Satanists also torture and murder children and babies–how about you turn your focus there if you are worth your salt?

      • Amber. With your comments a) you display a lack of research abilities
        b) you need to start reading the Bible
        c) establish what the term ‘biblical watchman duties entail.

        Have a blessed day

      • @Amber It was me that said Yeadon would have been on a mortuary slab (not Caroline) if he had been for real, just get it through your thick head that ex big pharma execs DO NOT WHISTLE BLOW AND LIVE!!!! Get a friend to give you a good shake to WAKE YOU UP!!

  2. Greetings,
    Wow u really outdid urself in this video!
    Impressive presentation and research! Congrats and thk u.

    Yet, absurbly it ends with new age music!!! Is this for real? lol
    What are ur connections? Are u playing us too? 😉
    Also as a note, when u show the list of supporters of that future group website, with the dalai lama there, u could have mentioned his utube clip where he gets his shot and encourages all his followers to take the vaccine too!

  3. Wow, amazing detective work Hugo . Zev Zelenko has never hidden that he is Trump’s ‘physician you bellend.

  4. Rest video Hugo, extremely informative for one who primarily concerns himself wit urgent geo-political topics, excellent

  5. Well done Hugo good job. What is happening now is they are preparing a mindset necessary for the final event to destroy us, virtually deceive all humanity.
    In the last days it would boil down to a religious issue. An Issue of Worship.
    Meditation, yoga and all that new age humbug is basically demon worship. That route is straight leads to hell.

    The issue of Worship. You either have the Seal of the Living God. The Only True God. Not the romish trinity.

    Or you have the Mark of the Beast. The religion of Babylon/ Worship of Lucifer. (Sun God Nimrod Sun-worship Semiramis,Tammuz mother/and child worship etc.) It’s have various forms and names and exist in these very days in it’s original state.
    OR Worship on a Sun-day OR the number (Vicarius Filii Dei the roman numerals written on the Pope’s tiara).

    Talking about interfaith movement.The Pope Is Hiding Something Ancient From The Public

    and Age of Aquarius 503 – The New Age Agenda / Final Conflict Update – Walter Veith

    • TBoA, you’re on to something re the Pope’s tiara – many images in search makes associations with 666, after adding up the roman numerals found in ‘Vicarius Filii Dei’.

  6. I can see where you’re coming from on this, Hugo, but I do know that, fellow Bristolian, Dan Astin-Gregory didn’t just come out of nowhere. he started a live thoughtstream on Facebook which picked up pretty quickly as he was questioning the covid narrative. After meeting him at protests in Bristol and London, I have followed his progress from there to The Pandemic podcast and now Elevate and I know that he has a team of very dedicated, hardworking goodhearted people behind him and he, like you, has helped to wake up many of the sleeping masses. Like one of the previous commentators, I do find it strange that you, Hugo, play relaxing, meditation music at the end of your shows and then go about calling everyone who touches on this a “New Ager”. There is definitely a spiritual side to what is going on in the world: A fight between good and evil, if you will. And I think that you have to be careful not to dismiss all good people as being part of some Aquarian Conspiracy, even if their paths cross with some who may be involved with that. If the forces of dark are able to survive in a world of higher vibrational energy, then we might as well all give up now! (I won’t be doing that any time soon…)

    • That music he plays is not new age. I believe he does this in order to relax ppl after all the satanic news. I actually like it. Hugo is the real deal. Some ppl just see more, Hugo is one of them. Its a matter of connecting details and use logic.

      • People need to understand that everyone who has a platform is supporting Gaia/ New Age/Kabbalah/Scientology/Judaism. The real deal is Jesus Christ. End of

      • Jesus Christ is the biggest lie of them all. Designed by the Roman sages to keep the masses under control whilst encoding the secrets of the initiated in the stories.

        Time for YOU to wake up. End of.

      • @Truth – how funny that you use exactly the same tactics as THEY do when you are called out on your Bullshit.

        Yet you have the gall to set yourself up as a paragon of truth?

        It seems to me there is only one fool here who thinks himself wise, the one who so hastily calls others fools!

      • A. Tactics?! LMAO! You flatter yourself you blaspheming ignoramus. Who would need tactics in order to expose a blatant lying dog like you? How’s the self-saving going? Get back to your padded cell asap.

    • Agree with your comment on Dan, I met him at a London march & had a chat with him, he did gain a lot of views which perhaps is why he managed to get the guests he did, I also often saw him reach out to people on Twitter to be a guest & used his viewing figures as a way to tempt them to say yes to appear on his podcast. I can see Hugo’s point & appreciate the hard work Hugo puts into the research.

      • Dan does loads of Freemasonry symbology and a presenter on Oracle Films connected I believe to UK Column. Check out Oracle Films

      • I really don’t believe that Dan got guests simply because he attended a march. People need to understand that the truth is Jesus Christ and not freemasonry

    • He didn’t question the narrative. He openly admitted not to question the narrative. How could he when he openly showed everyone his freemason symbology at various events

    • I agree with a lot of what you are saying – just now I watched DAG livestream talking about it and you can clearly see he’s really upset about it all.
      But on the other hand, Hugo is just exploring questions which are valid, he’s not saying if they are legit or false….I think Hugo is just making us think outside the box which I think is healthy in this crazy world we live in right now.

  7. Hugo, you are so spot on, I’m only half way on the video and I’m so glad you’re doing all of this. I really have fallen in love with your brains. All your hard work is waking people up. I see rats in the Netherlands too and I try to comment so people see what I see. It is so frustrating that so many people still are naive. You are spot on m8, thank you for all your effort!

  8. Some thoughts:
    I have watched every video of Dr. Reiner Füllmich (the lawyer) and his Corona Investigative Committee from the very beginning. There are now over 100 sessions with about 3-5 hours of length each, which means I saw roughly 300-500 hours in total (probably even more) of what he is doing, saying and thinking. Of course I might be fooled, too, but so far I really can’t see him being a part of “them”. At least not knowingly. So here is my thesis:
    What if the Reawaken America Tour is a setup. – A two-faced countermovement of “them” to suck in and misguide the people by using the ones they trust (for example Dr. Reiner Füllmich and some of the doctors etc.) as a bait. To – metaphorically speaking – get them all into a bus and drive them off the cliffs (or at least far off into the desert).
    Maybe this is just a coincidence, but have you noticed the logo design (time stamp: 41:49):
    Two colors are being used for different parts of the text (red and white). Effectively separating “RE” from “Awaken America”. Like when you answer a mail. “RE: Awaken America”. – Is this the answer, the reaction, of “them” to the “awakening” of America?
    Combining the two words in red: “Re” and “Tour” -> retour -> phonetically “retoure” (meaning: sending back). Or just simply put the “Re-Tour”, the “going-back-tour”? – Back to “sleep”?

    Their strategy is deceiving. Being two-faced, two-headed. Two heads of the same motherfuck. They don’t just try to deceive the “general populace”, but also – and maybe especially – some of the outstanding ones (like the doctors or Reiner Füllmich for example).
    To mislead them, too, and use them, unkowingly, as a tool, a bait, for their “followers”/listeners to follow according to the “master deceivers” plans.
    Like, again metaphorically: the people being the mice, the doctors the cheese, and “them” as the trap-setters.
    Long story short: I think one should be cautious to think that just because they are on the same rally, even having their photos appear on the same websites or giving interviews on shows automatically makes them all thinking the same and sharing the same overarching mindset, that seems to be propagated. They are susceptible to being fooled, mislead and (mis)used, too. I get the impression of a tendency emerging, in general, to only see black or white. But I think one should (continue to) strive for differentiating all shades in between. My intention here is not to relativize anything that has been said or suggested, my intention is just to remind (everyone) to not get too fast to one-sided conclusions, in general.

    To Hugo: I want to thank you for your work and for spending time making these videos.
    (And just in case they come across this comment: Also thanks to the Sheep Farm and Spacebusters people.)

    • Reiner Füllmich is linked to Scientology and UK Column. UK Column is linked to Sacha Stone (ITNJ) and Dan / Oracle Films.

      • I’ve always struggled to understand how anyone can watch UK Column, it’s presented in the most monumentally boring way I’ve ever seen, which I’m sure is intentional.
        It’s like TV for the lobotomised.

      • @Rob, Here’s hoping that the only two that are convinced by what’s said, at the end of each show, are Gerrish and Robinson.

    • 500 hours of kicking the can down the road and never really getting to the bottom of it.

    • Füllmich is not going to achieve anything as he is just playing a role to fill that legal area. He is likely to be a Freemason. Don’t be fooled by how sweet the song they sing is as they do have to sound real. You can listen to another 500 hours and nothing will have happened. “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” ~ Lenin.

    • I want to agree with you, because it’s upsetting to think of people that I came to love and trust, have actually been fooling me all this time. But I can’t get past the very basic part of all this, and that is…why are they getting behind Trump? He is clearly on a different page to them (if indeed, they are so, against the jab) The two sides just don’t make any sense. It’s two opposites. And in this case, ‘opposites don’t attract’. It’s like going on a rally in 1939 supporting the Jews, with Hitler as your main spokesman. Those Dr’s are not stupid. They will all know that Trump is for the jab. None of it makes sense.

    • Fuelmich is one of the few to keep the awake people comfy in their seats. And it works pretty well I guess. Nobody stands up to claim what is rightfully theirs: their freedom.

    • Err. Several of us have outed Fuellmich ages ago. He’s linked to Scientology I. E. The Deep state. Dog and pony show. Bread and circuses.

  9. It’s great the way Hugo joins the dots and keeps us in the loop.
    The thing I have always thought as very off with many heads of state is that they consult with Astrologers, Margaret thatchers was said to after the IRA attempt on her life !
    These leaders are running countries or so we think but who really is ?
    They all claim to be be Christian or follow their god but in the bible Deuteronomy 18:10-12 it clearly states not to follow any of these groups and verse 12 calls it an abomination to the lord !
    They must have missed that bit lol..
    That was enough to keep me away from spirit mediums and the like as it’s creepy. The new age stuff seems like a watered down version of the same.

  10. Be SAVED by God-the Lord JESUS Christ and see everything clearly:
    We all need to get saved from having to spend our eternity in God’s lake of fire, because that’s a fate we ALL deserve.
    So get SAVED and believe that God manifested Himself on earth as the Lord JESUS Christ who shed His sinless blood for the forgiveness of our sins, who was buried and rose from the dead, three days later. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4.
    If you believe this you’re not only saved but sealed with the Holy Spirit and rapture-ready.
    Read your Bible everyday and talk to our creator about everything and make Him your best Friend and share this GOOD NEWS = GOSPEL with others.

    ALL evil roads lead to the COUNTERFEIT of the Body of Christ, the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, which is the disguise of the LUCIFERIAN-BABYLONIAN ROMAN EMPIRE, aka the VATICAN and its JESUITS!

    • @Hans, “Be SAVED by God-the Lord JESUS Christ and see everything clearly:”

      You cannot “BE saved”, like waving a magic wand, you can ONLY be CALLED by The Father to His Son Yashua Messiah (Jesus Christ) and THAT is the ONLY WAY you can come to HIM!

      John 6:44 (MCV) NO MAN can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw (drag) him: and I will raise him up at the last day.

      John 6:65 (MCV) And He said, Therefore said I unto you, That NO MAN can come unto me, except it were given unto him of my Father.

      Is The Father Calling You To His Son Yashua Messiah?:

  11. Thanks, Hugo! I noticed this meditation stuff being pushed on some “new” social platforms. Rubbed me the wrong way too. Now I see why…

  12. There is no doubt we are bombarded with info from all sides in fact it’s got to the point with me that I only buy into views of people who the deep state have tried to put in a coffin or at least ruin or seriously cancel eg Julian Assange , Andrew Breitbart and others ! I mean if David Icke was dropping killer truth bombs why is he free to continue? And no disrespect Hugo I don’t take you at face value even tho I like your style …trust your heart and god then research and you won’t go wrong 😎

    • Why are they all white? I mean there’s that “zuby” and the Chinese looking guy. But that’s it! Something is strange about that alone. 🤔 Given the whole “diversity/”poc “” agenda.

      • >>> Plymouth

        Could you expand on what you are referring to?

      • If you check my website in the blog section of you’ll see that a Christian went through lots of Bible verses to show that Icke was batting for the other side. You don’t need to go through the Bible verses though. Anybody hearing voices is possessed

      • Possessed by what though? If we clean our vessel we can decide which energies we want to channel.

        There are powerful beings of Light as well as Darkness that want to come through and aid us in our journey.

        I give all the glory to God because God is all. By giving the glory to God, we also give it to ourselves, each other, and all the other beautiful things God created.

      • A. “If we clean our vessel we can decide which energies we want to channel.”

        You couldn’t clean out a pig sty, and here’s what YOU will be hearing from Yashua Messiah, later on, unless you repent of your vile satanic rebelliousness!:

        Matthew 7:21-23 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into The Kingdom of God; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. 22 MANY will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? 23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

      • @Truth – God doesn’t judge, only man judges. God loves all equally because we are all God’s creation.

        I doubt you have any idea how to start cleaning your vessel. Your ego is far too powerful in your vessel for you to channel anything other than your own darkness and desires and believe them to be the word of God.

        You should empty your mind of this scripture which you clearly fail to understand and start back at the beginning. Connect with God’s creations, stop standing in judgement of them. You are of them and they are of you.

        Give your vessel to God. There is no “Messiah” coming to save you. God gave us everything we need to save ourselves without the need for a “Messiah” to come and do it for us.

        You have been blinded by your arrogance and the spells of the magicians you rage against are hard at work in your mind my friend.

        I have no further time to spend on your bitter energy. Think on my words before dismissing them as the ramblings of an unclean fool.

      • A. Rest assured He’ll be judging you, you vile whoreson. And here’s your end unless you repent and make it quick: Luke 19:27 (MVC) But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.

    • Hugo, you are very insightful. You obviously put tremendous effort into your videos. What can I say??…. Sadly you are right. Its all building up as stated in Revelations in the Holy Bible. All ‘new age’ stuff is aimed at self worship, not God worship. Putting oneself at the centre of the universe will distract from the truth. If only people could SEE! Satan is against Jesus Christ, as only HE can say “I am the way, the truth and the life. None shall come to the Father except through ME” Anything that leads you away from Jesus Christ is lies. Satan is the father of LIES. Satan is afraid of, and hates Jesus, because only Jesus can save us from Satan’s clutches. I can’t keep rambling on, it’s all so very tragic, people are fooled. But just remember this; WHEN Jesus returns “EVERY knee shall bend”. But then it will be too late for these people to change their souls, they WILL be judged.

      • I have known for a long time who they are… Satanic Jews, pharisees, scribes rule over us they hate Jesus and they hate the white race too..
        They use Marxists, communists, leftists as their useful idiots destroying their own culture, heritage, history..
        They pretend to be whiter than white.. And bombard us with words (racist) for loving your own..
        Christendom is their goal for absolute destruction, their puppet macron won with massive fraud on the French people.. All world leaders are puppets of the satanic cabala Jews.. The one race they hate are white Christians!

        “no man spoke openly the name of Jesus for fear of the Jews”
        They reject Jesus and worship baal!! Most of them don’t even know it…
        Jesus Christ is the truth, life and the way!
        And he will reign forever and ever!
        Glory be to God on high and peace to people of good will!
        Gospels, gospels, Gospels
        Of our Lord are sacred and to live by!
        Confess at the foot of the cross with a true heart… Believe me! When he hears you, you will know it!
        Then you will look upon sin with disgust.. I was but a filthy rag.. Until I came into the presence of the divine…
        The day my life changed forever! The things of this world are mere shiny baubles!
        And the road to destruction is Broad.. But the road to salvation is narrow and hard.. But he who endures till the end I will give the crown of life..
        God bless!
        The cross is his glory!
        Suffering, redemption.
        Nothing good comes easy!

      • Things are rapidly moving forward. God bless

  13. Make no mistake : one world gov.= the advent of antichrist

  14. Ive watched these people you talk about and with regards to Dan Astin Gregory as soon as the talk went to this new age crap, i switched off. Others on there i think i did fall for. Whats your take on AJ Roberts ? Im at the point now that im trying not to listen to anyone, if this NWO is going to happen then little ole has no chance of stopping it. Totally past the point of caring but i suppose this is what they want, im awake but completely at a loss what or how we can do anything about the future …

  15. Remember that thing about thesis, antithesis and synthesis?…and how these freemasons or whatever they are , are found on both sides of the matter? To create confusion and to hide their plans….

  16. Congratulations dear Brother for you are the only person I have met that is seeing the Lucis agenda here and everyone is connected its a GAME they are playing They are setting you up to vote for Donald Trump…..Trump is the 3rd beast in the Book on Daniel 7……It is a Trap and people are blindsided to what really is happening…….It is a lie……..

  17. Hi there, Mishko_ from Amsterdam. Was surprised by how much this particular group of people is linked and of like mind.
    The head of the Academy of Divine Knowledge gives off a very creepy vibe. Fluffybunny whitelight talking with a hard stare.
    Seeing how his AKD is also very much an internet presence, reminds me of IDF 88oo.
    But more a mindfvck/manipulation operation than a tech one in this case would be my guess.

    Mr. ADK came across as really personally offended by 7GrainsOfSalt and left her a personal message.
    And his followers/members left a boatload of comments under that message, harping on about sending love.
    Enfin. All being said and done his schtick is working with hidden / occult energies.
    Also some kabbalah (Merkabah/chariot, the word “life” in hebrew -Chai- adding up to 18).

    Thank you for your efforts, Misko_ from Amsterdam

  18. Hugo, thank you. You are correct, it’s deception. A few of those doctors are ignorant of what is going on behind the scenes
    Just a few. Most are agents for the devil.

  19. Hugo you are 100% correct. I have been following these drs for the last 2 years and feel I have totally wasted that time. I notice a few months ago they were swaying towards this new age rubbish. Dr Steve (the one who challenged Jarvis) has also gone down this route so I don’t bother with him anymore. Total thanks to Hugo for saving me a lot of time. This is the only channel to be believed

    • I totally agree with you. My husband and I have also been following many of the people mentioned in this video, and it’s quite disturbing to realise that they’re all linked together.

  20. Well done Hugo!
    They fool the same fools over and over again I mean Trump supporters – I reckon some of them also watch WWF and still think it’s for real.
    Roger Stone is a top spook.
    Restoring Trump to White House is meaningless (and Roger Stone knows that) since no important decisions are genuinely made in that place at least for the last century or since Andrew Jackson.

    These doctors-actors are compromised. This is how hard it is to exist as “media” personality if you are banned from mainstream media but these entities cannot exist without an audience even if it’s a fake audience. Maybe some of them are genuine and were silly enough to participate or due to too much pride.

    I think the organic actions like the Rebels on Roundabout does 1000x more good than listening to spooks like David Icke.

  21. Yes and these people are guilty by association. I don’t care if some of them are genuine. Recent medical apartheid was criminal and genuine people should be very suspicious about who they are dealing with. I reckon some genuine ones have succumb because they sensed the Intelligence is going to ban them completely from their platforms and they lose influence and simply dispensary.

    But I still think these are just a bunch of actors who were hired to capture the dissidents with David Icke one of the oldest spook actors.

  22. Hi Hugo,

    I don’t always agree with your points, but I like to hear all sides of the argument.

    Despite sometimes thinking there is a lot of complexity in the world, and things we are unable to explain, I have been somewhat more involved with this new age movement on the very light surface, and confronted a few of these people with some questions revolving around the initial teachings they are following by.

    My opinion is, it’s just another cult like religion, and I am not a fan of religions to be very honest despite not considering myself an atheist. You have made very good and interesting points, and I think despite not agreeing with absolutely all of them, you have made some of the similar questions I have made in the past to these people who are also brainwashed, just like most people are with any other religion.

    With that in mind, it doesn’t mean that some of the points these people make are not made with good intentions, I think a lot of them get carried away with trying to find a solution for the crazy world we live in, but in general they come from a good place (most of them). It’s a bit like with other religions, people come from a good place and have faith, and some others take advantage of that faith for their own profit and power.

    And I think this is what we see with a lot of these movements, they are seeing as a way to capitalize on current events, and yet making things even more confusing than what they already are. Like yourself, I don’t know what’s in the jabs, I don’t care what’s in the jabs. I know enough to not ever trust any of these entities.

    All in all, if you want to be truly free, you shouldn’t be part of a movement, because movements very often follow a hierarchy, and the leaders are power driven. Its a fallacy, and I will never follow anyone anymore.

    Thanks Hugo for the different perspective, and keep questioning everything!

  23. Glad to learn. I memorize books of the Bible. I know Jesus and He knows me. I hope the same is true for you.

  24. Absolutely, all this planning is outlined in The Protocols of the learned elders of Zion. Is to confuse and manipulate both main stream and alternative information. It is all there, black and white in a book written 100 years ago and alleged to be a forgery, but is too coincidental to be fake…… I reccomend reading it

    • Alessandra Tumolo Most of it has been fulfilled, so these lying scum bags that say it’s a forgery are too late with their lies.

  25. The Intelligence built a whole network of actors and spooks including many websites and platforms TO CONTROL THE RESPONSE because the Intelligence knows the crime has been committed and there is no way to cover up everything using MSM and censorship.
    And this acts as an ultimate net to capture all the people falling out of mainstream.

    I reckon even UKColumn is some form of controlled opposition.

    I think that is why you want to go after lone wolves like Miles W. Mathis, Brendon O’Connell, Richard Hall or Hugo. I like Harry Vox but he can also be part of the problem.

    People on the top are maniacs, control freaks so don’t expect any of them to change 180 degree. The handlers are chronic liars working as Intelligence, bankers, politicians, actors, lawyers, businessmen, negotiators, diplomats. The system was and is to promote such corrupt people to position of power and make them famous. They won’t let the narrative lose because there are no gains and they know there are smaller control freak fishes just waiting to take their place.

    • Mathis has done some great work, I’ve read most of his papers.
      But he’s promoting covid as being nothing more than a massive treasury theft that’s over now. Completely misdirecting from the fact that it’s part of an unprecedented, multi pronged attack designed to radically alter the way we’re “allowed” to exist.

      • @Rob, Mathis is a disso half-truth teller, and tells a pack of lies about Hitler – always a good sign when you’re looking to expose disso scum bags. Unfortunately this Flavius Stilicho dupe thinks the sun shines out of his arse! I keep on telling him, but he’s impervious to reasoned proof and facts.

  26. The Trump followers have become so intermingled with the Q letter people, you can’t tell the majority apart…..I have friends and family soo virulently angry if I bring up ANYTHING Trump does in negative light, especially the jib jab!! Won’t even entertain the oppo which is fact!! Casting blame on others NEVER Trump!! Calling me on social media, a Democrat, liberal snowflake, libtard!! I voted for Trump twice, felt he was best option for the pisspoor political environment we had AND HAVE CURRENTLY!!! But unlike the left, I can criticize without polls needed to gauge the winds blowing (Hunter Biden,inflation etc) but I’m finding the right and conservatives following as blindly as the left all things Trump and embracing without discretion or discernment these evil people and Flynn’s reciting demonic prayers….Hugo, listen as he makes HIS version even less likely it is about God Almighty and more like it’s meant for Satan…..even that witch he copied it from used God, he left that out purposefully, direct like a military man would, no messing about when lemmings will kiss your @$$ without question!! Stay safe and blessed Brother!! Christ is my Savior in Him I only Trust!! But you my Brother, I stand with you!! Cheers!!

  27. Loads of my so called awake friends have bought into this new age stuff, they do zoom meditation and group yoga and have all been out and bought crystals.
    Keep telling them if they wanna clear their head sitting looking at a screen ain’t gonna help and to get out and take a walk through the woods or take a stroll down the beach regardless of weather.
    Also Russel Brand is a massive fraud, goes on about being this new age guru and animal loving vegan, yet he’s in my uncles high end butchers every week spending a tonne of money on meat, he says the meat is for his dog lol
    People are so numb nowadays that they need people to follow cause they have lost all ability to use their own brains.

    • I know what you mean, that’s what I find really frustrating sometimes.
      When did everyone become so hard of thinking?
      People all just seem to follow anyone who looks like they’re saying the kind of things they want to hear, but are completely unable to pay attention to the details.

      • @Rob From the 1950s with the saturation of a TV in every home. That’s when thinking stopped!

        “The American people don’t believe anything until they see it on television.”

        — President Richard M Nixon

  28. Sadly, I see more acquaintances falling for this new age rubbish. Meditation, hallucinogenics… There is a lack of identity in the West and Christianity is being replaced by pseudo Christianity (see Steiner and the likes discussed in the video) or pagan religions. Who wants to be humble these days when narcissism is the norm? The sense of omnipotence the new age promises is so seductive. I do agree with the fact that the most of the personalities discussed in the video started as regime critics and ended up leading people to “spirituality” with one exception: Tenpenny. She is an old pro choice activist – she started decades ago. As far as I know she is a Christian. Who know?s Maybe they think an alliance in these days is better than fighting alone? But in this case I think it’s the proverbial pact with the devil… See more at E511 Mnistries who expands on the idea of the “Great Awakening”.

  29. Thnx for searching deeper into this cult(ure), and as you see both sides are working together to throw us deeper into this new system. Lucifer toke us out of this great matrix as Helena once said, so why he wants us to put us back in then? When you read the Revelation from the Bible you probably will see that all these things are being forfilled ( but are they for real?). Cause honestly when you look at all these happenings lately isn’t it a bit too much of a coincedence? In the end it has never been to help the poor althought many will say that, it has always been about money/power/glorie and the damn ego’s of some. We have many *smart* people on this planet but who is really standing up right now? Long time ago they used magic to help people now they using magic to control and fool theme, even now our emails/ online searchings and even our conversations are being looked at by our military cause of this great Patriot act. But in the end they all playing a very dangerous game for a plan what is made by people who have no souls. If they really want to be a GOD then they sure aint acting like one. Again thanks for all these information and keep sharing the truth cause that’s the real power of Light.

  30. I don’t know what to say. Suddenly I don’t know who I can trust anymore. It’s at times like these that I realise that when all’s said and done, I can trust Jesus. Men will let you down but He will never let you down. ‘He who trusts in The Lord, will never be put to shame’ Psalm 25:1
    Romans 10:11

    • I’m confused that you say that you don’t know who to trust then quote from the Bible. 😃🙃Keep your eyes on the Lord and not get distracted

  31. I hope Neil Oliver is genuine. I think he may have taken the jab as I don’t think he would have been against it for adults. As at first a lot of people just trusted the authorities. But since he’s seen the way that it was pushed on children when you can clearly see that it’s totally not needed to I think it’s opened his eyes. I hope so, anyway. Plus I think he was always a bit new-agey without really understanding that he was. Very much a natural, nature, earthy type person, but not in a wierd, worship type way. I’m still hoping.

    • Neil Oliver has always pushed the narrative as true while being “critical” of the response.
      He’s just an actor with a calm, understanding voice that people find reassuring.
      He has such a devoted following because most people no longer have any critical thinking skills or ability to pay attention to, or notice details.
      The fact that the pandemic has been completely made up has been erased from most peoples awareness because of people like Neil Oliver.

      • Even if he was somehow “genuine” he won’t be allowed to say things like the pandemic was a scam because of OFCOM rules. He is still on a national news channel after all. They have to report the usual scaremongering headlines (presented as facts) alongside alternative opinions from presenters and guests…

      • GinaW
        “Genuine” but still happy to push the mainstream propaganda and steer people away from the truth for a paycheck?
        Oh, that’s alright then.

  32. thank you, that was interesting and informative😊 Lord, how many crazy people and how many of them are everywhere!!!! It reminds me of a cheap sect where losers go. The funny thing is that all these “doctors” and “enlighteners of the soul” participate in this circus for what?! these crazy people spend so much time and effort on these sectarian signs and symbols and all sorts of nonsense … they are for the elites the same garbage as all people-why they trying so hard?!?🙄

  33. A lot of low resolution thinking in so many of these comments (so many coming from America) proves to me that people will follow anyone or anything if it’s presented in the right way.
    God help us… but that will not happen.
    Remember there are about 3,000 recognised religions (with variations) in the world and many of them have a hell of a lot to answer for.

  34. its all a fucking stage and there the actors portraying it

  35. Hi Hugo, thanks for the info. Who the hell is left that we can trust?

    • Trust Christ and God’s word. That’s all we could ever truly trust in the first place.

      • Luke Shepard Yes but do YOU KNOW what God’s word is, or have you been spoon fed error by blind guides from their pulpits and lecterns from the get-go!?

    • The goal is divide and conquer, remember? This is happening even now. Follow your own gut feeling and nobody elses. We the People must prevail.

  36. thank you for this. I noticed when you refer to new age, you say the words with disdain. As if new age is something to be vilified. I think it is very positive to introduce meditation and breathwork into schools. These are scientifically proven methods of relaxation and so important for children and young people to be able to access. Please do not dismiss these methods without checking the science behind it. I have followed Cristiane Northrup for years due to health issues. She was a practising doctor in USA but stepped away from her practice and pharmaceuticals in order to offer more holistic remedies to her patients. This was due to the indoctrination of the medical profession and promotion of harmful drugs via big pharma which she did not agree with. I believe the other doctors you mention have also stood up to big pharma and suffered professionally and financially as a result. This is why they have formed this alliance. How hard must it be as a doctor or scientist, to be silenced when you can see harm being committed. They say they are ‘An independent non-profit alliance of doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and staff around the world who have united in the wake of the Covid-19 response chapter to share experiences with a view to ending all lockdowns and related damaging measures and to re-establish universal health determinance of psychological and physical wellbeing for all humanity.’ I support them in this.

    • I agree I am a holistic therapist and I do Angel work. I do daily meditation and yes I followed a lot of ‘New Age’ stuff in the 80-90’s that indigenous people have followed for centuries.
      I am an intuitive but no way am I a New Ager nor an advocate of the Luciferian model.
      I connect with Source does make me a NWO follower etc.
      In a word NO I am fighting for the children the world’s future they are the ones that matter. We need respect of one another’s belief system and come together not tar all with the same brush.

    • You’ve completely missed the elephant in the room. It goes trumpety Trump!

  37. Who can you trust apart from God? Nobody

    • There is always a clue its in the name ‘ Lucis Trust ‘

  38. Read:

    Local Futures is just another project of the Intelligence to spy on local communities under guise of a charitable non-profit organization.
    Same like the doctor-actors is to monitor the situation without raising a suspicion.

    Check out bio of this Joo activist: Edward David Berman who I believe still is a conduit between local communities and Rothschild and Co bankers not only around Canary Wharf. Are WE or the bankers grateful for his work? “He has worked in Hong Kong, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Russia, South Africa and India as a director/trainer as well as advising on developing new social enterprises. In Russia he worked as an adviser to three state ministers and in the UK as a non-party-political Special Advisor on inner city matters to Cabinet ministers”. I think the banking intelligence used these spooks to survey the urban areas to slowly prepare them to what we are experiencing now: smart cities. This began over 50 years ago!
    In case you doubt he is a Joo, Berman is a Jooish surname and Harvard he attended is a Jooish university for Jooish/Zionist Intelligence spooks.
    and his gay theater enterprises with another Joo Gerald Chapman

  39. Excellent video…I don’t want to believe most of my heroes are in on it. But it is hard to refute after watching this.
    Could you help sort out this fellow Harari? He is a come out of nowhere guy and is talking anti God stuff as well.

  40. When you mention the “Lucis Trust”, don’t forget to tell people that this is a jewish luciferian cabalist organisation inside the United Nations building, it’s part of the new age pagan of the UN. Another luciferian cabalist organisation Alice Bailey did established withing the United Nations is the “Arcane Schools”, arcane meaning ‘secret’, they are schools which teach the diabolical magic of the jewish cabala. But there are more organizations Alice Bailey did open within the UN itself, like the “World GoodWill” which applies the teachings of Bailey in a social context, and also the UN “Triangles”, which promote the teachings of the cabala locally, all disguised with nice sounding words. And Hugo, the UN and Alice Bailey also created what they call the “Great Invocation”… Google it, it’s a pagan esoteric ‘prayer’ filled with doublespeak, and apparently it’s used every single day by legions of new age networks spread all over the world.
    If you are researching the UN pagan agenda, you also need to research characters like David Spangler, Maurice Strong, Robert Muller who engineered the “Common Core Curriculum”, Barbara Hubbard and a few more; they are all luciferian cabalists disguised as ‘theososphists’ or ‘new agers’ – check the titles of the books they wrote.
    I think you’ve got an email address in your website, so I’m going to send you some stuff for you to have a look – stuff linked with the UN and the new age pagan agenda.
    I finish writing what David Spangler said one needs to do in order to enter the New World Order… he was the director of the UN Planetary Initiative and member of the Lucis Trust:

    – “No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New She unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation.” Google image this quote and type the first phrase until NWO…

    All these new agers Hugo, know that a “Selection Day” has long been planned, a day where people are going to be asked to pledge to worship Lucifer, for gentiles will be a pledge to the NOAHIDE LAWS, which occult symbol is this 🌈 we nowadays see everywhere. Those who refuse to pledge it will be eliminated [Rev 20:4]. Try to get and read “The Handbook of the New Paradigm”; get to know their mentality and how they brainwash countless souls into this new age madness. I’ll paste some quotes regarding this “Selection Day” in an email.

    • Do we also know the kill shot is a race specific bioweapon? And guess which race is targeted–the HUMAN of course. That means we have an alien (demonic) race existing with us–carrying out the elimination of the Children of God.

      We were already made aware by Jesus in the Bible that Satan also has “children” and that we are to “KNOW THEM by THEIR FRUITS.” Jesus came on Earth for a reason, and His sacrifice for Humanity is something that needs to be looked at and understood more.

      We can get back on track with our authentic spiritual course and the fulfillment of the American Founding not only within the nation, but also GLOBALLY AND PLANETARY here:

      The above is the counter-point to the New Age deception ultimate communism (from the Satanic Lucis Trust) they are pulling over our eyes again.

      Through the above way, we can get our rightful destiny back. We should mirror what they do in creating our own UNITY.

    • Alice Bailey called the holocaust ‘racial karma’. The whole new age plan is to destroy Judaism and Christianity. This is a pagan occult movement, vehemently opposed to 10 commandment Torah Judaism. Please learn what Bailey and Blavatsky ACTUALLY preach.

    • Great info – when one digs deep into anti Christian agenda, a zionist usually pops up. and i’m not a Christian but I despise the law projects set up to destroy Christianity and it’s always the same culprits linked back to Israel, Khazaria, Kabbalah, Zionism, Franklin school
      and the like

  41. Pingback: Antichrist – The Mark, Pt.2 – Cristo La Verdad

  42. I’m going to say all of the above. It is experimental after all. Different jabs for different local.

  43. At 6.16, the sequence of hand signals is swift and disturbing. To elaborate, a friend of mine told me that she once met Demis Rousoss. I went to watch him on you tub and his entire video had been doctored. He was singing, but his hands were, throughout, doing demented hand signals.
    Also, that four day event? Mind control, paid for by the attendees. I have been on a free “religious” group 3 day event, and it was without soul, instead, through open eyes meditation, looking straight at the “teacher” I felt extreme distress. Thankfully, God has my soul protected

  44. This is outstanding well done, i mean the video not the New Age deceivers

  45. Globalists always cover as many sides as possible. Boris and Tri-lateral Starmer a case in point. This was great work Hugo!! A while ago I realised there were no saviours coming. This video helped me to also figure out why alternative views are not yet fully censored and seemingly promoted. I believe Globalists are too low in numbers to take on the populous, so need us to turn on each other first. But ‘awakening’ is also a great stress raiser, so again a lever of fear to get the ones who see through the more obvious levers of fear. Sneaky or snakey maybe – either way there’s a huge shift coming soon, more than just the WEF agenda, I can feel it, but not yet fully see it.

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