The Aquarian LUCIFERIAN Agenda / New Age Doctor Network Part 2 / Hugo Talks


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  1. It is always a small minority who, in control of the media, finance, academia, and the arts (same grouo/members), who hoodwink and beguile the rudderless masses to their destruction. Time and time for two millennia. They belong to the ‘synagogue of satan’.

  2. Two sides of the same demonic coin. The Hegelian Dialectic at work; Thesis / Antithesis. Satan is indeed very busy roaming about seeing whom he may devour.

    • Not sure why you feel the need to know who possesses Icke? Suffice to say that a lady contacted my website having purchased all of Icke’s books. She then suffered demonic activity in her flat. Repented and can now get a good night’s sleep. Icke books were destroyed

      • Really? You can’t generalize like that. Perhaps she experienced it but there are many people I know, including myself, who have all of Icke’s books from way back in the 90s on our bookshelves and we’ve had no such activity. Of course we left him behind decades ago but his books don’t cause demons to come at you. Please!

      • @Chuck All that says to me is that the woman who experienced demonic influences via Icke’s books was receiving a warning from God and you were not. This would most likely be because The Father was calling her to Yashua Messiah (Jesus Christ) and was protecting the new Learner (disciple). In your case He is not calling you so you would not receive any unwelcome attention from demons.

  3. “Alice Bailey the freemason”. When did the freemasons admit women?? DTS…… kabbalah worshippers!

    The ‘synagogue of satan’ has always been involved with or at the head of these groups; all in their continued millennia old attempts to destroy Christianity. Logos Rising!

  4. I made a post on here and tried several times. It even came up with the fact I was trying to duplicate a post. Yet it’s not here. I’ve emailed to ask what’s happening and have had no reply.

    Can anybody help please?

  5. Here’s the post I referenced. Hope it works!

    First off, I think it’s a big mistake to equate meditation, yoga, shamanism etc with just New Age cultism. Indigenous peoples worldwide have practiced such things for millennia. A Yogi in the hills of Tibet or a tribal shaman in a folk community is hardly “New Age,” nor are the scores of practicing Tibetan monks. There’s plenty of evidence showing that meditation, yoga , qi gong, Tai Chi etc are extremely beneficial in ways that stretch beyond what the western medical system can even hope to achieve.

    That said, there is doubtless a maligning of these teachings in the New Age movement: they tend to take out the hard work, dedicated practice and even brutality aspects and sweeten it all with noodlish mantras and practices. For instance, before a monk could enter the monestary in some traditions, the aspirant would have to wait outside the gates for an unknown length of time, just to prove he might be dedicated enough to study. There is nothing easy about being alone in a tiny dark cave for days on end facing a wall, which is another practice some had. Such things are a world away from New Ageism, Satanism and Christianity. Incidentally, it is likely that meditation formed part of Christianity at one time- so many “inconvenient” books have been extracted and the messages twisted to a Judaic slant. Prayer is a kind of meditation!

    Secondly, graphene oxide is very real. Semi-sentient nanotechnology is very real. We are all full of nanobots from our food, water and air supplies, let alone any medications and jabs. Graphene oxide has not only been found in the jab, but is also in the sprays from geoengineering. Dane Wigington has done some excellent research on this and works tirelessly to raise awareness of the critical geoengineering operations that are destroying the planet and aiding this agenda. Patents in graphene technology and the various nanobots that some of these scientists discuss exist as does official research showing their deleterious effects. Please, do your research into these patents. Meanwhile, embalmers are finding some horrifying evidence of what this stuff is doing to the blood of recipients. The technology being used is far advanced of what we are allowed to know.

    It is also a mistake to think that what is in these jabs is fairly homogenous across the board. It would be a stupid strategy to have everyone drop dead s soon as they have received it. It’s much more prudent to give a different poison to individuals within a family, with some possibly receiving only saline; then if one gets ill but the other doesn’t, the jab cannot be cited as the suspected cause (in their rhetoric that is!). Also, they are experimental, doubtless part of the transhuman agenda: just what might we see happening in the next year or so? Morgellons is very real and that now just seems to be part of the covert experimentation leading up to this last two years. I personally have noticed a massive increase in the number of people with peculiar afflictions and a huge increase in various forms of disability since lockdown was released. Time will tell if I am seeing evidence of harm caused by the jab, suffice it to say it seems more than coincidence as I have been in my area for long enough to make a fairly reasonable judgment on this issue.

    Again, as I’ve said before, I think many of these doctors are laudible and unaware they are being played by a greater agenda. Don’t forget the Masons’ pyramid is built in blocks, each unit being sealed from others. Part of the agenda with blockchain appears to be having autonomous groups effectively living in echo-chambers but ultimately, being manipulated by an over-arching control system. And of any who are in “the know,” how many have been threatened? It goes on all the time. Just what do they do if they have family and loved ones, not just a career, and are told to either play ball or accept the consequences- death to all?

    • Just wanted to commend you Hugo on a thoroughly excellent piece of work (as usual). Thank you my friend.

      • Yoga reiki etc may not all be new age but they’re all not Christian. Why doesn’t Hugo cover the fact that all these people are either New Age, Scientologists, Kabbalists, freemasons for his next video? That would be good.

    • Anything not of God is by default anti-christ, don’t sugar coat satan!

    • Yoga is of the devil full stop – he wants you to empty yourself so he can fill it and then use you and destroy you.

    • @M “First off, I think it’s a big mistake to equate meditation, yoga, shamanism etc with just New Age cultism. Indigenous peoples worldwide have practiced such things for millennia. A Yogi in the hills of Tibet or a tribal shaman in a folk community is hardly “New Age,” nor are the scores of practicing Tibetan monks. There’s plenty of evidence showing that meditation, yoga , qi gong, Tai Chi etc are extremely beneficial in ways that stretch beyond what the western medical system can even hope to achieve.”

      Oh yes, I know that fallen man, and especially hu-man beings, have been contacting and communicating with Satan and his demons for thousands of years.

      Hu; Hu-mans; Canaanites; The Serpent Seed:

      • @Caroline Stephens That He did Caroline, but they refused to hear Him then, and they’re still refusing to hear Him now – as He always planned it, and arranged it:


        Matthew 13:10-11 (MCV) And the Learners came, and said unto Him, Why speakest thou unto them in parables? 11 He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of The Kingdom of God, BUT TO THEM IT IS NOT GIVEN.

        The full passage:

        Matthew 13:10-16 (MCV) And the Learners came, and said unto Him, Why speakest thou unto them in parables? 11 He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of The Kingdom of God, BUT TO THEM IT IS NOT GIVEN. 12 For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath. 13 THEREFORE I SPEAK TO THEM IN PARABLES: because they seeing, see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand. 14 And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah, which saith, By hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive: 15 For this people’s heart is waxed gross (has grown fat and lazy), and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, AND SHOULD BE CONVERTED, AND I SHOULD HEAL THEM. 16 But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear.

  6. So where I (and I assume others) get stuck on these is which (any/all???) of these people is KNOWINGLY shilling and deceiving. Which among them knows a different, darker agenda and is playing the role to hook in truthers to serve “Lucifer/Satan”? We were “New Agers” for decades (I’m not sure I can say we aren’t still) – Findhorn, crystals, ayahuasca etc and there are lots of people deeply invested in those themes, including effectively making a “living” from them. I would find it very hard to believe that they are secretly luciferians (but hey, they may be!). It also seems orders of magnitude more galling to consider we are lied to by those “on our side” when it’s so easy to see it with the obvious/mainstream DS actors. Surely also, most truthers now have an intensive 2 year learning process under their belts so once alerted as here, we switch our spidey senses up to max – why would any truther swallow, in the future, the anti-christ or the one world religion? I ask not because I disbelieve but because no question can remain unasked…

  7. Don’t forget some other influencers within health such as Sayer Ji of greenmediainfo. I also think Mercola may be linked as he interviews the same people. You have that David Avocado Wolfe dude also who sounds the same with the new age stuff.

  8. Hugo points out some valid points, I wondered why I eventually distanced myself from these people, the penny dropped and much does not add up, the claims that are made never seem Togo anywhere. There is also much mealy mouthing going on at times.Trump looks deep state the company he keeps past and present , a master confidence trickster, once again their saviour , oh but wait I seem to remember the fraudulent election he claimed , so has he managed to fix that yet, coz if not then surely it will end up in the same way, then we had Q another treat for those who wanted a saviour, trump gets covid then takes Hydroxychloroquine, and chlorine dioxide, is healthy again but takes the warp speed jabs he is so proud of , I would bet every penny he and family have had zero injections,
    So he still pushes the lethal injections claims millions saved, so apparently he does not know about VAERS THE MILLIONS INJURED THOUSANDS KILLED after the jab. Yet all these people follow and support trump. Something is far wrong, and yes I did buy in to some of this early on, but started distancing myself from their work/ videos etc and kept asking myself what is wrong.

    • Trump looks deep state? His debts were paid off by Rothschild associates and he’s not a Christian 😃🙃He’s a 33rd degree freemason and comes from an Illuminati type family..He signed Operation Warpspeed to ensure that every American is jabbed. Q was a CIA psyops. There are court papers about Trump and Epstein on the Internet

      • Thank you for giving us information we need to know!

      • @Caroline Stephens, Oh yes, I have watched you on and off for quite a few years – I used to be a subscriber to your Jewtube channel – did they take it down eventually? I can see your very colourful flower arrangements now! LOL.

      • They removed my Caroline Stephens Seeking the truth channel way back in August 2020 courtesy of Wakeup UK who issued 5 copyright strikes against the channel. I had filmed myself being interviewed by people like Angie and Tiny. Unbelievable. I know someone has UPLOADED a smattering of my videos from a couple of years ago but it’s not my channel. I have a website called

      • Hi Caroline

        I had a look at the link
        Interesting stuff thank you

      • @Caroline Stephens Do you know of any research done on the jab that includes statistics on different blood groups?

      • I have a suspicion “There are two sides,both have been infiltrated so many times you can’t tell them apart”.This can be linked back to “Eden”the story itself is not what many think,I am surprised that this has not reached people yet.EVE is punished through cause and effect “And I put enmity between you and the serpent, between your SEED and his”this enmity is still found today within a certain blood group on the mother’s side,if a female mixes with a male of a different blood the unborn child is rejected.A clear indication of “enmity” I think you’d agree.Other characteristics of this blood are numerous,including a higher than average intelligence and even extra vertebra,but fundamentally the blood cells are smooth.As simple as it sounds,perhaps to simple,it made me think of Velcro and this so called “Spiked protein”.A symbolic representation of this,can be found in GENE-EVE “GENEVA” where two rivers meet, have a look,quite striking.But of course there are three sides to a coin and I’m with the thrid.Matthew 12-30.

      • I’ve heard,a very fanciful explanation.

      • I know who it is,yes messenger,it is the “jews” but they have taken much of our history,I’m trying to break my amnesia and a unholy alliance has been made and it, in this cycle happened in Geneva.

      • Just remember they have inverted everything if she has enmity with the snake she can no longer mate with it,or this is the effect of hybridization, We are “Cro magnon” based in varying % but others share a base with Neanderthal (them),Africans with homo erectus and denisovans with East Asians.Europeans are different and eve is in actual fact are base blood as only cro magnon carried that blood and so genes,that is why eye colour in all other people is brown and makes up 80-85% of eye colours.

      • @Caroline Stephens, Is that “Wake Up UK” on Fecesbook? If so, that dodgy arrangement would immediately send me to sleep before I even started! LOL Sorry, I wouldn’t even know who Angie and Tiny are.

        Oh and the one thing that caused me to stop watching your Jewtube channel was that pompous know-nothing old fart you used to chat with quite regularly on there. I think he was one of those smug ex-pats living in warmer climes (Spain?) and they usually annoy me with their ‘looking down their noses’ attitude towards us serfs back home.

      • @Baldur “Just remember they have inverted everything if she has enmity with the snake she can no longer mate with it.”

        Not her, HER SEED or offspring – MANKIND will have enmity toward Satan’s Seed. (((They))) call it anti-Semitism, when they’re not even Semites.

        “We are “Cro magnon” based in varying % but others share a base with Neanderthal (them),Africans with homo erectus and denisovans with East Asians.Europeans are different and eve is in actual fact are base blood as only cro magnon carried that blood and so genes,that is why eye colour in all other people is brown and makes up 80-85% of eye colours.”

        This is just so much secular nonsense that leads people down blind alleys. No white man was ever in Africa until he visited from Mesopotamia (King Solomon) and later from Europe. Stick to The Scriptures for The Truth.

      • RH negative blood is a measure of kings,a male of positive blood cannot conceive a child with a female of this blood.i.e EVE.This is God safety mechanism.More over the “out of Africa” theory is the one pushed,that we simply left Africa and lost are I stated, proves we are not just different races but a different species!And it is in the scriptures,you just have to reassess who the Angels were,the “fallen”mixed with these 3 hominids to create as you say hu-mans and cause and effect (gods law)judged them and it cannot be taken back.We are not from “Noah” we are Noah,we are the Arch Angel Michael(the collective spirit of our people) and the war in heaven never ended,it is fought to this day.Hardly (secular)and Jesus Christ was a “national socialist”which is clear in Mathew “A house divided cannot stand” .Just answer this question,what is Satan’s sin?

      • @Baldur, “And it is in the scriptures, you just have to reassess who the Angels were, the “fallen”mixed with these 3 hominids to create as you say hu-mans and cause and effect (gods law)judged them and it cannot be taken back.”

        The angels were created by God. The fallen angels came later AFTER Adam and Eve’s sin (miscegenation) in The Garden. ALL the descendants of the fallen angels were destroyed in The Flood. The ONLY one with a lineage back to Cain was Noah’s wife Naamah – the sister of Tubal-Cain.

        “Just answer this question, what is Satan’s sin?”

        Satan IS/WAS sin, that’s how he was made.

        Genesis 3:1 (KJV) Now The Serpent was more subtil (devious and crafty) than any beast of the field which the LORD God HAD MADE!

      • So that is why she is called “the mother of all demons”you should look into,the “Cro magnon” from what I can see it is just modern European man and they have put a name to it which just means “big cave”and kept it suppressed,I have read some books on anthropology before the war and I believe a based German more than most,in it they call out all,but I think going through the Weimar harden them and their thoughts turned against their Aryan brothers,quite rightly in many respects,but we will now feel it as well.In the sense that we had aloud (((them))) to lead us to war and cripple them after,the horror of hearing about it and seeing our country falling under this terrible “jew spell”is gut wrenching.I know it must happen,but what a waste,all our people can achieve,thrown away for take away dinners and a shit box and then looking at myself and seeing a shit pile I have put on two stone of muscle since then.It is a real slap in the face but certainly makes you more humble.

      • @Baldur, Adam referred to Eve as “the Mother of ALL living”, which means she was the mother of both Mankind (Adam’s Seed) and Hu-mankind (Satan’s Seed), that is, Abel followed by Seth, as his replacement, and Cain (The Serpent Seed), with him being replaced by Canaan post-flood. Canaan was the progeny of Ham (brown skinned) with his mother Naamah (incest and miscegenation) the original Jewish matriarch.

        Genesis 3:20 And Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she was the mother of all living.

        Hu; Hu-mans; Canaanites; The Serpent Seed:

        It’s all very simple but, unfortunately, the waters of which get muddied up by complicated and confusing secular terminology: cro-magnon; neanderthals; Aryans; Indo-Europeans and other such deceptive, meaningless and confusing words.

    • There’s a big problem here. I together with a Christian lady from America outed all the people mentioned in this video for more than a year. Why would it take him so long to out them all? Secondly the one organisation that he hasn’t outed is UK Column which is currently promoting the Bath New Age Conference AND Hugo’s videos. Everyone needs to wake up. Every single one of them has a Luciferian agenda otherwise they’re removed.

    • One thing that stands out with them all is, they are still promoting there being this virus, stating there is treatment for it with Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. Only one German doctor spoke out at the beginning and said it is just another cold and there is no treatment for a cold, other than resting, keeping warm and eating well and drinking plenty of fluids; the body will do the rest. Never heard from him since. .Listened to him a few times.

      He also said the above treatments are only useful in small quantities and only for those who might be at serious risk, otherwise they are immune suppressants and to leave the immune system to deal with any cold or flu as it always has done.

      Like you, at first I I was taken by them, but then after a short while I started wonder why they were not questioning why there had been less deaths in 2020 and as you said, it was when claims they made never went anywhere that I really started to take notice. Cahill often talked nonsense and a few picked up on the fact she didn’t always explain things every well and seemed to not always know what she was talking about. It was when I looked at the website she was promoting The World Freedom Alliance, that I realised she was not genuine.

  9. Between “these people” and the States/Governments around the world, I prefer to be “wrong” ou “deceived” by “these people”… at least they are not trying to cull humanity. You may have presented your point… but you presented no other option, so no winnings.

  10. You mentioned Mark windows is it the same mark windows of windows on the world of so do ypu think he is a influencer as I’ve often thought quote newage shows sometimes bit also he supposes a lot aswell thankypu higo for open my eyes I never realised so many influencers on you tube I new there was some but im quote shocked

    • Yes Mark Windows is definitely controlled opposition with all his ‘change agent’ bollocks, and like Max Igan, I called him out on the Jews years ago. Let’s face it, no one, and I mean NO ONE, keeps a Jewtube channel if they’re really promoting and revealing The Truth.

  11. Great video again Hugo, these puppet doctors are ignoring the elephant in the room the nano chip bluetooth transmittor prelude to the beast system hexadecimal mac address in alot of the vaccine batches, why dont they ever mention this reality and just talk about hyperthetical allogations that make truthers look like eggheads in public !!

  12. Good work by Hugo exposing the subtle counterfeit of the devil – Daniel 8 v 25: ‘he (Antichrist) shall magnify himself in his heart, and by PEACE shall destroy many: (v 24) ‘he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practise, and shall DESTROY the mighty and the HOLY people’ (v25) he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes (The Lord Jesus Christ); but he shall be broken without hand.

  13. Hugo, excellent research. The infiltration of darkness into the light is there. But there are true truthers for sure. I know, I am one. I would like to ask you to look into the work of Ron Giles from OneLoveSociety. His website is: Is anyone know of him? What are you thoughts on that? According to Ron Giles, there are a lot of fake gurus, but he believes that the Earth Alliance is working for the people and that one day (no dates is given), when GESARA will be put into place, people with humanitarian projects will get enough money to create the new golden age. I put my trust in this, but at this point, I don’t know anything anymore.

    • NESARA/GESARA is another fake load of nonsense. This BS had been doing its rounds since the late 90s. It was the then Galactic Federation of Light that was pushing that nonsense…allegedly aliens concerned for human beings form the star system of Sirius. Then it disappeared to rear its head again in the early 2000s, to disappear again and then arise out of the ashes again now. It is not real. Money appearing into people’s bank accounts from nowhere?! People will all have enough money to live on such as thousands a month for pensioners! The Golden Age is not ever going to come into being, it is dream of these new agers and Luciferians. The only real golden age, is one where people really are free to live their lives with self determination and earn a living from their own skills and not have it stolen by a corrupt government. Where we have borders and individual countries again. Anyone who talks of a borderless world is someone to avoid and look further into.

    • “In Christ alone my hope is found…all other ground is shifting sand.”

  14. @truthdoctrine: you ASSUME SO MUCH. There are whistle blowers from that industry coming out (as well). There is a bunch of them who are going to give a conference in Palm Beach Florida Hilton later this month. You were given true discernment above. Seems as though you yourself may have an agenda. Even so, we can take their truth and information and process it how we want–but we don’t have to go all the way with their NWO plans–they may not either.

    • @Amber I assume nothing! There are ‘whistle blowers’ and then there are WHISTLE BLOWERS who always get taken out e.g people like Kary B Mullis Mr PCR who REALLY spelt it out!! Yeadon is a ‘whistle blower’ fake who parrots what he is told – he’s a disso and a shill! Now you carry on sleeping, but keep the snoring to a minimum, there’s a good dupe.

      • I agree with you regards Yeadon. Having listened to his early videos, then later on and now, there is difference. Certainly contradictions. He is too mild in how he puts the information out. It always feels as if he is holding something back. I really do not like the man. He comes across as very arrogant. Plus, he is in line with Malone, who has very questionable connections and people funding him. Listening to Dr Martin; at first I thought, great! Then listening to another interview with him, I switched it off part way through; Again, there were contradictions to the first video I heard him in, the one that impressed me, but the second time, I saw through him. How did Yeadon get into the US so easily? How did Igan get out of Australia so easily? Why did he leave Australia? I have heard Igan come out with the most profound New Age BS to the point of feeling embarrassed for him. Cahill is another one. A few cottoned onto her early on. Again, no real emotion, very flat when talking.

      • @Joleen I can’t disagree with any of that. Everyone you mentioned is either a disso or a shill or both. Igan I called out years ago when Jewtube was relatively free and I could pretty much say what I wanted to say, and leave links – now it’s dead. Martin is a Freemason 100%.

        All these ‘virus’ luvvies, like Cahill and Mikovits, make me laugh. They make being ignorant look and sound so convincing – it’s an art form! LOL

  15. No billionaire will be the peoples saviour, believe me.

    • The Bible says: “You are known by the company you keep.”

      • @shreddednomore And the Turkish Jew, Bozo Boris, keeps company with The Rothschild Jews. QED as those papists would say.

  16. Aquarius says NO to Satanism! Aquarius carries water TO the good and the needy – not FOR the evil and greedy! Satanism is a pottage full of bad ingredients.

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  18. The synagogue of satan has nothing to do with Jews or any race of people. It is the cruel financial system that enslaves people through debt and theft…it has many slang names…the Mystery school, the initiates, on and on. I hate to see a channel like this cheapened with racist slurs.

    • @deannajohnstonclark, Cultural Jew Marxist Libtards are poor fit here – stick to the verminous treacherous shit-rag called The Guardian – much more your thing!

      Oh and if you’re not a racist then you will lose YOUR RACE!

      “RACIST” A made up word by the Jew Leon Trotsky (real name Lev Bronstein) in 1927 and used to browbeat all dissenters of the Jewish Bolshevik Marxist/Communist ideology, and still used today to keep white people walking on egg shells regarding other races. Only whites are racists according to these traitor sons of bitches, like John Mann, Labour MP.

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