Russell Brand Setting Up ‘Trump Saviour Narrative’ Controlled Opposition Full House

Russell ‘Tavistock’ Brand Bigging Up Donald trump and setting up the Trump Returning Saviour narrative
Controlled Opposition checklist
Trump Favourable ✔️
Elon Musk Favourable ✔️
Scratch under the surface and is Peddling NEW AGE ✔️

146 Comments on “Russell Brand Setting Up ‘Trump Saviour Narrative’ Controlled Opposition Full House

  1. Incoming new BS Variant Moronic XP I mean ME I mean XE I version 10.004 and this 1 the jabs magically work for again, so go get your 4th, it’ll only protect you for upto 45mins but if you don’t get it, then your a bad person, so BOOSTER BOOSTER BOOSTER!!

    Italy, signed up for the great reset, social credit score, carbon credit score and climate lockdowns, a period of weeks stuck at home to save the planet.

    Here we go again!!! 🙁

    FOOD SHORTAGES, 2 processing plants burned down recently in the UK, that’s started here aswell, STOCK UP PEOPLE STOCK UP!!!

    Water aswell, Aldi £1.09 for 16litres of water, 4 big bottles, filling up my cellar slowly, I can go 6months without food, but days without water.

  2. Gates has said theres a severe “variant” round the corner and said jabs are the only way forward…
    To be honest i couldnt give a fuck about them jabs or the morons that have them….
    People wont be so cock-sure of themselves when they get ill from them later on down the line😷

  3. Want to know how far the rabbit hole goes and you have the stomach?
    Video: Deepest Dark on bitchute.
    WARNING: You wont be able to ‘unsee’ some of those clips in the documentary.

  4. Great video Hugo!!…
    Thanks for all the hard work you have done in getting all that information out to us🙂

    I am trying to find Part 1 but can’t…could someone let me know where I might find it.

    Thanks and God Bless

    • I meant for the above reply to be for the video: The Aquarian Luciferian Agenda/NEW Age Doctor Network Part 2/Hugo Talks

  5. Thanks for giving us AN EYE ON SO MANY WALLS. The strangers I chat too when shopping are really beginning to understand some of the dangers all countries are facing & the risks of the jabs but when will all governments realise that if The World economical Forum force through their digital currency & ID’s for all of us our Prime Ministers along with the MP’s may find they too will be disposed of. Think about it !!!!

  6. Trump is a thru and thru Zionist and so is Biden. Everything Trump says is scripted by Steven Miller and everything around him is scripted. Alex Jones Whitney Webb Adam Green are all controlled Zionist opposition. Zionist were involved in covid the shots and the people around him that are promoting the American first agenda is all scripted. Ya , I had my faith in these Dr and lawyers but now I know we are screwed and have to stand up for ourselves

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